Killer Cruise

Killer Cruise

Laura Levine / Feb 22, 2020

Killer Cruise Wordsmith Jaine Austen s ship has finally come in Her new teaching gig on a fancy cruise line nabs her a free vacation and access to a hour buffet But sooner than you can say bon voyage Jaine s al

  • Title: Killer Cruise
  • Author: Laura Levine
  • ISBN: 9780758220462
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wordsmith Jaine Austen s ship has finally come in Her new teaching gig on a fancy cruise line nabs her a free vacation and access to a 24 hour buffet But sooner than you can say bon voyage, Jaine s all expenses paid trip to the Mexican Riviera seems destined to be a wreck.Things are already off to a rocky start when Jaine discovers a stowaway amidst her luggage hWordsmith Jaine Austen s ship has finally come in Her new teaching gig on a fancy cruise line nabs her a free vacation and access to a 24 hour buffet But sooner than you can say bon voyage, Jaine s all expenses paid trip to the Mexican Riviera seems destined to be a wreck.Things are already off to a rocky start when Jaine discovers a stowaway amidst her luggage her persnickety cat Prozac Jaine s sinking sensation grows stronger at dinner, where she meets chatty Emily Pritchard, a wealthy seventy year old who s traveling with her two nephews Jaine can t help noticing the tension among them, especially when the cruise s charming and sleazy British dancer, Graham, whisks Emily out onto the dance floor Soon Emily is accepting Graham s invitations to every social event on the ship Two nights later the bubbly couple announces their engagement, but the news is quickly overshadowed the next morning by the discovery of Graham s body with an ice pick protruding from his chest.Between hiding a furry fugitive, flirting with Emily s nephew Robbie, and baiting the hook for a clever murderer, Jaine is about to dive into her most dangerous case yet.

    Killer Cruise Jaine Austen Mystery, Book A Jaine Killer Cruise Jaine Austen Mystery, Book A Jaine Austen Mystery Laura Levine on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Wordsmith Jaine Austen s ship has finally come in Her new teaching gig on a fancy cruise line nabs her a free vacation and access to a hour buffet But sooner than you can say bon voyage Killer Cruise by Jennifer Shaw Killer Cruise by Jennifer Shaw, is a page turning mystery book about a year old girl named Ashley Ashley goes on a cruise for her sixteenth birthday with her two best friends, her sister, and a few other people close to her. Killer Cruise A Jaine Austen Mystery, by Laura Levine Killer cruise by Laura Levine is the th book in the Jaine Austen Mystery series Jaine is hired to teach a writing course on board a cruise ship but again becomes embroiled in a murder when one of the hired escorts is killed, stabbed with an ice pick. Killer Cruise dawnbrookespublishing Cruise Port stops featuring in Killer Cruise Copenhagen where Rachel Marjorie spend the day Tallinn in Estonia where Rachel insists on sleuthing much to Sarah s annoyance. Killer Cruise Jennifer Shaw killer cruise birthday cruise book was good ashley predictable boyfriend ending romance girl happen teen ship Showing of reviews Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews Killer Cruise Jaine Austen Mysteries book by Laura Levine Killer Cruise, like the earlier novels in the series, is a delight to read Fast paced, genial, and featuring some of the wittiest homicides in the genre, Levine s books are highly recommended to anyone looking for light, but intelligent entertainment. Killer Cruise by Jennifer Shaw eBay Killer Cruise by Jennifer Shaw A copy that has been read, but remains in excellent condition Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a neat previous owner name The spine remains undamaged. Killer Cruise BY Laura Levine masterchefslunch Killer Cruise Wordsmith Jaine Austen s ship has finally come in Her new teaching gig on a fancy cruise line nabs her a free vacation and access to a hour buffet But Sammy Keyes and the Killer Cruise Barnes Noble Sammy knew that getting to know her new rockstar dad on a cruise would be a little uncomfortable But when the heiress to a perfume empire disappears from the Killer Cruise book by Jennifer Shaw thriftbooks Killer Cruise is probably one of my favorite murder mysteries What I really liked about it was that there was no such thing as a boring chapter After every chapter was a cliff hanger that made you want to read and , as in, I was only going to read one chapter and ended up reading five.

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    1. I think this series is just plain fun. My favorite parts of the books are the e-mail conversations between Janie and her parents. Really that would be my second favorite part. Prozac is by far the star of the series.

    2. In the middle of reading a long and serious book for a book discussion group, I found this light and amusing mystery novel, a real comedy, which I gobbled up in less than a day. Killer Cruise has only one murder! And there are so many possible culprits on board the cruise ship Festival, ranging from a jilted ex-fiancee, an ice sculptor, and the relatives and close friends of a silver haired lady being swept off her feet by love at first dance.Our heroine and crime solver, Jaine Austen (with an [...]

    3. Jaine Austen thinks she hit it big, being asked to teach a course on a cruise ship and in return getting an all expenses paid cruise! Jaine's trip gets off to a bad start when she finds her cat Prozac has stowed away in her bag and even worse when the steward Samoa finds out and blackmails her into editing his 900 page manuscript "Do Not Distub." Jaine tries to make the best of it but as a cruise ship "celebrity" she is required to sit with one of the high rollers, a 70 something woman named Emi [...]

    4. Killer Cruise by Laura Levine is #8 in her Jaine-with-an-i Austen mystery series. It's generally bad news when a series starts going on location but I enjoyed this installment of Jaine's adventures aboard a cruise ship where (using her leverage as copy writer for a toilet company) Jaine teaches a writing class while eating her way through the buffet and crushing on handsome men while investigating the murder of a gigolo.Nothing of great surprise but I have grown very fond of Jaine, her cat Proza [...]

    5. I confess. I read it because of the cat. I've read other Laura Levine/Jaine Austen mysteries and this one was right in line. Pure froth with some chuckles and an arrogant cat (Prozac). Her books are tolerable because, despite the deliberate silliness, the woman knows her craft. She's written for The Bob Newhart Show, Laverne & Shirley, and a whole bunch of other top rated sit coms. So if you're looking for light, quick and amusing, Levine is good place to go.

    6. This book was a very quick read and while I found it interesting enough to keep reading it, it is not among the better ones the author has written for this series. I found the main character annoying at times especially when talking about her diet or lack there of.

    7. This book was hilarious. Jaine, with an i, gets into one mess after another while on the cruise. The emails from her parents and her gay friend, Lance were the best part of the book. Killer Cruise is the first book I've read from this author. I really enjoyed her writing style.

    8. Jaine Austin, queen of plumbing advertisements, is at it again. This time, she's a lecturer on a cruise ship - being comped for the cruise by holding classes. Of course, somehow her cat Prozac sneaks into her luggage and Jaine winds up bringing him onboard. Add to that, another of the staff, a gentleman paid to dance with the ladies, winds up dead, an icepick in his chest. Jaine doesn't believe that the person detained for the murder did it, so she's determined to find out who did it. That is, i [...]

    9. Killer cruise by Laura Levine is the 8th book in the Jaine Austen Mystery series. Jaine is hired to teach a writing course on board a cruise ship but again becomes embroiled in a murder when one of the hired escorts is killed, stabbed with an ice pick. A very funny and entertaining book with plenty of silly laugh out loud moments. Perfect for when you want something light and quick. I only wish that Jaine would stand up for herself and not let herself get put upon so much such as when the couple [...]

    10. Jaine takes a working cruise, but leaves home her parents and her neighbor who get into a bit of trouble just fine without her.

    11. Tired of the CatWhile, I'm still enjoying the series and it passes the time on my commute I am tired the hearing about the cat.

    12. I have read over half the books in this series (though I admit I read them out of order) and in many ways this book ranks near the top as one of the best in the series.If you have never read a Jaine Austen mystery before let me describe it as humorous stories about a woman who in many ways is an “every woman”. She knows she is overweight but she struggles with food addiction. She is divorced and finding Prince Charmings are few and far between. To top it all off she has funny and a bit wacky [...]

    13. This book is laugh-out-loud funny. I'm working my way through all of the Jaine Austen series and enjoying every one. This cozy mystery series is always enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to reading the entire series. The author is one funny lady!

    14. Jaine has the opportunity of a life time. She gets a free cruise for a few hours of lecturing on writing. What's not to like?Well, first her stateroom is about the size of a closet and it is on the lowest deck – no windows. Then there is the fact her cat, Prozac has stowed away and Jaine must keep the cat hidden in order to prevent a long session in quarantine. The quarantine would be for the cat not Jaine.As always in this series, the secondary characters are fun and funny and add a great dea [...]

    15. Freelance writer Jaine Austen, no relation to the romance writer, is invited on a cruise ship to teach writing in Laura Levine’s raucously fun screwball mystery, “Killer Cruise.”Before Jaine leaves land and boards the boat, the nightmares begin when she discovers that her cat, Prozac, has somehow stowed himself inside Jaine’s carry-on bag. Trying to keep the feline quiet while on board tests Jaine’s patience.That evening, while dining on the deck, Jaine befriends countless travelers, s [...]

    16. They are delightful mysteries but 7/8 books into the series and countless dozens of reads into the genre, I must admit I am less than thrilled. The tropes of the mystery genre I have discovered so far:1. Unlucky in love2. Weight problems3. Incompetant at profession4. The everywoman, ad nauseum5. A convenient crutch, in this case, cat. The list goes on.What about mysteries where the hero/heroine earns my respect by actually excelling at his/her job, whose romantic status is utterly irrelevant to [...]

    17. Jaine Austen hits the high seas, teaching a class on writing one's memoirs, in the latest mystery by Laura Levine. Of course, there is murder mystery to be solved and with the usual charming list of suspects, I honestly never expected the killer to be who it was. Laura Levine's books are a quick read, usually done within a day if I can read uninterrupted, but always a joy to read. The darling kitty that rules the roost makes the cruise, stowing away in the luggage, and setting off a whole new se [...]

    18. The mystery part of the book is fine. Prozac the cat is fine. Jaine Austen, the amateur detective, bothered me.Jaine gets a job teaching a 'how to write a memoir' class on a cruise. She denigrates her own writing. She is not prepared to teach the class. [I am a writer and was a teacher so this was annoying.] Although the class, such as it is, would be a teacher's nightmare.Prozac stows himself away in a believable manner. He does provide the basis for setting up a number of things important to t [...]

    19. Killer Cruise is the 8th Jaine Austen mystery by Laura Levine.This time Jaine is off on a all-expenses paid cruise in exchange for teaching a writing class. All plans to attack the 24 hour buffet and sunbake go awry when a dancer is murdered and its Jaine to find the killer before they strike again.I loved this series from the very first book. Jaine is a delight with her sense of humor and love of chocolate. However I found the previous book (Killing Bridezilla) a little flat. Still I was keen t [...]

    20. It could easily have been 5 stars, but the murderer's confession took the wind out of the book's sail. I'm so happy to announce that the author has crafted another remarkable book. She has been able to extract even more entertaining tidbits from her characters. Do read this book, even if it takes more than one leaf out of a more prolific British and well dead author whose name is synonymous with flair and invention. By changing the stage for her story, Laura Levine has kept my interest alive in [...]

    21. Finished this one today. Found it hard to concentrate on it as I was reading it at work on lunch breaks (I swear it has to be the worst place to try and read anything!). Ok, now on to my thoughts on the book. Jaine is a funny main character. She's not the super self confident woman one finds in lots of books. She's flawed, and she knows it. That's great, it helps me relate to her a lot better. This is the second novel I have read with Jaine Austen as the main character. And like the first one I [...]

    22. This is the 8th book in the Jaine Austen series by Laura Levine. This was another funny cozy mystery that had me laughing at the antics of Jaine and her parents. In this book, Jaine agrees to be the guest lecturer on a cruise ship. Her parents come to her apartment to watch her cat, Prozac, while she’s gone. However, Prozac sneaks into her luggage and goes along for the cruise. The things Jaine must do to keep at cat hidden on the ship are funny. She agrees to edit and type one of the other em [...]

    23. I'll start out with the obvious - these books aren't exactly literature. They are delightful little bits of fluff that, defying all reason, I happen to enjoy.Yes, I know that the stories are improbable.I know that Jaine is a wimp and shows no signs of changing.I know that the situations are ridiculous.And I don't care. I should, I should really dislike these books. They're all the same with a slightly different location and slightly different characters. But I can't find it in me to hate them.It [...]

    24. These are such fun and witty reads. And I never guess who dunnit either! This time Jaine wins a free cruise because she is going to give lectures on writing. She is sent to the lower decks because she is considered an employee. Prozac stowes away in Jaine's trunk and it is too late to return her so she hides her in her room.Jaine's tablemates are a family with a rich aunt who is being taken by some in the group. When Aunt Emily is smitten with a male escort on the cruise, some of the family are [...]

    25. Jaine Austen is hired to teach a class on a cruise ship bound for Mexico. Anticipating a peaceful vacation, she finds that her cat has stowed away in her luggage, and she must bribe her cabin steward to keep the animal concealed. Then she finds herself involved with Emily, a wealthy, elderly woman who seems to be falling for one of the ship's gentleman escorts, to the dismay of her family--and of the escort's fiancee, a cabaret singer. When someone is killed, Jaine is sure that the ship's securi [...]

    26. I read this book for a book club task. The task was called "Find A Gem" and you had to find a book with less than 50 ratings and read it. I found this book due to one of my friend's bookshelves and fell in love with it. From beginning to end it had me on my feet trying to figure out who the killer was. I still have some questions about this book and why some things turned out the way they did. However I really did find a gem and I am thankful for it. I will probably more than likely read more of [...]

    27. This is the eighth entry in the Jaine Austen series.Jaine gets a job teaching a writing class on a cruise ship, a gig she is sure will be fun. Her cat, Prozac, stows away. Her parents think her gay neighbor Lance is her fiancee, and a jerk, in this case, a British gigolo, is murdered, and of course, one of her only friends on board is the chief suspect. Jaine pokes around, gets blackmailed into editing and typing a horrible adventure novel by the ship's steward, finds romance, and solves the mys [...]

    28. Jaine Austen, technical writer, gets a free cruise in exchange for teaching a course in learning how to write an autobiography. She starts off being off balance when she learns that her cat has stowed away, so she spends the whole cruise trying, sometimes unsuccessfully, to hide her cat since she didn't want her cat to spend the whole trip in quarantine. The people who find out, all try a little blackmail. Jaine also gets involved in trying to solve a murder and almost getting killed herself.

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