Mr. Putney's Quacking Dog

Mr. Putney's Quacking Dog

Jon Agee / Aug 21, 2019

Mr Putney s Quacking Dog From Jon Agee a comic master SLJ a hilarious book of animal riddles

  • Title: Mr. Putney's Quacking Dog
  • Author: Jon Agee
  • ISBN: 9780545162036
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Jon Agee a comic master, SLJ , a hilarious book of animal riddles

    Mr Putney s Quacking Dog Hardcover Mr Putney s Quacking Dog is one of my son s favorite books He loves to read it over and over He s learned from this book how to tell jokes He loves the animals and the puns Although he needed some explanation, he has learned words like faint and slob and animals like aardvark and orangutan. Mr Putney s Quacking Dog by Jon Agee Mr Putney s Quacking Dog was honestly extremely fun for me to read Basically, it s a book all about animal puns using Mr Putney s animals For example, the first page starts off by asking what wakes Mr Putney up in the morning. Mr Putney s Quacking Dog Picture Book Depot Mr Putney s Quacking Dog, is a fun and clever book, and uses a question and visual clue format so children have no trouble identifying such things as clangaroos a kangaroo with cymbals on its hands , or Mr Putney s sloppy lunch friend the slobster a sloppy lobster. Mr Putney s quacking dog YouTube Aug , Such a great book from Jon Agee How To Train your Dog NOT to PULL on the Leash STOP CHASING or LUNGING at CARS on a Walk Mr Putney s Quacking Dog by Jon Agee, Hardcover Barnes When a red shellfish splashes Mr Putney with green soup What do you call Mr Putney s messy lunch companion , he presents the slobster Even wordplay amateurs stand a chance of naming the title s quacking dog a duckschund who barks or is that buacks Quarf. READ Mr Putney s Quacking Dog Online Free Mr Putney s Quacking Dog About book This is the kind of book that I first encountered by Jon Agee back when he was writing books of palindromes I liked it then and I Mr Putney s Quacking Dog Book The Seattle Public Mr Putney s Quacking Dog Book Agee, Jon Mr Putney has all sorts of animal friends with unusual names Skip to main navigation Skip to main navigation Skip to search Skip to search Skip to content Teach Through Books Mr Putney s Quacking Dog by Jon Agee Home Humor Teach Through Books Mr Putney s Quacking Dog by Jon Agee Age level Early Elementary, Upper Elementary Description This is yet another great book by Jon Agee. Online Book Mr Putney s Quacking Dog by Jon Agee WISE Mr Putney s Quacking Dog Reviews paula In Mr Putney s Quacking Dog, it s not Mr Putney s house that is unusual per se, but rather Mr Putney s animal friends, who help Mr Putney accomplish the multiple little tasks that make up his day. Mr Putney s Quacking Dog Easy to Follow Book Reading Mar , Mr Putney s Quacking Dog Jon Agee Thank you For reading with me Story Time Bunnies.

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    1. Amusing wordplay with goofy illustrations to match. I loved looking at the pictures trying to guess the next animal. A good family read that will get everyone in a silly mood.

    2. I have become a huge Jon Agee fan! Just the right amount of silliness and learning that makes for a great learning experience for young children.

    3. I love puns. Frankly, I couldn’t have groan up in my family without loving them. So this book is write up my alley! Mr. Putney has a lot of animal friends, but you have to guess their names. The word play is a combination of illustrations and words with half of the joke coming from the text and half from the pictures. Some of the word play is easier than others, but all is amusing and some will have you laughing out loud. This book would be a stitch with a group of kids who enjoy reading and w [...]

    4. A pun is defined by Webster's dictionary as: "the humorous use of a word or words, which are formed or sounded alike but have different meanings, in such a way as to play on two or more of the possible applications; a play on words."Mr. Putney is full of puns, the smart, roll your eyes and groan kind. His animal friends all have unusual names, the quacking dog (dachshund) on the cover? A Duckshund  Study the pictures and the animal shown to determine the animal’s puny name, try to see how m [...]

    5. I LOVED this book! I took it home to read to my husband (who isn't one who will willingly let me read him picture books often!) and we both had a blast with it.Mr. Putney's Quacking Dog is full of world play. Who wakes Mr. Putney up in the morning? An ALARMadillo!! The drawings are fun and have a classic, James Marshall/Jules Feiffer feel to them. But the illustrations are just half the fun. Reading the book and trying to figure out what the animal name is what makes the book. And not all the an [...]

    6. In Mr. Putney's Quacking Dog, it's not Mr. Putney's house that is unusual per se, but rather Mr. Putney's animal friends, who help Mr. Putney accomplish the multiple little tasks that make up his day. Waking up in the morning is easy when you have an alarmadillo, and what else do you use to measure your nephew but a goruler? Some of his friends are pets, like his quacking dog (a duckshund) and some seem to be more like neighbors, like the socktopus living in his pool.Full review on Pink Me: pink [...]

    7. HAHAHAHAHA. PUNS. I'm not sure the kiddos would get all (or any) of the jokes, but I enjoyed them, because I am me. Will update review if I ever decide to get risky (frisky?) and try it for storytime.

    8. Very cute. Not sure it's worth a big ole hardcover, though - I'm accustomed to riddle books being the skinny pulp mm pbs of my youth. But, bonus star for being just the right level of difficulty. With thought, I got the majority of these, and most of the rest I could have gotten if I'd worked harder. Only one was really bad, though, imo. "Who fits into Mr. Putney's backpack?" (picture of a camel) (view spoiler)["A cramel." (hide spoiler)]

    9. Mr. Putney's Quacking Dog was honestly extremely fun for me to read. Basically, it's a book all about animal puns using Mr. Putney's animals. For example, the first page starts off by asking what wakes Mr. Putney up in the morning. On the next page, you see a picture of an armadillo, and they answer the question with "an alarmadillo." Basically, this is how the entire book goes, with no real plot, but its still fun to see what kind of puns the author comes up with (socktopus, cramel, etc.)I thin [...]

    10. Meet Mr. Putney’s menagerie of animal friends in this pun-tastic book. Each page features a riddle in question form about the name of one of Mr. Putney’s friends. Turn the page to find out the answer. Can you guess which of Mr. Putney’s friends has cold feet? Why, it’s the socktopus, of course! How about the messiest lunch companion? The slobster!Agee’s simple, yet quirky style adds a delightful atmosphere to this riddle-filled book. This book is a celebration of puns, rather than a bo [...]

    11. My word--I laughed so hard at a few of these. Very clever and exactly what my friend David would love to read/joke about. It's probably over quite a few kids' heads and the humor would go away after having to explain a lot of them. Older kids would probably enjoy this more. And if the young kids don't get the jokes, they can at least enjoy the humor in some of the pictures. Then again, if my sister read this to young ones, they'd laugh their heads off even if they didn't get why it was funny--be [...]

    12. This is the kind of book that I first encountered by Jon Agee back when he was writing books of palindromes. I liked it then and I like this now. This is just silly and fun. His many animal friends are all of the non-traditional variety and are slightly altered from their traditional fellow animals in a way that Mr. Putney accepts. They are all renamed in accordance with their special skill and Mr. Putney finds a way to address and accommodate their special skill in his daily life. There is much [...]

    13. No plot here, just a series of silly animal puns (Who wakes Mr Putney up in the morning? An alarmadillo!).Agee's typical cartoony illustrations make this book full of awesome sight gags.Awesome book for a situation where kids can't/won't be able to listen to a full story and you want to keep them interested. The word play will be especially appreciated by preschoolers/early elementary groups who are just learning about puns and such.

    14. Books with wordplay have been around for some time, but if done right they can make words fun and funny. I still remember the Gwynne books as enjoyable reads, and I think if kids found this book they would agree. The problem is that it is a book for older kids, even though there are few words relative to the page. Just like Gwynne's books they require some knowledge of the language and what words mean.

    15. A delightful collection of animal puns. Mr. Putney has many friendly animals that provide a variety of services for him. Like his alarmadillo that wakes him up in the morning, or his cold-footed socktopus. Both Asher (5 years old) and Dex (2 years old) loved the play on words.The illustrations are goofy and wonderful.

    16. A humorous story of the many animals that live with Mr. Putney. There's his Alarmadillo that wakes him up in the morning and the Traindeer that powers his private train. There are many other punny and groan-worthy jokes in this one that sophisticated younger readers will enjoy sharing with a captive audience.

    17. Mr. Putney's unusual animal friends carry names that blend their animal origins and their characteristics. For example, a messy lunch companion is a slobster, and the title pet is a duckshund. Each page reveals a clue about the animals' behavior and invites readers to guess the animals' names. Fun puns and wordplay.

    18. Ready to expose your students to play on words and puns? This picture book full of picture clues and short simple sentences is just the ticket. While not all the puns and play on words work as well as others, kids will be kept guessing how to transform each animal name into the answer for the riddle. A fun book to share.

    19. I absolutely loved this book! I can totally see using this book to teach vocabulary. It is a fun twist on puns. I think my students would giggle their way through the whole book. It would be fun to read a page a day and have the students guess during the day what the answer to each question would be. It would teach the students to study the pictures for clues and expand their vocabulary.

    20. I confess up front that I'm a huge fan of Jon Agee's work. That said, I enjoy books that get me to laugh and I love books that keep me laughing. The combination of word play, guessing game and goofy humor definitely kept me laughing. Especially enjoyable are Mr. Putney's subtle reaction shots to his animal companions.

    21. Hilarious book of word play! Might inspire children to come up with some animal pets of their own. Maybe could be used to inspire a classroom project of writing their own book of strange and unusual animals!

    22. This is a punny book of animal riddles that is fun to read aloud. The riddles are very silly, but not always easy to figure out, so we enjoyed making guesses before we would read the answer. The puns are crazy, and the illustrations are just as wild. We enjoyed reading this book together.

    23. This was a fun book at the preschooler story time today. The parents had more reaction to the jokes than the kids, but the kids did have fun guessing what the animals would be. I liked how the picture before the punchline would give a hint. A fun, simple, clean animal joke book for kids.

    24. I want to use this in the high school for a little quiz game with the kids. They would get a kick out of being read a picture book. Of course I didn't get any of them right, so I really think that it's too hard for little children, but it would be a fun interactive storytime.

    25. Fun puns. Riddles, basically. Names of Mr. Putney's animals are the joke.Who wakes him up?An alarmadillo.Who does Mr. Putney like to jump through?An anteloop.Kids would love trying to guess these.

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