The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer

The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer

Brian Masters / Aug 18, 2019

The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer When Milwaukee police entered Jeffrey Dahmer s North th Street apartment in July they discovered that for some time this quiet undemonstrative man had been living amidst the debris of an orgy

  • Title: The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Author: Brian Masters
  • ISBN: 9780340591949
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Milwaukee police entered Jeffrey Dahmer s North 25th Street apartment in July 1991, they discovered that for some time this quiet, undemonstrative man had been living amidst the debris of an orgy of killing A severed head lay in the refrigerator A freezer contained two heads and a human torso Two skulls and a complete skeleton were found in a filing cabinet AWhen Milwaukee police entered Jeffrey Dahmer s North 25th Street apartment in July 1991, they discovered that for some time this quiet, undemonstrative man had been living amidst the debris of an orgy of killing A severed head lay in the refrigerator A freezer contained two heads and a human torso Two skulls and a complete skeleton were found in a filing cabinet A styrofoam box concealed two skulls, and a large blue plastic drum was found to contain three further human torsos in various stages of decomposition This is the story of the mass murderer, Jeffrey Dahmer.

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        Brian Masters is a British writer best known for his biographies of mass murderers, including Killing for Company, on Dennis Nilsen The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer She Must Have Known, on Rosemary West and The Evil That Men Do He has also written about the British aristocracy and worked as a translator.


    1. I do not wish to mitigate the seriousness of the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer but its hard not to imagine a conversation between JD and Britain's own rather more intellectually pretentious Dennis Nilsen, who had a similar interest in collecting dead gay boys or should that be gay dead boys. Note - obviously this imaginary conversation took place before Jeffrey's demise, otherwise it would be completely unbelievable. DN: I believe the authorities have incarcerated us here because our recreational pre [...]

    2. I didn't expect much from this book. It was published in 1993, not very long after Dahmer's trial, and before he was killed in prison, so I figured it was one of those rush jobs written to capitalize upon the sensationalism of the case. I was surprised, however, to find that it was actually a well-researched and well-written case study of not only Dahmer's crimes, but of his childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, his aberrant psychology and bizarre personality, and his motivations for his crim [...]

    3. Though classing a book about a infamous, brutal serial killer as one of my 'favourite books' may cast me in a somewhat dubious light, I'm unashamed to say it's the truth. There is something gloriously chilling about Master's clear-cut writing, delving into Dahmer's past, his killings, crazed obsessions and his capture, culminating in his trial. There is no other book (apart from Master's other opus, Killing For Company, about the 'English Dahmer', Dennis Nilson) which fully displays, with unstop [...]

    4. By far the very best book on any one specific serial killer I've ever read! This is book is extremely graphic in details regarding the Jeffrey Dahmer murders, but it's necessary to fully grasp how utterly insane he was. The author is English and is an amazing writer who delves into multiple subjects regarding Dahmer's influences, psychology and criminal pathology, philosophical concepts regarding good and evil throughout history, etc. It's really an awesome read. It's not like a typical Ann Rule [...]

    5. Vaya viaje que fue éste libro! Ésta es una pequeña biografía de uno de los asesinos seriales que dejó en shock a varias generaciones a principios de los 90´s cuando fue atrapado, enjuiciado y encarcelado.Jeffrey Dahmer mató desde 1986 hasta 1991 cerca de 16 hombres jóvenes, los drogó y los ahorcó con las manos para después decapitarlos, desmembrarlos, desollarlos y agregarlos a su *altar*. Jeff era un sociópata, necrofílico, necrófago y homosexual. Qué quiere decir todo esto? que [...]

    6. Well-researched, well-documented, with very interesting philosophical and psychological insights. It was a really enjoyable read. I would love to read more of Masters' work, especially his biography of Dennis Nilsen.

    7. i've been "studying" Jeffrey Dahmer since i was about 10 yrs old. i'm always interested in finding out what exactly went wrong in his life and this is the perfect book to do it.

    8. What a grueling and annoyingly pretentious read this was!I had hoped for a decent expose of the Dahmer case, perhaps containing some new valid insights, written by someone who was able to interview the various parties involved. Instead, Brian Masters' book is a never-ending stream of psychobabble, combined with the author's criticism of everyone from the psychologist witnesses at the trial, to law enforcement, to the American justice system, all accompanied by the strong implication that Masters [...]

    9. Not going to liedidn't get much sleep last night. -_-Despite the horrifying subject matter I do consider this a good book. It succeeded in humanizing Dahmer in a way I did not expect at all. Having recently listened to a podcast detailing his crimes and eventual capture by the police I was interested in reading more on this (perhaps in an effort to understand how anyone could be capable of such depravity). The book delves into his early childhood, adolescence, his decent into madness and finally [...]

    10. I really did like this book, even though it took me five months to finish it. The length of time to finish it is intricately tied to the reason I enjoyed and appreciated the book so much: humanization. Masters humanizes a man who has been thoroughly demonized in our culture. He hands his back his humanity through the close attention paid to Dahmer's quality of life and mental state. The man was psychologically tortured and could not make the pain stop. Reading about his pain and desperation, his [...]

    11. Absolutely fantastic!Masters describes the life of Jeffrey Dahmer with such complexity, and with a surprising amount of consideration. One quickly grows tired of the "killers are monsters" rhetoric, and Masters did what many others haven't and approached the case with the understanding that Dahmer was human.Masters give us detailed descriptions of Dahmer's childhood, his adult life, his crimes, his trial, and his personality. It's an odyssey, as it were, but Masters explores not only the nature [...]

    12. This book was extremely informative and went way in-depth into the psychology of Dahmer. The only issue I have is the author's apparent dislike of the part of our (American) legal system that allows the loved ones of victims to speak to the court/murderer. I believe the words the author used to describe this were "barbaric" and "distasteful," to name a few. I disagree with his opinion. Many times, that will be the only opportunity that the victim's loved ones will have to address the murderer di [...]

    13. It's so difficult to review a book like this: one that ventures into many regions I have no experience, or full understanding of. But it was a story well told. Jeffrey Dahmer was, of course, one of America's most notorious killers and a man who suffered many illnesses and delusions that few people could ever say they've experienced themselves. Though told from a reliable source, this book was as opinionated at times as it seemed superfluous. I don't condone non-fiction writers who allow their op [...]

    14. Read for personal research. I found this work of some interest, but nothing new is revealed.The philosophical, religious, and spiritual coverages appear more based on tradition-rendered explanations from throughout history rather than factual original source documents and facts; and much is filled with interpretive speculation or is false (no supportive documentation for one to challenge is presented) - number rating relates to the book's contribution to my needs.

    15. An incredible insight into the psychology behind one of the most depraved serial killers in history! Informative and well explained, this book has a real shot at changing your entire perspective on the case of the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer.

    16. The Citizen Dahmer saga continues!After My Friend Dahmer, this is the second book on Dahmer I have read. And considering how I felt about that one, I can't say that this was worse. However, it wasn't my ideal, so to speak. It's very dry in places and meanders quite a bit, plus Masters isn't emotionally connected to any of this at all, except that he was present during the trial.Again, I do love me some facts, and this tome definitely has them - 300 pages of them, to be exact. The research is met [...]

    17. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. Considering that this is a book about a famous serial killer, I went in with low expectations. I don't have many experience with reading books about this type of people, but for me it has always been so that the book called the person a monster, they were way exaggerated in all shapes and forms. The thing i liked most was the way the author presented Jeffrey Dahmer as a human first, serial killer later. It wasn't much about what horrific things he di [...]

    18. Goddamn! Some of the 'psychological' deductions this writer makes are the bane of modern day mental health treatment Diseases of the human brain don't work like cancer: event A does not cause event B and possibly event C, his insights are ridiculous and based on the most unreliable of statistics as to be pure fiction. You'll waste an entire life trying to box in and label different facets of human consciousness, deducing wild extraneous theories from shoddy statistics and taking the word of a 15 [...]

    19. A well-written analysis of a subject which is obviously very depraved (would not recommend for those of you who do not have a strong stomach). My only criticisms would be (1) the pop psychology scattered throughout by the writer did get somewhat tedious at times. If the half dozen expert psychiatrists at Dahmer's trail couldn't agree about his motives/state of mind and whether or not he was actually suffering from a specified mental illness, I find it quite hard to believe the author has any mor [...]

    20. This one gave a lot more of the details of Dahmer's life than other books, and more from the lives of his victims. This book also told me WHOSE sister (Errol Lindsey's) blew her stack at him during her victim's impact statement. It was interesting to read this one partly because the author is a Brit and does not hold back his disparaging comments about the way the American legal system works. I had to laugh at the points he got wrong, for instance when he said Dahmer watched THE EXORCIST 2: THE [...]

    21. Considering that this book was written in 1993, mere months after Dahmer's trial and before he was murdered in prison, I wasn't expecting a huge amount of insight into the twisted mind and actions of such a notorious killer. I was pleasantly surprised however as Brian Masters has written a hugely in-depth account of all aspects of Dahmer's life, from childhood right up to the end of his trial. All the grisly details are present so readers of a sensitive disposition should be aware of this. My on [...]

    22. Hoo boy. This was a tough book to read. I picked it up because I just readand I was curious about what happened after that book ends. Wow. So much I didn't know about this, even though it was in the news a lot when I was a kid, and really, wish I still didn't know.The only reason I didn't rate it higher was because between passages of great insight, there were these rambling, pretentious, pedantic diatribes that could have been presented in a more straightforward design in which the material wou [...]

    23. If you are a morbid fan of serial killers as I am, then you will find this a titillating experience. Oddly, I first read this book as a child when I found in the garage lol. Jeffrey Dahmer's trial had ended sometime before so I knew a little bit about his crime, but not the gruesome details. It was an unusual introduction into the world of reading, but it really peaked the unwholesome side of my curiosity. At first, you're introduced to his family, his early life. But then it picks up speed afte [...]

    24. A masterful and elucidating account of one of the most enigmatic serial killers in history. Far from being a dry relating of events or a sensationalistic biography, Masters writes with an assured hand, with poetry, intelligence, and insight. And in this incredible study, he finds the humanity behind the monster. He does not excuse Dahmer's actions, but he makes them comprehensible, and out of that comes an understanding of Dahmer's loneliness, his isolation, his wish to only have a friend, and i [...]

    25. on Saturday, September 22, 2007 I wrote:Well I have already read it and yes I am not disappointed.Brian Master is a wonderful author.I also owe another book written by him called Killing for Company, which is also about a guy murdering (and slaughtering other men and both Dennis Nilsen and Jeffrey Dahmer seem to have lots of similarities)Brian Master is very good at writing about the emotional state of Dahmer, more into the psychology stuff. Was he sane when he committed those crimes? This made [...]

    26. Many of us want to try to understand what drives another human being to commit heinous acts such as those of Jeffrey Dahmer. It's more than morbid fascination. Brian Masters helps us to see a man with a "dark side" that shattered the lives of many young men and their families. Not least his own. This is a very good book. It isn't simply gory details, it's a psychological study that a lay man can understand. It is disturbing not just because of the story being told, but because we all have a "dar [...]

    27. This was one of the first true crime books that I brought. It gives an insight on one of the worst serial killers known. Jeffrey Dahmer was a very disturbed individual who reading later through this book tried to create his own zombie gay lover,he didn't want to be alone.A really interesting insight and I still have this book even today,coupled with his fathers story these two books are well worth a read, again if you like true crime and interested in this part of it.

    28. As soon as a serial killer is caught, so many hack writers rush to publish a book about the serial killer to cash in on the sensationalism of the crimes. This isn't one of those books. This is thoroughly and meticulously researched, and what I consider the definitive biography of Jeffrey Dahmer.

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