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Playground You are six years old Every day after school your father takes you to a sprawling castle filled with exotic animals bowls of candy and half naked women catering to your every need You have your own

  • Title: Playground
  • Author: Jennifer Saginor
  • ISBN: 9780060852405
  • Page: 157
  • Format: ebook
  • You are six years old Every day after school your father takes you to a sprawling castle filled with exotic animals, bowls of candy, and half naked women catering to your every need.You have your own room You have new friends You have an uncle Hef who s always there for you.Welcome to the world of Playground, the true story of a young girl who grew up inside the PlaybYou are six years old Every day after school your father takes you to a sprawling castle filled with exotic animals, bowls of candy, and half naked women catering to your every need.You have your own room You have new friends You have an uncle Hef who s always there for you.Welcome to the world of Playground, the true story of a young girl who grew up inside the Playboy Mansion By the time she was fourteen, she d done countless drugs, had a secret affair with Hef s girlfriend, and was already losing her grip on reality Schoolwork, family, and ordinary people had no meaning behind the iron gates of the Mansion, where celebrities frolicked, pool parties abounded, and her own father Hugh Hefner s personal physician and best friend, the man nicknamed Dr Feel Good typically held court.Every day was a party, every night was an adventure, and through it all was a young girl falling faster and faster down the rabbit hole trying desperately hard not to get lost.

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        JENNIFER SAGINOR was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she still lives She has worked in production and development at Spelling Entertainment, Miramax Films, and the Motion Picture Corporation of America.While the surrealism of the Playboy Mansion and glitz of Hollywood provides a compelling hook, the heart of the story explores the complex, confused, and painful dynamics of family relationships from a child s point of view.


    1. Um, it's just really bad. I was seduced by a jacket design that I feel is far too good for the contents. The book reads like a Gossip Girl book written by apes; every time Saginor enters a room or introduces someone new (which is usually by just naming them and then 12 pages later mentioning that they're a Playmate or a classmate or her mom or whatever), she names the labels that everyone is wearing. She's also constantly mentioning what song is on the radio, to the point that you question the v [...]

    2. If you want lurid, crazy, mind-fucking content about the playboy mansion read only the first half of the book.If you can stomach a memoir about a self-obsessed, selfish, asshole father and how he completely fucks up his daughter, continue reading to the end. Also, the author, bless her heart, isn't the worst writing I've read. But it's close. There were several things that bothered me about her writing style. She would make a great dj--she kept on stating what was always playing in the backgroun [...]

    3. The memoir of poor little rich girl Jennifer Saginor, whose father was Hugh Hefner's close friend and personal physician.I found myself actually thumbing the title pages to see if this book even listed an editor. The quality of writing defies description, so I thought I'd include a few of my favorite lines:"My stomach tightens, all urge for laughter is gone as adrenaline rushes inside me like a volcano ready to explore. Rage rips through my skin and starts to pulsate. However, I stand there in s [...]

    4. Some may be turned off at first glance when reading the synopsis of this book about a girl's life growing up in the playboy mansion, while others, like me, may be intrigued. Sure, there are a ton of plastic bimbos and craziness, but it is somehow fascinating, a life in the infamous mansion. The author takes you on a wonderfully gritty ride of screwed up highs and wildly horrible lows of her life living not just inside the playboy mansion, but of the bizarre relationship she has with her crazy fa [...]

    5. Despite the title, most of this book is about the author's relationship with her father and doesn't even occur in the mansion. But Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside My Father's Malibu Home wouldn't sell as many books.The author's father was Hugh Hefner's personal physician and best friend for decades. When her parents divorced she began spending time at the Playboy Mansion to see her father and eventually moved to her father's house, going to the mansion after school. Playground attempts to an [...]

    6. I was instantly put off from this book by glancing at the back. Ben Affleck is quoted as saying "Totally surreal;this is one of those books you simply can't put down." I suppose a tiny part of me enjoys reading so much because it has absolutely nothing to do with Ben Affleck. Apparently, I have been wrong all of these years. This is the story of a spoiled, selfish little girl that justifies becoming a self destructive, bitchy, snob by blaming her childhood and parents. In that respect it has the [...]

    7. I read for our book club. It's our "trashy summer beach read." I'm happy I'm done with it. It's just a lot of name-dropping and whining. At first I thought that she had learned something from her analysis of her dad's behavior, but noe acknowledged several times throughout the book that, like her father, she uses people and is generally misogynistic, but at the end of the book she is still calling everyone sluts and whores and being generally evil to other people around her. So I guess the book [...]

    8. I almost didn't want to admit publicly I read this, however I thought I might save someone else the trouble! Narrated by Jennifer Saginor, the daughter of Dr. Feel Good, Hollywood Diet and Drug Doctor to the stars (and close friends with Hef) it reads like a train wreck, both the content and construction. If even a small percentage of this book is true, this poor little rich girl is lucky to be alive. She glosses over a time period starting when she is six and firsts visits the Playboy mansion u [...]

    9. Having just lambasted a different book full of uncomfortable and unnecessary name dropping sex stories, I'm kind of out of words for this one Jennifer Saginor is the daughter of 'Doctor Feelgood' and spends a goodly chunk of her young life at the Playboy mansion. The first 100ish pages of the book do enjoy the juxtaposition of childish naivete with the debauchery of the Playboy Mansion in the '70s. Naked hijinks ensue! I expected more of the same from the rest of the book and is, I assume, the o [...]

    10. You know how sometimes you're at a party and someone starts to tell you some personal story and at first it's interesting and the pretty quickly it starts to seem a little fantastic and then by the end you're pretty sure a bunch of it is an outright made up lie? Well this book felt a lot like that. The writing is AWFUL. I mean, really, really bad. I promise you I am a better writer than Jennifer Saginor. After I finished reading (quick read, took less than 1 day) I had to fact check some of her [...]

    11. This book was effed up. That's pretty much all I can say about it.Despite that, it was like a gruesome train wreck - very hard to put down. I kept thinking her dad couldn't get any more effed up, and then I'd turn the page and he'd prove me wrong. I am assuming they put "Playboy Mansion" in the title so people would pick it up, but very few scenes in this book are at the Playboy Mansion. It's mostly about her messed up dad. Two stars because it was definitely an interesting and disturbing read, [...]

    12. Eh. This book is entertaining to the extent you can put up with a self indulgent girl from Beverly Hills. Some of the stories are wild and I had sympathy for what Saginor endured coming from a broken family and the brainwashing of her controlling, manipulative and womanizing father BUT the end of the book leaves no closure and the author takes no responsibility for the course of her current life. She continues to cling to images of her misspent youth and regularly self medicates with drugs. Time [...]

    13. it's predicatable in it's I'm f-upedness. Still feels like she's trying too hard to be cool. It's like an after school special mixed with a bad adult drama/reality show. The reader can feel there is more to the story in parts. But the author skims over truth and self-reflection in favor of the stuff she deems shocking and cool. In the end, the adults are still the bad guys and she is still the victimized little girl.

    14. Sometimes I pick up my wife's books and read 'emI read this years back, and I recall that it was interesting enough to finish, what with a real-life lesbian fling between the author and another Playboy Playmate going on. The selfish father was intriguing enough. I just recall that the final paragraphs written by Ms. Saginor rendered her completely unlikable, after seeming to be just a warped product of her environment throughout the book.Worth a quick read, in ways.

    15. I owe reading this entirely to a friend, who told me it was the trashiest book of the summer (in a good way) and it was. IT REALLY WAS. I finished it and thought that there was no way half of the stuff in the book could have happened, but then I went down the rabbit hole of Jennifer Saginor’s website (pictures!) and news articles (Playboy tried to squash the book!). More of these this summer, please. Trash books all day long.

    16. I got this one in the bargin bin at the book store for about 3 bucks so I wasn't expecting much, but it was quite enjoyable. I love the Girls Nextdoor reality show, I'm a dork. Thge book was quite Interesting and Scandalous. The 70's must have been a crazy time. Quick read, not to0 meaty of a book, but fun.

    17. Ok,I love stories of crazy childhood. I love the stories of LA in the '80's. Jennifer is the daughter of "Dr. Feelgood" the famous doc of Hugh Hefner and weightloss guru. Her life is disfunctional yet the only thing that has remained the same and loyal to her is the Playboy mansion- a site of her childhood- read in a day. Good for those interested in the life and world of Hef.

    18. This book is stupid. The author talks about ditching school every day, and it shows in her writing. Also, it's generally depressing. Yet for some reason, I'm still reading it

    19. It's a really personal account of one woman's childhood and youth inside the playboy mansion. The writing is blunt, and honest and you can feel an emotional connection with the writer. It's also an interesting look into the inner workings of the playboy manor, behind the posing, and magazines. It's also an interesting story about dealing with childhood trauma, abandonment, loss, drug addiction and internalized misogyny and homophobia. It doesn't shrink away from talking about sex, drugs, crime, [...]

    20. So, it's pretty awful. Her parents, what she was subjected to's just awful. Her writing style was ok. I'm all for description and details but many of what she included seemed so over dramatic and added forI don't even know what. The constant brand names mentioned I think we could have all done without. "The doorbell rang as I laid on the couch in my Nike sweat pants." I just don't see how that's relevant. I understand wanting to paint a picture, set the scene but it was just all so in excess and [...]

    21. Very quick read with a LOT of issues in the book. There was plenty of detail about designer clothing, name dropping celebrities and the bunnies themselves but. the book was very "me me me"-- it sounded like it was written by a spoiled pampered teenager .I find it hard to believe that Hef let a child roam the hallways of the mansion unsupervised - .This read like a celebrity tell all but no celebrity tell all juciness just a spoiled princess's negative remarks about the Mansion and Hef/ and her a [...]

    22. This was totally engrossing. I felt like I was reading it with one eye shut as I watched depraved event after depraved event unfold. When you thought it could not get any worse, it always did. The writing was pretty bad, but I get it she had a story to tell and that was truly what mattered.

    23. Juicy and addictive childhood/teenage horror stories still need a competent editor and decent writing skills.

    24. [I also reviewed this title on my blog: Ishari's Bookshelf]46%That's how far I got before deciding that this one's going back to the library. Totally not worth the time. (There may be "spoilers" in the reviewyou have been warned)Again, as I've said with other memoirs, I feel the need to say that my low rating is not a condemnation against the author or her experiences.No, this only got one star because the writing style was horrible and it was a creepy book.The writing was so trite and stilted I [...]

    25. This book reminded me of Adele Mailer’s “The Last Party” in that both authors were scathing in their contempt of the women that hung around on the periphery of their lives. Saginor labels the woman in her social circle, stupid whores and sluts. By the end, I was ashamed that I had read this trash. I was hoping Sagninor would have gained some wisdom, perhaps provide insight, and reveal that she’d gained some peace or healing via therapy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. She absolves [...]

    26. This book reminds me of a Lifetime movie - the quality is poor, yet you find yourself engrossed in spite of yourself. It's a light, quick read, though several of the tales the author recounts are quite disturbing. 10 pages into the book I found myself loathing her father.As the author recounts stories from her childhood she uses music & fashion to set the time period. The mention of various designer clothing articles begins to mimic that of a teenager namedropping to try to impress. It also [...]

    27. This is not an easy book. Irrelevant memories creep all over the place - like who was at what party or what was playing at that certain party. All this useless information give a feeling of collage, of something done much later by someone who wasted some time reading old gossip newspapers. Than the information is quite often given backwards. So the dad is quite rational and the mother quite self centered. Yet Saginor tells about the bad decision of staying with the dad, only to reveal chapters a [...]

    28. If I had a father like Dr.Feel Good I think I would have call child welfare on him. I always suspected the Playboy mansion was WAY seedier and insidious than Hugh Hefner would like you to believe and this book did nothing to change that opinion for me. However I think the author did not lay as many of her blames where they should have been laid. For example end at the end of the book (now an adult) she's still being acceptable to Hugh, her father, her mother (and keeping contact with all)--all t [...]

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