NARUTO -ナルト- 50 巻ノ五十

NARUTO -ナルト- 50 巻ノ五十

Masashi Kishimoto / Sep 22, 2019

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  • Title: NARUTO -ナルト- 50 巻ノ五十
  • Author: Masashi Kishimoto
  • ISBN: 9784088700113
  • Page: 328
  • Format: コミック
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      328 Masashi Kishimoto
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      • Masashi Kishimoto

        Masashi Kishimoto Kishimoto Masashi is a Japanese manga artist, well known for creating the manga series Naruto His younger twin brother, Seishi Kishimoto, is also a manga artist and creator of the manga series O Parts Hunter 666 Satan and Blazer Drive Two of his former assistants, Osamu Kajisa Tattoo Hearts and Yuuichi Itakura Hand s , have also gone on to moderate success following their work on Naruto.Kishimoto s first work as a manga artist was Karakuri , which he submitted to Shueisha in 1995 This earned him the Weekly Sh nen Jump s monthly Hop Step Award in 1996, granted to promising new manga artists This was followed in 1997 by a pilot version of Naruto NARUTO , published in Akamaru Jump Summer In 1998, Kishimoto premiered as a Weekly Sh nen Jump artist with a serialized version of Karakuri in Weekly Sh nen Jump, but it proved unpopular and was canceled soon after In 1999, a serialized version of Naruto began publication in Weekly Sh nen Jump and quickly became a hit.


    1. Watching Sasuke fight is always a pleasure, and I really like how he doesn't hold back at all, even if its kinda stupid how he's going about his task. He's not even fighting his intended target! Just the whole five kage summit. WTH? Bee's fight was slightly interesting for the sake of seeing what they're made of. At least it progresses the story.

    2. The Fourth Great Ninja War has been declared!! The Four remaining Kage decide to form the shinobi alliance. The first job for this alliance is to find and protect the last two Jinchuriki!! Naruto is confronted by Sakura and told that he doesn't need to uphold his promise to her any longer. Killer Bee on the other hand runs into trouble in the form of Kisame but is saved in the nick of time by Raikage!!

    3. this is another great book by Masashi Kishimoto.i decided to read this book beacause i love the naruto series. i love it beacause of the fantasy and dicipline. this book fills in the category of "own Choice". it was EXTREMELY easy because i just had to choose a book favourite quote is." it is not to late for you do not be obsessed by hatred that you escape to a world of solitude". I like this because it means hatred is not right and we should forgive and if we do hate we will be alone forever fa [...]

    4. Ah, the volume with the infamous "STOP JOKING SAKURA" chapters. Yeah, that didn't go down well, did it? At least Sakura meant well. The fight between Killer Bee and Kisame was pretty epic, as was Sasuke's release of Susano'o against Gaara. I don't get people giving Gaara shit for crying a little over Sasuke's story; if anyone in that building understood Sasuke's situation the most, it would definitely be Gaara. Re-read the part of the Genin Test arc where Gaara fights Naruto then come back and t [...]

    5. [Ch. 464-473:]I can't believe Gaara shed a tear over Sauske *shakes head*Madara's 'Moon-Eye Plan' was absolutely ridiculous. I don't see how he expected to convince the kages that his ideas to be realistic.I can't believe what happened to Kisame! :( He was one of the better Akatsuki members

    6. I'm finally getting back to actively reading this series, with the intent of finally finishing it. There was a lot of action in this one, but I'm afraid the series is about to fall off track for a while I really liked the Gokage Summit of the previous volume, even if they haven't accomplished a great amount yet. It introduced a lot of new characters, and I really wish they'd started involving the other lands sooner. We've hit the point where the series is kind of all over the place. There are so [...]

    7. Il duello fra Killer Bee e Kisame Hoshigaki mostra tutte le mostruose qualità del membro di alba e della sua spada, ma anche la tenacia e la tattica innata della forza portante dell'ottacoda. Lo scontro alla riunione dei cinque kage si conclude con Madara che, chissà perchè, comunica a tutti il suo grande piano, apparentemente sperando di trovare alleati per un'opera folle come l'occhio lunare.

    8. Two things :1- Bee is fucking awesome2- At the beginning, when they were fighting against Sasuke, Gaara was protecting Temari and Kankuro with his sand, it's just alsnalkdkznz so precious my babies oml

    9. I can't believe sakura lied to naruto like that. But of course he saw through it. She will never love anyone else but sasuke. And naruto knows that. But I understand why she did it. She wants to protect both of her friends.

    10. The most important issue in the series. The Akatsuki tell the Kage's of their ultimate plan. Lines are drawn in the sand.

    11. I really appreciated what Sakura tried to do. Good for her! This whole raikage business is just kinda eh for me.

    12. GAH! There was some really good action scenes, but also a lot of dialogue. I have a feeling that it will pick up in the next volume though.

    13. That was interesting.War can get really interesting. Loving Sasuke attacls though. Kisame is perfectly awesome ! Did he really die? :/. Second favorite akatsuki member. I am excited to see what Madara plans to do next.

    14. Despite not wanting to fight Sasuke since they are very similar, Gaara joins the fight alongside the lightning hokage. Sasuke reveals that he has the power of the susano'o. Sasuke gets away and enters the council chamber, but Danzo escapes. The lady mizukage fights Sasuke using the power of lava. Tsuchikage was about to atomize Sasuke, but Madara saves him, tells Karin to heal him, and reveals his plan to the gokage: Operation Tsuki No Me. Madara wants to unite all of the Tailed Beasts to create [...]

    15. Naruto vol. 50 Summary: Naruto is a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief. He's got a wild sense of humor, but Naruto is completely serious about his mission to be the world's greatest ninja!WATER PRISON DEATH MATCHKiller Bee vs. Kisame! Plus, the realization of Naruto's worst nightmare seems inevitable as the war he's tried to stop for so long looms on the horizon. And Sakura corners Naruto with a reveal that's gonna knock him for a serious loop. Then, a truth behind the modern [...]

    16. I love this series. Some series lose quality over time, or get too diluted with repetitive story lines, but Naruto has matured/aged so well. In the earliest volumes, you see a group of young kids graduating from school, learning to be ninjas, and really learning how to become adults. And always at the core of the fun and levity, action and adventure, is the serious stories of both Naruto and Sasuke. Two boys with similar suffering, losing their entire families early in life and learning how to c [...]

    17. 1. Author’s BackgroundMasashi kishimoto is a man the created one of the best selling manga and anime known to man the books sell to millions of people around the world2. Literary Time Periodthey live in a old but modern time period they have ninjas in it but sometime you can find handheld gaming devices3. SettingThe setting is in the land of iron where it snows a lot4. CharactersWe have naruto which is the nine-tails jinchuuriki killer bee the eight-tails jinchuuriki5. ThemeThe theme is more o [...]

    18. Pretty good. No real complaints. I'm just not as emotionally invested in the whole thing as I used to be. :( It makes me sad, but I have 100+ chapters ahead of me, so I hope it can suck me back in. I liked seeing Kisame transform. That's pretty much how my brain has always seen him -the man-shark- so it was satisfying. I liked his water bubble trap, too. And Ponta is really cute. And that even more retro version of Guy-sensei, Sabu was mildly amusing. I liked seeing Yamato-taichou as I always do [...]

    19. EDIT TO ADD: Yup, pretty much feel the same about this one. I'm realizing why I couldn't remember very much about the series - I hadn't read these since 2011. Might explain a bit.Original review: Mixed feelings on this one. It was almost boring until the very end, which seemed to redeem itself. Perhaps it's just my imagination, but it seems like some of the characters are becoming very simplistic in their hairstyles and costumes. I guess one can only come up with so many character designs before [...]

    20. Sasuke battles the big unit from Clouds and then that saucy minx Mizukage who seals him and her in a room of lava, but then he gets out, so that strategy really did need to be road tested first. The 8 tailed fellow has found himself in a karaoke bar (well you interpret the situation one way, and I'll do the other), Sasuke professes her undying love and devotion for Naruto. That didn't end up in some bedroom action, and she storms off in a huff. But whilst Octopus man is belted by Shark man, Octo [...]

    21. Killer Bee saja sudah ganas kekuatannya apalagi gabung dengan Raikage! Mampus lah itu si Kisame! Besar juga nyali Sasuke ini. Seorang diri lawan 5 Kage coba. 1 Kage saja kekuatannya luar biasa hebat apalagi 5 Ckck

    22. I think this is a very good book and probably one of the better naruto books. Its real name is naruto water prison death jutsu. In it the eight tails jenjuruki battles kisame who trapes him in a giant water prison jutsu like the one that zabuza uses in the first major story arc.

    23. Leggero miglioramento rispetto al primo volume, considerando soprattutto l'approfondimento sempre più maggiore e delineato di Tobi.I difetti della nuova saga -eccessivi nomi, esagerata dispersività, intrighi sterili- si ripetono anche qui.

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