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Empire Time of Legends is Black Library s premiere fantasy series which brings the history and legends of the Warhammer world alive Empire follows up Heldenhammer by Graham McNeill with the story of the c

  • Title: Empire
  • Author: Graham McNeill
  • ISBN: 9781844166886
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • Time of Legends is Black Library s premiere fantasy series, which brings the history and legends of the Warhammer world alive Empire follows up Heldenhammer, by Graham McNeill, with the story of the creation of the Empire in the Old World.

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    • [PDF] ¼ Free Read ✓ Empire : by Graham McNeill ↠
      330 Graham McNeill
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        Hailing from Scotland, Graham McNeill narrowly escaped a career in surveying to work for Games Workshop as a games designer He has a strong following with his novels Nightbringer, Warriors of Ultramar, Dead Sky, Black Sun and Storm of Iron.


    1. This one is tricky. Has some great parts, but overall feeling isn't that great. Even had some brakes in reading before finishing it. The main downgrade for me was word order in some sentences, sometimes it was hardly understandable. It felt like author was trying to use high vocab and word order where there could be used something simpler. It's full of epic battles and epic descriptions, and i missed more fast dialogues.

    2. Good IInd book of this Sigmar Trilogy.In this one we see Sigmar that must defeats his inner deamons and overcame the darkness of his soul.Probably too many battles inside the book, each one is represented in a good way but there almost no interruption between one battle and the following ones.

    3. Empire the Legend of Sigmar is the heroic sequel to the best selling book The Legend of Sigmar. The book continues the quest of sigmar to unite man in a world full of death, beasts, and mythical creatures. The genre of the book is conceriderd to be Fantasy. The author of the book Graham McNeill published by the black library does a great job portraying the heroes feelings and actions. Graham McNeill has been an author for the black library for many years now and has been a very popular and succe [...]

    4. Lesser follow up to HeldenhammerIn the aftermath of Black Fire Pass Sigmar forges the Empire but all is not well. The Beastmen of the Forests and the agents of Chaos still plague the land. Ancient Evil with the power over death is waking and in the lands of the North the Norsca, seething with vengeance, have united under Cormac Bloodaxe and Azazel drawing the forces of Chaos to them, preparing to invade the fledgling Empire. When they strike the fate of Sigmars empire will be decided beneath the [...]

    5. This is the second book about Sigmar Heldenhammer. In the first book, Sigmar unites all of the tribes of humans under one banner, in this book he is crowned Emperor and must keep his fledgling empire from splitting apart.I gotta say, the beginning of this book was a bit, "oh no! theres something terrible happening!" So Sigmar rides in with his trusty sword-brethren and after a terrific fight, comes out victorious! This happens 2-3 times before the story changes, and thats when the book becomes i [...]

    6. The first book of the Sigmar Trilogy chronicled the founding of the empire. This second book deals with something even more challenging, managing and defending that empire.Sigmar has realized his dream, he has forged an Empire of Man, brought together all the disparate tribes under his rule. Not everyone is happy about this however, most notably the Norsii. The Norsii are savage barbarians that Sigmar drove from his lands, and they want vengeance.There are quite a few story threads going on in t [...]

    7. This continues the story of Sigmar and the building of the human empire. The time period the book covers is consumed with war. Sigmar must face large armies of orcs, beastmen, Norsii, demons, skaven, and a necromancer, not to mention the struggles that threaten the empire from the inside. Sigmar has darker moments in this book. The descriptions of the battles are perfect; there is detail to the point that you can see what McNeill is describing, but it is not overdone. Definitely an exciting and [...]

    8. The second instalment in the Sigmar Trilogy is nearly cover to cover full of epic battles. The story picks up after Sigmar establishes his Empire. The newly forged Empire must now endure attacks from within and, most notably, without in the form of a Chaos invasion of unprecedented size. New characters are introduced and old favourites fall heroically. One thing the reader will realize, though, is that nothing bad can happen to Sigmar who seems to be this strange blend of Captain America and Jes [...]

    9. Opening With Sigmar being crowned emperor after the battle of Black Fire Pass. Sigmar then leads his army north to persuade King Marius of the Jutones to join the empire. Sigmar's inner darkness is seen when he almost allows the Jutones destruction. Meanwhile Norsii raiders have come to the lands of the empire, and they are killing and burning everything in their path. Events lead to the raiders laying siege to the city of Middenheim where Sigmar and his human army with the aid of a Dwarven host [...]

    10. The second book on the legend of Sigmar, not as many fights however the foes are stronger and deadlier. We also get to see Sigmar make a very bad and wrong decision (albeit not entirely of his own will) and truly face the weight and responsibility of his power.Sigmars first enemy returns although their feud is not concluded, the Hag Woman plays a pivotal role in Sigmars path yet again this time as more than just a warning to SIgmar of dangers before the fact.

    11. Graham McNeill has truly captured the raw essence of Sigmar in this the second novel of the series. Empire takes us through a darker chapter of Sigmar's life, forcing him to face his rage and passion for conquest in a harsher light. McNeill unleashes his talent into this scene masterfully further proving Black Library's teams's right to belong beside the great science fiction fantasy writers of today.

    12. Although I found it better than the previous book in the series, it’s still a tedious read. The book felt boring with repetitive battle every few pages. The only part I did enjoy was the dark side of Sigmar. At this point I am ready to drop the series as it’s not providing anything in terms of plotting or intrigue. Don' expect much from the author at this point.

    13. I could repeat my review from the previous book - Heldenhammer. I would recommend this to anyone who likes the fantasy fiction genre. There is certainly plenty to enjoy with the book with the only downside being the predictability of the story and a feeling of deja vu whenever a battle or confrontation occurs.Good book and I enjoyed reading it.

    14. I love Graham McNeill's works, and Empire was one of his stronger ones. Keeping a new empire safe is NEVER easy!

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