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Willow Sixteen year old Willow who was driving the car that killed both of her parents copes with the pain and guilt by cutting herself until she meets a smart and sensitive boy who is determined to help

  • Title: Willow
  • Author: Julia Hoban
  • ISBN: 9780142416662
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sixteen year old Willow, who was driving the car that killed both of her parents, copes with the pain and guilt by cutting herself, until she meets a smart and sensitive boy who is determined to help her stop.

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    1. ********** SPOILER ALERT **********I try not to be a poisonous witch about my reviews, but I'm going to be honest here. Guys: YOU CAN'T JUST QUIT CUTTING YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU FALL IN LOVE. Serious addict to cutting who cures herself via uncomfortably overbearing sixteen-year-old boyfriend? Are you serious?Beyond being unrealistic, the message strikes me as creepy and potentially harmful. Guy is a sixteen-year-old kid, which means he is unlikely to devote himself to an intense relationship with a [...]

    2. A warning: THIS IS A RANT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.More warnings and such:My dear, dear, good readers. If you are easily offended and/or loved this book, do not read the upcoming review. It will contain a lot of stuff that you will probably not like. And there will be spoilers. So. This is my opinion of this book. Do not write a comment about "how nasty I am" or "how serious the topic of this book is and how I shouldn't be so crass". I am fully aware that cutting is a serious issue. I am fully awar [...]

    3. I’m not even sure where to start this review. I’ve honestly written this review almost five times and haven’t been happy with what I’ve spit out. I’m not sure I can do this book justice. To say that it was spectacular would be an understatement. To say that I had a hard time putting it down, widely understated! Yet, why? Because in all seriousness, reading a story about a ‘cutter’ didn’t really appeal to me. I mean sure it sounded interesting, and I’ve read books about eating d [...]

    4. NO. Just fuck no. This is not a self-harm story.It is a love story, featuring a cutter. It is the story of a codependent relationship that sickly revolves and surfaces through self-harm issues. I have been struggling with heavy self-harm issues for years, I was a cutter and just about a year ago I finished with my treatment and recovery, and I am appalled and also slightly insulted by knowing that a story like this is out there. Worse, that people think it's a sweet story. Willow is a 16 year ol [...]

    5. Holy freaking (insert swear word here)!!The Good: Be prepared for some serious fan-girl gushing! Also, this review in no way justifies how much I loved this book.For a debut author, Julia has blown all the other authors, regardless if it's their first or not, WAY out of the water! Once I started Willow, I could not put it down. It's like Green Eggs and Ham. I read Willow when I sat on a stool, I read Willow lounging by the pool, I read Willow here and there, I read Willow FREAKING EVERYWHERE.Sec [...]

    6. I think I have officially found the worst book I have ever read. This book was even worse than the dreadful Prescription for Romance. TARDIS should be grateful that I love her dearly and would never harm an expensive possession of mine, because if this had been a physical book, I would've been hurling it at the wall.Now that I've officially raised (lowered?) expectations, let's get on to the actual review, shall we?Willow is struggling to cope after the death of her parents in a horrible car acc [...]

    7. I took my time in reviewing Willow. I wanted to be certain of my thoughts on it’s content and the rating I gave to said content. Though the ending was satisfying, I can’t deny that for the majority of the book, I was angered, not at Willow, but at the author. Nonetheless, I talked myself out of giving Willow the three stars I felt the author deserved because it felt wrong to punish great characters. But after much thought, I have decided that Willow does indeed deserve a three star rating.Wi [...]

    8. Everything changed on that rainy March night seven months ago. Willow's parents were tipsy and asked her to drive home, a decision that would cost them their lives. Ever since then, Willow has felt disconnected from the world. Her only reprieve is in mutilating her own body, one cut at a time. But everything changes when she meets Guy, the only one with whom she can possibly share her secret. I did not like Willow. Not the book, the character. She was a whiny little biotch. I understand that I p [...]

    9. Which is worse? Drowning in your own misery or allowing yourself to be swallowed by numbness?If you read nothing else in this review, read this line: Willow is one of the best books I've read. EVER. In the span of a few hundred pages, Julia Hoban manages to address and explain one of the most pressing issues that plagues teenagers today: self-injury. She does so not by approaching the subject in an aloof, clinical manner, but by making it personal.If you've ever wondered what could possibly driv [...]

    10. After my last review, this is kind of going to be hard to swallow, but this book is not as bad as I remembered. It'll never be my favourite, but, props to Julia Hoban for writing on such a touchy subject. Even if it was full of comma splices. It wasn't great, but it's not abysmal either. Characters were decent, writing was fine, plot was fine there's just a tiny something holding it back from striking this one out of the park for me. Maybe it's the suject, I don't know.It's not of the same quali [...]

    11. Scarred was one of those books I had such high expectations for and it still managed to exceed them all. From the first page I found myself completely immersed in the story and didn’t want to stop reading until the end. Even 320 pages later I found myself disappointed that it had finished. I just loved everything about it and know it will be one of those books I read again and again.Usually I prefer first person narrative so I was surprised when I got half way through this novel and only just [...]

    12. I get it. This book is about a tough subject. Willow feels guilty for 'killing' her parents in a car accident. She feels like she's a burden to her brother and to cope with everything, she cuts herself. She pushes everything and everyone around her away. I usually find it interesting to read about people with problems and how they deal with it, but Willow is just too much. Every single thing that happens in her life if linked to the fact that she thinks she's a killer. If people look at her it's [...]

    13. Willow is a real, honest, and emotional book. From the moment you pick the book up, you are invested in Willow and her well-being. Not only is this story about grief and guilt, it is about love and never giving up. It's beautiful.The characters in Willow are real people with complex emotions and personalities. So many books are just full of stereotypes but Willow is full of character's so lifelike it's hard to believe they aren't actual people. I also really love the world that the author has cr [...]

    14. Tan malo que hasta Abzurdah fue más entretenido, así que se pueden imaginarMe siento culpable por haber odiado a una chica que perdió a sus padres pero no pude evitarlo, la odié. No soporto a la gente que ridiculiza y minimiza los problemas de los demás, si, siempre hay gente que está peor que nosotros y lo correcto sería valorar sin embargo cada persona tiene una vida distinta y no se puede juzgar, y Willow era ese tipo de persona; además personajes como Laurie, Andy , Chloe, todos fuer [...]

    15. [] she's breathing shallowly. she watches as the blood springs from the cut she's making, but it doesn't change anything. not this time. she swipes again, deeper. now she feels pain, but will it be enough?a few months ago, willow lost her parents in a terrible car accident. knowing that she was the one who drove the car makes it so much worse, because she has no one but herself to blame for the death of her father and mother. now, she has to live with her older brother david and his family in a [...]

    16. On a stormy night, Willow takes the wheel and her whole life is forever changed. Both her parents are killed in the accident and Willow has to move in with her older brother, his wife and their young daughter. She feels the weight of the world is on her shoulders - she's emotionally overwrought, heavily grieving and feels guilt towards her part in the accident. To top it off, she also feels that her brother secretly blames her for their parents’ death and no longer loves her.She finds that the [...]

    17. Willow has been through the tramatic experience of losing both her parents. Not only did she witness the horrible moment, she was the one behind the wheel. She blames herself. She moves in with her older brother and his wife and infant. She hates what her life has become. She hates her strained relationship with her brother, all the things left unsaid and especially his inability to even talk about their parents. She becomes a cutter to escape the pain. She would rather feel a physical moment of [...]

    18. I read this book a couple years ago and towards the ending of this book It get graphic and I had to put down but I ended up liking it at the end

    19. This book really opened my eyes! It was emotional, but yet so powerful. The writing in this book flowed so nicely, and it was just beautifully written. I loved the relationship between Willow and Guy. I also liked how it took a while for their relationship to progress, instead of everything moving too quickly. This book is great, and I recommend it to everyone. Especially if you are a teenage girl!

    20. 4? 4.5? I don't know. I just know that this was beautiful and sad and dark and considering this is the second emotional book I've read, it might be wise to read something a bit lighter now. Odds are I won't.A hug for Willow for all that she's been through and all that she's going through and all that she's going to go through. For at least trying and for letting herself be helped despite how incredibly hard it is. For not just thinking of herself despite everything in her life.A hug for Guy for [...]

    21. I picked up this book for the "Why Have I Not Read These Books' challenge. I have had this book since summer I want to say and it just sat there on my shelves. I enjoyed the book so I am glad that I finally decided to pick this one up and read it. This is a first time Author for me as well and I will be looking for more from her.In this story we have Willow who is the main character. At the age of 16 she was in a car accident that killed her parents. The worst thing about it is the fact that she [...]

    22. Siento que he tardado años en leerlo, ha sido tedioso a más no poder. Fueron 5 días los que duré leyéndolo y, para mí, fueron días de lectura desperdiciados. Bueno, al parecer hubo un accidente automovilístico en el que Willow iba manejando y sus padres murieron entonces ella quedó al cuidado de su hermano mayor, David, pero siente que es una carga para él y que todo lo que hace causa algo o simplemente lo hace mal, entonces ella se corta para sentirse mejor o para salir del torrente d [...]

    23. Injuring yourself on purpose by making scratches or cuts on your body with a sharp object — enough to break the skin and make it bleed — is called cutting. Willow is a cutter. After her parent’s dead, she starts cutting her arm. Every time it becomes too overwhelmed for her, she’ll sneak out. Alone by herself, she pulls out one of her razors — she has many razors as her supplies — then she pulls up her sleeve, and cuts her arm. Sometimes it’s her legs. Or her stomach. Places where [...]

    24. Willow doesn't like to cry over her parents' death. Instead, she elects to numb her pain with the stinging sensation of a razor. Willow handles the feeling of loneliness and the anguish of residing with her busy brother by desperately drowning herself in cutting. Eventually she meets Guy - a sensitive and sensible student at her school. They form a close bond and Willow reveals her darkest secret to him - afterward, Guy is determined to do whatever it takes to stop Willow's self-mutilation.Willo [...]

    25. I’m going to say this outright: I loved this book! It was kind of slow in the beginning, but it picked up fast. This book was fascinating, so intense and sad. It is a great eye opener!Willow blamed herself for her parents’ death because she was the one who was driving the car that got her parents killed. I felt bad for Willow because she started to cut herself to make her feel better, whenever she’s sad, instead of talking to her brother or anyone, she cut herself. When Guy found out she w [...]

    26. You know it's bad when you can't work up much sympathy for a character who's just lost her parents. I just couldn't bring myself to like Willow, no matter how hard I tried. I totally understand that she was going through a lot and struggling but I still don't think it's an excuse to act like nobody else's problems are real. Willow seemed to think that just because she'd gone through something awful, NOBODY else's feelings were valid. No problem other than Willow's was worth crying about. That ju [...]

    27. this is another book that i really wanted to like, and expected to like, but ultimately just had too many problems with.willow randall was driving her parents home from dinner in a rainstorm when an accident occurred, killing her mom and dad. now she lives with her brother, his wife, and their baby daughter. she goes to a different school and works in the university library to help pay the household bills. she's sure that her brother hates her now; their once easy relationship is replaced by awk [...]

    28. Before I say anything else, let me say that this is a very intense novel. I’ve never been a cutter but one of my friends at school dabbled in it for a while. I didn’t understand her and I don’t really understand Willow. I can’t get my head around the concept of causing oneself physical pain to ease inner pain. That, however, doesn’t mean that I didn’t sympathise with Willow in this novel. If anything, my inability to understand her position only stimulated my desire to keep reading, [...]

    29. This is a tough book to read. And my rating, although low, DOES NOT reflect the quality of this book! Please, don't let it stop you from reading it.My rating is only how this book was to me. And I just had too many concerns about some thingsd this topic is a very tough one and will effect each person differently.I hate when the main character is so troubled i want to simultaneously shake her and hug her.But more than that, I think - I'm on page 112 - I want to shake Guy. When? when will someone [...]

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