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Halo Washed ashore as a baby in ancient Greece Halo is discovered by a family of centaurs Although her true identity remains a mystery she is loved as one of their own But when Halo is dragged away by fi

  • Title: Halo
  • Author: Zizou Corder
  • ISBN: 9780141328300
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • Washed ashore as a baby in ancient Greece, Halo is discovered by a family of centaurs Although her true identity remains a mystery, she is loved as one of their own But when Halo is dragged away by fishermen, her wild adventure begins .Halo soon realizes that if she is to survive then she must live in disguise as a boy A violent war is threatening to erupt and HalWashed ashore as a baby in ancient Greece, Halo is discovered by a family of centaurs Although her true identity remains a mystery, she is loved as one of their own But when Halo is dragged away by fishermen, her wild adventure begins .Halo soon realizes that if she is to survive then she must live in disguise as a boy A violent war is threatening to erupt and Halo is at the mercy of the mighty Spartan warriors And as she battles to hide her secret, Halo never forgets her quest to find out who she is and where she really came from.

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        Zizou Corder is Louisa Young and Isabel Adomakoh Young, whose names are too long to fit on the front of a book.Louisa is a grown up and has written five grown up books Isabel is a kid and has written mostly schoolwork.The original Zizou is Isabel s lizard, only he spells it Zizu They Have written five books together the highly acclaimed Lionboy trilogy, Lee Raven Boy Thief and Halo.They live in London Only one goes to school.


    1. I loved this book! and I really love the fact that the book was written by two people,I don't know why!(view spoiler)[The story is about Halo (view spoiler)[who's not really an orphan (hide spoiler)] who grew up with Centaurs of Zakynthos.Her best friend is her centaur brother,Arko.They have many adventures together.During on of their adventures,Halo gets captured by humans and s taken to a strange land where she is made a slave.While,she is transported to another island,she jumps off the ship a [...]

    2. Girl power! Glad I was born in a world where woman can at least do their own thing. I would have done the same if I were Halo. Though classified as a book for youth I realy enjoyed it. The plots were well thought out and the book kept flowing and building up.

    3. A woefully underrated tale of a young girl who is on a quest to find her place in the world. As Halo's story unravels, we are exposed to the trials and dangers of being a lone girl in Ancient Greece. Halo soon realise that to survive is to masquerade as a guy.War is brewing among the Greeks. First, they fought the Persians as one. When that was over they started to wage war with their fellow neighbours for dominance; though they claimed it was for the sake of defending their nation. When Halo fi [...]

    4. A bit of action/adventure, Greek mythology and romance compressed into a novel. Not particularly realistic but an intriguing book. I would recommend it for the average reader :)

    5. I'm still processing all the thoughts this book has given me. First of all, I was amazed at how much I came to like the writing, its characters and the plot line. Maybe it tells something, that I desperately want to read more. But I know there are no sequels. I can't leave my friends now! Oh, sweet Apollo, dear Athena, Poseidon, and Artemis. You won't tear me away from Halo and Arko, (view spoiler)[and Leon, (hide spoiler)] will you? I just can't.Some things about the marked shelves. I was going [...]

    6. Don't see the 2-star rating and go all "Whoa" cause this book isn't that bad. It's just that I see it was ok and only that is what it's going to be.You know how a book just pulls you into it whether you really like it or not? It happens. It happened to me several times when I didn't even like the book but I couldn't tear my eyes from the text.It was something like that but I at least enjoyed reading it.Something was still missing.I don't really get it: I love reading about Greek mythology and hi [...]

    7. OK, so technically this is probably a kid's/young teens book. But I really liked it! OK, so the writing is a little simplistic, OK so maybe a few too many coincidences happen for it to be believable, but I loved it all the same :)Set in Ancient Greece - little Halo is brought up by the centaurs who find her washed up on the beach. When she's about 12 she gets stolen into the world of man and there's a huge adventure in trying to escape, trying to find out who her parents areStuff :)But, I really [...]

    8. I was mesmerised, plain and simple. I've never read a book set in the Greek times before with no magic involved so this was a first experience for me and I'm glad. It was a good read their was some parts that I felt was to short and some parts felt to lost to me, the locations were odd to follow, but I got the main gist of it all. I loved Halo, Arko, Leonidas and Arimaspou the most out of all the characters, the interaction between these characters were just epic(entertaining). Gosh the moments [...]

    9. This book was a tad boring at times but overall a exciting, adventurous romp for middle aged children to teenagers. The romance was simple and sweet, it didn't go very far (No kissing or such) but it was nice. I really liked Halo by the middle of the book for she was very strong and determined and didn't just give in and be what other people wanted her to be when she wanted to be something different. A couple things didn't make sense, just little things that I was like what? and the plot was not [...]

    10. Though I think this book was aimed for a younger audience, I absolutely loved it. I grew to care about the main character - Halo - much more than I though I would as I followed her through a great journey which always kept me interested. There was a big GASP! Moment which I did not see coming (which I love!)

    11. 'Until you know who you are, you're no one''Halo' is one of the best books I have ever read. It always had me on the edge of my seat(or in this case, bed!) throughout the whole book. Definitely something I would read again.

    12. Absolutely awesome! Couldn't keep my nose out of it, a complete must read! I recommend this book to 12-15 yr olds. I think this book is really amazing!

    13. It was an awesome book. I've read it about 3 times now and I want to read it again. XD I love greek mythology sooo. yeah. XD

    14. Beautiful. Book of the Millenium!!!! People who are lucky enough to have this book, you are holding a future classic in your hand!!!

    15. I can't believe I waited for this book for over a year to read it be fair: the target age is 9-12 😂 my bad thought this was another tamorra pierce gem.🙈

    16. Dieses Buch weckte mein Interesse zunächst aufgrund der Zentauren, dann aber auch aufgrund des vielversprechend klingenden Klappentextes. Halo ist ein junges Mädchen, dass schon im Babyalter seine Eltern verliert. Glücklicherweise wird sie von einem Zentauren gefunden, der sie sogleich mit nach Hause nimmt. So lernt sie nur dir Welt der Zentauren kennen und findet Menschen andersartig und abstoßend - obwohl sie ja selbst einer ist.Der Autor hat das sehr gut angelegt. Denn gerade durch diese [...]

    17. Halo by Zizou CorderHalo is a baby girl who was found and raised by centaurs. One day she is taken and thrust into the world of men where she finds out that she has to pretend to be a boy in order to survive the war raging in the lands. While trying to keep her gender a secret, she meets many friends and enemies as she tries to find out about her past.I couldn't relate to Halo's situation very much because she is pretending to be a boy in a country ravaged by war. Though some of her problems alo [...]

    18. ok im just warning you that this review will prob just jump from one thing to another because i cant be bothered writing a proper one :Pi really enjoyed reading this book - there were a couple of things that got annoying like halo praying which sometimes went on for a long time and was pretty repetitive, plus the author went into to much description on the buildings also the NAMES! OMG how am i even suppose to pronounce them let alone remember them, so the characters got a bit confusing but othe [...]

    19. This book was written by Zizou Corder and it is classified in myth and adventure category.The book is about a girl named Halo and how she travels around Greece disguised as a boy looking for her parents. She encounters many adventures as she travels. The main characters are Halo, Arko, the slytherin tribe and the centaur tribe. The story took place in Greece.To me the book was very interesting and action packed. I enjoy read books about Greek Mythology and I definitely enjoyed this book. The sto [...]

    20. A childhood favourite. I read it like ten times and loved it each time. I haven't read it recently but (spoilers)it's about this girl who is raised by centaurs and one day to save her stepbrother she gets captured by humans who take her to their town and sells her when no family members came to claim her and she gets taken across the seas and eventually she ends up being taken to Sparta disguised as a boy-slave by a really hot boy who knows her secret It was fun, well written and memorable.

    21. Amazing book. This was my favourite book for many years. Has action, tragedy, romance, etc. Is not too violent, but there are some parts where its a little sad (spoiler: theres a huge plague and at that point it's very depressing). I've read this book several times, I'm not sure how many, and I usually don't like re-reading books so you can tell its that good (to me anyways).Note: Not sure when I read this book, don't take the date seriously.

    22. jag har läst den här boken 2 gånger tidigare men jag tycker att den är bra. Speciellt allt det mesta löste sig på slutet. Att hon hittade sin riktiga mamma, att hennes kentaurfamilj mådde bra, att kon fick veta att hon var en av skyterna och det bästa, att hon fick vara med Leonidas ;) Det händer också många olika saker i boken vilket jag uppskattar.

    23. i absolutely loved this book. i think its great how it also has facts in it about the ancient Greek gods and cities. i dont like books that have the female characters that always need a guy to come rescue them. this book wasnt like that at all. halo fought for herself any didnt let anything stop her. 5/5

    24. Although meant for a younger audience, this is a book I really enjoyed. Not only did it have an engaging story, but the authors had very clearly done their research, and a lot of the world they present (minus the centaurs of course) has details which I can now fully appreciate being older.

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