The Doonesbury Chronicles

The Doonesbury Chronicles

G.B. Trudeau / Jun 19, 2019

The Doonesbury Chronicles In for the first time in the history of journalism awards the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning went to a comic strip Garry Trudeau s nationally syndicated Doonesbury It is not only the b

  • Title: The Doonesbury Chronicles
  • Author: G.B. Trudeau
  • ISBN: 9780030152566
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1975, for the first time in the history of journalism awards, the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning went to a comic strip Garry Trudeau s nationally syndicated Doonesbury It is not only the best comic strip, but the best satire that s come along in a long time Art BuchwaldCarried today by over 350 North American newspapers, Doonesbury s unique blend of social In 1975, for the first time in the history of journalism awards, the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning went to a comic strip Garry Trudeau s nationally syndicated Doonesbury It is not only the best comic strip, but the best satire that s come along in a long time Art BuchwaldCarried today by over 350 North American newspapers, Doonesbury s unique blend of social political satire, cartoon humor, and comic strip continuity has won a following both improbably diverse and fanatically devoted In Washington, where Doonesbury is required reading, requests for original strips have come from White House aides, senators, congressmen, and remarkably most of the major Watergate conspirators whose maladventures gave the strip grist for some of its most celebrated moments There are only three major vehicles to keep us informed as to what is going on in Washington the electronic media, the print media, and Doonesbury, not necessarily in that order President Gerald FordSo loyal has been this following that on occasions when Doonesbury was suddenly notable for its absence from a paper following a satirical thrust that had somehow offended editors notions of comic strip propriety, readers have always managed to protest it back onto the page.The Doonesbury Chronicles marks the first hardcover appearance of Michael J Doonesbury and cohorts, and is their first collection to include Sunday color pages In all, 572 strips are presented, as selected by Garry Trudeau and encompassing the full Doonesbury canon, from its cozy campus origins at the frazzled end of the sixties through the stumbling first half of the seventies Conducting us along the way is a motley though always redeemable cast that includes a student radical turned disc jockey, an immaculately dense but nonetheless charismatic quarterback, a nature freak who has nightmares about Mark Spitz, and a runaway housewife who ends up as a Berkeley law student by way of the Walden Commune Day Care Center For those hooked on Trudeau, as well as those still somehow deprived, for giving or hoarding, The Doonesbury Chronicles is a rich and Recession proof treasure of a book.

    Doonesbury Comic Strips by Garry Welcome to Doonesbury Welcome to Doonesbury s web site, which features not only each day s strip easily enlargeable for your easy viewing pleasure , but also the daily SayWhat quote, a constant flow of reader Blowback, a Mudline of negative soundbites by public figures, a Timeline, Cast Bios, a Doonesbury Hey Kids Comics Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Doonesbury is a comic strip by American cartoonist Garry Trudeau that chronicles the adventures and lives of an array of characters of various ages, professions, and backgrounds, from the President of the United States to the title character, Michael Doonesbury, who has progressed from a college CBS Sunday Morning Profiles CBS News Visit CBS Sunday Morning Profiles on CBSNews Watch videos, read interviews, view picture galleries, commentaries, profiles, and . Category Media franchises Pages in category Media franchises The following pages are in this category, out of approximately total This list may not reflect recent changes previous page Games The Games is an annual feature of Games magazine, a United States magazine devoted to games and puzzles The Games first appeared in the November December issue as an alphabetic list of the games preferred by the editors of the magazine. Comics Strips Andrews McMeel Syndication Home A rarity in the comics, Chickweed Lane spotlights music and dance with superb artistry that complements Brooke McEldowney s strong minded characters. The Virtual Toy Chest Rediscover Your Childhood an archive of toys from the s, s, s, and s Daily Comic Strips read comic strips online Cheap Thrills Cuisine by Bill Lombardo Thach Bui Subscribers Touted as the world s first culinary comic strip, chef Bill Lombardo and Tak Bui tell stories with great artistry about the love and preparation of food. For Better or For Worse Hey Kids Comics Wiki FANDOM Mtigwaki Mtigwaki is a fictional Ojibwa community in Northern Ontario near Lake Nipigon, where Elizabeth Patterson taught from to While in school, Elizabeth took a practice teaching job in Garden Village near North Bay. The community was created with Baloney Bannock comic creator Perry McLeod Shabogesic, of the N biising Nation Anishinabek Crane Clan. Slate Magazine Politics, Business, Technology, and the Arts We Need to Talk About Your Ad Blocker Slate relies on advertising to support our journalism If you value our work, please disable your ad blocker.

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        Garretson Beekman Garry Trudeau is an American cartoonist, best known for the Doonesbury comic strip In 1970, Trudeau s creation of Doonesbury was syndicated by the newly formed Universal Press Syndicate Today Doonesbury is syndicated to almost 1,400 newspapers worldwide and is accessible online in association with Slate Magazine at doonesbury In 1975, he became the first comic strip artist to win a Pulitzer, traditionally awarded to editorial page cartoonists He was also a Pulitzer finalist in 1990 He was nominated for an Oscar in 1977 in the category of Animated Short Film, for A Doonesbury Special, in collaboration with John Hubley and Faith Hubley A Doonesbury Special eventually won the Cannes Film Festival Jury Special Prize in 1978 Other awards include the National Cartoonist Society Newspaper Comic Strip Award in 1994, and the Reuben Award in 1995 He was made a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1993 Wiley Miller, fellow comic strip artist responsible for Non Sequitur, called Trudeau far and away the most influential editorial cartoonist in the last 25 years In addition to his work on Doonesbury, Trudeau has teamed with Elizabeth Swados and written plays, such as Rap Master Ronnie and Doonesbury A Musical Comedy In 1988, Trudeau joined forces with director Robert Altman for the HBO miniseries Tanner 88 and the Sundance Channel miniseries sequel Tanner on Tanner in 2004 In 1996, Newsweek and the Washington Post speculated that Trudeau wrote the novel Primary Colors, which was later revealed to have been written by Joe Klein Trudeau wrote the political sitcom Alpha House, starring John Goodman and Bill Murray The pilot was produced by Studios and aired in early 2013 Due to positive response has picked up Alpha House to develop into a full series Source


    1. This is a plain hardcover with no dust jacket. There's an introduction by George Wills, and a preface by the author. This collection starts with what must have been the very first of the cartoons published in the Yale college newspaper. The end is a group of color cartoons, probably Sunday strips from different times.The small collections this book anthologizes were of a size that they often went astray. Collecting them into a larger book makes them more easily curatable.I've tried to read Doone [...]

    2. i was probably about 10 when i first read him, 11 when i bought this book, a fan ever since. many jokes of course were beyond me, but the fictional family of walden puddle commune is a place i like to revisit every few years when one of these larger format collections is published.

    3. This 1975 Doonesbury compilation -- selected from the strip's first years (1970-75) -- took me 16 months to read because I couldn't get excited about it as entertainment or as anthropological time travel. Trudeau's jokes and voice haven't aged well in the same way that I imagine the voices and jokes of the friends on Friends won't age well -- something too cute and self-ritualizing about the way they talk and formulate sarcasm, something monolithic about their back-and-forths that disrupts the i [...]

    4. Years ago, after getting my daily fix of 'calvin & hobbes', and needing to avoid doing my job for a few more minutes, i'd usually read doonesbury, be bored with it, and wonder why, as a progressive, i felt somehow obligated to appreciate it. then i'd usually move on to wonder who the fuck was left on earth who finds 'family circus' or 'little orphan annie' entertaining, how much power they must have, and a chill would penetrate my very bones.was i not giving doonesbury a chance?so, to correc [...]

    5. I'm a huge fan of comic strips in general, so it's curious to me that I've never been able to get into "Doonesbury." Occasionally, I would catch the strip in the newspaper, but I never connected to the characters and never found any sort of narrative to latch on to.This book, which collects the earliest years of the strip, has helped me piece together the mystery. I love character-driven strips, and I can appreciate political cartoons, but Trudeau could never fully commit to either. Very often, [...]

    6. A collection of all the books from day one and includes a lot of books I don't have like: I Have No Son; Call Me When You Find America; Guilty Guilty Guilty; What Do We Have For The Witnesses;Dare To Be Great Ms Caucus; Wouldn't A Gremlin Have Been More Sensible etc. Seen in chronological order starting with the Nixon administration and the Vietnam war and what becomes very apparent is.history repeats itself. How very depressing. Also, portents of things to comeayers and repercussions and signs [...]

    7. Les débuts de cette B.D. américaine qui, depuis 1970, colle à l'actualité d'une façon étonnante. Parfois cynique, parfois burlesque, l'auteur parvient toujours à se renouveler, de Nixon à Bush, de la Chine de Mao jusqu'aux cavernes de l'Afghanistan, entre le féminisme des années 1970 et les écologistes des années 2000 Si vous lisez les plus anciens livres, comme celui-ci, c'est une leçon d'histoire. Si vous lisez les plus récents, c'est une leçon de science politique.

    8. I used to own dozens of the small format collections but over the years I actually donated them to a rummage sale and bought the larger collections. I loaned my copy of this to a friend and it was never returned. I have replaced it a few years ago and enjoyed the reading all the early days of Doonesbury.

    9. Recently re-read when I was feeling nostalgic. Most everyone I've cared for in this world lived through the events in this collection as adults, and read this strip daily. First one read on the comics page, in fact. Certainly the one most talked-about.Many of those kind souls are gone, now.I was truly born a decade too late.

    10. My sister gave me this anthology and the other Doonesbury book I have. This would have been circa 1981. I loved these books at the time. I thought this strip was the most innovative thing ever. Of course, Trudeau changed after a while and his liberal stuff really turned me off.This is his classic work, however, and well worth the time to explore Walden Puddle.

    11. If it has one star I liked it a lot If it has two stars I liked it a lot and would recommend itIf it has three stars I really really liked it a lot If it has four stars I insist you read it If it has five stars it was life changing

    12. A collection of the first couple years of Doonesbury comic strips. This collection is not inclusive and skips over some comics and story archs. It does include lots of the Nixon strips and also a cameo by current VP Joe Biden.

    13. My oldest friend, Doug, loaned this to me in junior high school. It was only my second exposure to political cartoons and satire. At that point I was old enough to understand both subjects. Doonsbury expanded and changed my attitudes on politics and American culture.

    14. As a teen in the 80s, I'd sit and read this over and over while listening to Neil Young's Decadeat about sums me up.

    15. These are the strips written before Iwas born so it was great to see all the first appearances of time-honored characters.

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