Inventing Reality: The Politics of News Media

Inventing Reality: The Politics of News Media

Michael Parenti / Jan 22, 2020

Inventing Reality The Politics of News Media Taking a critical perspective on the economics and politics of presenting the news this topical supplement argues that the media systematically distorts news coverage

  • Title: Inventing Reality: The Politics of News Media
  • Author: Michael Parenti
  • ISBN: 9780312020132
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Taking a critical perspective on the economics and politics of presenting the news, this topical supplement argues that the media systematically distorts news coverage.

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      398 Michael Parenti
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        American political scientist, historian and culture critic Parenti is most known for his criticism of capitalism and American foreign policy.He holds a doctorate from Yale University.


    1. I'm only half way through this book and already it's one of the most concise and penetrating critiques of the Mass Media in America that I've ever read. As someone who works in the business, Parenti's analysis of distortions, ideology, omissions and power of the Media in our lives is an essential read. Be prepared to cancel your cable

    2. Exposes media bias, how economic power leads to cultural hegemony and ideological monopoly. Michael Parenti is one of the best antidotes to media misinformation.

    3. Parenti is a fantastic writer. The conclusion of the book was powerful. I just wish there were a 30 year anniversary edition that was updated with developments in the media since then. Things are very similar but have also changed a lot.

    4. This book was required reading for a class I am taking. The book makes compelling arguments that the media invents reality to support the conservative establishment; not the liberal view as many conservatives argue. I would recommend reading the book, especially if you think the media is liberal. You will find a great deal of evidence to the contrary in this book. The book was published in 1992 and discusses media distortions up to that time. Today, people can find nearly anything they want to h [...]

    5. A great book about media influence on people's perspective, with all controls it gets from government, media owner, etc. How our mind could easily be manipulate for the sake of few people's benefit. Nice read.

    6. Excellent overview of the function of the mass media today - utterly vindicated by Wikileaks revelations and the role of the corporate media during and post-Wikileaks.

    7. If I had to choose I think I'm more apt to read Parenti's books about history than media. I wish I wasn't such a slow reader. 950 books to read? I better start getting them on tape!

    8. This is the truth. If you want to open your eyes and step out of Plato's proverbial cave READ THIS BOOK!

    9. Classic book on cultural hegemony and how the plethora of medias manipulate society on a regular basis.

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