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Fierce From addiction to awards and fashion faux pas to first night nerves Kelly s entertaining account of making mistakes and learning from them is full of practical advice for young women This no holds ba

  • Title: Fierce
  • Author: Kelly Osbourne
  • ISBN: 9780753519356
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • From addiction to awards and fashion faux pas to first night nerves, Kelly s entertaining account of making mistakes and learning from them is full of practical advice for young women This no holds barred account of Kelly Obsourne s upbringing is as shocking as it is disarmingly funny From stories about her father s alcoholism to pushing over porta potties on tour, KellyFrom addiction to awards and fashion faux pas to first night nerves, Kelly s entertaining account of making mistakes and learning from them is full of practical advice for young women This no holds barred account of Kelly Obsourne s upbringing is as shocking as it is disarmingly funny From stories about her father s alcoholism to pushing over porta potties on tour, Kelly unflinchingly deals with the extraordinary experiences that have made up her life so far She also includes music manager Louis Walsh s advice on making it in the music industry, tips from Kelly s sought after make up artist at MAC, and a comprehensive list of support organizations that women can reach out to when they really need help Much than a celebrity autobiography, this inspiring book will be the ultimate style and advice bible for young women everywhere.

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        Kelly Osbourne is a television personality, host, fashion designer, singer and actress She first came to prominence while appearing on the Emmy Award winning reality series The Osbournes with her family from 2002 2005 Since then, Osbourne co hosted E s hit show Fashion Police and was frequently found on the red carpet as one of E s Fashion Correspondents She has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and guest starred on various other television shows A collection of M A C Cosmetics co created with her mother, Sharon, debuted in 2014 She has also designed Stories By Kelly Osbourne, her first ready to wear fashion line with sizes from 0 24 Osbourne was also recently a judge on Australia s Got Talent and can be seen on the judging panel for Project Runway Junior.


    1. Ugh, instead of Fierce this book should be entitled First World Problems. I was expecting a heartfelt expose but what I got from Ms. Osbourne here was a bunch of bitching about her high class problems - having nannies all her life, being on tour with Ozzy, her dyslexia making her hate school, being a spoiled brat, getting her heartbroken by a guy that was clearly an asshole to begin with, and then her life magically falling into place.Even when I thought the book was going to get good - when she [...]

    2. A very short and sweet audiobook gets a short and sweet review. Kelly reads the book and instead of just reading it, it really sounds like she's hanging out having a conversation with the listener, even crying when talking about her dad's accident that left him in a coma for 14 days.Kelly gives advice on a little bit of everything and doesn't completely sound like a little rich girl giving advice to poor people. I have a soft spot for Kelly so of course I like this little book.

    3. I've always been quite fascinated by Kelly Osbourne. I've admired her for going her own way and being true to herself all the time. She's been such an inspiration for me when I was growing up. Actually, she's still a massive inspiration for me. When I first started reading this book, I was unsure of what I'd think of it. Just a couple of pages in, I was stuck. I was mesmerised by Kelly's story and her life. I finished it the same day. So many emotions rushed through me. I was so emotional, there [...]

    4. I'm not much of a fan of Kelly Osbourne - I don't know much about her at all - but I find celebrity autobiographies fascinating, so i was interested to pick it up. Also, it's called Fierce (though I'm not entirely sure why) and you can't really go past a book titled that.This book is about Kelly's life. It's easy-to-read, written in a very conversational manner (at one point she says she dictated the novel to someone for them to write it, because she's dyslexic, and you can tell), and sprinkled [...]

    5. I believe that the author’s purpose in the book was to show people how her (Kelly Osbourne’s) life was. The book Kelly Osbourne: Fierce was wrote by herself Kelly Osbourne. In my opinion the book was to inform people what happened in her life and the major struggles she had to overcome. The author’s purpose was to tell anyone that read the book, how her life was when she lived in Buckinghamshire, England then to when she moved across the Atlantic Ocean to Beverly Hills, California. She als [...]

    6. I always find celebrity biographies remarkably easy to read, and can normally finish them within a couple of hours. This was no different, although at some points it did read as more of a self help book than biography, but judging by what Kelly's been through in her short life, it's not surprising.The "self help" sections come with information about websites, companies, people that can help if you're suffering from an addiction etc. However, these are in little boxes every couple of pages and re [...]

    7. Very honest & real. I love Kelly & this book has just reinforced that love. What I appreciate the most is that she doesn't just come across as a spoiled brat who thinks that she deserves something just because her parent(s) is a celebrity. She wants to work for everything that she has. And she is extremely open about addiction, but doesn't seem to be bragging about it like a lot of younger celebs who go through the same things seem to be doing when they talk about it or write about it. T [...]

    8. Sure Kelly isn't that old, but in her 26 years she has lived quite a life (one that many wish they could be a part of). This book is Kelly's life in her words. I remember watching the Osbournes on MTV, and thinking wow what a family!! After reading this book, I understand a little better what was happening behind the scenes. I hope that Kelly continues to accept herself for who she is, and tells the rest of the world to kiss off if they don't like her as she is. That's something that many of us [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this audio book because it was more like she was sitting down, having a conversation with you about her life instead of reading a story about her life. She gave advice and went through her past with emotion and feeling. At one point she cried, and it made me tear up. Very interesting to hear her feelings about being the daughter of a rock star, moving to a different country, and growing up with her identity. She seems like a very cool girl.

    10. No offence to Miss Osbourne but I feel this book could have been a lot better. The chapters seemed to be a bit all over the place, with her randomly going from one place to another. She was candid about her drug use and how her Dads drug use and drinking affected the family. But she seemed to be constantly repeating herself and name dropping!! It was a good read but not great.

    11. I wasn't expecting a deep treatise on the meaning of life here, but this is actually a well-written and very honest book about the phenomenom of celebrity-obsessed/ reality TV addicted society. Certainly a great book to give to a teenage girl as Osbourne has included a lot of resources for help with drugs, alcohol, bullying and eating disorders (although they are most UK-based.)

    12. A good read however far to many helplines. It would be so much better with them all at the end at least, rather than cluttering up the book. I did enjoy this however, as i like the osbournes and kelly always has alot to say. She comes across well in this and makes me like her a bit more thn I did before.

    13. Absolutely loved this. She's incredibly honest about her life and growing up with a rockstar dad and it comes across as a very endearing quality. I read it in two sittings; I could not put it down.

    14. I like Kelly Osbourne. This memoir isn't that revealing, but Ms. Osbourne tries to describe what happened behind the scenes when she was coming of age.

    15. Really didn't like the writing style but plodded through it as I wanted to hear about her life. The anecdotes made me laugh though!

    16. If you are an Osbourne fan you will probably enjoy this book. If not, It may not make sense. It is a fast read and I enjoyed it.

    17. I don't want to say anything mean, because in her book Kelly repeated a million times how she hates mean people and criticism, but this book SUCKED. Terribly written, uninteresting, stupid.

    18. This was a great book. Fun to read, interesting, moving. It was a fairly quick read and I don't think I got bored once. Definitely recommended.

    19. I enjoyed the book, found it a little repetitive. So good that she was able to turn her life around and achieve things by her own merit!

    20. This book really helped me in high school. It was so important to know someone as cool as Kelly went through hell, but still ended up fabulous! Would 100% recommend this book to anyone!

    21. I absolutely loved it and I am astounded by Miss Kelly Osbourne. I loved her before but now I have a even higher respect for her and everything she has gone through. She truelly inspires me.

    22. I only read this book because of my weird obsession with memoirs. In fact, Id never even heard of her until I found this at a basket sale (2o rupees per book). However, she is an oddly entertaining writer (if it was indeed her and not a ghost writer), drawing me into her world of having to deal with image issues that came with being the lead singer of Black Sabbath's daughter- ranging from weight loss to suicidal tendencies. I was more into it as a classic Rock fan because of her description of [...]

    23. I listened to the audio book version and to me it did not feel like a book, it was more like you were sitting down with Kelly in her living room, having a cuppa and a chat. You could hear the emotion in her voice, and when she broke down, you wanted to break down with her. I love it when someone who does an autobiography does their own narration for it because you get that emotion and that connection. This hits that on the nail. Some of it seemed a little awkward, like she was jumping around or [...]

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