This Is for the Mara Salvatrucha: Inside the MS-13, America's Most Violent Gang

This Is for the Mara Salvatrucha: Inside the MS-13, America's Most Violent Gang

Samuel Logan / Aug 25, 2019

This Is for the Mara Salvatrucha Inside the MS America s Most Violent Gang Like any American teenager Brenda Paz spent much of her time with her friends They would go to parties listen to music and show off their cars late into the night But Brenda and her friends belonge

  • Title: This Is for the Mara Salvatrucha: Inside the MS-13, America's Most Violent Gang
  • Author: Samuel Logan
  • ISBN: 9781401394486
  • Page: 393
  • Format: ebook
  • Like any American teenager, Brenda Paz spent much of her time with her friends They would go to parties, listen to music, and show off their cars late into the night But Brenda and her friends belonged to the Mara Salvatrucha the MS 13 the most violent gang in America, and in addition to enjoying the things that all teenagers do, her friends were thieves, drug dealers,Like any American teenager, Brenda Paz spent much of her time with her friends They would go to parties, listen to music, and show off their cars late into the night But Brenda and her friends belonged to the Mara Salvatrucha the MS 13 the most violent gang in America, and in addition to enjoying the things that all teenagers do, her friends were thieves, drug dealers, human traffickers, and murderers A street gang that began in Los Angeles in the 1980s, the Mara Salvatrucha has spread across the United States and Central America with startling speed, boasting tens of thousands of members They deal ruthlessly with competing gangs and any members who display disloyalty, often leaving a trail of dismembered corpses in their wake They are poised to surpass the Mafia as the country s most organized criminal network And by operating within the insular Central American immigrant communities, the Mara Salvatrucha has been able to easily elude law enforcement All that changed when Brenda Paz turned informant for the FBI, exposing the incredible scope of the gang s operations But Brenda s cooperation with the FBI was only the beginning What followed is an extraordinary story of strength, intelligence, and incredible courage This Is for the Mara Salvatrucha takes us into a dark and violent world that few people have seen, but is closer than you think.

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      393 Samuel Logan
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    1. Anyone doing research or teaching about gangs and delinguency will tell you how difficult it is to encounter relevant teaching material about Latino gangs in the Southwest. The language and cultural divide separates us from full access to the internal "narratives" and subcultural forces that operate within Latino gangs -- especially the most violent versions like the MS-13, the Mara Salvatrucha. This is an ironic situation for academics, given that the fundamental roots of criminological and del [...]

    2. I was interested in reading this book when I heard about it on the radio I think. I'm from the northern Virginia area and my ears always perk up when I see books or shows set near by. So I was interested that the story was about a real person and that everything happened in areas I had a close proximity to. I think the subject is important. I think it's important to get a grasp as to how someone can get into a gang and explain the culture of being in one. The journalist/author does a good job of [...]

    3. I was really looking forward to reading this book after hearing the author on a radio interview. I wasn't so thrilled by the end. It wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. I was happy to know that it revolved around Brenda, a teenage member of the gang, and her story. She grew tired of the gang life and became an informant. Then, of course, she was killed. But that's to be expected. What I absolutely hated was the writing style. Logan writes the scenes in the book and instead of simply desci [...]

    4. True story depicting a teenage girl's entry into the infamous Mara Salvatrusha gang, her turn to informant, and her perilous and foolhardy return to the gang's environs after she had been a "rat". Interesting subject matter, and if i was Amanda Huygens agent i'd buy the rights and give her this part for some serious acting cred but awkwardly written, stilted in language, almost so much that it made me think it was translated from Spanish.

    5. Highly misleading title. This nonfiction "expose" involves a teenage girl who joined MS-13 in Texas, witnessed a murder, fled to Virginia and eventually wanted out. This informant was girlfriend to several gang leaders, so was privy to some talk, but was never involved in the gang's decision making or was allowed to attend those sort of meetings.The writing is a bit credulous as the author is blown away by the amazing information provided to law enforcement by the gangster-gone-straight such ase [...]

    6. Got this forever ago at a market. Almost didn't pick it up, (honestly) because I found the title and the cover a bit corny looking. (A mans chest with stab wounds and gang affiliated tattoos surrounding his nipples was not the most enticing cover). The book is ok- better than the cheesy cover would imply, but not earth-shattering. This is a real-life story that reads a bit like a murder mystery from both the point of view of the gang members, and of the detectives working the cases. The strange [...]

    7. Dost suché počteníčko. Popravdě, má se jednat o jeden z nejnebezpečnějších a nejkrutějších gangů v USA, ale z té knížky má člověk pocit, že je to chabě organizovaná skupinka sígrů, kteří občas někoho brutálně zmlátí nebo zavraždí. Chybí tam něco, co člověka opravdu přesvědčí, že s někým takovým by nechtěl přijít do křížku. Asi to na mě nezapůsobilo tak, jak mělo.

    8. I picked this up because MS-13 is very active in my area (DC/Maryland/Virginia) and I was curious to learn more about how they operated on a national and international level, what their history is, what their main rackets are, what the structure is, what the command and control is, and so forth. However, this is not a book that's going to give you very much of that. Rather, it is a detailed account of the sad story of Brenda Paz -- a teenage MS-13 member whose 2003 murder was a very high-profile [...]

    9. I was very excited to read this book since I am into Gangs and violence , but In the book “This Is for The Mara Salvatrucha” by Samuel Logan,covers a lot of a violent, Hispanic gang found in the 1980’s in Los Angeles. The Mara Salvatrucha was formed in Los Angeles by Salvadoran immigrants fleeing after the civil war from El Salvador.But the book also is the sad story ,life and also violent death of Brenda paz, Who joined the MS-13 when she was 15 and was murdered by her own friends and als [...]

    10. Okay, This Is for the Mara Salvatrucha is the title of the book, but the subtitle is: Inside the MS-13, America's Most Violent Gang, which led me to believe I was getting an insider's testimony, or at the very least, someone that was remotely associated with the Mara Salvatrucha, telling their all about the gang. However what I actually got was an entirely different story as journalist, turned author, Samuel Logan writes a "creative nonfiction" mish mash of a "true story" involving a very small [...]

    11. This is for the Mara Salvatrucha has one thing going for it. It's compulsively readable. Now, I for one adore non-fiction books, but I can see why some people would find them a bit dry to read. I don't think any of those people would have trouble with This is for the Mara Salvatrucha because it does go at a really fast pace and the way it's written is like that of a fiction book, which it makes really easy to get into. On top of that, it's one of those books that can't really put down. When I wa [...]

    12. As with most of the other reviewers of this book, I just didn't like the way it was written. I appreciated the understanding he gave Brenda Paz and that the issues presented were more nuanced than "gangs=bad". The story, was good and clearly the author did a ton of research and knew his subject quite well. Essentially it comes down to my issue with a lot of sports talkers (whatever they're called). When a dude is running down the field with the ball in his hand, or whatever the hell he is doing, [...]

    13. I was excited to read this book after hearing Samuel Logan on the Elliot in the Morning show. I thought it would be relevant reading since the book is primarily centered in the Northern Virginia area.While the topic itself was insightful and interesting, I was bothered by the style. In very simple prose, the book reads like a novel, and the reader is allowed access to the personal insights of varying individuals throughout Brenda Paz's two year membership in MS-13. This is where the style fails- [...]

    14. The Mara Salvatrucha is a street gang formed in 1980s Los Angeles, by Salvadoran immigrants. From its outset it has had to be lethally violent and this book details the story of the gang as it migrates across America, through the eyes of traitor and informant, 16 year old Brenda Paz. Brenda was jumped into the gang after falling in love with a local leader. Her bright charisma and personality, earning her the nickname 'Smiley', mean that her conscience struggles to deal with some of the more hor [...]

    15. Investigative reporter Samuel Logan made his first foray into novel writing with THIS IS FOR THE MARA SALVATRUCHA. While the book is definitely informative as to the origins of the MS-13 criminal enterprise, it is equally the story of Brenda Paz, the teenager who was jumped into the gang and became law enforcement's greatest source on the gang before her murder.It's Brenda's story that gripped me as a reader. I had heard of Brenda's story before and knew that she would die at the end of the nove [...]

    16. Like others, I enjoyed this story, but felt it was too much of just that--a story. There is no documentation regarding where Logan got his information or did his research. Too many times he placed his own insight into the situation regarding what charachters were thinking and feeling--and without speaking to those people themselves, there is no way to know this. I felt that this took a bit of credibility away from the story. If you're going to write non-fiction, there needs to be research involv [...]

    17. This is the story of Brenda "Smiley" Paz and her lawyer, Greg Hunter. An intelligent, mischievous girl who was heavily embroiled in a then black-box world of MS 13, a criminal street gang of vicious proportion, Brenda spelled out the code for Arlington, VA law enforcement and paid the price for it. Her pregnant body was found floating in the Shenandoah River. It's a fascinating look at how MS 13 operated, its morés, and its methods. How did they recruit? How did they make decisions? How did the [...]

    18. Brenda Paz is a 16-year-old Latina whose desire for family, love, and companionship draw her into the deadly world of the Mara Salvatrucha gang. Her intelligence and personality make her popular, and she manages to become the girlfriend of whichever cliique she happens to be with at the time. Because of her intelligence and her ability to "hang" with the leaders, she quickly learns more about the gang's business and structure than females before her have be privy to. When she is arrested with a [...]

    19. I thought this was going to be a straightforward overview of the Mara Salvatrucha gang. Instead it turned out to be part gang study part true crime as it focused on a specific person. Brenda Paz. Erstwhile gangbanger turned government informant turned murder victim.The level of brutality, cruelty and complete lack of remorse from gang members is truly horrifying. I hope I never cross paths with one of these gang members, it sounds like every encounter with them could be potentially fatal.And the [...]

    20. My boyfriend actually got me onto this book. At first I was flying through the pages and then I hit a bump in the road and put it down for about four months.One thought that kept playing in my mind whilst reading it is the decisions Brenda made and how there was so many times she could of gotten away from that life. I am obviously not in the situation so I cannot really pass judgement even though it did make me mad.The ending was not as expected and actually did shock me.Other than that, it was [...]

    21. It wasn't at all what I expected. I thought it would be a little more like a history lesson, giving insight into the history of the gang and more facts. While there was some history, it read more like a work of fiction. Brenda Paz is ultimately killed. The author writes as if he interviewed her, as if he knew what she was feeling. He spends so much time writing from her point of view, that I had a hard time taking it seriously, because there's no way he knew what she was feeling.I definitely gai [...]

    22. This book says that it is the inside story of MS-13. But it is really the story of Brenda Paz a female member of the gang who watches the gang murder a friend of hers and then when she goes on the run falls in with another violent sect of the game in Washington DC. It is really hard to feel sorry for her as after she turns informant on the gang she continually goes back to them even after being warned that they may know she is a snitch. up She leaves the Witness Protection program to go back to [...]

    23. This is the story of Brenda Paz, a teenage daughter of immigrants that gets caught up in the gang life. It is a very interesting story but frustrating. In the story we witness the unraveling of Brenda's life and the work of a lawyer and other law enforcement officials desperately try to untangle the mess she finds herself in. The most interesting takeaway for me is the consistent reason these kids join gangs like MSfeeling abandoned by family, they long to belong somewhere and the gang fills thi [...]

    24. After reading the reviews here, I knew to temper my expectations of what I thought the book would be to what it really was. It was a great story that follows the life of Brenda Paz, one of the first influential MS-13 members in Virginia specifically. Her accounts of gang life are well detailed and give you insight into some of the inner workings of MS-13, but more on how addictive gang life can be for a teen looking for a release.

    25. A quick, fascinating read about the inner workings of the MS-13. The story is sadly familiar to anyone who has any knowledge of street gangs, but that doesn't make the pill any easier to swallow. The book follows the journey of Brenda Paz from initiate in Texas all the way to FBI informant. The book is written in omniscient 3rd person view and it comes off as a bit cold, but that seems appropriate given the material. Pretty good though.

    26. This book could have been so much more. I enjoyed the read. It is well written, style-wise, but it was a thin coverage or explanation of a very deep and overwhelming gang. The life of one female gang member's struggles and conflicts was, without doubt, more intense than what's given here. This reads like a writing assignment. Facts are given with no resources. If it does anything it encouraged me to find more books on the gang.

    27. I am reading this books for my Criminal Behavior course. It is the story of Brenda Paz, an FBI informant who was brutally murdered when it was discovered she was an informant.Excellent story. You can tell this is probably the writers first book, but the information is excellent. If you are interested in criminal behavior/aggression theories I would definately recommend this book.

    28. This was the most boring book I have ever come across in my whole life. It was on going and repetitive. There was virtually no action. The characters were boring as hell. I had to force myself to pick it up hoping the ending would make up for chapters 5-end but it didnt. I would never recommend this book unless you need it to fall asleep.

    29. This is a well paced true crime novel, and it offer a good introduction to MS-13, a major gang in the US. The only problem is that the gang names are used so often, that I had trouble connecting to the real names used in the news. I was very interested in how the Witness Protection program was not able to keep a teenaged witness safe.

    30. The lower review score is because I didn't like the style in which it was written. It is supposed to be a non-fiction, but he makes it a fictional account by giving an account of everyone's thoughts and actions. There is no way he can know these things. I just reads like it is a made up story. I did get the message of how disturbingly violent this gang can be.

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