Juno & Juliet

Juno & Juliet

Julian Gough / Feb 27, 2020

Juno Juliet With this irresistibly fresh debut about a set of twins in their first year of college in Ireland Julian Gough Roddy Doyle in an extremely good mood The Washington Post Book World has established him

  • Title: Juno & Juliet
  • Author: Julian Gough
  • ISBN: 9780385721615
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • With this irresistibly fresh debut about a set of twins in their first year of college in Ireland, Julian Gough Roddy Doyle in an extremely good mood The Washington Post Book World has established himself as Ireland s most delightful new voice in fiction.Juno and Juliet Taylor are both beautiful blondes, but Juliet is convinced that Juno is the beautiful, as weWith this irresistibly fresh debut about a set of twins in their first year of college in Ireland, Julian Gough Roddy Doyle in an extremely good mood The Washington Post Book World has established himself as Ireland s most delightful new voice in fiction.Juno and Juliet Taylor are both beautiful blondes, but Juliet is convinced that Juno is the beautiful, as well as the intelligent, charming, worldly, and wise Yet neither feels any sense of rivalry, which is good, given that their freshman year turns out to be than either could handle alone Juno has an erratic artist for a boyfriend and is stalked by a pervert who sends anonymous letters And Juliet is in love with her grad student tutor, who is stymied by her youth and preoccupied with his dying father Hilarious and tender, ribald and smart, Juno Juliet is a refreshing romp with two sisters whose love and devotion are infectious.

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      453 Julian Gough
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    About "Julian Gough"

      • Julian Gough

        Julian Gough is an award winning author of funny stories about serious things He won the BBC National Short Story Award in 2007 when it was the biggest prize in the world for a single short story His The iHole was shortlisted for the one off BBC International Short Story Award in 2012 He has also been shortlisted, twice, for the Everyman Bollinger Wodehouse Prize for comic fiction.He represented Ireland in Best European Fiction 2010 won a Pushcart Prize in the US in 2011 and represented Britain in Best British Short Stories 2012 London born and Irish raised, he now lives in Berlin.He is the author of three novels, Juno Juliet, Jude in Ireland, and Jude in London two radio plays, The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble, and The Great Squanderland Roof and a poetry collection, Free Sex Chocolate.In 2011, he wrote the ending to Time Magazine s computer game of the year, Minecraft.As a youth, he wrote and sang on four albums by Toasted Heretic, and had a top ten hit with the single Galway and Los Angeles.He is probably best known for stealing Will Self s pig.


    1. But a lot of the time there's no reason. We just flew it to the ground. Because we felt like it. And we're still dangerous. And it could happen again anytime. Mr. Gough was discovered in a Dalkey anthology of Best European Fiction. Our public library had this and I read it in an evening. The characters remain undercooked and the plot unfolds predictably. That said, it offers laughs and charm. One could expect bigger projects in Mr. Gough's future.

    2. (Review originally posted on Alexa Loves Books)I picked this book up because it was about twins (and I do love twins!). And also because it's set in Ireland, which is a country that I want to visit someday.And, in its own way, I guess it was sort of interesting. But it wasn't, unfortunately, enough to hold my attention, as I kept stopping in the middle of reading it to read a different book.I love Juliet, who is our main character. The book allows us to get into Juliet's head a bit more than Jun [...]

    3. I found this book a little hard to get into and will admit I even put it down and read another book mid-way. Once I got back into it though I found it easier to read and felt more pulled into the story. I am not sure if it was me or if the book only really starts going in the middle half but once I was enjoying it I did find it hard to put down.The PlotThis story is about two twins, Juno and Juliet and is narrated from the part of Juliet an 18-year-old college student at university, living away [...]

    4. This week’s headline? lovely Galway girlsWhy this book? so many reasonsWhich book format? UK lips coverPrimary reading environment? library volunteer shiftAny preconceived notions? third time throughIdentify most with? relationship with JimmyThree little words? “chivalrous, worshipful, chaste”Goes well with? fried sea monsterRecommend this to? my little sisterHiya, !This is the first book review I have written specifically for . The first 70 books I placed on my shelves featured reviews wr [...]

    5. ג´ונו וג´ולייט הן תאומות המגיעות ללמוד באוניברסיטת גולוויי. למרות שהן תאומות ג´ולייט משוכנעת שג´ונו יפה ממנה ושהחיים של אחותה טובים ומלאים יותר. הספר מתאר את החיים הסטודנטיאלים ואת הרפתקואותיהן של השתים מנקודת הראות של ג´ולייט. למעשה הוא מחולק ל- 3 חלקים, כשלטעמי החלק הראשו [...]

    6. The voice of this book belongs to Juliet Taylor, an 18-year-old girl who begins to tell the story of her twin sister, Juno, which unavoidably becomes her own tale. The setting is Galway where the Irish girls are away for their first year of college. This is their story of coming into their own as individuals, and about family, love, betrayal, and hope. There is also a tiny bit of suspense in this book, although I hesitate to go that far. I was hooked right from the start; Julian Gough brought hi [...]

    7. I searched this book out after reading Julian Gough's comments on the current state of Irish fiction in The Guardian back in February (here)—a man of strong opinions. And so the plot device of having the protagonists in a university literature course was an extremely clever way of being able to present his likes and dislikes, his inspirations and abominations. Juno and Juilet could be called a post-modern bildungsroman, allowing him to be self-referential—writing about writing—within the f [...]

    8. I'm not sure what I love more about this book--the sweet, witty, compelling plot about the love lives of two totally dissimilar twin sisters; the fact that it's set on the campus of the National University of Ireland in Galway, where I studied for a semester, and it makes me so nostalgic for all the places Julian Gough describes; or the way the story follows Juliet's passionate love of literature and how her understanding deepens as she falls for her lit professor. I don't blame her. I'M in love [...]

    9. Juno en Juliet, een tweeling die opgroeide in een klein stadje, zijn achttien als ze buiten de stad gaan studeren en op kot gaan. Juliet is de meest geliefde van de twee en heeft een vriendje, Juno worstelt met zichzelf in de zoektocht naar haar leven.Beide zusjes krijgen opdringerige brieven van een mysterieuze stalker die allerlei gruwelijke dingen met hen wil doen; maar gelukkig hebben ze hulp. Voor het te laat is?Soms iets te veel uitweiding over literatuur - daarvoor kun je zelf ook wel Let [...]

    10. I wanted to like it, I really tried to get into it, but in the end, just no. Didn't like it. I got bored extremely quickly and there was nothing about the characters that made me really care. The writing is good though so I don't want to knock the author on that and he does delve into the lives of the girls and there are some interesting scenarios but the random creepy letters side plot thing? What was that? It didn't fit in at all with the rest of the book. Seemed stupid. I think it's just me t [...]

    11. Identical twins in first year Arts at NUIG.The only book I've ever read that unfailingly makes me laugh till I cry every time I read it. Beautifully written.Told through the eyes of Juliet who is funny, moody and sarcastic; she's also intelligent and very out of touch with her feelings. Does an amazingly good job of describing the complicated relationship that can exist between sisters.No review will ever come close to describing how fucking good this book is.Just read it.

    12. What I thought was going to be a quick read turned out to be the complete opposite. Why this book took me nearly two months to read (it's only 270 pages), I have no idea. Or, maybe I do. So many stories interweaving that just didn't fit whatsoever. Twin sisters attend college. Twin sisters fall for two men. One twin receives anonymous letters. Other twin starts to get worried. To prevent the spoiler, I'll just say that the story went somewhere it just simply didn't need to go. At all. Ugh. Just [...]

    13. Interesting first book. Recommended by a fellow librarian, this book is set in Galway during the main characters’ first year at college. I love smart characters. Characters who aren’t afraid to think aloud and work out problems in an intellectual as well as emotional way. I love the discussions of books, reading, authors and such. I was however a little disturbed by the climax of the book and the characters’ reaction, which seemed a little empty and callous. I would be interested in other [...]

    14. It was not predictable for my standards which I liked. However, i think I was looking too much into something happening between David and Juliet and was kept hanging until the very end. But I think that tension between them was nicely done throughout the book. Characters weren't intense and was done lightly but I didn't like some of the dialog found it too theatrical. I loved David's character though hahaha. Ending was a bit cliche with the lines but I guess you can expect that a bit. Uhmmm over [...]

    15. I liked Jude, but I loved Juno & Juliet!I admit I found it a tad difficult to get into, but once the whole university business actually started, I was hooked. It's incredibly funny at times (Finnegan(')s Wake! I probably woke my neighbours laughing out loud at half 3 in the morning!), but also terribly sad and serious sometimes, which makes for an interesting tension. I'm not sure about the "poetic justice" sort of ending for "the villain", but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's hard to believe that Gough is not 1. a female and 2. a female twin. The writing is beautiful, the characters ring true and the dialogue is a pleasure to read. I especially loved the second set of twins and their adoration of the girls and how hurt Juliet feels when her small hero abandons her. It was a wonderful, honest scene. I'd read this book again. These days, when I often don't finish a book that bores me, that's high praise.

    17. I have finally read this book, it's been on my shelf negelcted for a good few years and I thought it's about time I read it. At the start it seemed to be a bit slow going, got half way through and it picked up pace. My advice to anyone reading it, don't give up as I nearly did, make sure you read to the end, it's cleverly written and with it's twists and turns, it really is as the cover says " a book about student sisters and star cross'd lovers".

    18. I'm not sure what I thought this book was about before I read it, but it certainly wasn't what it turned out to be! This was a realistic, sometimes dark, look at the human psyche and the thought process behind what what makes people tick (from one perspective). Peppered with humor, sadness, but most of all reality, this story of twin sisters going to university in Ireland was an incredible read. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even when it wasn't "enjoyable".

    19. - a wonderful novel of Irish flavour- I enjoyed the protagonist's passion for learning (especially about literature), and her desire to better understand her twin sister, and to protect her, was very plausible.- Many reviewers compared Gough's writing to that of Roddy Doyle, and I think that that is quite justified- I would definitely read another book by Julian Gough.

    20. One of my favorite books of all times, and a recent reread proves that hasn't changed. Two girls - identical twins - move to Galway for their first year of university. The book is a good balance of the mundane life of a student and the darker elements of the secondary story. A must anyone that loves Galway, or for anyone that wants to fall in love with Galway.

    21. Discussing the efficacy and authenticity of a modern novel having a happy ending may be disingenous, but I loved it obably because it accurately reflects my own frustrations with modern "literature". It seems that to be considered "literature" or "art" a book must contain a tragic ending. Juno and Julliet may not be literature, but it was a "good read", and I was amused by the language.

    22. This book brought back many memories of Galway and the naivety of youth. The main character is full of teenage angst though and sadly it is obvious that the author had some fantasy of beautiful blond female twins but this didn't really work for me. Not much character development. A nice gentle read though.

    23. good, good. the language spoke to me. from the first sentence I was hooked. I read it in Swedish though, but it inspired me. I'd like to write like that one dayce story, it wasn't really about anything, hat's off to mr Gough who captured me with nothing. I "dogeared" several pages where I was stunned with the language and dialogue.

    24. Een goed vakantieboek, wanneer je naar Ierland gaat en van plan bent om Galway te bezoeken. Het verhaal gaat namelijk over een tweeling die net aan de universiteit van Galway begint en het plattelandsleven achter zich laat. De meisjes worden verliefd, verkennen het artistieke theaterleven en ontdekken de bijhorende drugs. Niet bepaald een aanrader, maar het leest wel vlot.

    25. Would two teenage sister actually react this way? A short answer, no. I do not claim that a book must be plausible in my realm of imagination for me to enjoy it, but for this kind of young adult rom-com, I do think that some ties to reality are nice.

    26. It was okay. There seemed to be a long section in the middle that could have been deleted. I wanted to finish it find out the big thing that finally happened but it wasn't that exciting or unexpected.

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