Alipur ka Ailee / علی پور کا ایلی

Alipur ka Ailee / علی پور کا ایلی

Mumtaz Mufti / Feb 18, 2020

Alipur ka Ailee Alipur Ka Ailee is Mumtaz Mufti s semi autobiographical novel describing the trials and tribulations of the early phase of its protagonist s life The story continues in Alakh Nagri which makes up the

  • Title: Alipur ka Ailee / علی پور کا ایلی
  • Author: Mumtaz Mufti
  • ISBN: 9695035205
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Alipur Ka Ailee is Mumtaz Mufti s semi autobiographical novel describing the trials and tribulations of the early phase of its protagonist s life The story continues in Alakh Nagri, which makes up the second part of the long novel 1961 Alipur Ka Ailee is Mumtaz Mufti s semi autobiographical novel describing the trials and tribulations of the early phase of its protagonist s life The story continues in Alakh Nagri, which makes up the second part of the long novel 1961 1947

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        Mumtaz Mufti started writing Urdu short stories while working as a school teacher before partition In the beginning of his literary career, he was considered among his contemporaries, a non conformist writer having liberal views, who appeared influenced by Freud His transformation from Liberalism to Sufism was due to his inspiration from Qudrat Ullah Shahab Another well known Pakistani Author At the same time, he did manage to retain his individual accent and wrote on subjects which were frowned upon by the conservative elements in society.The two phases of his life are witnessed by his autobiographies, Ali Pur Ka Aeeli and Alakh Nagri According to forewords mentioned in his later autobiography, Ali Pur Ka Aeeli is an account of a lover who challenged the social taboos of his times, and Alakh Nagri is an account of an acolyte who greatly influenced by the mysticism of Qudrat Ullah Shahab.Talaash Quest was the last book written by Mumtaz Mufti.


    1. 4.5At this particular moment in time I am quite ecstatically experiencing that wonderful, distinct state of trance mixed with a heavy inexplicable sadness that one experiences on finishing a thoroughly rewarding gem of a book. I will put it exactly how a friend did in his review of this book: "You don't read Alipur ka Aili, You live it!"One can say so much about this book, all the positives and the negatives. All the implications. But no one can deny the grand,monumental effort that Mumtaz Mufti [...]

    2. میں نے اسکو پڑھا اور میری حیرانگی قطرہ قطرہ کر کے جھیل کی صورت بنتی گئ۔کویئ کیسے اس حد تک سچا ھو سکتا ھے۔بھت سی کتابوں میں آپ کو زندگی کو سمجھنے اور دیکھنے کےلیے رھنمایئ مل جاےٗ گی پرخود کو سمجھنے اور اپنے آپ کا سامنا کرنا میں نے صرف مفتی صاحب سے سیکھا۔ آپ جب بھی علی پور کا ایلی پ [...]

    3. ناول اور دیباچہ دونوں مسحور کن تھے کچھ سحر کرداں جملے ایلی نے کئی مرتبہ محبت کی مگر وہ محبت نہ کر سکا. ظاہر ہے مفتی کے منکروں کے دل بھی مومن ہوں گے مگر دماغ کافر ہیں.خدا حافظ تمہارا اے دل ربا میں ہوں فدا پیٹ کی بھوک آنکھوں سے نہیں بہجتی مفتی اس خود نویشت میں اپنی تخلیقی صلاحیت کو ح [...]

    4. This is the story of the first 40 years of Ilyas Aasfi’s life. Ilyas is the son of an affluent Muslim civil servant Ali Ahmed and his homemaker wife Hajra who live in Alipur town / village of Gurdaspur in pre-partition United India. He has an elder sister Farhat. Ali Ahmed is a philanderer / polygamist and Hajra is the long-suffering first wife / servant / enabler. The train of women that Ali Ahmed scorches through in the first quarter of the book is dizzying and insulting and sets the tone fo [...]

    5. "You are like a Mom; you hate what she thinks, you hate what she says, but you just love her!"-Chootoo"Ap ye kitaab na parhen, barbaad hojayen gay, khuwar hojayengay."-Aksii Mufti. "Ik Baghe shakhss ki dastaan"-Aksii"Agar ap jantay han k mard batakh ki manind hae, hamesha oper say panio mai terta hae aur machli ki tarha nichlay panio mai nahi jaa sakta tou 'Ali pur ka Aeli' ap k liye bais-e-musarrat hoga"-Maa Je Bano Qudsia. "Jis nay kai ik mohabbaten ken likin mohabbat na kar saka sapurdage k a [...]

    6. Great book, bold and courageous autobiography of a very colour full character, set in united India. The author traces his life into a nascent state of Pakistan, detailing his struggles, loves and losses across his years. Every culture needs such ordinary people who are willing to place their very personal lives on a platter for others to judge and justify. I salute Mumtaz Mufti for giving me an insight into his life. I especially liked his descriptions of his birth city Alipur and his relationsh [...]

    7. Raw and superb. One of the best novels you will ever come across. You don't read this book, you live it. It's a crown jewel of urdu literature this book.

    8. ufffff Allah Mufti Jee! Right now i am mix with so many emotions if ur reading it as a novel dan i cannot think how hard it would be for a writer to create such a story with so beautifully detailed characters. but after knowing that it is a biography dan ur amazed 'so amazed that how a man can write his story with such courage n truth. no body else dan Mufti sahab can write such courageous thing. It is so hard to accept all those dark parts of ur life~Not only accept but write those horifiying a [...]

    9. I am too emotional to leave a comment. I wanted to know morecially about SaadiI wish Mr. Mufti was alive so I could meet him. He has revived my interest in Urdu literature. Thank you sir for writing this masterpiece.

    10. ہ کتاب صرف پڑھنے کے لئے نہیں ڈوبنے کے لئے ہے یہ آپ پر منحصر ہے کہ آپ کو " علی پور کا ایلی" کو پڑھ کر شرم میں ڈوب جاتے ہیں یا گہری سوچ میں !.چھ بچوں کی ما ں سے عشق لڑانا اور پھر اس کو بھگا کار شادی کرلینا کسی سورما کا ہی کام ہو سکتا ہے لیکن جس عورت کے گرد یہ کردار بنا گیا وہ بھی ایک حیرت [...]

    11. Vow ! The mystical , nostalgic setting of pre partition. And the writer is bold. Bold enough to include the most intimate, embarrassing events/info relating to himself and his family.d many othersMost of Urdu writers that I have read usually hide themselves behind pretty poetic words and connotations the 'takhliyas'. Mumtaz Mufti does not. He is straight, bold and makes no bones about it. Immense observation this writer hasImmense

    12. was in trance of this story for more than 3 weeks. the way he described his personal life without just selecting only the good looking part . although i am not the shrine visitor type but i would say it was charm of mufti sahab's personality that i went to his grave sit by his side and the events of this book were filmed on my mind screen .

    13. A very nice book one must read once in life , every line in this book has two meanings some time thrice one can understand with his /her mental level . It teaches us the truth & love for all mankind .

    14. An awesome must read book. It needs certain developed taste to enjoy it and patience to see it unfolding bit by bit into something wonderful, that it pains to take your hands off in the end.

    15. A very different style of Biography,considering the area he belongs from. He broke lot of taboos. Its like a master piece in Urdu literature.

    16. Amazing novel. Passing through the pre-partition times of Pak-India society and culture. The character "Aili" itself really mesmerized the whole novel really drowned in the story."You don't read Alipur ka Aili, You live it!"

    17. This book really made me puke. I abandoned and then resumed reading it many times. Still I consider it worth reading. Its utterly natural.

    18. If this is an autobiography (which we now know that it is), then I just feel like standing up to salute Mr. Mumtaz Mufti. What he does by writing this book is what a very few people in this world might accomplish; to own the truth of one's life no matter now dark or embarrassing that truth is. This is a virtue seldom seen, read or heard. If for nothing, this reason alone is enough to tag this book as a legendary masterpiece in Urdu Literature (or any literature for that matter).Before reading th [...]

    19. Mumtaz Mufti is one of the most famous, cherished and somehow a controversial Pakistani Urdu writer(especially for religious fanatics). His books (novels) earned a great deal of popularity. Alakh Nagri, Ali pur ka Aili, Labbaik and Talaash.Ali Pur Ka Aili is the autobiography of Mumtaz Mufti (Eli) describing first phase of his life. Initially this book was taken as a novel but later it was revealed that it was in fact the story of his life. The later half of his life was presented in his book Al [...]

    20. جو پڑھتا گیا وہ منظر بنتا گیا ۔ ایسے لگا جیسے ہم علی پور کے باسی ہیں اور ایلی ہمارا دوست۔ سادہ اور بامعنی قلم گوئی ، انسان کی زندگی کے ڈھکے چھپے احساسات کو کتنی سچائی سے بیان کیا ہے۔ زندگی کے سارے رنگ موجود ہے اس میں ۔ کوئی اس حد تک بھی سچا ہو سکتا ہے۔ ممتاز صاحب کی عظمت کو سلام ۔ا [...]

    21. شائد اردو ادب میں اس سے بہتر ناول کبھی نہ لکھا جاسکے کیونکہ اس ناول میں زندگی کے ہر پہلو کو اک نئے پیرائے میں ڈھالاگیا ہے۔ تمام کردار جاندار اور اک البیلا پن رکھتے ہیں۔ ایلی بچپن کے منازل طے کرتے ہوئے جب جوانی کے انگن میں قدم رکھتا ہے تو اس پر کئی حقیقتیں اشکارہ ہوتی ہے ۔ یہ ناول [...]

    22. It's True daring anyone has made by telling Truth in front of whole world to show them the path of belive, commitment, relationship and simplicity more than that to speak truth in any circumstances thumbs up!

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