Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson

Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson

Barry Denenberg / Feb 17, 2020

Stealing Home The Story of Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson was a great athlete but his destiny went far beyond the baseball diamond As the first black man to play in the all white baseball leagues he was a symbol of courage hope and unity

  • Title: Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson
  • Author: Barry Denenberg
  • ISBN: 9780590425605
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jackie Robinson was a great athlete, but his destiny went far beyond the baseball diamond As the first black man to play in the all white baseball leagues, he was a symbol of courage, hope, and unity for all black and white Americans, and for people throughout the world A fresh new biography of an American hero Illustrated.

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    1. This book "The story of Jackie Robinson" by Barry Denenberg is about Jackie Robinson's life. Jackie Robinson was colored and it was hard for him to get jobs or get into colleges. He became a MLB player and whenever it was his turn to bat he would always get booed and sometimes the pitcher would throw the baseball at their face. I gave this book five stars because I really like the baseball player Jackie Robinson and the book was interesting.

    2. Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson is a biography, written for Intermediate readers. It is well written and informative. The photos are a plus. While I was aware of the significance of Jackie Robinson in baseball history, I learned quite a bit about his life outside of baseball from this book.I rated the book 4-stars. I felt the historical significance of Jackie Robinson's acceptance into the world of Major League Baseball was well done as well as the information provided on the predjud [...]

    3. Jackie Robinson is AWESOME! This book is all about his life and how he was so sucessful. The way the author did this is very good, and even this is my anchor text for biography, I think you should all read it.

    4. The book,"Stealing Home:The Story of Jackie Robinson," is a very good book. It told me about his early life, and athletic career. I enjoyed learning even more about him with this book. Something I learned was that Jackie played in the major leagues for his family and his mom especially. This book was recommended to me by Ms. Dayhoff and i really liked it so I recommend it to anyone who likes baseball or to anyone who would likes to learn more about Jackie Robinson.

    5. Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson is a biography based on Jackie Robinson's life. Jackie was a very talented athlete and played baseball, basketball, football, and track. He lived during the time of segregation making it hard as a colored man. Thanks to scholarships, he was able to get into UCLA and played for the football team. He later left to join the army, and after that didn't work out, he continued to play baseball. He joined the MLB and is now known world wide. I recommend this [...]

    6. This book about Jackie Robinson who is a legend in all sports and in everyone´s lives. ¨Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson ¨ by Barry Denenberg is a good book because it gives the information some of us might not know about Jackie Robinson. In my point of view I learned many new facts about his childhood, his school life, his career before baseball, and his life later on after baseball.I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about Jackie Robinson.

    7. “Stealing Home, the story of Jackie Robinson” by Barry Denenberg is a biography about Jackie Robinson’s life. This book starts off with Jackie in his high school years playing the sports he loves. He played football, basketball, baseball, and ran track. While being the best at all of those sports, he loved football the most and had dreams about becoming a professional football player. He was a top running back in the nation during his senior year and was getting offers from colleges all ov [...]

    8. Stealing Home The Story of Jackie Robinson by Barry Denenberg was a good book. At the begging of the book Jackie's dad left hi when he was young. He had to leave collage to help his mom get money. Jackie was told by Branch Ricky to act more like a baseball player and he cold be in the dodgers. He got in but only one of the players liked him. It was Hard for Jackie cause he got death notes. Jackie was sent to the giants cause the giants payed for him . Jackie left baseball. jackie ended up dieing [...]

    9. This book shows the events and stories in Jackie Robinson's life. It shows the struggle he had to fit in the baseball teams. People booed at him. They threw stuff at him. However, he didn't give up. He kept on going, raised a family, dealt with the threats, and played baseball exceptionally.This book was very interesting to see the events go by in his life. It had went in a sort of sequence so there was nothing left out. They showed his emotions, opinions, and how he reacted due to what he thoug [...]

    10. I really liked this biography of Jackie Robinson. I would recommend it to teens that are interested in the advancement of different racial groups. The book showed Jackie being one of the best athletes in UCLA’s history. Branch Rickey brought him to the Dodgers organization because he thought Jackie would be able to handle the pressure of being the first African American to play in major league baseball. Jackie would go on to prove that he is one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He [...]

    11. This story of Jackie Robinson is interesting because it tells the story of Jackie Robinson as a child, growing up and his career in sports. As a kid Jackie had to wear second hand clothes because his mother, Mallie Robinson worked for a white family as a nanny. Most of the time he got clothes from his teachers or friends. When Jackie went to UCLA he was the first four letterman player at UCLA. I enjoyed this book because I enjoy reading about Jackie Robinson. I recommend this book to anyone who [...]

    12. " Stealing Home the Story of Jackie Robinson " is a great book that I enjoyed reading. It talks about all of the struggles that Robinson had to face to be able to follow his dreams of becoming a professional athlete. Not only does it talk about the time where he was playing baseball, but it also talks about his childhood, all the way up to the moment he retired . If you enjoy learning about people that impacted our world in a good way , and learning about what they had to face to do so, I would [...]

    13. This book was very informational about Jackie Robinson. He was the first African American to ever play in the Major Baseball League. He told me about his childhood, the time he was in collage, the time he was in the military during World War Two, and much more. I read this book because of the biography that we did, but then I grew an interest into this book. I recommend this book to people who love baseball and would like to learn about Jackie Robinson.

    14. Stealing Home: The story of Jackie Robinson by Barry Denenberg is about of course Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson grew up with a hard life of being black because the U.S. was still segregated. Being black during this time period was hard because you couldn't get jobs or anything as easily as whites did. Jackie made history of being the first African-American in the Major League Baseball. Jackie Robinson inspires me because he encourage many people to stand up for civil rights. I would recommend [...]

    15. This was an amazing book and really showed that anyone of any race can accomplish anything in life you just have to try and never give up no matter how much pressure so keep pushing tell you succeed.

    16. it was a really good boo i learned what happened to jake and all the stories of how bad and horrible it was back then.

    17. 117 pages. I read two chapters. It was pretty good but seems like it was written for middle or high school level. I would skip this one. Not recommended.

    18. It was a good book! It told me how hard it was to be an african american back then and how strong Jackie was.

    19. I thought this was a really good book. the book was about Jackie Robinson and the things that he's done thought the season of base ball and the challenges he encounter he comes to and all of the accomplishments read the book to find out more

    20. Stealing Home, The Story Of Jackie RobinsonBy: Barry Denenberg Jackie Robinson was not Always a great baseball player, infact that is not what he wanted to do in his life. Jackie Robinson is a great man how was very interested in the life of sports, He went to UCLA with a scholarship for the UCLA football team, witch is located in the right of Pasadena. At this college Jackie meet a nice woman named Rachel. Rachel was a very pretty woman the really liked Jackie, after a wile they started dating [...]

    21. Stealing Home the story of Jackie Robinson By: Barry DenenbergAndrew Hartze I read the book Stealing Home, by Barry Denenberg. I got interested in reading about Jackie once I saw the movie 42. He had a situation like everyone else growing up in the 30’s with a few other siblings and a hard working parent or two struggling to make ends meet. Then one day (during the time he played for the Kansas City Monarchs, in the Negro league) he got an offer to come up and play for the minor team, the Mont [...]

    22. Stealing home:The story of Jackie Robinson by Barry Denenberg was a really great book it had a lot of details and also had a lot of good evidence, I like this book because it showed a lot of reality talk and if you imagine it, it looks likes your there with him

    23. The book "Stealing Home: The story of Jackie Robinson" was a very good book. I chose to read this book because in my reading class we had to do a presentation on someone who impacted this world and since I love softball I chose Jackie Robinson. This book is interesting because it shows how much Jackie did to be a very good person which he became a very good role model. Not only Jackie broke the color race in baseball ,he became a milestone for racial equality. I liked this book because it showed [...]

    24. The story of Stealing Home by Barry Denenberg is about Jackie Robinson. He grew up with racism and didn´t have equal rights during the time. He grew up loving to play sports. Later in life, he was offered a full scholarship to UCLA. That was a big deal for Jackie to have a good education. There, he played football,baseball,track,and basketball. Then, he joined the US. Navy to and were only white men at the top of the ship, so the black men were working as Commissioned Officer in the army. Jacki [...]

    25. In Stealing Home by Barry Deneberg the author describes jackie Robinson's life. The book is set around the places that Jackie was in his life. In the book the author describes Jackie's life by explaining his life such as places where lived especially his college days because he was the number one athlete. Jackie Robinson had such a hard life because of segregation and he was the first person to break the color barrier in professional baseball.An example of Jackie being good at sports is in chapt [...]

    26. This was a very interesting novel about Jackie Robinson. To my surprise, I found out that Jackie really did not want to be a baseball player. He played different many different sports in high school. He played football, track and baseball. He wanted to become a professional football player bunt blacks were not allowed, so he joined the "negro league". After he played football he started running track and went to Germany for the Olympics and ran track in front of Adolph hitler. I was surprised th [...]

    27. This book called ´´ Stealing Home: The story of Jackie Robinson ´´ by Barry Dudenberg is a really cool and sort of sad book. This book is cool because in those times when Jackie was born their was segregation and racism so it was really hard for the blacks. So Jackie went to high school and played baseball, track, football, and basketball. So he was so good that he got a offer to play all 4 sports at UCLA so he said yes to the offer and wanted to go to stay close to the family. Than he wante [...]

    28. The book "Stealing Home:The story of Jackie Robinson"is the story why Jackie Robinson came to be a great Baseball hero today. This book tells you how Jackie Robinson Changed Baseballs White major leagues for the colored people forever. Jackie changed it because he was so good at literly every sport and one day Branch Ricky from the Brooklyn Dodgers signed him to play. But being the only black person on the team meant he had to face the racist comments from his own team mates and the people on th [...]

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