Southern Seas

Southern Seas

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán Patrick Camiller / Feb 28, 2020

Southern Seas Montalban writes with authority and compassion a Le Carr like sorrow Publishers Weekly

  • Title: Southern Seas
  • Author: Manuel Vázquez Montalbán Patrick Camiller
  • ISBN: 9781852427009
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • Montalban writes with authority and compassion a Le Carr like sorrow Publishers Weekly

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      366 Manuel Vázquez Montalbán Patrick Camiller
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      • Manuel Vázquez Montalbán Patrick Camiller

        Manuel V zquez Montalb n was a prolific Spanish writer journalist, novelist, poet, essayist, anthologue, prologist, humourist, critic, as well as a gastronome and a FC Barcelona supporter He studied Philosophy at Universidad Aut noma de Barcelona and was also a member of the Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia For many years, he contributed columns and articles to the Madrid based daily newspaper El Pa s He died in Bangkok, Thailand, while returning to his home country from a speaking tour of Australia His last book, La aznaridad, was published posthumously.


    1. Είχα την κατηγορία B.R.A.CE. 2017 ένα βιβλίο για έναν νέο, για σένα, ντετέκτιβκι έκανα έρευνα και βρήκα στην βιβλιοθήκη το συγκεκριμένο και είπα να γνωρίσω τον Πέπε Καρβάλιο.Θα είμαι ευθύς, δεν τα βρήκαμε. Κάπου μετά την σελίδα 200 κάπως πήγαμε να τα βρούμε αλλά είχα ήδη κουραστεί. Π [...]

    2. Barcelona after the death of Francisco Franco in 1975. This book was written by Manuel Varquez Montalban (1939-2003), a popular Spanish novelist, poet, gastronome among other things. If Agatha Christie had her Hercule Poirot or Miss Jane Marple, Montalban had his Pepe Carvalho. I would not have bought this book if this was not included in the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.The story revolves around the mystery of the death of a 50-year old man, Stuart Pedrell. He is a filthy rich busine [...]

    3. Would give this more stars than I normally would a mystery. The author is literate, draws character with great deftness, and is entertaining as can be. He deserves kudos for this description of a victim who once wanted to be a writer: "He used to say that he was too much of a perfectionist. But I think it was because he couldn't find a style. That happens to a lot of people. They have everything that they think they need in order to create, and then they find that they haven't got a style. So th [...]

    4. La novela más conocida, y más apreciada por los críticos, de la serie Carvalho. Como cualquier premio Planeta fue éxito de ventas y, seamos benévolos, de lectores. Pero el tiempo, ése que en ocasiones da una pátina de brillantez a aquello que no fue entendido en su momento, convierte en lectura anacrónica “Los mares del sur”. Al menos ésa es la sensación que queda tras leer el primer episodio de la novela. Un episodio fuera de lugar pues cualquier otra presentación del caso a inve [...]

    5. Los Mares del Sur - Manuel Vázquez Montalbán (available at your local library)It's always harder for me when I don't know the author, and even harder when, after reading the book, I am puzzled as to whether I liked it or not. Mares do Sul is a perfect example of that. Nothing wrong with the bookwell, if I said there was nothing, I'd probably be lying. This is one of those which I can't say I disliked, but I do have a lot of issues with it.Mares do Sul is - according to the man's - one of the [...]

    6. Los mares del Sur acabado e eu a perguntar-me o que levou a minha mãe a comprar este livro. Pior ainda, tenho de me perguntar por alma de quem é que fui ler este livro.Pois, não gostei. Nunca tinha lido nada do señor Vázquez Montalbán e não fiquei com vontade de repetir.Achei a história chata, embora seja sobre um crime cometido e a sua investigação, e não gostei das personagens. O detective Pepe Carvalho (lê-se como em português?) não me fascinou, mesmo sendo um amante de literatu [...]

    7. Odd book. At times, hilarious. Couldn't entirely connect with it and was never super involved in the mystery. Carvalho is sort of despicable but also great, in a terrible way.

    8. My first Montalban book. I am not sure I liked the story but I liked the book. I was attracted to it by Barcelona. I wanted to read something else about Barcelona apart from the books of Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Zafon, although younger, describes an age of Barcelona before him and mostly before Montalban's.Montalban, a socialist and a gastronomer, as well as a scholar and poet, describes a Barcelona of bourgeois decay (or so he thinks) and his main character, detective Pepe Carvalho, seems to be imme [...]

    9. La narrazione attinge al periodo che sussegue la morte di Francisco Franco. Si muove nella città di Barcellona e intorno al mistero del decesso di un uomo di 50 anni. Un certo Stuart Pedrell: un uomo d'affari sporchi e ricco. Mentre il protagonista che in un secondo momento si farà carico del racconto è sempre il solito Pepe Carvalho, personaggio di fantasia dell’autore Montalban. Quindi come tipo di lettura spaziando fra il genere detective privato, o investigazione di polizia ha un contes [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book much more than the previous Pepe Carvahlo novel. This was back in Barcelona and it felt much better.Pepe is hired by a rich widow to find out how and why her husband was killed. It's far from a simple plot with twists and turns aplenty. Our main character is once again behaving in a manner that can hardly be hailed as gentlemanly. His behaviour would have him sacked from any legitimate police force. It's refreshing to have a detective breaking the usual molds.The characters a [...]

    11. Pepe Carvalho is a detective and star of the book, him having quite the appreciation for good food and wine. He is fat, bald, drinks too much and with all these positive points, the ladies love him. Huh.It starts off with a swearing dwarf who is intent on getting laid, him marching into a bar and hooking up with a “lady” and two friends. They proceed to steal a car, drive wildly through the streets of Barcelona spilling drink everywhere and promptly have an accident. There are sex scenes, th [...]

    12. OK, first thing--rip out the last two pages. They contain gratuitous violence against the reader's sensibilities. Now, let's talk about the rest. Detective Carvalho solves crimes through dialog. He talks his way through the plot. Also, he eats and talks about eating, gourmet eating with cooking instructions. With his Charo, Biscuter, and a walkoff young lady (This is macho Spain). All written over a brew of socialist democratic history just after Franco. Montalban roasts the rich and but gives t [...]

    13. Pepe Carvalho y sus amigos configuran un arquetipo de la novela negra.Una historia interesante , sin duda, pero como en todo gran libro tan sólo un espléndido pretexto para explorar el ritmo y la armonia del lenguaje atado a la ingrata tarea de explicarnos un poco más la vida. Gourmet, quemalibros, asentado en su madurez y con amistades de 5 estrellas, Pepe Carvalho es simplemente imprescindible.

    14. Uno de los mejores de la serie Carvalho. Si no le pongo cinco estrellas es porque la figura del protagonista queda demasiado desdibujada y sirve solo como excusa para citar poesía y describir comilonas y ambientes barriobajeeos de la Barcelona preolímpica. Pero estas descripciones son simplemente magistrales.

    15. Θα συμφωνήσω μ' αυτό: Πέρα από την αστυνομική πλοκή, η οποία διανθίζεται από συνταγές μαγειρικής, καθώς και αναφορές σε βιβλία, συγγραφείς και ποιητές, το βιβλίο θίγει μια ποικιλία θεμάτων συνδέοντας την Ιστορία με την κοινωνική πραγματικότητα, αναδεικνύοντας έτσι την ευρύ [...]

    16. El período da la narración se basa después la muerte de Francisco Franco. Se mueve en la ciudad de Barcelona y en torno al misterio de la muerte de un hombre de 50 años. Un tal Stuart Pedrell: un hombre de negocios sucio y rico. Mientras el protagonista que más tarde se preocupa por la historia es siempre Pepe Carvalho, personaje de fantasía del autor Manuel Vázquez Montalbán. Entonces como tipo de lectura ya que oscila entre el género de detective privado, o investigación policial tie [...]

    17. Tenho pena, mas sinceramente, não gostei da forma que o escritor escreve O que valeu, mesmo assim foi a história em si e o fato de o livro ser pequeno, senão acho que desistia

    18. Pepe Carvalho brucia i libri nel caminetto. Tanto basterebbe per farmelo detestare. Ma Pepe Carvalho brucia i libri per troppo amore “per vendicarsi della cultura che lo aveva isolato dalla vita. Come ameremmo se non avessimo imparato dai libri come si ama ? Come soffriremmo ? Senza dubbio soffriremmo di meno”… e allora non riesco a detestarlo troppo anche se proprio proprio simpatico, questo cinico Marlowe catalano, non è.“I mari del sud”è un viaggio attraverso una Barcellona triste [...]

    19. Questa breve liaison con l'investigatore privato Pepe Carvalho mi ha fatto capire che una relazione tra noi sarebbe impossibile: non abbiamo nessun interesse in comune. Cibo, donne, alcool, cinismo, cinismo e ancora cinismo sono il piatto principale del romanzo e il caso da risolvere solo il contorno. Mi sono trascinata attraverso le descrizioni dei pasti del protagonista e delle sue relazioni con le donne del libro, attraverso le disquisizioni politiche, letterarie, filosofiche di cui abbondano [...]

    20. Aunque la novela policíaca no me guste de por sí, esta se lleva mala puntuación con ganas. Dos estrellitas por la contextualización en la España de los 70 y el personaje de Ana Briongos.Al margen de eso, la homofobia y el machismo presentes en el libro son destacables. Si bien es cierto que la sociedad de la época era así, el alarde que se hace en la novela, especialmente del machismo, me parece espantoso.El misterio te lleva dando bandazos de un lado a otro para que al final tenga una so [...]

    21. Αν θέλει κάποιος να εμβαθύνει στο μεσογειακό αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα, με αυτό το βιβλίο πρέπει να ξεκινήσει. Ένα μικρό αριστούργημα με εξαιρετική γραφή. Μπόνους οι συνταγές του Μονταμπλάν

    22. Que sea un buen retrato de la España del fin de los años 70 y de Barcelona, si, estoy de acuerdo. Que sea una buena novela negra, no. Pepe Carvalho no es Philip Marlow, Montalbán no es Raymond Chandler. La historia no vale nada y solo sirve como tela de fondo para darnos la filosofía de Carvalho/Montalbán. No hay ningún humor y ni si Carvalho es simpático. Además lo que me cabrea es el chiste que utiliza Montalbán de pasar de una escena a una otra en un sitio diferente y con personajes [...]

    23. Otro reencuentro con Pepe Carvalho. Mucho más llevadera, legible y menos farragosa que Asesinato en el COmité Central.Esta no ha envejecido casi nada.Porque manda narices la trama va de un empresario enriquecido recientemente porque ¡¡¡¡Tachán!!! se dedicaba a la construcción. Es triste ver lo que ha cambiado nuestro país.Vamos que aquí es la construcción tras la muerte de Franco porque se liberaron muchos suelos y ahora es distitno pero lo mismo.en lo que es radicalmente atrasado el [...]

    24. I came to live in Catalonia fifteen years ago. Even before I came, I started to learn the language, history, and culture. And when I arrived I made it my business to watch the news, especially the stories at the end that told me about who the writers, actors, artists, singers, and other cultural figures were.Manuel Vasquez Montalban was a highly regarded and apparently much loved journalist and writer of noir detective novels. And it wasn't just the Catalans who thought highly of him. Andrea Cam [...]

    25. Southern Seas is Patrick Camiller 1986 translation of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán's 1979 novel Los mares de sur. It is the fourth addition to the Pepe Carvalho series. It's also the third volume that I've read in the series. So far, it's the one that I've enjoyed most. The story is about a successful businessman who by all accounts was suffering from a midlife crisis and had taken off for the South Seas-like a modern day Paul Gauguin. His murdered body has turned up in Barcelona, and his widow ha [...]

    26. Stuart Pedrell é um excêntrico empresário barcelonês que, depois de um ano desaparecido, é encontrado num descampado da cidade segurando uma folha de papel onde se lia "più nessuno mi porterà nel sud" (já ninguém me levará ao Sul). No sentido de apurar por onde andou Pedrell nesse ano de ausência, a família do empresário contrata Pepe Carvalho, um detective privado conhecido pelo seu gosto refinado no que toca a comida e a vinhos. Cabe a este detective saber se a vítima concretizou [...]

    27. Οι θάλασσες του Νότου είναι ένα αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα που γενικά με ξένισε. Η δράση του είναι πολύ αργή και ο συγγραφέας αναλώνεται σε λεπτομέρειες οι οποίες δεν σχετίζονται με την υπόθεση, αλλά πιο πολύ προσπαθούν να περιγράψουν ένα γενικό πλαίσιο του χώρου που κινείται [...]

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