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Jump Jump That is what P K has done A totally wild crazy jump from a restrictive life with her family into a life of total adventure rock climbing out west with a guy she barely knows At first everything

  • Title: Jump
  • Author: Elisa Carbone
  • ISBN: 9780670011858
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jump That is what P.K has done A totally wild, crazy jump from a restrictive life with her family into a life of total adventure rock climbing out west with a guy she barely knows At first, everything s amazing Not only are they climbing in awesomely beautiful national parks like Yosemite but they seem awesomely made for one another P.K is in heaven And then the coJump That is what P.K has done A totally wild, crazy jump from a restrictive life with her family into a life of total adventure rock climbing out west with a guy she barely knows At first, everything s amazing Not only are they climbing in awesomely beautiful national parks like Yosemite but they seem awesomely made for one another P.K is in heaven And then the cops show up with an arrest warrant And P.K has to decide who to believe this amazing guy whom she trusts with her life or the cops, who want her to believe that he may take her life.

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        Elisa Carbone was raised in Arlington, Virginia She attended college at University of Maryland and also received two master s degrees from University of Maryland, one in Speech Communication and the other in Education She now lives part time in the Washington D.C area and part time in the mountains of West Virginia.


    1. This book was very touching, and it was different from anything else I've ever read. It gives a whole different view on life, and I recommend it to anyone to loves philosophy and the whole meaning-of-life topic. But it wasn't just about that. It was about love, friendship, companionship, understanding, acceptance, and many other truly important and interesting topics. P.K. and Critter are so spiritually connected and their adventure is amazing and inspiring. This book really made me thing about [...]

    2. I picked up JUMP on a whim I had never heard of it and had nothing more to recommend it than the description on the back and the interesting cover. After reading, I have absolutely no idea why no one is discussing this novel.I'll admit that I was a bit worried about the climbing jargon when I first started reading. I have absolutely no experience with rock climbing or rock climbing lingo, but Carbone writes with ample detail and I had no difficulty deciphering and filling in the blanks. I'm actu [...]

    3. When PK meets Critter at the climbing gym she works out in on the eve she is planning on running away from home to go on a climbing adventure, everything seems to fall into place. The handsome, mysterious Critter is miraculously willing to go with her on the adventure when no one else willeven though they've met just hours ago. Together the two set out on a cross country road trip that requires PK to trust Critterwho, she learns relatively early in the book, is an escaped mental patient who, aft [...]

    4. P.K. is a high school student who is severly misunderstood by her parents who are sending her to boarding school in the fall. Critter has escaped from a mental institution after his attempted suicide and lack of support from his parents. The two meet up accidentally and plan to run away on a rock climbing trip. As they spend more time together, Critter shares his "live in the moment" philosophy on life and P.K. stuggles to accept who she is and where Critter came from. All of this unfolds on the [...]

    5. Jump by, Elisa Carbone You can some this book up to one word. AMAZING! It always keeps you on your feet and makes you wanna read more and more untill its done. I usually dont like to read but I was even readying this book in class its so good. In the book P.K. and Critter are the two main people. They both want out. There parents are going to send them to BOOT camp so they decied to run away to do what they love Rock Climb. They travel all over to climb and find that they like each other soon af [...]

    6. a boy and a girl, both on the run, meet up and it turns out they are both climbing enthusiasts. So they hitchhike and climb across the west coast.Micro-small chapters keep the book moving along, but the voices don't seem very distinct and there is a real lack of character development.

    7. I dunno, I thought this would be different, but it felt rushed and I didn't care for the style it's written in.It's entertaining in it's own way I guess, maybe it's just my mood, or maybe it's just me, but I couldn't love this one.

    8. Oh god, this book was so creepy! Can you imagine going mountain climbing with a person you trust, only to find out that they're very dangerous? Jump is a really great and suspenseful book.

    9. I'm actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It was different than I expected, because the other Carbone books I've been exposed to were all historical fiction. This is teen realistic fiction and (other than the lying to parents and running away to do seriously dangerous climbing) I enjoyed the positive messages about avoiding unnecessary worry and overcoming depression. Critter and P.K. were both intriguing characters with sufficient depth. I appreciated their clean relationship and [...]

    10. love reading a book that gives me an experience that I would never have in reality (as much as I find it fascinating I would go rock climbing it terrifies me) and my heart was in my throat fearing an awful ending and all these bad things that might happen on the next page.I love Critter and his views and lessons on life!

    11. A quick read about misunderstood teenagers who find freedom in rock-climbing. They meet while running away. It was better than I expected.

    12. Very interesting style/format the book was written in. I loved the story so much. It really kept me reading on.

    13. What I expected from Jump I'm not quite sure. I've read so many books told in two or more points of view I've come to see some well written books, some good, and some that just ended up confusing me. Which was the boy and which was the girl again? Jump fell into the good category. With names like PK and Critter it took me a bit to remember which was which. PK is a tomboy kind of girl, independent and on her own. She takes crap from no one, and this kind of attitude, I suppose, lands her into tro [...]

    14. Negative: Establishes its young adult cred by having the ending be a make-out session. Bleh.Positive: Is sensitive to the topic of mental health, and shows that everyone has value as a person regardless of their mental condition.

    15. P.K. and Critter are both escaping; one from a trip to boarding school and the other from the psychiatric ward. They meet by fate at a climbing gym and set off the next day for an adventure.Something about Jump screamed out to me: 'Pick me up! If you don't, this decision will haunt you for the rest of the year'! With that kind of argument, I knew if an opportunity arise for me to pick up Jump, I had to take it. And I did. And I did not regret itr the first half of the book.When I picked up Jump, [...]

    16. Beautiful XD*review to come laterP.K. isn't doing so well at school and her parents have had enough so there shipping her off to boarding school miles and miles away. But P.K. is going to have the last word. Before they send her off she's going to run away. Not for long. Just long enough for her parents to change their minds. They just don't get her like her friends parents. I mean she showed them a book of teenage rebellion and she was allowed to study for classes at home. Not P.K.'s parents. S [...]

    17. P.K. flat-out refuses to go to boarding school. Just because she ditches her boring classes at her stupid high school and spends more time climbing a rock wall and dreaming of being outdoors does not mean she is boarding school material. That's when she comes up with the great idea of running away with a climbing buddy to the Western wilds in search of primo rock. The downside is that none of her friends want to go with her.That is until Critter comes bouldering her way in the rock gym. They mak [...]

    18. From Elisa Carbone comes a book that will take you to unexpected places…and not just in terms of the rock-climbing. JUMP is a beautifully written, marvelously well researched, and soulful story that is reminiscent of genre-defining books like Stargirl.Elisa Carbone’s prose is poetry in motion. The chapters alternate between P.K. and Critter’s points of view, and the words follow the rhythm of their thoughts and actions: if they’re moving, the words are uncluttered, efficient, one after t [...]

    19. On the front cover of Jump by Elisa Cardone, the four letters that make up the title are powerful and playful at the same time. It seems as though the ending of the book could be a disaster or a something great. This book revolves around a girl named P.K. and a boy named Critter. The day that P.K. and Critter meet, Critter has just escaped from the mental hospital that was holding him, a fact that P.K. does not know until the middle of the book. Critter is a troubled boy who suffered depression [...]

    20. P.K. is a normal teen who loves to rock climb and whose parents just don't understand her. She's not doing well at her school where they focus on standardised tests and traditional classes, plus her parents don't like her non-conformist friends. So they want to send her to a nice boarding school where they believe that she will focus on classes and become a 'good' student. Her answer is to run away on a rock climbing trip, but none of her friends can go with her. Enter Critter. Critter is a pati [...]

    21. “On three we jump” this quote is from my favorite book called “Jump” bye Elisa Carbone. The following quote is part of the book were the law is involved. I’m not going to include more because that would spoil the book. This book is full of adventure and excitement and now I’ll tell you some things about the main characters. The two main characters are Critter and Pk. The met at a rock climbing gym and they decided to run away together and now that they have been gone Pk’s dads tryi [...]

    22. Jump PK has parents who just don’t get it. She wants to be homeschooled, so they decide she’s going to a boarding school because she’s not pulling the grades they want to see. They don’t like her friends and they can’t seem to just accept her for who she is. She wants to be herself, she just wants to climb. So when they tell PK she’s going to boarding school no questions asked, she decides to run away. She meets a guy who agrees to go with her and they hitch-hike across the country a [...]

    23. I didn't love it. The summary is a lot different than the actual book. P.K. already knows a lot about Critter's past BEFORE the police show up. She actually knows that the police might show up. He has warned her. So in my opinion, the summary is not very accurate and it is made to make the book much more dramatic.At times the book was confusing. Critter rambles on and on about how everything is made up of energy and nothing is solid, not even our bodies. Kind of like in The Immortals series, by [...]

    24. "Jump" was beyond satisfactory. It became my obsession within a few minutes which explain why i finished this book within 3 days. Apart from entertainment, "Jump" gave me an new prespective on "Thinking". After hearing Critter's point of view, I realized he was right. We spend to much time thinking of the past and the future and not truly enjoying the present. As P.K. said at the end of the book " It's like I'm finally living my life instead of always trying to solve it." The characters were com [...]

    25. I wasn't able to finish this book, and not because I found it boring. I thought the climbing aspects were very fun and interesting, even thought the characters were very flat. The climbing was also very accurate (I rock climb.) However, the book was racist (one time, a character refers to a group of hispanic guys as "the burrito boys.) It trivialized rape and mental illness. Also, the book perpetuated rape culture: a male character kept talking about how he wanted to jump the girl. His internal [...]

    26. "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" is a question one of the pair of climbing obsessed teens in this book is wont to ask, and it's one that can be a useful tool for navigating life, particularly the fear-wracked teen years. Perhaps his wisdom is undermined by his escape from a mental facility or the colors he sees wreathing people, or maybe a lack of fear guiding our actions IS judged crazy by many. Actions do have conequences after all. Just as much for girl P.K. as for boy Critter. She' [...]

    27. I have had Jump for a couple of months now and wasn't too sure I would enjoy it as I know nothing about climbing. Having read the book I feel like I know a little more about climbing, but my lack of knowledge didn't take away from the book's story. First, I liked the format of giving the two main characters P.K. and Critter the journal like entries to share their POV's. Critter's mental illness could have made him an unsympathetic protagonist. But my experience as a teacher and life in general h [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book! I read Jump so fast, it made time feel like it was flying by. I never wanted to put this book down. I tried to read every hour that's how good it was. At first I didn't think I would enjoy this book as much as I did, because the cover of the book showed people rock climbing and that's what the book was somewhat about and I don't know anything about that, but for me the book isn't just about the rock climbing for me it was about not giving up, love and not judging some [...]

    29. PK is being sent to boarding schoolor at least that's her parents plan. Her plan? To take off and climb some of the best rocks out there. But when she asks her friends to go with her they aren't so sure. A total stranger who appears out of the blue will go with her.Critter, not short for Christopher, has to get out of town. See, THE cops are after him. He managed to escape from a hospital for psychological disorders and the authorities, including his parents, consider him a danger to himself and [...]

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