Divine Misdemeanors

Divine Misdemeanors

Laurell K. Hamilton / Sep 19, 2019

Divine Misdemeanors You may know me best as Meredith Nic Essus princess of faerie Or perhaps as Merry Gentry Los Angeles private eye To protect my unborn children I have turned my back on the crown choosing exile in

  • Title: Divine Misdemeanors
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780345495976
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • You may know me best as Meredith Nic Essus, princess of faerie Or perhaps as Merry Gentry, Los Angeles private eye To protect my unborn children, I have turned my back on the crown, choosing exile in the human world with my beloved Frost and Darkness Yet I cannot abandon my people Someone is killing the fey, which has left the LAPD baffled and my guardsmen and me deeplYou may know me best as Meredith Nic Essus, princess of faerie Or perhaps as Merry Gentry, Los Angeles private eye To protect my unborn children, I have turned my back on the crown, choosing exile in the human world with my beloved Frost and Darkness Yet I cannot abandon my people Someone is killing the fey, which has left the LAPD baffled and my guardsmen and me deeply disturbed I thought I d left the blood and politics behind in my own turbulent realm But now I realize that evil knows no borders, and that nobody lives forever even if they re magical.

    Divine Misdemeanors A Novel Merry Gentry Divine Misdemeanors is an enjoyable addition to the overall Merry Gentry tale There is a continual development of her place in the world of fairy and with her relationships with her guards and lovers. Divine Misdemeanors Divine Misdemeanors Merry Gentry, by Laurell K Hamilton Meredith Gentry Divine Misdemeanors, by Laurell K Hamilton I had high hopes at the start of this Merry book she s back in Los Angeles, back at the Grey Detective Agency, even back on a crime scene. Divine Misdemeanors Laurell K Hamilton Divine Misdemeanors You may know me best as Meredith Nic Essus, princess of faerie Or perhaps as Merry Gentry, Los Angeles private eye In the fey and mortal realms alike, my life is the stuff of royal intrigue and celebrity drama. Divine Misdemeanors Meredith Gentry Wiki FANDOM Divine Misdemeanors is the eighth book in the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton Plot Edit To protect her unborn children, Meredith turned her back on the crown, choosing exile in the human world with Frost and Doyle , and her fellow exiles from the faerie courts. Divine Misdemeanors Merry Gentry read online free by Divine Misdemeanors Merry Gentry The tension in this saga continues to mount as Merry, pregnant with twins, rejects the throne and instead chooses exile Divine Misdemeanors Open Library Are you sure you want to remove Divine Misdemeanors from your list About the Book You may know me best as Meredith Nic Essus, princess of faerie Or perhaps as Merry Gentry, Los Angeles private eye In the fey and mortal realms alike, my life is the stuff of royal intrigue and celebrity drama Among my own, I have confronted horrendous Divine Misdemeanors Home Facebook Divine Misdemeanors likes Divine Misdemeanors can supply your accessory needsour motto is Rebel in Style From jewellery to Dreads we can make Divine Misdemeanors book by Laurell K Hamilton Divine Misdemeanors is the eighth Fantasy novel in the Meredith Gentry series, following Swallowing Darkness In the previous volume, Merry and her Divine Misdemeanors Meredith Gentry Series by Laurell Divine Misdemeanors was a great read by my definitionread pages at bedtime before my eyes rebelled and refused to stay open a single second longer How rude of them Then finished the book just ten minutes before the end of an all day session with my husband at the cancer center.

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        Laurell K Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction A 1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics Hamilton is a full time writer and lives in the suburbs of St Louis with her family.


    1. I'm not really sure why I read this series anymore. The actual mystery of the novel is shoved aside for the better part of the book to make way for arguing, sex, and pissing contests. And if it's not that, then the rest of the book is made up of hair and eye color descriptions for all the various characters. Hamilton's fascination with hair down to the ankles and with the varying heights of the characters is mind-boggling. She seems to spend more time thinking up these various combinations than [...]

    2. Merry and her Muppet multi-color haired men are back, but definitely not for the better. This book didn't do much for me. I have enjoyed the series, but one of the biggest problems has been when the plot drags. This particular book dragged for me. The Queen of the Unseelie Court did not make an appearance in this book, and she is one of the more interesting plot pieces in the series. As usual, Ms. Hamilton could use a better editor. The redundancy of the text kills me. This next snippet won't sp [...]

    3. I'm not sure why I keep doing this to myself. I spend money on LKH book and then feel like a shmuck afterwards. Allow me to explain.This is book 8 of a series. 8 books and all that has happened with the Merry, a half breed fairy princess living in the U.S. is:1- Knocked by multiple men (if you are scratching your head, just roll with that idea because it is magic),2-She has killed her sadistic, murdering and raping cousin Prince Cel; and3-The mother/earth goddess has named her queen of fairy but [...]

    4. AhhPrincess Meredith's Magical Vagina tour rolls onOkay we get it - sex is magic - and your girl the princess has such a magical hoo-haw as to invoke all the lost treasures of Faerun. Good for her.This will be the last Meredith Gentry book I read.I wasnt offended by the rampant sex, I expect that. I wasnt shocked by the rough and tumble (accent on ROUGH) aspect of some of the sex. Hell, I like some of that my self.I just had a problem with the NON-STOP part of the sex. Of the 365 pages in this b [...]

    5. This book is brought to you by the words, "Copy" and "Paste."Seriously, Hamilton has always been a lazy writer in desperate need of a thesaurus but this book really takes the prize. The EXACT SAME SENTENCES were featured over and over in every chapter. This book reverted to the "all boring sex scenes, no plot" problem she's had in other novels and it seemed like each sex scene was a template of the same descriptions, actions and words into which she simply changed the name of the male partner as [...]

    6. This is the 8th book in Laurell K Hamilton’s ‘Merry Gentry’ series.Ever since ‘Narcissus in Chains’ (Anita Blake #10) I have preferred Hamilton’s ‘Merry’ books to ‘Anita’. At least in the ‘Merry’ books all the erotica, orgies, BDSM etc is legitimized by Merry and her men being Sidhe (fey) who are a very sensual, sexual species. Plus it was essential to the storyline that Merry have as much sex with as many of her men as possible – since she was in a race to make an heir [...]

    7. I really like this series!It seems that I like LKH's writing style. As expected, hoer books are not for everyone, you either really like them or you really don't (but if you stuck to this series 'til here, you probably d0).So the story continues. This book is more of a "filler" for the series, nothing will happen if you skip it (and go to the next one); I think the previous book was meant to be some sort of ending. But well, I'm really glad the story keeps on, I really am curious to see how ever [...]

    8. The plot was somewhat tighter (whodunit wise only) and It was fun to see some of the characters from book 1 again. There were some vaguely touched upon interesting developments concerning: the human soldiers she saved last book, the gangs home away from home, and in Merry's demeanor. But this still is LKH we're talkin' bout so there's still less editing than healthy, more sex (with random side characters) than necessary, and abounding wtfery. How she can spend pages upon pages sexin' the goblin [...]

    9. In Los Angeles, demi-fey are being killed in a certain way, the crime scenes bloody close to illustrations in storybooks. 'Twould make a macabre but compelling plot, but instead here it's only a sub-plot. For a private detective, Merry Gentry doesn't seem to do much work. In this tome, she visits crime scenes, a lab, and basically does a lot of talking. There's no personal danger for her, considering she's guarded by at least two men at all times. So if you're looking for a thriller or mystery, [...]

    10. This book was lacking plot more than any other I have seen form LKH. We started out with a good mystery story but it quickly dissolved into a bunch of random mini dramas with her harem. Not even original drama at that. More than a few times throughout this book i recognized scenes and descriptions almost word for word form previous books. Not just a writing style, but almost a copy and paste job. There were three pages describing the licking of icing off a cupcake. Three pages. They served zero [...]

    11. The murder mystery, I think, should've received more attention, although the 'themes' linking the victims together were interesting. The introduction of the Fairy Godmother and Fear Dearg had potential, but was similarly allowed to drift. As always, I did enjoy the personal interaction between all the fey; however, this book mostly seemed like one large interlude between the bloody action of the last andwhat? Merry will no doubt be sucked back into the court life as both her aunt and uncle spira [...]

    12. Divine Misdeameanours is the 8th installment in the Meredith Gentry series by the amazing Laurell K Hamilton. And what a book it was! I was begging for this book to come out, and I had no complaints. The only thing close to a complaint I had was the price of the Hardcover, but with my store discount how cold I not. I wasn't planning on waiting long to read this anyway.What I like about this series is that unlike some other longer series they seem to drag out each book and I find myself not as in [...]

    13. At the end of Swallowing Darkness, I felt LKH had successfully brought closure to what proved to be an intriguing series. I worried a new arc would only dilute the effectiveness of the universe and its characters. I prepped myself for complete disappointment. The reality wash.What held my attention, and will guarantee my continued reading, was the mention of the soldiers Merry saved in SD. The Goddess has taken an interest in those humans, and I'm compelled to find out where it's all heading.Hav [...]

    14. I'm not going to say much about this book cause there was nothing good about it. I did not rush out to buy it on the release date and instead had to bring myself to read it cause I was scared to. I was honestly hoping that the author saved the series in this book but was sorely disappointed.This author (Laurell Hamilton) and her books is the reason I actually joined , cause I was tired of buying her books and being disappointed. In my opinion this authors writing has been going downhill for awhi [...]

    15. I really can't figure out the draw to this series. I have read them all and I feel that they are all just kind of mediocre. In hind sight, I might have rated them a little higher than they really deserved--but I will leave the ratings alone. I was pretty sure I knew who the killer was as soon as the character made his/her entrance in the book. Little imagination there HamiltonWhat was this book about anyway? I felt that it was pretty anti-climatic. The only reason I keep going is because enquiri [...]

    16. I am adoring this series. The political intrigue, the inclusiveness, the power games and there's real science fiction in it; oh, and the lovely men folk. It's a shame this is the last book so far, I'll just have to be patient from now on.Given that I'm currently also reading "The Prince" and the dictatorships in the Middle East are changing shape so rapidly the parallels are fascinating in the series overall as well.

    17. Now I will admit- the last two volumes of this series entertained me enough to give them both 3 stars. 'Lick of Frost' had a bit of the old Hamilton return to it, while 'Swallowing Darkness' was so unintentionally funny that I was incredibly entertained the whole way through. I just wish that I'd have found that sort of entertainment here.The plot of the book was supposed to be Merry attempting to solve a series of murders where the victims are dressed up to mimic pages from a children's book. W [...]

    18. Meredith Gentry #8: Divine Misdemeanors, by Laurell K. HamiltonI had high hopes at the start of this Merry book - she's back in Los Angeles, back at the Grey Detective Agency, even back on a crime scene. Someone in the city is murdering the demi-fey and posing their bodies after pictures in children's books, and the police want her help before any more fey die. But that promise quickly degenerates with too much recap of previous events, multiple sex scenes, and a weak ending. Hamilton goes again [...]

    19. Meredith Gentry is back in LA working as a private detective, living with an unspecified number of exiles from the Unseelie court, and pregnant with twins. Someone is killing demi-fey--the small winged creatures humans think of when they think of "fairies"--and arranging the corpses to copy children's book illustrations. Much of this book is perfunctory--less a novel and more a short story padded out with recaps of previous books in the series and re-introductions of the many different character [...]

    20. Oh, Laurell.Not sure what to say about this one, other than I read them pretty much out of habit moreso than anything else. Also, this one isn't as much fairy porn as some of the other installments in the series. In fact, this one almost had something resembling a plot--the downside was that plot was quickly abandoned every time Merry put her detecting-and-crimefighting agenda on hold in order to make the sweet sweet lovin' with one of her harem of men.Which is too bad, as there were some really [...]

    21. Booooring. Seriously. This book is terribly, horribly boring. Hamilton's total inability to weed any of the characters provides a throng that is getting terribly difficult to keep track ofif one would want to keep track of this many whiny baby characters. Seriouslyousands of years old hereyou would think they would get less fond of drama. Even the sex is boring. Blah blah, he brought me, blah blah, magic, blah, somebody grew *something* new. The actual mystery was a good one; if more time was sp [...]

    22. It's 4.5*I wish she would interrupt the plot less, the sex, we get it, it's important, but please don't fuck so much all the time all over the place *sigh*

    23. I have had the same love-hate relationship with Meredith Gentry ever since Mistral's Kiss. After I read chapter 1 I thought it would be in keeping with the old times, an old crime scene, and some investigations. I should have known better.One of the things I hate about the writing style is that it assumes I am an idiot. For example, in one sentence Merry uses the term "The Summerland", who anybody with a fair hand of knowing myths knows would be equal to Paradise in terms of fae language. Disreg [...]

    24. That was essentially my reaction to this book. I'd been warned that it had some serious issues prior to reading it. The fact that it was finished less than two months before it was released is painfully evident. There are some fun ideas at play, but the book itself needs some serious polishing. You shouldn't have a page or so of dialog that is immediately repeated for no clarification whatsoever. It comes across like someone was padding their word count for NaNoWriMo. Not something you want in t [...]

    25. Hamilton has turned into such a lazy writer. This book definitely shows just how lazy she has gotten. There are whole passages of text that are repeated at the beginning and end of this book (completely unnecessary). She has characters explain things that readers already know or should be self-explanatory (also completely unnecessary). And it seems that Hamilton doesn't remember things that have happened in past books. Merry doesn't seem to remember things that I am pretty sure she was previousl [...]

    26. This is probably my least favorite of the Merry Gentry novels so far, and my distaste is almost entirely due to what I see as some very awkward editing. I'm not talking about copyediting so much (there are sometimes scads of errors in possessive nouns in Hamilton's books), although at one point "destroy" showed up as "distroy" (how does that *happen*??)--it was more about the several times that I had to go back and re-read because something didn't quite make sense. There was an unclear anteceden [...]

    27. There was a scene in the middle of the book where Barinthus and Merry were arguing that was absolutely amazing. The dialogue, descriptions, everything was working perfectly to create unbelievable edge-of-your-seat tension. That few pages alone showcases exactly why Laurell K. Hamilton's fans are as rabidly devoted as they are. Plain and simple, Hamilton can write emotionally charged suspense with the best of them.There was a decent amount of sex, but Divine Misdemeanors isn't as overly sex-fille [...]

    28. There were parts of this book that I really liked. Watching Merry work as a detective was interesting and the case was interesting. The issue of people needing to pull their own weight was also good. Ultimately, though, the sex weighed down the story. It took half the book to have any but then it was with strangers. Which reminded me why I don't like erotica (on the whole). Which doesn't mean I dislike explicit sex, because I do. But I need my sex with emotion and this lacked emotion. It was als [...]

    29. Disappointed. Fail attempt to bring back the murder mystery into the story though Merry is now pregnant and has her princes with her.e is adding yet more to her harem of men. I just feel we are seeing more and more of Anita in this series then Merry's own story. Shame really, I loved this series in her earlier books. Not much time frame has passed between previous book and this one.t we are not told what is happening in King Tanaris, or Queen Andais now that she lost her son. Just some backgroun [...]

    30. Merry Gentry Book 8 By Laurell K HamiltonOver all I like the book. What I Liked:I Liked the P. I. Story about the murders of the Demi Fey. I Liked the passion that Merry Enjoys with her Men(for the most part).I love the fact that Merry's men have long hair. I find that really sexy in a romantic hero of the paranormal sort. please see the rest and the dueling review between Jasmine and I atromanceinthebackseat

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