Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 3

Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 3

Kanata Konami / Feb 21, 2020

Chi s Sweet Home Volume Chi is a michievous newborn kitten who on a leisurely stroll with her family finds herself lost and alone Seperated from the warmth and protection of her mother desperately attempts to reunite with h

  • Title: Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 3
  • Author: Kanata Konami
  • ISBN: 9781934287910
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chi is a michievous newborn kitten who on a leisurely stroll with her family finds herself lost and alone Seperated from the warmth and protection of her mother, desperately attempts to reunite with her family of feral cats When the kitten feels all hope is lost, she is found in a park by a young boy named Yohei and his mother After taking a tumble Yohei feels just as dChi is a michievous newborn kitten who on a leisurely stroll with her family finds herself lost and alone Seperated from the warmth and protection of her mother, desperately attempts to reunite with her family of feral cats When the kitten feels all hope is lost, she is found in a park by a young boy named Yohei and his mother After taking a tumble Yohei feels just as distraught as the kitten he sees before him, and he quickly takes comfort in feeling a sense of sympathy with the cat And before she could even know what hit her, the little kitty was picked up and soon under the protection and care of Yohei s family the Yamada s Every moment of their daily life is filled with something we can all cherish.In the third volume of Chi s Sweet Home, Chi has made a new friend There is another cat in the neighborhood This cat is the very cat that the building manager considers to be a nuisance and the same one with a reward on his head The cat s name is Kuro a giant of a feline All black and with a bit of an appetite, this cat has been known to not only sneak into people s yards but he has even been bold enough to enter some apartments searching for food Chi s first encounter with Kuro back in volume two was not a positive one When the big cat one day walked up to the Yamada s back door, Chi was startled by its size Kuro is so big, Chi could not even tell it is also a cat Chi thought it was some new beast altogether So when Youhei sees the new cat he immediately panics as he tries to protect his little buddy Now the two cats are working together to take on the big world outside of the Yamada s apartment

    Chi s Sweet Home Kodansha Comics Chi s Sweet Home Japan s latest kitty sensation is finally making herself at home in North America Presented in full color and left to right format, Chi and her collection of furry and feathered friends are winning the hearts of readers of all ages. Chi s Sweet Home Chi s New Address Watch on Crunchyroll Chi s Sweet Home Chi s New Address Season Episode Chi, Is Stopped Episode Chi, Leaves Pawprints Episode Chi, Is Invited In Chi s Sweet Home Watch Anime Online English Subbed Mar , Chi s Sweet Home One day, a small kitten named Chi is found by a young boy named Youhei and his mother They decide to bring her back to their home to live with them despite their apartment s rules against keeping any pets. The Complete Chi s Sweet Home, The Complete Chi s Sweet Home collects Chi s Sweet Home vol , Chi s Sweet Home vol and Chi s Sweet Home vol and includes never before translated comics from Konami Kanata in a Chi Yamada Chi s Sweet Home Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Chi Yamada Edit Classic editor History Comments Share Chi Chi is the main character of Chi s Sweet Home She is a kitten who was lost from her mother when she strayed away from her She ended up in the Yamada s family Chi s Sweet Home Wiki is a Chi Yamada Chi s Sweet Home Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Chi s Sweet Home The Yamada s take Chi home even thought their apartment doesn t allow pets and she gets her name Chi s Sweet Home Chi meets a large black cat that causes trouble Chi s Sweet Home The black cat befriends Chi and they get caught eating drumsticks.

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        Konami Kanata jp , Kanata Konami born 3 July 1958, Nagano is a Japanese cartoonist best known for her cat characters Chi s Sweet Home.Her works revolves around the daily life of house cats.She went to Futaba K t Academy in Suwa, Nagano Perfecture Her first published manga as a profesional manga ka was the short story Puchi Neko Jamu Jamu in Nakayoshi Manga Magazine in 1982 The magazine is a part of Kodansha Publishing, in which she published her works ever since her first debut From English and German s


    1. First rate! Hilarious and cute! On a level with the first book. The story continues as the Yamadas have to deal with the very real situation that they can't keep hiding Chi in their no-pets-allowed apartment for much longer. Chi expands and deepens his friendship with the troublemaker, Blackie the Cat. Blackies first appearance didn't endear him to me but after this volume, I've grown attached to him as we learned a lot more about his ways and feelings. Kanata really captures some truly hilariou [...]

    2. The Cute is still too much to handle, but it's becoming just as much about the story as it is The Cute, and that's really impressing me right now. It's still cute as anything I've read, but there were a couple scenes that were just completely heartwrenching, which is such a great sign. LOVE THIS.

    3. I really liked the big black cat in this book. It was cute when he came back to Chi and was scratching on her glass door. I really liked how the kitty Chi was rescued by the big black cat. I thought it was sad when the owner of the building kicked out the owner of the black cat and Chi lost her fellow friend cat. I also thought that it's not fair that the building doesn't allows pets like cats, I thought that small animals like cats should be allowed in the building because what harm would they [...]

    4. Stuff I Read – Chi’s Sweet Home Vol 3So I guess to do anything but judge this volume as I did the last volume would be rather hypocritical of me, so I guess I should start off by looking at how this volume progresses the story and the characters in the story. Luckily, this volume continues the fine job of saying something new and moving the characters in new directions. The story itself is also primed to change, as this volume is formed largely around the question of family and friendship an [...]

    5. 27 April 2013Oh, the emotions! (view spoiler)[Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 3 is a bittersweet tale about the unlikely friendship between the streetwise Blackie and the meddlesome Chi. Blackie's tough-love mentoring of Chi even melted my icy black heart. The ending of the volume had me hoping that their paths may cross in the future, but the author's note shattered my dreams.This series made me laugh as much as it put a lump in my throat. The suspense of hiding Chi from the Super gave me a bit of anx [...]

    6. I think this was my favorite Chi collection so far! The first two books were adorable, but mostly very episodic and sweet without much substance. This one starts to have more of a concrete story (well's kind of a relationship story rather than an actiony sort of story). The landlord is on the hunt for cats living in the building, and Chi may be in danger! This volume in particular does an excellent job of exploring the relationship between cats and humans (and cats and other cats), and you REALL [...]

    7. My niece and I both liked Volume 3 of Chi's Sweet Home, and I fell in love with Blackie, Chi's cat mentor and friend. I do hope to see Blackie appear in future volumes, because he really adds something to Chi's life and to these stories!

    8. SummaryChi is off on more adventures with Blackie! Blackie, Chi's friend, continues to mentor Chi and teaches her cat life lessons such as how to use her claws to move things or how to hold onto things and how to mark territory. But when Chi scares of a bird (prey) for Blackie, Chi realizes she still has a lot to learn. Going on these adventures with Blackie is fun, but when Blackie marks his territory at the apartment complex, he is spotted by the neighbors and is reported to the landlady. With [...]

    9. I just love Chi's adventures with Blackie or also known as Bear-Cat. He teaches Chi how to open the screen door and takes her on adventures with him. He also teaches her how to hunt, how to jump and climb a tree. All the skills that Chi is bringing home LOLOf course Mrs. Super is still on her quest to find the elusive cats that are causing trouble. Unfortunately, she catches Chi and Blackie/Bear-cat. Bear-cat and his family end up moving. It makes Chi super sad. Her mommy and daddy must come up [...]

    10. Chi follows the Bear cat and learns things about the cat world and being a cat. But when the landlady spots Chi with the Bear cat she is alerted to the presence of TWO cats in the neighborhood. She chases them to the Bear cat's home and she gives an ultimatum to the family. They chose to leave their home rather than leave their cat. Now the landlady knows to look for a kitten too. Will the Yamadas send Chi to live on a farm in Hokkaido? What will the Yamadas do?

    11. Tension is high as the super of the apartment complex is looking for who owns the cats found in the building. The family that owns Blackie is discovered and forced to move. At the end they see an advertisement for a building that allows pets.

    12. Chi wants what she wants. This volume may mark the end of the black cat. I'll miss him. Gave me a much needed distraction!

    13. Cute, funny and poignant all at once. I loved the story 'A cat is photographed', featuring a fast kitten and a slow shutter speed; too true! Chi's separation from 'bear-cat' Blackie was heartbreaking, as was her isolation indoors, but it looks like a pet-friendly solution is on the way.

    14. Hi friends,I read this book and I really enjoyed it because the Chi was really cute. I am going to tell you about this cat name Chi and she lived with this family called the Yamadas. They can’t tell anyone about Chi because they live in an apartment that doesn’t allow animals and if the people know about Chi, the Yamadas will either have to move or do something to Chi. Chi was really cute and and she met this black bear cat and was hanging around with him a lot. One day, the people found out [...]

    15. This is the third book in the Chi’s Sweet Home series. This is a wonderful manga series that is very funny and very cute. This is a wonderful series for all ages and great for those who love cats and their antics. This is the most heart-wrenching book of the series. Chi makes a new friend in the neighbor cat Blackie, but the superintendent has finally caught up with Blackie and threatens to evict his owners. This whole event really forces the Yamada family to decide whether or not they will ke [...]

    16. Chi is as adorable and spunky as ever. This book starts off with a couple of one-off vignettes (my favorite is "A Cat is Photographed") but Konami starts giving us more story in Volume 3. And a sense of urgency! As the super of the Yamada's no-pet apartment steps up her hunt for illicit pets, the family realizes that they have to decide what to do with Chi and fast!

    17. Chi's Sweet Home Vol 1- 5 by Kanata Konami.Children's ComicChi is a mischievous newborn kitten who, while on a leisurely stroll with her family, finds herself lost. Separated from the warmth and protection of her mother, feels distraught. Overcome with loneliness she breaks into tears in a large urban park meadow when she is suddenly rescued by a young boy named Yohei and his mother. The kitty is then quickly and quietly whisked away into the warm and inviting Yamada family apartmentwhere pets a [...]

    18. J’ai décidé de regrouper ces trois mangas en un seul billet, pour ne pas faire de redite.Dans ces tomes, nous retrouvons notre adorable petite Chi, toujours aussi marrante, et attachante.J’ai pris autant de plaisir à lire ces aventures, sans éprouver de lassitude. Ma fille en a fait de même, elle est complètement accro et me demande à grand renfort de sourires, d’acheter la suite.Nous avons donc succomber, pour notre plus grand plaisir, à la malicieuse Chi.Ici, nous rencontrons de [...]

    19. The newest English enstallment, and it's still as adorable, although Chi is actually growing! Her memory is developing and the story is taking the turn for the more mature, she is after all (in kitten perspective) a rambunctious teenager. I enjoy the fact that she has stopped adding 'w' to almost all words just a little less than the maturity of the stories with Blackie. It was bittersweet, and very believable. Also, the Takanada's are moving next issue! Sounds like new cute adventures will be i [...]

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