A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring

A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring

John Wooden John C. Maxwell / Jul 19, 2019

A Game Plan for Life The Power of Mentoring From the legendary basketball coach who inspired generations of athletes and businesspeople an inspiring book about the power of mentoring and being mentored After eight books many of them bestselle

  • Title: A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring
  • Author: John Wooden John C. Maxwell
  • ISBN: 9781596917019
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the legendary basketball coach who inspired generations of athletes and businesspeople, an inspiring book about the power of mentoring and being mentored After eight books, many of them bestsellers, A Game Plan for Life is the one closest to John Wooden s heart a moving and inspirational guide to the power of mentorship The first half focuses on the people who helpFrom the legendary basketball coach who inspired generations of athletes and businesspeople, an inspiring book about the power of mentoring and being mentored After eight books, many of them bestsellers, A Game Plan for Life is the one closest to John Wooden s heart a moving and inspirational guide to the power of mentorship The first half focuses on the people who helped foster the values that carried Wooden through an incredibly successful and famously principled career, including his college coach, his wife, Abraham Lincoln, and Mother Teresa The second half is built around interviews with some of the many people he mentored over the years, including Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bill Walton, fellow coaches, family members, and even a middle school coach in Canada Their testimony takes readers inside the lessons Wooden taught to generations of players, bringing out the very best in them not just as athletes but as human beings In all, it s an inspiring primer on how to achieve success without sacrificing principles, and on how to build one of the most productive and rewarding relationships available to any athlete, businessperson, teacher, or parent that of mentor and protege.

    The Game Plan Joe Kingman is a huge football star He s got women, money, and a good career Everything is perfect for him Then one day an year old girl shows up at his door telling him that she s his daughter from a

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        John Robert Wooden is a retired American basketball coach He is a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame as both a player class of 1961 and as a coach class of 1973 He was the first person ever enshrined in both categories only Lenny Wilkens and Bill Sharman have since been so honored His 10 NCAA National Championships in a 12 year period while at UCLA are unmatched by any other college basketball coach.


    1. Don’t whine, don’t complain, don’t make excuses. Just do the best you can. Nobody can do more than that. Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self effort to become the best of which you are capable. (Joshua Wooden, John’s father page 23)We are all called to give back. Since there is nothing we can take with us from this life, we should try to leave behind as much as possible—it’s a basic and well-known truth. Those of us who have been blessed with worldly success hav [...]

    2. John Wooden is a former UCLA men’s basketball head coach. He went to Purdue University, and played basketball as a point guard. He’s written A Game Plan for Life, They call me coach, and Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections on and Off the Court. He is known for mentoring people, just like how he was mentored when he was younger. He has received many awards including: Coach of the Year, six times, and a presidential Medal of Honor. John’s writing style mainly is informative. H [...]

    3. Fast readwell, it took me a while to read only bc I chose to have other books on my plate as well. John Wooden was a rare human being who enjoyed teaching, mentoring, any chance he got. His humility is perhaps his most endearing quality for me. This was an enjoyable book.

    4. John Wooden discusses the people who he inspired and those that inspired him throughout his life and career. Some really good insights to how developed as a coach early on, including a trip he made to Notre Dame to see how the Notre Dame football team practiced under Frank Leahy. Really enjoyed this book and took home some really good parcels of info. "Be quick, but don't hurry."

    5. Many years ago, when I was teaching at Los Angeles Lutheran High, our friend and former Vice Principal had become a family therapist. The psychologists she worked with had developed what they called a "Life Model." One aspect of the life model was a mentoring continuum, having people older than yourself whom you learn from and friends younger than yourself whom you can try to spiritually parent. I remember thinking that it was a noble ideal, but wasn't sure how I could put it into action. I didn [...]

    6. John Wooden, possibly the greatest coach in the history of sports (10 championships in 12 years!) has been a mentor to thousands of people, either directly through people he's coached and the pile of books he's written or indirectly through the people who have learned from him passing his lessons on to others. In this book, Wooden himself writes a chapter on seven people who he learned from, and then seven people (including legends such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Walton, and Roy Williams) writ [...]

    7. Great book to learn more about this legendary coach. This particular title is written partly by Wooden and partly by some of the famous people he mentored. Some points I want to remember:The seven rules for living from his father:1. be true to yourself2. make each day your masterpiece3. help others4. drink deeply from good books5. make friendship a fine art6. build a shelter against a rainy day7. pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day.About being a mentor:"You have to be [...]

    8. This book is one of the best books I have ever read. Why? It is simple, inspiring, meaningful, and it provides me with an example of how to live my life completely and honestly, and inspire others to be the best they can be. It's a mushy review, but really, I think thatany person who believes in giving and receiving mentorship should read this book. Any person who is in a position to lead, inspire, or provide examples for others, especially children, should read this book.I guess that leaves no [...]

    9. Wooden discusses the lessons he learned from mentors as a boy growing up in Martinsville, Indiana. Lots of great gems from most succesful basketball coach ever: Make every day a masterpiece. Then, over time, you'll assemble a collection of masterpieces. "Be quick but don't hurry." The Pyramid of SuccessMy only criticism is of the portion of the book in which people write about his influence in their lives. The testamonies are touching, but a bit overdone. It's ok to hold Wooden in high esteem, b [...]

    10. Very easy, feel good read. Inspiring through out. I loved how you could see the positive influence of people spanning generations. John Wooden tries to show how mentors can be found in writing, especially biographies (uses his father's interest in Abraham Lincoln), family (his father, wife, great grand child), and of course teachers and coaches. Mentorship in Wooden's view boils down to something his father often said, "There's nothing you know you didn't learn from someone else." John Wooden re [...]

    11. A quick read - this is a nice inspirational book that gives very valuable messages about being a role model to others (not just as a formal teacher, but realizing the teachable moments in your daily life). Wooden has this incredible way of making very poignant statements that have a lasting impact on how you choose to live your life. What was even more effective about this book was that, not only did he talk about his own role models and how they influenced him, but he also asked those in his li [...]

    12. It's a slim book, but there are a few nice little bits of advice here, and the second half of the book contains chapters by people who have considered John Wooden a mentor. My favorite was Andy Hill, a CBS executive who was a bench warmer for UCLA's basketball team in the 1970's. He never played much, and he held that against Wooden for over twenty years before he realized the influence his coach had on his life. If you're a fan of Wooden's, you'll find something to like here.

    13. It is an interesting perspective about a man who is famous for coaching basketball. He was a real people person. It caused me to think how men who become famous at coaching are usually men who can coach others in life, not just in their sport. It seems like the really good coaches are really good teachers about how to live life. I guess the elements of success on the court on the field are the same elements needed for success in life.

    14. There may be no other man I would most like to become like than John Wooden. I sit at his feet, reading, hoping something will rub off on me and I can become a little like him.A book full of wisdom that clearly shows the value and importance of mentorship and how we all can be both mentored and mentor those around us.

    15. Books can be life changing. It's often not the book as a whole but certain quotes or paragraphs that are so powerful. This book contains such life-transforming material. I am a better person for having read it and hope to pass on what I've learned to others. Coach Wooden was an inspirational person to so many. After reading the book it's easy to see why.

    16. This is a great book. John Wooden was the teacher I aspire to become. Mentors are so important, both having them in your life and being one. Wooden explains his philosophy and the importance of mentoring in great detail with stories to which any of us can relate. Highly recommend for those who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

    17. Very inspirational! What an amazing man with strong values and a simple approach to life which gave him great success not only as a basketball coach, but as a husband, father, and man. He saw his role as a teacher.

    18. Beautiful! Every single teacher - whether they care about sports or not- must read this book! The principles John Wooden taught might have been applied to basketball - but they were really lessons on how to live a full and productive life. Just W O W!!!

    19. Shared with me by my boss, I quickly realized that everything Wooden shares about his own intentionality and beliefs was strikingly similar to the few informal mentors I've had in my own life. A powerful read that is making me rethink my interaction with students as well.

    20. Great read on mentoring. 7 people Wooden mentored and 7 people who mentored him. Great principles and stories.

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