The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2: Revelations

The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2: Revelations

J. Michael Straczynski John Romita Jr. / Aug 25, 2019

The Amazing Spider Man Vol Revelations In the wake of the World Trade Center tragedy Spider Man comes to understand that not all heroes possess great powers Meanwhile Aunt May struggles with her discovery of Peter s greatest secret Colle

  • Title: The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2: Revelations
  • Author: J. Michael Straczynski John Romita Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780785108771
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the wake of the World Trade Center tragedy, Spider Man comes to understand that not all heroes possess great powers Meanwhile, Aunt May struggles with her discovery of Peter s greatest secret.Collects The Amazing Spider Man Vol 2 36 39

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      233 J. Michael Straczynski John Romita Jr.
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        Joseph Michael Straczynski born July 17, 1954 , known professionally as J Michael Straczynski and informally as Joe Straczynski or JMS, is an American writer and television producer He works in films, television series, novels, short stories, comic books, and radio dramas He is a playwright, a former journalist, and author of The Complete Book of Scriptwriting He was the creator and showrunner for the science fiction TV series Babylon 5 From 2001 to 2007, he was the writer for the long running Marvel comic book series The Amazing Spider Man.


    1. This book contains the issues of Amazing Spider-Man that brought me back to comics. I read comics all through junior high school, but fell out of it during Spidey's clone saga stuff. This storyline should have been straight up the single greatest event in Marvel comics, the revelation of Spider-Man's identity, finally, to the woman who is arguably the most important woman in his life - his Aunt May. Unfortunately, it was circumvented by the greatest tragedy to befall New York City - the Septembe [...]

    2. Fantastic! Super non-Spider-Man volume. More regular people problems - a 9/11 dedication, a troubled homeless teen with a drug-problemed brother, an Aunt May-Peter confrontation, and a dialogue-less issue featuring Peter and MJ missing each other and May coming to terms with her new revelation. Lots of heart with still enough humor thrown in to feel Spider-Man-like.

    3. I'll come right out and say it: the 9/11 issue was terrible. Now, I know the time this lead issue was written was an awkward and terrible time for everyone, and I don't envy authors who had to write about characters in a city where a real life tragedy occured, but man this issue is frustrating. I can get over a lot of the cheese, and the over the top "real heroes" message, but the page which features THE KINGPIN, JUGGERNAUT, MAGNETO, DOC OCK, AND DOCTOR FREAKING DOOM, assisting with recovery eff [...]

    4. Quiet moments are the best. World: The art is great, Romita Jr. doing his thing. The world building is also solid with characters being the core. It's simple it's intimate and it's so needed to make the story and world mean so much more. Story: The 9/11 title was powerful and intimate and did pull on my heartstrings. The other 3 issues were phenomenonal. Intimate, character driven and deep. It's these quiet moments which I cherish the most and something that is often missing in superhero books. [...]

    5. Creo que esta es una de mis historias favoritas de lo que he leído de Spiderman No tanto por la historia en si que va a un montón de lugares comunes en los comics de superhéroes, sino por la forma en la que está escrita, se siente fresca y original.Puntos extra por la parodia a las películas de superhéroes años antes del boom, Straczynski es un visionario (?). Espero que alguna vez adapten a Lobster Man a la pantalla grande.Un punto menos porque no me gusta mucho Romita Jr no es malo, per [...]

    6. The 9/11 segment (#36) was handled in a thoughtful manner without pandering or being treacly. The next two stories - featuring Aunt May - were also very good. The conversations between her and Peter were heartfelt and humorous. This book was just another good example why Spider-Man may be the most relatable of our superheroes.

    7. The art in this volume is amazing. I love how much emotion you can see on the characters' faces, especially on Peter and Aunt May. Because this book is jam-packed full of emotion, the emotion through the art is pivotal, and this book surely does not disappoint.Issue #36 is about the attack on the Twin Towers. It's a sad, emotionally-charged issue given the material it is covering. It's solemn, and poetic. Perhaps this issue is not pertinent to the overall Spider-Man story, but it is important fo [...]

    8. This 2nd volume starts out with the Sept 11th issue. It says something that reading this 12+ yrs later, it was still a very moving read. A few panels really really stand out, including Peter holding a woman's hand as she looks up at him from a stretcher, and another of a close up of Captain America's hand balled up into a fist and shaking uncontrollably.It's a credit to Straczynski and Marvel's editors that this holds up so well, it's measured, yet moving, not jingoistic or militaristic, but hon [...]

    9. My twenty-sixth book for #bannedbooksweek this year and a frequently banned / challenged graphic novel, according to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. cbldf/banned-comic/banned-cbldf/banned-comic/banned-It was okay. Certainly not sexually graphic at all. A little preachy, but sweet.

    10. A very short collection, of four issues that don't really tell a connecting story. The first chapter is a somewhat famous issue that takes place on 9/11. The subject is painful for me to think about as the issue is to read, so I'm going to opt to skip discussing this chapter. The second chapter is about Peter reaching out to a troubled student. I didn't really care for this one. I don't disagree with JMS's stances on social issues, but he approaches them with such a heavy hand, it comes off as c [...]

    11. This is mostly excellent but I just can't quite give it five stars. The focus of this volume is primarily on "The Conversation" between Aunt May and Peter after she stumbles upon his secret after all these years. There is some hard-hitting emotional stuff here that is some of the best writing ever produced by JMS. However, the volume is extremely short and feels even shorter when you include the famous 9/11 issue, which is still beautiful but also a bit cringe inducing 13 years later. It's famou [...]

    12. This Spider-Man story arch happened during the decade plus when I wasn’t reading comics. I picked it up at a used book store and it was one of the better Spidey stories that I’ve ever read. It follows Peter/Spidey in the wake of the 9/11 disaster. Whether he’s loved or hated he is New York’s hero. He, along with the Avengers, X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and others struggle to deal with the aftermath of 9/11.Revelations also covers Aunt May’s discovery that her nephew is Spider-Man and t [...]

    13. Every now and then I enjoy going back and reading some popular story arcs for Spider-man. This is and especially significant volume. I was surprise to find that this volume has the emotional 9/11 issues. I have to admit just reading those issues brought back the jaw dropping and painful memories of those events. What I really enjoyed about this volume is Peter Parker and Aunt May's conversation about his identity as Spider-man. I really enjoy reading stories like this because even though Spider- [...]

    14. The first few pages of 9/11 shocked and amazed me, while almost bringing me to tears. I wasn't aware how thoughtful Marvel was in their treatment of the incident and I can't believe how prescient and forward knowing Straczynski was in his script. Most definitely lives up to the promise in volume one and I am looking forward to reading the next one. I am truly saddened that he is no longer penning Amazing and can only hope that within the year they salvage they mess they have made with Brand New [...]

    15. Very moving book for such a small collection of issues. The first one caught me off guard but really said a lot of things about the days before and after 9/11 that are still true and poignant today. Straczynski does a great job of weaving Peter's humor and sincerity, which allows for a greater understanding and enjoyment of the character. Most writers can only get one aspect of Spidey right and he seems keen on hitting the nail right on the head, forcing this true believer to not only enjoy the [...]

    16. JSM siempre fue criticado por realizar historias polémicas en la cabecera del trepamuros. Sin embargo todo lo que he leído escrito por él me ha gustado bastante, y este, el segundo tomo de su recorrido con spidey no es la excepción. Además contiene un gran número en el que se da la confrontación entre Peter y la tía May. John Romita Jr. está en buena forma, aunque a veces se extraña el entramado de la red en el traje de Spiderman. Es un tomo largo, de 9 números, que contiene varios ar [...]

    17. The book was really interesting first he got bitten by a almost going to be dead spider then he screamed but did he did not anyone to hear him so he kept his scream to himself,and felt really dizzy he also felt a tingling so went to a wrestling match and had an idea of an costume.He called himself spider-man.

    18. There's only 4 issues in this volume. One of which is a World Trade Center reaction issue. I understand why it was written, but it's really not that good of an issue. The other 3 are interesting in terms of character development and story, even with no super villains appearing. So the low rating is because of the rather weak 9/11 issue and the shortness of the volume.

    19. I loved this arc. The 9/11 part was touching as much as the talk between Peter and Aunt May. Great dialogue; emotional dialogue. I have copies of these issues and can't imagine parting from them. This is the stuff in comic books that stays with you.

    20. The JMS stuff was good, but there wasn't nearly enough of it. I actually thought the 9/11 issue was pretty well done. I probably would have stopped short of a weeping Doctor Doom, but to each his own. I hated the weird Rhino back-up story.

    21. The artwork is amazing in this volume. The story is slow at sometimes, mainly when Aunt May is around. Her panels come up and it's like this story just stops. But towards the end when Peter and MJ begin reconnecting it speeds up a lot, making it a more entertaining read.

    22. This is an excellent follow up to Spider Man - Coming Home. Aunt May finds out his secret, and even Dr Octopus helps spidey defeat a more powerful octopus like man. Well drawn, great story, highly recommended 5 out of 5.

    23. This book covers the aftermath of 9/11 and Aunt May finally finding out Peter Parker is Spiderman. The 9/11 is very well done and quite emotional. The conversation is really gripping between May and Parker. A definitive moment in the comics, a very good read.

    24. This collection features the 9/11 Tribute issue (issues #36), as well as a storyline in which one of Spider-Man's main cast members learns Peter's secret.

    25. I didn't read the 9/11 issue for personal reasons (it's the first story in this volume), but in the rest of it, Aunt May discovers Peter's secret and tries to cope. OH MY HEART.

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