14,000 Things to Be Happy About

14,000 Things to Be Happy About

Barbara Ann Kipfer / Jun 15, 2019

Things to Be Happy About Flannel sheets Strawberry ice cream Making faces at monkeys in the zoo Dog dishes that say Good Dog Carolers singing around a Norwegian spruce Sun burning off the morning fog Cabanas It s the little t

  • Title: 14,000 Things to Be Happy About
  • Author: Barbara Ann Kipfer
  • ISBN: 9780894803703
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flannel sheets Strawberry ice cream Making faces at monkeys in the zoo Dog dishes that say Good Dog Carolers singing around a Norwegian spruce Sun burning off the morning fog Cabanas It s the little things that make life worth living, and they can be found by the dozens in this obsessive, quirky, and utterly captivating compendium with over 950,000 copies in printFlannel sheets Strawberry ice cream Making faces at monkeys in the zoo Dog dishes that say Good Dog Carolers singing around a Norwegian spruce Sun burning off the morning fog Cabanas It s the little things that make life worth living, and they can be found by the dozens in this obsessive, quirky, and utterly captivating compendium with over 950,000 copies in print A pure, unadulterated listing, it offers not a single explanation, aside, or footnote, but reading it is as irresistible as eating popcorn Randomly selected and catalogued over the course of twenty years and illustrated with joyous and jewel like precision by the gifted artist Pierre Le Tan 14,000 THINGS is Barbara Ann Kipfer s perfect antidote to the all too frequently mentioned things we should be unhappy about.It s a celebration of almost everything that s ever made us smile And that itself is reason number 14,001.

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        Dr Barbara Ann Kipfer born in 1954 is a lexicographer,as well as an archaeologist She has written than 60 books, including 14,000 Things to be Happy About Workman , which has than a million copies in print and has given rise to many Page a Day calendars The 25th anniversary edition of the book was published in October 2014 She is the editor of Roget s International Thesaurus.Kipfer is Chief Lexicographer of the company Temnos She has worked for such companies as Google, Dictionary and Thesaurus, Answers, Ask Jeeves, Bellcore Telcordia, Federated Media Publishing, General Electric Research, IBM Research, idealab, Knowledge Adventure, Textdigger, The Chicago Tribune, and WolframAlpha Barbara holds a PhD and MPhil in Linguistics University of Exeter , a PhD in Archaeology Greenwich University , an MA and a PhD in Buddhist Studies Akamai University , and a BS in Physical Education Valparaiso University from


    1. My best friend at the time and I went into a book store and bought this book. We read it together every time we hung out. And whenever I was feeling down he'd send me a text of something I should be happy about. This book has helped me with so much. Just flipping threw it puts a smile on my face. One day I decided I should get a copy, and so I did. Best ten bucks I've ever spent. I keep it in my purse at all times. This is a must have book for everyone in my opinion.

    2. This book makes me happy.I don't think of every item on this book's list as a personal happy thing for me, but no one is going to. Not everyone has the same experiences. So I think it's silly to judge this book on the fact that you can't relate to every single thing listed. I still open this book and skim down the pages and find things that cheer me up plenty. There are scribbles and highlighting in my copy from where I've marked the things I really relate to.Furthermore, this book has inspired [...]

    3. A book that must exist in every bookshelf of every library of every person in the world. It's a book that helps us become more and more optimistic, and open to ourselves and to others. It makes us think about life, love, friendship, who we are, who we used to be, and how we will be able to achieve even our greatest dreams by finding happiness in daily routine, in everyday life.5 out of 5 stars, because it really is a "Bible" for my gray days. I liked how many references are about foods and sweet [...]

    4. UGHHHI wanted to buy this for so long and when I finally found it in the bookshop was super disappointed, it's just a list of totally random things :S some things are even weird and I don't know why they were there.

    5. So, I haven't read the whole book and the "date I finished this book" I entered in the GR database is as random as it can be. I've kept it on my nightstand for almost 20 years now and pick it up whenever I feel a little blue. Sometimes it works - that is, it puts a smile on my face - and sometimes it doesn't.

    6. Honestly speaking, I didn't read every single page of this book. And I don't think this is a book where you can read it from page 1 to the end, or a book that you'll ever be completely finished with. Hence I'm not adding an 'Date I finished this book'.I got this book for christmas and since then I've made it a habit to picking up this book at a moment during the day, usually right before I go to bed and flip through a couple of pages and read a few of these 'things to be happy about'. And it rea [...]

    7. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! It's just SUCH a cheery book! My friend recently relayed to me a quote he wrote "Some of the best books have the roughest covers". 14,000 Things is one such book. I own TWO copes and mine iare completely dog eared and delightful! This IS my favorite book. Absolutely. You'd have to pick it up to really appreciate why but it's a list (which I love) and it's happy thoughts (which, I also love). It's re-readable you can just pick it up and read one line, two lines, a page or two an [...]

    8. Someone recommended this book to me when I was having a hard time with some things. I started reading a couple pages a night and then writing 10 things that made me happy that day. It's really eye opening the spectrum of things that I put down ~ anything from what I had for dinner to seeing someone I hadn't seen in years. It's a really great gift for someone who likes to journal, is going through a difficult time or even for a youth director, minister, etc

    9. I don't understand why this was published widely, as opposed to, like, self-published and sold on a very small scale for the intended audience, which seems to be the author's family.

    10. This is the kind of book that will make you happy just by flipping through the pages. It has a great point! When i first got it, i thought it was crap but now i cherish it.

    11. Obviously I haven't read the whole thing. But i bought it off amazon for a penny, and it just came in the mail today! I've skimmed through a few pages, but I am very excited to just set it on my shelf and have it ready for whenever I am in need of happy thoughts!

    12. Okay, I was looking for new books to read on saxo (a danish website where you can buy books to a reasonable price), and I fell over this book - "14000 things to be happy about". This sounded like a cute book, you know the kind of book you read when it's raining outside with a nice cup of tea (okay guilty, I rarely do this, because I mean I did it once and got tea all over my book and when you are as clumsy as me, it just it doesn't quite work out as planned. This is just one of those many many [...]

    13. After 5 months of starting this book, I've realized that this book is different from all other books that have a beginning & an ending I would leave it beside my bed & sometimes in my hand bag to read on my morning ride It's a book to grab when your bored, or when not up in the mood Open ANY random page and read just read ! The simplicity of things listed, the really tiny things that we may take for granted at times are truly what we should be happy about It is a guide not a book A [...]

    14. This book isn't like other books. This book is a list of 14,000 things to be happy about. Some examples of things to be happy about were leaves falling on a cold day, starbucks early in the morning, and also eating water ice on a hot summer day. This book may seem boring at first because it is just a list but once you start reading it you dont want to put it down.

    15. The smell of the sea. Checking your fortune coockie message. Wyoming: Yellowstone, geysers, bears, broncos, ranches, Old Faithful. Sleeping sprawled out on the bed. A wall of books. Kisses: love's punctation marks. A singing vendor. A smile from a stranger. 14000 things to remind you about how great life is when you're upset. I love this.

    16. This is now my favourite book! It really helps you appreciate the simpler things and cheered me up whenever I'm sad. It's small enough to take everywhere but thick enough to find a new thing at every page. I think that if everybody had this book then we might live in a much happier world

    17. Simple message from this book: "enjoying the little things in life.”Now, I want to create a list of my things that makes me happy too =)

    18. Com'è che do un voto ad un libro che ho appena preso e che ho solo sfogliato? Perchè in questo caso non c'è bisogno di leggerlo tutto per capire che è un'idea semplicissima e geniale e non è necessario condividere ogni singola cosa, perchè è il concetto che conta."14000 things to be happy about" è una lunghissima lista di cose che l'autrice ama e di cui ha preso nota per mezzo secolo. E' un libro che ognuno di noi può scrivere, e sai cosa? Inizio oggi il mio.

    19. How this book can make you smile:1. Open a random page2. Read at least one lineThis is a very sweet book. The 14,000 things are really random and I'd have probably never thought about them if I haven't read the book :)

    20. Zvykla jsem si, když mám špatnou náladu, je mi smutno nebo, přečíst si stránku, dvě a hned je mi líp, když už uvědomím, jaké maličkosti dokážou trn den udělat lepším. ❤

    21. When you feel like your whole life sucks, nothing goes right and you have a hard time being thankful for all the amazing little things then go read this book.

    22. This book is nothing but a book-long list of things that have made the author happy over the course of many years. It sounds strange, I'll admit. But I have loved this book from the moment I picked it up years ago. It is perfect for the days when you're feeling sad and can finding nothing good in the world. Kipfer does it for you, and reminds you that there is, indeed, much beauty and wonder and joy in even the smallest of things. You won't agree with everything she likes (what would be the fun [...]

    23. Ultimately there isn't much to not like about this book. It is one giant, 600 page, list of little things which makes the author happy. Some of the items sound like hell to me (mainly sports related), but she did have a lot of my little happiness listed - big sunglasses, Sunday brunch buffet, getting into bed with clean sheets, promise of a small package,grey t-shits, keep calm and put your jammies on, coffee shops, french lace, summer storms, Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, dozens of places to cur [...]

    24. This is an unusual book because it's only a list of things to be grateful for or enjoy. However, I still gave it four stars because a brief glance through it can really remind you of all the little things we can appreciate. One of my favorites is something like "sitting on a crate in the sunshine". Over the course of a year or so, the author listed everything she was grateful for. It would be a good exercise for all of us.

    25. This book made me really happy. It's quick and every line is something that you can relate to or appreciate. It's beautiful in the way that it points out everyday things that we all take for granted and let's us picture them for a moment to understand the real value of these objects, activities and places.

    26. This is only personally amazing to me because I love lists and one of my very good friends gave it to me as a present- he passed away not very long after very suddenly. I finally read the whole thing in memory of him. Instead of making me happy it actually makes me a little sad because of all the things we use to do together, but I am okay with that- I have my memories till we meet again.

    27. This book did wonders for my mental health! Upon reading through it, I would make tiny marks next to the points I agreed with. It also inspired me to start my own happy list. Combining my own list with reading this book helped me through a very difficult phase of my life; it helped me walk down the road of recovery from anxiety.

    28. everyone needs something like thismething to record the things that warm their heart or bring a fond memory to mind. jot down what makes you happy, and be reminded of heartwarming things.buy this book for you, your friends or if you're feeling special, leave one for a stranger on a wall or doorstep.

    29. when i found this book i was very happy even though i was struggling with some problems in my life. but this book really helped me. just flipping threw it made me smile. this book made me realise the value in every single thing we do in our daily life and how happy they can make us.

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