Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

Lisa Kleypas / Dec 08, 2019

Sugar Daddy Determined to a make a new and better life for herself and her baby sister Liberty Jones moves to the big city where she strikes up an unlikely friendship with the billionaire Churchill Travis But j

  • Title: Sugar Daddy
  • Author: Lisa Kleypas
  • ISBN: 9780749942199
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Determined to a make a new and better life for herself and her baby sister, Liberty Jones moves to the big city, where she strikes up an unlikely friendship with the billionaire Churchill Travis But just as Liberty and her sister begin to feel settled in their new life, an old flame from Liberty s past comes back into her life.

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    1. 5++++ stars – Contemporary RomanceEdited 8/24/13: Sugar Daddy is the book that initially made me a Lisa Kleypas fan, but I love everything she’s written. I’ve reread this several times now and it’s still one of my top all-time favorite beloved romances. I can’t wait for Joe’s story!I really wish this series would get made into a movie!Original Review 4/24/09:This is the first novel I have read by Lisa Kleypas, and I mainly read it in order to have the necessary background to read “ [...]

    2. With already 446 reviews of this book, I'm sure everything's already been saidbut I'll add in my 2 cents!I've had this book on the TBR pile for years--and I don't know why. I love LK's historicals (she's one of the few historical authors I read), so I don't know what kept me from trying this one. Maybe I didn't have faith that Kleypas could weave her magic with a contemporary as well as a historical? Well was I ever wrong! I thought this book was just wonderful. Yes, there were just a few things [...]

    3. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humor, giving you the thing you always wanted at the worst time possible. The irony of it split my heart open, setting loose more bitter regret than I could bear.Be aware that my review is a little bit spoiler-ish; nothing major thoughAbout my ratingWhen you read my review you will ask yourself why I rated this book so high. Well, even though I dislike chick lit I think it wouldn't be fair to give it a low rating. That's a personal prefe [...]

    4. The first time I read this book, I wasn't too enamored by it. First of all, the hero and heroine didn't meet until halfway through the book. Second, I thought another guy was going to be the hero and I was rooting for him. Turns out, he wasn't the hero. The latter turned out to be a blessing in disguise since this guy became the hero in the second book, which is my favorite in the series. So it's not surprising that I liked this better the second time around because I've gained some perspective [...]

    5. Sugar Daddy was one of those books that I dreaded reading, in all honesty. Let me tell you why.1)I do not like chick lit or women's fiction. I like a story that has a defined beginning and a defined end, that has landmarks, and ends on a happy note. To my understanding, chick lit and women's fiction does not need to meet these expectations.2)I was dismayed that one of my most beloved authors was leaving the historical romance scene (my most beloved subgenre within my favorite genre) to write con [...]

    6. This is my first book by Lisa Kleypas. I stumbled upon it a few days ago and when I realized a lot of my GR friends loved it I decided to give it a go. When Sugar Daddy starts out we meet a young Liberty Jones. She is living with her mom, trying to find her spot in world, dreaming about her future and falling in love like any other teenager. She doesn’t have much but she surrounds herself with people that matter knowing that someday her life would be different.While fluttering through her youn [...]

    7. Buddy Read with the lovely people at the Unapologetic Romance Readers in April 2016.Last night I would have given Sugar Daddy more stars. This morning, refreshed and having thought about it, I'll settle for 2 Gage stars.Seriously! Why was Hardy in this book to begin with? He was barely there for Liberty during her childhood. And he couldn't help scratch her itch. And don't give that I won't be able to leave if I have you nonsense because I don't buy it.Also, the next book in the series, Blue-Eye [...]

    8. This was a re-read – loved it the first time around….Liberty Jones, living in a trailer, with her Mom, with no prospectsShe meets Hardy Gates, an older guy, living in the trailer park also. They become friends but he wants OUT of Welcome and he knows if he gets involved with her, that won’t happen.He leaves town and Liberty has to grow up fast…. Her Mom has another child, Carrington, who Liberty loves, as if she were her own…It takes place over a number of years…. Liberty takes contr [...]

    9. Me encantó conocer a Liberty. ¡La adoré! ❤️ A medida que ella me contaba su historia, sentí que iba caminando a su lado y creciendo con ella. Sentí su dolor y su frustración hasta el punto de querer abrazarla y contenerla. La admiré por la valentía de asumir responsabilidades que no se correspondían con su edad, y el coraje de luchar frente a cualquier adversidad sin perder la esperanza. Fui deseando que pudiera cumplir todos sus sueños y sus anhelos, y celebrando sus logros como s [...]

    10. This is my favorite LK series. Yes, I know, I know. I'm mainly a historical romance reader. Plus, I've never really been thrilled over first-person POV*, but these books sold me. This book leading the series is truly wonderful.I still remember when I first saw the paperback was finally out in the bookstore and being so disappointed because yet another one of my favorite HR authors was bowing to pressure and going mainstream. I wasn't reading contemporary romances at the time, so I actually hesit [...]

    11. I initially gave this 3-stars but revised it to 4-Stars on second read. Thoughts on first read (in 2009):I am a huge fan of Kleypas’ historical romances and was somewhat disappointed in this contemporary story. It read like the life story of Liberty Jones as opposed to a contemporary romance. I did really love Liberty and really felt for her through her hardships, but felt a lot of the things that happened in the first half of the book could have been shorter. Based on the blurb at the back of [...]

    12. What an utter disappointment this book was. I was tempted to give this two stars but then I changed my mind to three stars because it’s more like 2.5 seeing as it is generally well-written, but in no way is this a romance in my book. I’ve read mixed reviews from some saying it’s romance and others it’s women’s fiction. It’s 100% chick-lit which I dislike. I don’t care about the main character’s “journey” through hardship and angst, I want to see the romance, the emotional con [...]

    13. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.5 Stars!This was the second time I experienced this wonderful story and I still like it as much as I did the first time and maybe even a little more. I still remember picking this book up the first time at my local library shortly after its release. I remember looking for something new to read and the bright colors on the cover of this book called to me. I had never heard of Lisa Kleypas but I decided to take that book home with me and give i [...]

    14. Sugar Daddy is Liberty's story from childhood to adulthood. She experiences everything from love to heartache. In her teen years she's forced to become an adult after tragedy strikes. Growing up poor and not wanting to take handouts she's determined not to end up with a Sugar Daddy like some of her co-workers have done.Liberty has decided she is destined to be an old maid. Her life changes when two men want her affection. "I'm thinking how thankful I am for everything even the bad stuff. Every s [...]

    15. EDIT! I just read a bunch of the lower starred reviews, and NO ONE seems to be upset about the stuff that I'm upset about. So I guess it's official - I'm just a weirdo.I don't know how to rate this book! I hated the last 15%. HATE. But I really loved most of it up till then. I loved the way Liberty's life was chronicled from the time she was 14 years old all the way through her 20's. I loved the way Kleypas captured the essence of the small town of Welcome, Texas, and the artful way she painted [...]

    16. Amazing! :D Kleypas really knows how to do it.I know without a doubt this man loves me for exactly who I am. No conditions, no limits. That’s a miracle too. In fact, every day is filled with ordinary miracles. You don’t have to look far to find them.You know how sometimes you look back at simpler times and realize how all the shit in your life was actually necessary and good? How all those things that you went through were part of this bigger plan and brought you to this moment and maybe for [...]

    17. I approached this book with much trepedition. Lisa Kleypas is my favorite historical romance author, so I wasn't thrilled about her recent move to contemporaries. (Very few authors can actually pull this off.) And then there is the fact that this book is written in first person. (Not a fan!) The blurb on the back of the book does not do it justice either. Frankly, I thought I would be forcing myself to plow through a Danielle Steel-esque type of soap opera. But I found that I was pleasantly surp [...]

    18. Despite being forewarned that this wasn’t exactly a contemporary romance, I was still surprised to read thatSugar Daddy was more of a women’s fiction read. It was a heartfelt coming-of-age story involving one of the best heroines I’ve read in a long time. Liberty Jones wasn’t born into a lavish life. She lived with her mother in a trailer park with her useless boyfriend in a place where being half-Mexican wasn’t entirely accepted. But despite being dealt bad cards, Liberty has an inner [...]

    19. 3 I refuse to believe Lisa Kleypas wrote this book stars Did this book bore me ? Yes,the first 50% of the book did,with so many unnecessary details of the lead protagonist's childhood.Before you all go yelling at me with (SHOUTEY CAPITALS),let me just take a moment to explain what I meant.I get that it's important at times,to go in depth into a character's past to understand them as individuals and what really makes them choose the things,that they choose.But that DOES NOT mean I want to read he [...]

    20. At this moment, I am angry. Hand-shakingly, stomach-achingly furious. I am appalled by this. Absolutely appalled. My Nook will now have to be bathed in bleach and ammonia due to the contamination caused by this book. This is my first Lisa Kleypas novel, and right now I’m having a hard time imagining a circumstance that would compel me to touch anything she’s written in the future. I am enraged, horrified, and really just saddened by Sugar Daddy.Before I get to the really nasty part of the re [...]

    21. This book is really hard to review.For the first 200 pages (and yes, the book has like 312 pages) i was constantly checking at the cover image of my e-book, wondering if i'd somehow screwed up the purchase and was reading some story from the wrong author. I'm a recently initiated Lisa Kleypas' lover, but i think i've come to know her style, but to me, 3/4 of the book was an awful narrative experience, with lots and lots of pages of over descriptive chapters telling us the struggles Liberty had t [...]

    22. I love, love, loved this book. It was so much more than I expected! Much different and more involved than her other historical novels. This is, I think, her first attempt at contemporary romance, but its more than your typical romance book. Highly recommend this one, and the next two in the series are just as wonderful!

    23. Sugar Daddy was a very good book. To enjoy this book you should come in with the right expectations - this is not a typical romance. Sugar Daddy sends the first 2/3 of the book telling Liberty's life story up to the point where she meets Gage, then only the last 1/3 tells the story of their romance. I really enjoyed this book because the story was very emotional and interesting. Liberty was an admirable person for taking care of her sister from a young age and raising above her humble roots, I j [...]

    24. In 2007 when Sugar Daddy first came out I grabbed my copy from the library and settled in for a great read. Unfortunately I only got about a third the way through and bailed. Four years later and I'm sure with the same library copy - a little the worse for wear - I completed it.Sometimes you read a story and it just doesn't go the way you want it to. And yet you still love the book. That's how I view Sugar Daddy. It is a testament to the brilliance of Lisa Kleypas as a writer that though she has [...]

    25. *** 4.5 STARS! ***I won't bother with a long review considering I read Blue-Eyed Devil and Smooth Talking Stranger first. I will say however, THE TRAVIS MEN ARE LETHAL.I am in love with this world. Everything about it is so intriguing, including the men that make it up. These Texans are pure, unadulterated ALPHAS. They are smooth, sultry and capable of many unspeakable things, ;-)).I loved Liberty. Enduring all she did and coming out stronger for it makes her a heroine worth rooting for and admi [...]

    26. Reread in preparation for Brown-Eyed GirlThis is a review after the fourth reread, so it's not really worth the title of a review, but of some, or rather many, thoughts about the novel. And this reads much better if you've read the novel already, which leads again to the unworthiness as a review.I love, love, love this novel. I can understand everyone who has the typical bothersome aspects, but still, this is one of Lisa Kleypas' greatest works. I'm a big fan of romance and love stories, so it s [...]

    27. Sugar Daddy is about Liberty Jones. Liberty's father died while she was very young in an oil accident. He was Mexican while her mother is blond and fair. Liberty inherited her father's coloring though and feels like her family isn't enough with only her and her mom. They move to a trailer park in Welcome, TX and that's where she meets Hardy. Hardy is pure trouble, but from the moment they met Liberty is in head over heels. They are a few years apart however and Hardy plans on leaving Welcome. He [...]

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