Wow! Said the Owl

Wow! Said the Owl

Tim Hopgood / Jun 26, 2019

Wow Said the Owl Here s the story of a curious little owl determined to see what the world looks like during the day And what does she discover A wow worthy symphony of colors from red butterflies to orange flowers f

  • Title: Wow! Said the Owl
  • Author: Tim Hopgood
  • ISBN: 9780374385187
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here s the story of a curious little owl determined to see what the world looks like during the day And what does she discover A wow worthy symphony of colors from red butterflies to orange flowers, from white clouds to green leaves.This boisterous and bright book is the perfect read aloud to savor with curious little owls everywhere who are exploring the world of colorsHere s the story of a curious little owl determined to see what the world looks like during the day And what does she discover A wow worthy symphony of colors from red butterflies to orange flowers, from white clouds to green leaves.This boisterous and bright book is the perfect read aloud to savor with curious little owls everywhere who are exploring the world of colors for the first time.

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    1. A little owl stays awake and discovers daytime and all the amazing colors nature has. She also stays awake at nighttime and finds out that stars are the most beautiful of all things! Cute book and great for introducing colors to kids :)

    2. Heidi’s favourite toy is a soft owl, and her favourite pastime is reading stories. So it should be no surprise that she has plenty of books about owls. There’s Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson. There’s Ten Little Owls by Renee Treml. There’s The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear, illustrated by Jan Brett. There’s Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris. Actually, how did that one get onto her shelf?But by far her favourite owl book is Wow! Said the Owl by T [...]

    3. A young owl stays awake all day so she can see all the colors of the day. So excited was she that she stayed awake all tonight too and discovered that nighttime is just as beautiful, if not more so, than the daylight.A cute book with great illustrations. Good for young kids to learn their colors or if they're just starting to read.

    4. Cute illustrations and exploration of the different colours to be found in nature. Owl is a night-time bird, but decides to stay up and see what the day has to offer, exploring a rainbow of colours. Great for encouraging the IB attitude appreciation.

    5. Bright and colorful illustrations and simple text make this a good storytime book for the youngaudiences. A great introduction to colors and rainbows.

    6. Owl defies his nocturnal nature to see what the day is like. As a result he gets to experience all kinds of beautiful new colors!

    7. Used in TT storytime on 10/4/17. The "WOW!" refrain is cute but this book didn't hold the kids' attention particularly well.

    8. I would enjoy the pages of this book as artwork in my home. I love how it takes the viewpoint of a baby owl who has never seen the beautiful colors of daytime and shows you the owl's wonder. And the ending is cute too. The kids really liked all of the colors.

    9. What a great book for young children. The front cover suggests the book is about an owl with beautiful illustrations throughout the book. This is a book essentially about introducing colours and would be fantastic to use with foundation children, which I would imagine the author had in mind when writing this book. The book is consistent with the text and one bold colour on the verso. The colours are realistic throughout the book which are inviting, bright and friendly. Both icons and symbolic il [...]

    10. I absolutely LOVE Wow! Said the Owl, by Tim Hopgood. The first time I read it, I knew that I needed to buy it for my school library, as it is educational as well as fun. It is the story of the most adorable little owl that decides to sleep one night so that he can stay awake the next day and see what he can see in the daylight. The owl becomes gradually more and more amazed at the colors, for instance that the leaves on his tree are green, and that the sky is a beautiful pink just before sunrise [...]

    11. How did I miss this one? How sad that I didn't know about this book for the past 3 years!So one day an owl takes a long nap when she was supposed to be awake. Then she stayed up in the daytime to see what she could see. There was yellow sunshine, red butterflies, white clouds, blue sky, and all sorts of wonderful colors to look at. She even saw a rainbow. But then the biggest "WOW!" of all came when she decided that "The nighttime stars are the most beautiful of all." I agree. Stars are the most [...]

    12. A little owl stays up late, and marvels at all the colors of the daytime that she has been missing in her nocturnal life. This is really a book geared towards helping kids learn colors, but I liked it because of the enthusiasm the owl shows towards all of the outdoors, greeting each sight with a "wow!" I also liked that it showed the how many colors you can experience from the same spot throughout the course of day. It talks about the "warm and wonderful pink" of a morning sky, or the white fluf [...]

    13. Owl decides to stay up all day to see what she can see even though she knows owls normally sleep during the day. With each new color that's revealed owl exclaims "Wow!" and storytime attendees will quickly join her. The text is serviceable but nothing special although the "Wow!" refrain does work well. The illustrations are the draw; they have a rough feel to them as if they're the product of collage although there's no illustration note to confirm. The colors are vibrant which is good in a colo [...]

    14. Owl decides she's missing out on day time. She naps then stays up all day long, wowed by the rainbow of colors. Fun little owl book that deals with colors. "Wow said the Owl" repeats maybe 7 times, so you can have the kids "read" that line with you.Couple of quibbles keep it from being more than three stars: 1) some pages that are meant to showcase one color include multiple ones. Kids can't tell which is supposed to be the focus. 2) A rainbow appears at the end (which is cool) but includes purp [...]

    15. This will be a great story to use an add-on activity in my preschool storytime (similar to the one I use for Audrey Wood's "Deep Blue Ocean"). A simple way to review colors and what things around us may have those colors. This is a good choice for me because of all the preschoolers younger siblings who join us. Should work for all present.9/24/14: Used in my art theme storytime. Before hand I printed off images referred to in the book and colored them in. Then had the kids see who was wearing th [...]

    16. I really like this one. The colors and illustrations are gorgeous, and I just love the idea of the story. My preschoolers weren't as impressed. It just wasn't as good as I'm Not Cute to them, and maybe they were having a bit of bird fatigue at that point. They did like the very last page where you can go over the colors featured in the book, and none of them had heard of the color indigo before, so they all learned something. I will definitely try to incorporate this in a story time again.

    17. This curious little owl wants to find out what happens during the day when he is sleeping so he takes a nap during the night and wakes up when the sun comes up. WOW! He is awed by all of the bright and vibrant colors of the daytime. When night falls, he is again awed by all of the wonderful colors of the world and stays awake all nightke an owl does! This would be a great book for a toddler when learning about different colors. It is also a bright, well-illustrated book that could be used in the [...]

    18. A story about colors! Specifically, the colors an owl sees when she stays up during the day.Basic colors abound, as do pretty straightforward descriptions ("white fluffy clouds floated across the bright blue sky"). The multimedia illustrations are engaging and modern looking, and include many shades of each color. If you need a color book for a storytime, you're in luck! But it's a bit of a one trick pony, so you can't really use it for anything else.

    19. (spoiler alert)This curious little owl decides to sleep through the night to stay awake the next day to see what the fuss is all about ‘day.’ It finds day surprising, color after color (yellow sun, green trees, blue skies, and you’ll be surprised what other colors the author elaborated). When night returns, the owl sees it with a new light and equal wonders. Hopgood made WOW a book of color, curiousity, and bewilderment in just one book —that’s too good to be true.

    20. This is the second British children's book that I've fallen in love with this week (the first being Russell the Sheep). The owl is darling, the illustrations are image I could see wanting to hang on a wall, and the book introduces colors in a fun way by showing them from the perspective of an owl who is used to only seeing darkness at night. My baby didn't seem quite as excited about this book as I was, but he was sleepy when we read it together so I'll have to give it another try.

    21. This was a very cute story about a young owl discovering all the colors that occur during the day. Added bonus about this book is that I can use it for ToddlerTime on owls and a Discoverytime (Preschool storytime + science) on rainbows. I am very happy about the last part. Recommended for ages 2-6, 4 stars.

    22. I bought this book because I really liked the artwork. I'm like that with picture books :-)My daughter has enjoyed this story from around 14 months of age when she started joining in with the 'wow' exclamation. She's picked up the names of the colours along the way but doesn't match them up with the colour wheel at the back of the book as yet.We really like this one.

    23. The little owl wakes up during the day instead of during the night; and she discovers a whole new world of colors. When night falls, she also discovers the beauty of stars and beyond; not able to sleep and staying awake instead. The book explores colors, with a burst of colors when the rainbow appears. A great book to splash the children with colors!

    24. Wow Said the Owl tells the story of a young owl as it discovers the daytime for the first time. A great book for explaining colors and rainbows. The illustrations are vivid and the collage/painting technique works well for the images. It's fun to get all of the kids to yell "Wow" when the owl says "wow."Great for pre-k storytime.

    25. A very cute book. I enjoyed Owl's enthusiasm about the day-time world around her, 'wowing' over things we might take for granted (e.g. the yellow sun). I also appreciated that the protagonist, the little Owl, was female.

    26. This is a clever colors book, but it could also be filed under "wonder" -- what's it like to see color for the first time? This little owl finds out when she stays up during the daylight for the first time. Read with excitement!!

    27. Loved reading this to my son tonight, it's a great book to get children interested in colours. A nice little tale of a small owl who stays awake one day and is amazed at all the different colours they see during daylight.

    28. Lovely illustrations show the day through the eyes of owl as he stays awake in the daytime and sees all the colors of leaves, butterflies and more.

    29. My 2 year old is currently obsessed with owls and this is a hit! Super to reinforce colours and illustrations are simple and effective.

    30. A very cute book about a little owl who stays up during the day and discovers many colors around him. A great book for toddlers.

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