Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness

Karen Rauch Carter Jeff Fessler / Aug 19, 2019

Move Your Stuff Change Your Life How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love Money Respect and Happiness An alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found hereAn essential and accessible guide to increasing happiness improving your financial well being and bettering your health through the timele

  • Title: Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness
  • Author: Karen Rauch Carter Jeff Fessler
  • ISBN: 9780684866048
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • An alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found hereAn essential and accessible guide to increasing happiness, improving your financial well being, and bettering your health through the timeless Chinese art of feng shui.Promising health, wealth, and happiness, feng shui offers endless appeal at least in concept Unfortunately, feng shui s seemingly complicated methAn alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found hereAn essential and accessible guide to increasing happiness, improving your financial well being, and bettering your health through the timeless Chinese art of feng shui.Promising health, wealth, and happiness, feng shui offers endless appeal at least in concept Unfortunately, feng shui s seemingly complicated methods are often difficult to learn and apply in a meaningful way Fortunately, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life is written in plain and simple English for the modern Western reader Revealing the ancient Chinese secrets that are as useful and necessary today as they have been for centuries, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life communicates how to MEET THE ONE FIND A DREAM JOB EARN BETTER GRADES IN SCHOOL ENJOY A BETTER SEX LIFE

    Don t Want to Hire Movers Ways to Move Your Stuff to a Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life How to Use May , Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life is funky, fun, and filled with practical information to create harmony and balance in life Denny Fairchild author of Healing Homes Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life is home improvement, entertaining, educational hilarity that will have you smiling while scrubbing and glowing in the feng shui flow. Moving Your Stuff Here s What To Do With Everything Moving Here s What to Do With All Your Stuff Inventory your stuff not as bad as it sounds Keeping an inventory of your stuff will benefit Get rid of your stuff As you ve inventoried your things, you may have been surprised by how much Learn the best ways to sell your stuff Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life First Chapter of the Move Your Stuff Change Your Life concentrates on this category and explores some unique situations and cures You can either follow an example of what someone else has done before, or be a rebel and follow your heart by doing something uniquely suited to you. Cheap Ways To Move Out Of State Infographic How to Move Your Stuff When Moving Overseas The Spruce Moving Your Stuff By Boat If moving by sea, your household goods will be packed into containers that are usually loaded at your residence The loaded containers are shipped by rail or truck to a port, where they are loaded onto a steamship container The container is then loaded onto the boat as cargo.

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        Karen Rauch Carter is a professional feng shui educator,consultant, and the best selling author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life She coaches, trains, and empowers people to use simple and advanced feng shui techniques to enrich and improve all areas of their lives.Karen has over 20 years of experience studying and implementing methods and modalities that produce consistent, and some say miraculous, results The highlights of her long list of credentials include Best Selling Author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life and Professional Feng Shui Consultant Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild Certified Bau Biologie Practitioner Certified Performance Consultant Master Practitioner in Advanced Neurological Repatterning Holistic Health Counselor Licensed Landscape Architect Founder of the Academy of Exquisite LivingKaren s background is the basis for creating and developing KarenRauchCarter, which is a comprehensive resource to create supportive inner and outer environments that generate amazing results Karen s methodology integrates time tested, researched, and newly discovered practices for bodies, minds, spirits, and surroundings.Simply stated, Karen is a well studied and experienced designer of healthy homes and vibrant lifestyles She motivates her clients and audiences to rethink their day to day choices by implementing simple fixes for home, health, relationships and In addition to her teaching and writing, Karen is a highly sought after motivational speaker Karen has spoken at hundreds of events including The International Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry Conference Learning Annex s Real Estate and Wealth Expo The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books The Los Angeles Times Festival of Health


    1. Ok this is the longest Review I have written as I am very passionate about it due to my personal experience with it - so please bare with me. If you are interested in Feng Shui it may be worth the read. Please note parts of this review are copied from other similar titles I have reviewed. First for the actual book at hand - "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life". This is one of the first books I read when I began reading about Feng Shui. I was very taken by the ease of use and the concept of making [...]

    2. I have bought this book seven times at this point, partially because it makes a great housewarming gift, but mainly because everytime I loan it out, it never makes it back to me.This book is concise, fun to read, well-organized, and helpful. Details and anecdotes are included but it never gets too confusing or esoteric. You don't even need to read it chronologically since each chapter stands enough on its own that you can skip around to the specific issues you want to address with feng shui "too [...]

    3. My mother gave this book to me as a "Yay! You're moving out of my house!" gift about 8 years ago. I have since moved three more times and this book is always my guide. Not only is the writing friendly, casual, and entertaining, it's always relevant because every house is different. My husband (whom I met shortly after rearranging the laundry room that comprised my then-Love and Relationships gua coincidence?) and I will be first-time homeowners in about a month (I'm sure the keys sitting in our [...]

    4. This book makes the subject of Feng Shui very accessible. Admittedly it’s a subject that can come across as complex and intimidating. This book is very encouraging in that even a little effort in the right direction can yield positive results.

    5. Best book on feng shui I've found, and a heap of fun, to boot. There is a lot of corny writing, but it's so earnest, I don't mind. This is a terrific tool for unsticking yourself, relieving yourself of obsessions, and generating creative solutions—it works, and you get a groovy new living space, to boot.

    6. Since I bought this book in 2007 I used to so many times that the pages are falling out. I recommend it to everyone I converse about Feng Shui with. It is easy to understand and apply right away. I can relate countless stories about how I have applied this information through the years with just this one book.

    7. I love this book! I have improved my prosperity, helped my reputation at work and so many other things over the course of the 8 years that I have had this reference as my companion. Many of the people I have recommended it to have also benefited. Such a great, humorous way to see what steps you can take to improve your life!

    8. One of my favorite books. I return to it frequently. One of the best explanations of the basic principles of Black Hat Feng Shui. The title sounds like self-help fluff, but it's actually very thorough and well organized, and it works! I was drawn to practice Feng Shui because of this book.

    9. This is THE book to get when starting out with Feng Shui. I too have bought many copies because I keep giving mine to friends. Karen makes it easy to apply these principles to your life. Don't hesitate. Get it!

    10. What can I say? I applied some of the easiest cures (methods) of the book and now my car is running and I have a new job. It's written for practicality but is also highly entertaining and engaging.

    11. This was an interesting, easy to read book which lays out the basics of feng shui for the curious beginner. It assures you that there are definitely ways to work with what your limitations are (room size, directions, items, etc.) and emphasises that the basis of change is intention. I've made copious notes about colour, elements, what to do/not to do, where to place things and what to do to enhance what you have if moving or changing things around simply isn't possible. Highly recommended for th [...]

    12. I really wanted to grab onto the ideas in this book and run with them. And I couldbut the book lacked the background and importance of affirmations and intent. It's mentioned at the end, but by then, I was already reeling from the idea of creating a paper doll of my favorite super hero with my face on it and my company logo on the chest.This book is quirky (I'd like to know what a "skanky" car looks like!) and carries fun references, but the depth of it stops there.

    13. This is a fun book that motivated me to get organized. There's something to be said for organizing your life in a way that makes it easier for life to happen around your stuff and bring yourself good energy.

    14. This book is a quick and easy to read that I would happily recommend to beginner feng shui practitioner. Proper feng shui is a term borrowed from the Chinese that is used to purposefully arrange ALL YOUR STUFF around you to gain positive results. Everything that happens in your life is part of nine categories or situations (prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships and love, family, health, creativity and children, skills and knowledge, career, and helpful people and travel), and these can [...]

    15. This was a great intro into Feng shui. Several years ago, I was really into reading about Feng shui, but had not really practiced it in a while. When I found this book at Half Price Books last week, I decided it might be time to revisit it.If you're not familiar with the concept, Feng shui is all about placing things in your home with intention in order to have the best outcomes in your life in terms of money, love, fame, health, etc. it also teaches about creating space for energy to flow in an [...]

    16. This book is a great practical primer for basic feng shui. I have not had a lot of experience with feng shui prior to reading this (as in, I've only encountered it in passing--via friends who are into it or watching YouTube pointer videos), and I note it does not include some feng shui remedies I've read about or heard about elsewhere (so it's not exhaustive, but I also get the vibe that there are various feng shui philosophies out there), but the book does cover each of the gua and give not-ove [...]

    17. I gave this a cursory reading in Borders last night and have not stopped laughing since. Some of the ideas I love, and some well ?? I'm just not sure how placing a square earthenware bowl of fruit in my shoe closet will improve my health. Although at this point it would give me a good laugh! And the whole bit with my ch'i (life force) falling through the cracks in my spiral staircase or being taken out with the trash leaves me wondering. But over all some interesting ideas. Just let me say that [...]

    18. Actually, I have finished it. It's funny and spells out the concepts. I became somewhat obsessed with completing it after I began. It's a whole little system of what goes where and why. Very intriguing. After I feng-shui'd my apartment using it, I was somewhat disallusioned to hear from a friend of mine who studies "classic feng shui" that what is really more important than the placement on the bagua map relative to the front door is placement based on North, South, West and East. I am dismayed [...]

    19. This is a good book that serves as an introduction to Feng Shui offering cures, explanations and the occasional, yet whimsical off beat attempt at humor that doesn't always read well. The explanations are balanced with Feng Shui cures for your home that can be easily implemented with many things that one may already have on hand. Well organized with a summary at the end of each chapter makes thumbing through the chapters a cinch. There are also a number of affirmations included which helps inten [...]

    20. This book was very fun. You can take it with a grain of saltbut why? Nothing KRC suggests will harm you or your home, and realigning energies in a way that has been practiced in the east for thousands of years can only lead to positive results (that is, if you educate yourself and do it right! :)I had so much fun making small changes in my home. Most of them could not even be noticed by the average observer, and my husband was very pleased that I did not move around our furniture at all.

    21. Despite the rather flip title, this fantastic book is a serious but very readable introduction to feng shui. Designed to be used immediately, it offers fantastic suggestions for getting started and inexpensive ways to get your whole house in alignment -- especially if your home is part of an apartment building, etc. I can't recommend this book enough -- it's my go-to guide for feng shui and I'm always referring to it!

    22. If you've ever wanted to learn how to feng shui your home and office, this is the easiest and most practical book I've seen. From the exercises to the simple explanations of energy, the bagua, and associations for each gua, you will be able to change the energy in your surroundings in a day. I did this and visitors noticed a big difference right away! It's paperback, only 233 pages in well organized and simple sections, so it's a quick read.

    23. This book is pretty cheesy sometimes, but I love her approach to feng shui and the way she writes about changing things in your house as a way of bringing your own attention to what you want in life. This isn't about moving your furniture or pure woo-woo magic.It was also a pretty good review for me of five element theory and the associations with each element. Dovetailed nicely with some of what I'm learning in my Intro to Eastern class which is the first in our Shiatsu series.

    24. I've bought (and then sold in a yard sale) a lot of books on "how to use Feng Shui" in my home. The only one I have found to be easy to understand, easy to put into use, and a book I will always keep and refer to, is this one.If you also feel at peace when your home is properly balanced, I recommend this book.

    25. Loved this book the first dozen times I read it. It's helped a lot through several different living situations. Now I'm reading it again as I paint and swap some rooms and I'm finding myself frustrated. Guess it is time to move on to more in depth study. Excellent book for beginners and people short on time. The author has a wonderful sense if humor.

    26. I liked this one less than the Dummies and the Room by Room guide, but I still liked this one quite a bit. Because she approaches it on a sector by sector basis, she doesn't dive into "if this room is in this sector do this" sorts of stuff, which I would be interested in, but still a good easy read for an easy start.

    27. There are other Feng Shui things I have learned from videos, etc. that are helpful as well. I think this is a good guide to start out with and gives a general idea of how to feng shui your house. I would read the whole thing before I start applying things.This is more like a manual and therefore I keep it around the house and refer back to it when I need help and think I can use it.

    28. This book definitely changed my life. I kid you notonce I read this book and began clearing the clutter from our place, things started changing. I also applied a few of the techniques to certain areas of the home and not long after, things started happening. For real.

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