Behind The Secret Window: A Memoir Of A Hidden Childhood During WWII

Behind The Secret Window: A Memoir Of A Hidden Childhood During WWII

Nelly S. Toll / Feb 22, 2020

Behind The Secret Window A Memoir Of A Hidden Childhood During WWII The Nazis come to Poland when Nelly is six By the time she turns eight the events of World War II have taken almost everyone she loves Scared lonely and running from the Nazis Nelly hides in the b

  • Title: Behind The Secret Window: A Memoir Of A Hidden Childhood During WWII
  • Author: Nelly S. Toll
  • ISBN: 9780439611817
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • The Nazis come to Poland when Nelly is six By the time she turns eight, the events of World War II have taken almost everyone she loves Scared, lonely, and running from the Nazis, Nelly hides in the bedroom of a Gentile couple in Poland For over a year, she lives in fear of discovery, writing in her diary and painting pictures of a fantasy world filled with open skies aThe Nazis come to Poland when Nelly is six By the time she turns eight, the events of World War II have taken almost everyone she loves Scared, lonely, and running from the Nazis, Nelly hides in the bedroom of a Gentile couple in Poland For over a year, she lives in fear of discovery, writing in her diary and painting pictures of a fantasy world filled with open skies and happy families Illustrated with Nelly s original watercolors, this powerful memoir tells the true story of how a little girl s imagination helped her survive a nightmare.

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    1. Creative Response- This is a dictionary of all the italicized vocabulary words or phrases that appear in the book, that are given definitions. They are ordered in appearance. Language is in mostly Polish. A little in German.Babcia- Grandma.Groszy- Pennies.Dorozki- Horse drawn carriages.Ciocia- Aunt.Pani- Mrs. (used for educated, well-spoken people)Pan- Mr. (Used for educated, well-spoken people)Parszywe Zydlaki- Dirty Jews.Kochanie- Sweetheart.Zydowska swinia- Jewish Swine.Matka Boska Czestochow [...]

    2. I must say this book left me speechless. Im not the type of person who gets emotional towards a piece of literature but since i could relate to this with my ancestors it got me thinking what if something of this caliber happened again and what if i was on the other end of it. Through the twist and turns of this non-fiction story i became more intact with what actually happened in WW2. Don't get me wrong i have learned about this is school, read other books about the ghettos, and even talked to a [...]

    3. When I read this book, I thought it was going to be like every other Holocaust book. Where they get caught, go into a camp and survive somehow. It's not. This book is about how Nelly went into hiding and the risky adventures her and her family had. I love this book because instead of being sad all the time, she was thankful someone was kind enough to risk their lives to hide Nelly and her mom. I would recommend this book to anyone who is into the holocaust because it's easy to understand.

    4. Behind the Secret Window By: Nelly S. TollThe memoir Behind the Secret Window by Nelly S. Toll is about Nelly herself during the holocaust. In the memoir the holocaust has hit Poland and her family and her are forced to go into hiding. Nelly's father sent Nelly to go live with a Christian family because they did not want her to get taken away by the Gestapo ( the German Police. ) After a few weeks of living with the Christian family, a new person comes to live with them. The woman is not buying [...]

    5. Though this is a short book, I did not anticipate finishing it in less than twenty-four hours, yet I found that I could not set aside the book for long because of the wonder and worry it inspired.The writing is simplistic, almost childlike, which reflects the innocence of the author at the time the events transpired and leaves room for stirrings of empathy as she conveys her confusion and pain. Though the widespread terror and atrocities that occurred during World War II are often studied to som [...]

    6. I thought that this book was ok. I do realize that this book is a biography, but I did not like how the book ended.

    7. a very good story about the life of a child who had experienced ww2 and faced Jewish discrimination according to the perspective of a child

    8. In my book, Behind The Secret Window, by Nelly S. Toll, the main character, Nelly is a Jewish girl during the holocaust. The germans invade her city, Lwów and put all of the jews into a ghetto. When the germans start "taking action" Nelly's family and her are forced to go into hiding. Nelly's little brother, is taken and most likely killed (it is not made clear in the book)and Nelly and her mother go and hide in somebody's house while her father hides somewhere else. During the Holocaust many J [...]

    9. Behind the secret window by Nelly S Toll is a full of emotion. It is a very well written, informational, and heart touching book. Nelly tells her story as a young child. She lived in Lwow, Poland with her family which consisted of her Mom, Dad, her brother named Janek, her cousins, and her aunt Elsa. Nelly thought she had a happy life, until she realizes that her life would soon come to an end. The Russian Army left, and the German Army, ran by Adolf Hitler took over Lwow Poland. Nelly and her f [...]

    10. This book really got me thinking about fate and god, and if there is such a thing as fate/luck.Nelly is such a lucky girl because numerous times she comes very close to being discovered by the gestapo, and yet every time she is safe and thanking god for her well being.Is it really god who saves us? Is there really luck? Are people actually meant to be saved?I just find it a bit odd that so many people around Nelly in similar situations get caught, and yet Nelly and her mom don’t. Nelly says it [...]

    11. I discovered a copy of Nelly Toll’s Behind the Secret Window on a sale table—it was $2.00, and it looked fascinating. Toll was eight years old when she and her mother, Jewish Ukrainians, went into hiding in the home of an older Christian couple. The apartment had been rebuilt, leaving a false wall hiding a crawl space. It was this cubby that Nelly and her mother crawled into when danger approached, and this book details their time in hiding.This is a story of loss; Nelly’s brother and fath [...]

    12. In, “Behind the Secret Window: A Memoir of a Hidden Childhood,” Nelly S. Toll tells the story of her own childhood as a young Jewish girl living in Poland, during World War II. The Nazis arrived in Poland when she was only six years old and by the time she turned eight, she had lost almost everyone she loved to the war. Nelly and her mother hid from the Nazis for thirteen months, in the small bedroom of a non-Jewish couple in Lwow, Poland. She began writing in a diary about the heartbreaking [...]

    13. this is a wonderful memorir that tells about an 8 year old jewish girl growing up in world war 2. nelly s toll tell about her dairy and asll the horrible things she went through. she hinds in an atic with her mother for over 1 year. they come very close to being caught many times. But besides her situation she is just like a normal 8 year old girl. she loves reading , spending time with her mother and especially painting. the book shows many images of of her water color paintings that relate to [...]

    14. I felt that this book was different than other holocast stories as it includes pictures to help to you visualize what is going on with the main character's life. It takes place in Europe around Germany, in one of the occupied areas. The main story is about a Jewish girl,her mom, and her father trying to hide from being captured by Nazis. One kind family takes them in and they live in a locked room with a window. Whenever the Nazis come by, they hide in the window which is blocked by bricks. It g [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book because, the author describes how her life was before, during, and even after the war. Not a lot of people can relate to this story but it gives you a better understanding of how bad wars can be, and it mentions some of the traditions that jews celebrate. For example when someone close to them dies the cover all of the mirrors because, they believe that it is the appropriate time for grieving and so they won’t worry about what they look like. I would recommend this b [...]

    16. This is a book that holds a story like that of Anne Frank's, but ends with survival. The story is based on a journal that Nelly kept during the German occupation of her Polish town. It is told in story form, not as diary entries, which makes it more readable for younger readers. I would recommend this book for 10 and up - Nelly did have family members disappear and heard about things that had happened to Jews, but was protected and didn't witness any atrocities. This would be a great book to use [...]

    17. Having just read "Number the Stars," I came across, and decided to read, this true story which gives another view of the Holocaust from a young Jewish girl's telling. Nelly was 8 years old in Poland when she and her mother fled to hiding in the small bedroom of a Gentile couple's apartment in what had formerly been a building owned by the Jewish family. Nelly and her mother survived, along with 64 small water color paintings done by Nelly during their confinement. I was disappointed not to learn [...]

    18. This is the autobiography of Nelly S. Toll, a Jewish child growing up in Lwow, Poland during WWII. Nelly and her mother hide in the bedroom of a Gentile couple. Nelly in her free time writes in her diary, paints pictures, and writes stories that go along with the pictures. I loved this book, written from a small girl's POV. It showed all that she had went through and how she didn't get her normal childhood, not aloud to go out on the streets. It was a quick, easy read, besides a few words in ano [...]

    19. n't really remember what this book was really about. I mean I know it was about the Holocaust. But what does the title have to do with the story again. It kind of seemed like anThe Diary of a Young Girl: the Definitive Edition wannabe and that book wasn't even that good. I have definitely read better Holocaust book before.

    20. This book was so touching. The fact that some can forget friendships, and hate just because of differences scares me. The fact that people hurt and hurt until they can cause no more pain makes me wonder, who are these demons, and am I a member of their race. Am I am demon too? If I was in Nelly's situation, how would I act? What would I do? I tell myself I would keep peace, i would be the better one. But, will I ever be sure? How will I ever know?

    21. This book is about the experiences of a young girl during World War II (I quite like WWII books) as she and her mother hide from the Nazis in a Gentile couple's home, in a secret compartment near their window; hence, the name "Behind a Secret Window." It is sort of like an autobiography, nonfiction, of course.This book was one of the best World War II books I've read. I thought it was thrilling and sad. It was written well. Thumbs up to Nelly Toll. :)

    22. This memoir recalls the childhood of a young Polish girl. When the Nazis invade her city, she and her mother are hidden in a Gentile household. Their secret hiding place is between the walls of a bedroom and a blocked in window. The story is realistic without overt violence and although it tells of a horrific time, it is appropriate to use in either an upper elementary or middle school classroom.

    23. This was my first encounter with stories of WWII. I remember being shocked at the hate that could occur, and crying when I thought about the freedom I had while other children suffered years before me. I was in 5th or 6th grade when I read this, but I recommend it to everyone. This began my love affair with stories from WWII.

    24. This is the true Holocaust survival story of a girl from age 6 to 10 (about--I think). It is interesting (as all Holocaust stories tend to be) and needed to be told (as all Holocaust stories need to be) but was very juvenile in its writing style--which makes it a very quick read. I was rather disappointed that no information about what happened to her family members that didn't make was given.

    25. It was really good because it was a good size reading book, I always look at the size of books because if a book is to big ill get bored of it and this book was just right for me and it still had lots of information. It was very interesting because it was cool to read about her story and when I was reading i felt like i was in nelly's shoes

    26. Just started this one and it drew me in. Its a memoir of a Jewish girl hidden from the German Nazis in Lwow, Poland (L'viv, Ukraine). The book has color reproductions of watercolor paintings the author made during her two years in hiding.

    27. I read this book after seeing an exhibit of the author's artwork made during her time spent hiding from the Nazis during the Holocaust. For those in the area, go to the Massillon Museum and see this exhibit before it closes.

    28. While reading this book, it's difficult to remember that this is not a work of fiction. So heartbreaking to think how cold the human race can be and shines light on the struggles people faced even after the war ended.

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