The Book of Spies

The Book of Spies

Gayle Lynds / Oct 23, 2019

The Book of Spies For centuries emperors historians and even the Vatican have tried to locate Ivan the Terrible s magnificent Library of Gold a long missing archive containing gold covered bejeweled books dating al

  • Title: The Book of Spies
  • Author: Gayle Lynds
  • ISBN: 9780312380892
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For centuries, emperors, historians, and even the Vatican have tried to locate Ivan the Terrible s magnificent Library of Gold a long missing archive containing gold covered, bejeweled books dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks Now one of the volumes, The Book of Spies, has surfaced, and along with it the highly secret book club that owns the Library of Gold For centuries, emperors, historians, and even the Vatican have tried to locate Ivan the Terrible s magnificent Library of Gold a long missing archive containing gold covered, bejeweled books dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks Now one of the volumes, The Book of Spies, has surfaced, and along with it the highly secret book club that owns the Library of Gold They form a cabal of the globe s most powerful men men who will do anything to achieve their aims and protect their interests When the CIA discovers a connection between the legendary library and a bank account linked to terrorists, they turn to rare books curator Eva Blake for help Soon an attempt is made on Eva s life Determined not only to survive but to uncover the truth, Eva turns to the only person she can trust Judd Ryder, a former intelligence agent with his own agenda and a troubled past Together, Judd and Eva embark on an international adventure from London to Rome, Istanbul, and Athens Somehow they must do what no one else has been able to do find the library and stay alive.

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        New York Times bestseller Gayle Lynds is the award winning author of ten international espionage novels Library Journal calls her the reigning queen of espionage fiction The London Observer says she s a kick ass thriller writer Lee Child calls her today s best espionage writer Born in Omaha, NE, and raised in Council Bluffs, IA, Gayle graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in journalism While there, she often sneaked into classes and readings at the renowned Iowa Writers Workshop She was blessed by remarkable teachers among them were John Irving in rhetoric and Kurt Vonnegut in a literature class For her, the university was a lively petri dish of books, writing, and adventure.Gayle officially began her writing career as a reporter for The Arizona Republic, where a series of her investigative pieces made such an impact that they led to changes in state legislation Later she took a job as an editor with rare Top Secret security clearance at a private think tank that did government work Assorted shadowy figures passed through, and not only ideas but engineers and artists seemed to bounce off the walls She was inspired She wanted to write about what she was seeing and experiencing.Expressing her love of mainstream literature, she wrote short stories that were published in literary journals Simultaneously, she wrote male pulp novels in the Nick Carter series Soon the two forms began to jell in her mind The first novel under her own name, Gayle Lynds, was Masquerade, a New York Times bestseller that Publishers Weekly later listed as one of the top ten spy novels of all time Others of her novels have been prize winners The Last Spymaster won Best Novel from both the American Authors Association and the Military Writers Society of America The Book of Spies was a finalist for both the Nero and Audie awards The Coil won Best Contemporary Novel from Affaire de Coeur Mosaic was RT Thriller of the Year Mesmerized was a Daphne du Maurier Award finalist With Robert Ludlum, she created the Covert One series, one of which, The Hades Factor, was a CBS miniseries Gayle s previous husband was Dennis Lynds, an award winning detective novelist who died in 2005 They had lived several decades in Santa Barbara, CA, where they raised their children In 2011, a new stage of her life began when she married John C Sheldon, a long time resident of Maine A retired judge, John is a former prosecutor and defense attorney and Visiting Scholar to Harvard Law School Today they live on fourteen acres of oaks, maples, hemlocks, and white pine outside Portland A voracious reader, John had never written fiction when they met Now they have collaborated on three short stories Gayle is a member of the Association for Intelligence Operatives and cofounder with David Morrell and former copresident of International Thriller Writers, Inc ITW s annual celebration is ThrillerFest, held every July in New York City.


    1. A Darn Good Spy Thriller!I almost didn’t purchase this book after reading some negative reviews, but decided to give it a shot based on the positive comments. I thoroughly enjoyed The Book of Spies and think the writer is very similar to the style of Steve Berry, another favourite author. It kept me well entertained throughout the entire story with well defined characters, a first-class plot, and riveting action. It’s a winner in my eyes!

    2. When I first saw that the subject of this novel was about the legendary Library of Gold, I was really excited about the premise. Because this remarkable collection of gold-bound illuminated manuscripts is in the hands of ruthless powerbrokers, there wasn’t much sense of awe at making a remarkable discovery. It was really a struggle for power against this dangerous and controlling group and the CIA, who were tipped off that this treasure trove was linked to terrorist activities. There’s a goo [...]

    3. When I found I had won this book from I was really excited. There is nothing I like better than a good spy novel and the short synopsis of the story sounded interesting, especially because I also "cannot live without books." (Read the book and you'll understand the reference.)When it arrived I planned to tear right through it gobbling it in big chunks but as I got a little ways into the story I found myself slowing down to savor some of the great historical information that was so richly scatte [...]

    4. Gayle Lynds' book centers around a legendary library that containins written works dating back to ancient Rome and Greece. The book begins with a sniper shot and the killing of a CIA agent. The agent's son, Judd Ryder, learns that his father claimed to have information about the Library of Gold and joins forces with Eva Blake to find the Library of Gold. Eva is a rare-book expert being sent to prison for the manslaughter of her husband when the story opens. The two join forces in England when Th [...]

    5. If there is any merit to the old adage that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, then Gayle Lynds would have us believe the counter to be just as true: man will move heaven and earth to try to prove himself to the woman who scorned him. I know that the inside jacket description and back cover reviews would describe this book as an spy-thriller/action-adventure tale for bibliophiles, but honestly? None of the events or the characters involved would have been put into motion had it not been for [...]

    6. “The Book of Spies” by Gayle LyndsAs a lover of books about libraries, lost books and the struggle between good and evil, or greed and giving, this was an enjoyable book for me to read. There was action, suspicion and plenty of connected sub plots woven across settings in different countries. There was also the usual hint of romance or at least intrigue. From the soldiers and traitors in Afghanistan, to the CIA with searching for the inside leaks, this was a book packed with adventure and tw [...]

    7. The Book of Spies is my favorite book of the year. It opened with a bang and kept me glued to the book until the end. The CIA discovers there is a connection between the historical Library of Gold and a terrorist bank account. Like Robert Ludlum, Lynds follows the money welded by the cabal of powerful men. She weaves a tale of intrigue with rare book expert Eva Blake and CIA agent Judd Ryder in solving the mystery. The characters were well developed and she deftly and seamlessly crossed genres; [...]

    8. I thought this book was going to be similar to a Dan Brown novel, but it didn't quite hit the mark. The plotline lacks the depth of Dan Brown's stories and the Gayle Lynds writing isn't quite as eloquent. Her character descriptions are abruptly inserted into the text making her writing choppy and disorganized. The beginning of the novel is filled with detailed description that slowly peters out as the conclusion approaches leaving the reader feeling cheated and unsatisfied. Lynds builds suspense [...]

    9. I have to say this book about a historical library of gold and one of its legendary volumes--The Book of Spies--left me unimpressed. While it has lots of historical facts and wonderful quotes the characters just didn't come alive. The book starts when a young library archivist (Eva) is found guilty of killing her husband in an automobile accident. After 2 years in prison, the government needs her expertise to track down the existence of a legendary library containing untold rare books from the g [...]

    10. An avid reader, I find myself fussier when it comes to books that fall under the genre of historical fiction and admit that I am certainly harder to please in this arena. In my opinion, the bar is set much higher when bits and pieces of fact are woven into the fabric of the storyline with the largest challenge for the author being believability. Believability is not an issue for Gayle Lynds or “The Book of Spies”. A masterful blend of bold, fearless characters, desperately searching for the [...]

    11. 3 1/2 stars. Extremely detailed book about a lost book from a secret library.I listened to the recorded book. Interesting premise, good suspense and lots of action.My only issue with it was every word seemed carefully chosen and if not focused 100% of the time, I would be lost. I had to replay entire chapters to make sure I hadn't missed anything important.

    12. A very silly thriller, but so engrossing that I has to finish it. There is no added value apart from passing the time, even though the story revolves around books. That's quite an "achievement." You feel that you must read on, although you keep asking yourself why the whole time, which makes you end up feeling a bit used. The plot is so unbelievable at times that you find yourself chuckling at its silliness. I can't believe I have wasted my time on this thing, but I did. Weird.

    13. it started out well, I thought it sounded like a good read for me, but by 30% my interest waned, just seamed stilted to me and then I just wanted it done but I didn't really want to pick it up again. By the time the sex scene hit i was done and rolling my eyes. Skimmed to the end

    14. I had such high hopes for this book but I was really disappointed. The plot seemed right up my street - with a hidden library, secrets and a hunt to find the library and uncover the secrets associated with it. However, the way it was written felt quite amateurish, or perhaps aimed at teens rather than adults. For example, the author doesn't explain some terms but at one point discusses IT and feels the need to expand on this to say it means Information Technology. Given the context and the year [...]

    15. An evil book club? You've got to be kidding. No, Gayle Lynds seriously expects us to follow the inept and murderous doings of a secret society devoted to their impossibly rare book collection. I couldn't put this one down - I had to throw it across the room instead, but I kept coming back for more because I took malicious pleasure in keeping count of the anachronisms and goofs.Bet you didn't know the Medieval Period came to an end in 1580. What happened to the Renaissance and the Counter-Reforma [...]

    16. There is a quote on the back of the cover by James Patterson stating that this book is extremely original but to get you interested in it, he claims it's a cross between The Da Vinci Code and The Bourne Identity.This just adds to my dislike of James Patterson because it's not original at all, it IS a cross between the two and I fail to see how one could claim any of it's parts as unique.The story moves at lightning speed, clearly written for the screen in fast pace chases, a beautiful cast(is an [...]

    17. How can you not like a book built around the concept of a gang of criminals whose one common element is a love of books? This far fetched and gripping story is built around a collection of facts and legends concerning the library of gold bound ancient manuscripts last seen under the rule of Ivan the Terrible in Russia in the 16th century. Ivan created a network of catacombs below the Kremlin 12 stories deep. Russian spelunkers, geologists, and book lovers continue to search this maize of tunnels [...]

    18. Everything I love in a mysteryImagine a Library of Gold - a library of rare books that has been preserved, guarded and passed down through the ages. Protected by kings, potentates, czars and powerful men who saved it for themselves alone to enjoyd now imagine that one of these books is stolen from the Library! How some of the world's most powerful men react gives us a look at the world of privilege and unlimited wealth. Everyone goes looking for the Book of Spies - leading authorities on the Lib [...]

    19. Woe is me! I have just discovered spy-writer Gayle Lynds who has co-written several books in Robert Ludlum’s series of spy thrillers as well as a number of her own best-selling stories. Why “woe is me” then? Because I have just finished THE BOOK OF SPIES (ISBN 978-0312946081, $9.99, St. Martins Paperback) and now have to add Gayle’s previous books to my current list of favorite spy-writers. The book is over 500 pages and contains the author’s afterward about what is real and what is no [...]

    20. The Library of Gold is a somewhat typical thriller. I sort of don't have any patience for that sort of thing lately, since I'm trying to get through my backlog a bit -- and like I said, this is typical of the genre, with infodumps and long lists of names and short snappy chapters. It was compelling enough that I kept paging through it, but not so much that I didn't skim.I was really interested by the premise, though, and I definitely didn't skim the historical notes at the end. My sister reckons [...]

    21. Iwan der Schreckliche hat zu Lebzeiten die legendäre Bibliothek aus Gold zusammengetragen, in der das Wissen der Welt vereint ist und legendäre Schriften von Gelehrten wie z.B. Aristoteles zu finden sind.Im Laufe der Zeit wurde diese Bibliothek zur Legende, denn niemand weiß, wo sie ist, außer einem exklusiven Kreis aus mächtigen Männern, die sich selbst ‚Der Buchclub‘ nennen.Als der Vorsitzende dieses Clubs etwas Illegales in Afghanistan plant, wird Tucker Andersen, ein alter CIA-Haud [...]

    22. One of those hold-your-interest spy thrillers where everything is quickly known and it is merely a race, a hunt against the clock or away from the killers. Certainly intriguing, at first, with the hidden Library of Gold, the smuggled message, the woman who went to prison for killing her husband sprung to find out more, the son of a murdered billionaire (and former military intelligence officer) out to find out what happened. Styled after the late, great Robert Ludlum with its mix of civilian thr [...]

    23. Hace mucho tiempo que quería leer este libro con desesperación. Al leer el argumento me dejó fascinada y llena de curiosidad por leer el libro completo. Cuando por fin lo conseguí, leí con muchas ansias, peroNo es que la historia sea mala, sino que no tiene muchas revelaciones que hicieran decir: ¡wow!, por lo que me gustó pero no me encantó.La escritora tiene un estilo un tanto frío que te permite leer con rapidez, pero por momentos esa frialdad hacía que la búsqueda de la Biblioteca [...]

    24. I'm giving this a 4 for enjoyment, although plausibility would rate a 2. However, who cares? Suspend disbelief. There is non-stop action, lots of twists and turns, foreign locales (London, Istanbul, Athens), and even a romance. "The Book of Spies" is a book in the legendary library of Ivan the Terrible, who amassed a vast collection of precious books, but which has now been lost to history. A female antiquities scholar and the CIA try to discover its location.

    25. A bit much for me! Good guys and bad guys chasing each other, shooting, stabbing, killing, general mayheme spies pop up everywhere, they are always ready to go after someone. Good guys and bad guys are piling up dead everywhere. And of course there is a character not on either side who helpsd a little romance thrown in. Reminded me of Angels & Demons because of how ridiculous it all was. But maybe it really is like that out there in the spy world, who knows?

    26. This is my kind of book, an exciting thriller. Action, gun fights, evil genius, secret passageways, corrupt officials and a bit of romance. A few things felt unfinished, but the book as a whole was good and fast to read. I would give it 3 1/2 stars if I could, it was a hard choice between 3 and 4. If you like action packed thrillers, this is the book for you.

    27. The Book of Spies is an intricate thriller that keeps you turning the pages. Although Lynds is a master at plot development and structure, I personally prefer a book that includes more character development. Lynds takes great pains to describe what characters are wearing (unnecessary and sometimes a little intrusive), but I never really got to know even the main characters.

    28. I chose to read this book because of the description I read on the back cover. O how I wish i had stopped there. Nowhere did it mention that it was actually a blandly written romance novel, with what felt like entries scattered throughout describing people places and things. I would NOT recommend wasting your time on this one. It should have been burried along with the library of gold.

    29. A wild, exuberant, sprawling chase across numerous countries in search of a MacGuffin, involving global conspiracies, rogue intelligence agents, terrorists, international assassins, government cover-ups, and all the usual elements you'd expect from this sort of thing. It was okay, and would have made an entertaining TV mini-series, but somehow never quite came together for me. I didn't really see why the Library of Gold was so important and so super-secret, and never really quite got the point o [...]

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