The Footprints of God: A Novel

The Footprints of God: A Novel

Greg Iles / Sep 17, 2019

The Footprints of God A Novel In the heart of North Carolina s Research Triangle stands a corporate laboratory much like the others nearby But behind its walls America s top scientists work around the clock to attain the holy gra

  • Title: The Footprints of God: A Novel
  • Author: Greg Iles
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the heart of North Carolina s Research Triangle stands a corporate laboratory much like the others nearby But behind its walls, America s top scientists work around the clock to attain the holy grail of the twenty first century a supercomputer that surpasses the power of the human mind.Appointed by the president as ethicist to Project Trinity, Dr David Tennant findsIn the heart of North Carolina s Research Triangle stands a corporate laboratory much like the others nearby But behind its walls, America s top scientists work around the clock to attain the holy grail of the twenty first century a supercomputer that surpasses the power of the human mind.Appointed by the president as ethicist to Project Trinity, Dr David Tennant finds himself in a pressure cooker of groundbreaking science and colossal ambition When his friend and fellow scientist is murdered, David discovers that the genius who runs Project Trinity was responsible and that his own life is in danger Unable to reach the president, and afraid to trust his colleagues, David turns to Rachel Weiss, the psychiatrist probing the nightmares that have plagued him during his work at Trinity Rachel is skeptical of David s fears, but when an assassin strikes, the two doctors must flee for their lives.Pursued across the globe by ruthless National Security Agency operatives, David and Rachel struggle to piece together the truth behind Project Trinity and the enormous power it could unleash upon the world As constant danger deepens their intimacy, Rachel realizes the key to Trinity lies buried in David s disturbed mind But Trinity s clock is ticking .Mankind is being held hostage by a machine that cannot be destroyed Its only hope a terrifying chess game between David and the Trinity computer, with the cities of the world as pawns But what are the rules How human is the machine Can one man and woman change the course of history Man s future hangs in the balance, and the price of failure is extinction.

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    1. The Johnny Depp* movie Transcendence suspiciously mirrors the plot of this book - Nerd scientist puts his consciousness into a super-computer; bad stuff happens. I saw no mention of this book as the source material anywhere in connection to the movie. I guess this is a good thing because this book is horrible, but couldn't they at least steal a better storyline?I generally don’t go by review blurbs on the cover of books, but I noticed (after I bought the book) that no reviewer had anything nic [...]

    2. A fun read but lacking in many aspects. Here is a breakdown of my rating:Enjoyability: 3.5Re-Readability: 2Character Development: 2Complexity: 2.5Writing Style: 3Believability: 1.5Overall: 2.42This book is a cross between Dan Brown's Digital Fortress and David Baldacci's Simple Genius, with possibly a bit of the Star Trek Episode "Spock's Brain" thrown in. While I considered the book a rather enjoyable read, it lacked considerably in the areas of character development, plot originality, and espe [...]

    3. As an undergraduate student in Computer/Cognitive Science, I often wrestle with questions of ethics and unforeseen consequences concerning artificial intelligence.This book has a thrilling and thought provoking narrative. Through the last half, it wanders off course quite a bit from where I thought Iles should have lead. This was disappointing, but overall, I enjoyed the entire story and his interesting view of how a truly intelligent artificial life form could be created.

    4. I'm a programmer by trade. I'm happy to report that for a book with a computer at its core, I found Footprints of God pleasant to read. Unfortunately, authors often mangle even the most basic aspects of computing (which I have a hard time ignoring). But Iles kept things firmly in the theoretical and therefore avoided too many cringe-worthy mistakes.There was one other red flag: I found myself raising an eyebrow every time the main character would experience a religious vision. The visions seemed [...]

    5. I've read several Greg Iles books and enjoyed them tremendously. He is a solidly entertaining writer of suspense thrillers, and he is not afraid to tackle some interesting subjects. "Footprints of God", while not my favorite of Iles, is nevertheless an interesting sci-fi thriller that delves into some pretty controversial subjects: The Big Bang Theory vs. Creationism and artificial intelligence. Basically, scientists in a top-secret facility have created an A.I. supercomputer that begins to have [...]

    6. since i'm always joking about getting a brain shunt so i dont have to use a laptop anymore, this was right up my alley. i found the god stuff to be a little much, like did he really have to think he was god? i think we could have gotten all that stuff w/o rereading the new testament as written by giles. i did spend a few days thinking about the singularity so that means it wasnt all bad. THE DUMBEST part is as usual the forced love story and how the "number one jungian phychiatrist in the world" [...]

    7. Interesting that I started this book fully expecting it to be a less-than-exciting read (but I seldom start a book and don't finish it, because I know what the author went through to write it), based on a number of other reviews I'd read. Bad science, implausible plot, flat characters, fairly typical complaints. And granted, I had a hard time getting into this one. It took me two weeks to get through the first three chapters.After that, however, something kicked in, I willingly suspended my disb [...]

    8. We were introduced to Greg Iles when we attended one of my partners weddings in Natchez, MS where he lives. His books about the area are promoted on most tours and I've liked many of them but that is another story.I found this book a bit of a bore. It is apparently a rationalization of an inability to come to grips with a Christian upbringing, the visible evidence of death ending the existence of the conscious mind, forever, and the existence of an almost universal belief in some kind of "god" a [...]

    9. While reading this book your beliefs will be challenged. The debate might sway you, then turn you around again. The likeability of the hero is dubious, then he is an okay guy, then he's not, then he is, thenwell just what SHOULD you think?Extend your checkout days at the library. This will give you time to think things over, maybe discuss it with a loved one (or better yet a strangeryou don't want your loved ones to know what you are contemplating yet).

    10. This was a jolly good read, a pulsating narrative, the characters genuuine and poignant. The threat a really fascinating concept which the doctor and his phsychologist have to neutralise while battling their own emotional issues.

    11. This book can be categorized in many genres. It most certainly is a thriller, with the tension pegged high. It could be considered a "road novel", since the MCs travel a lot by car or plane from the beginning to the end of the story. It's crime fiction to be sure since crimes are commissioned and performed, yet there is a healthy dollop of science fiction. And there is a little mysticism and romance, just for the hell of it.Iles has an amazing knack for maintaining suspense and breathlessness in [...]

    12. Riporto l'opinione su questo libro pubblicata sulla bacheca di facebook di una amico:"[Poi discutiamo di mercato digitale, editori e metadati] Questo è uno dei romanzi più inquietanti e complessi che abbia letto negli ultimi 10 anni. Io ci ho scritto sopra un paio di pagine in uno dei miei libri, ma tu, che sei l'editore, almeno raccontare nella sinossi di cosa parla? :)"Comincio dal fondo. Questa la sinossi della versione italiana: "Un presente fatto di morti misteriose, un segreto che affond [...]

    13. POINTS for: German assassins with scars, nuclear weapons, presidential danger, (view spoiler)[sex in a hotel, and a donkey ride (yep, it's in there). (hide spoiler)]DEMERITS FOR: so-so characters, unbelievable escapes, and an A.I. that (view spoiler)[seems to give up way too easily after a theologicical/philosophical discussion (hide spoiler)]. Or does it?I'm an Iles fan, and it's nice to see he can write about something besides Mississippi lawyers in weird predicaments. The Footprints of God (T [...]

    14. Project Trinity involves using MRI technology to copy brain scans of six scientists. The ethics in such an undertaking are so complex that the US president appoints Dr David Tennant ethicist to work on the project. When the six subjects develop alarming symptoms and one of them dies suddenly and unexpectedly, David suspects murder and knows who is responsible. Fearing for his life and needing help he turns to Dr Rachel Weiss, his psychiatrist, who has been treating him for narcolepsy accompanied [...]

    15. One of his better attempts. Moves slower, but overall a decent effort. There is a very interesting coincidence here. (MINOR SPOILERS)In the book, Artifical Intelligence is attempted by not trying to build pieces of intelligence, but by copying the actual structure of a brain, which then assumes that the intelligence will happen(this is a gross oversimplification btw). In addition, there is a death that on the surface looks to be a simple death, but ends up being murder (both these items are know [...]

    16. This is the book that started me reading anything I could written by Greg Iles, I was instantly hooked. Although the title may make the potential reader think it is a religious book it really is not. The book brings the possibility of ethics that a corporate run scientific experiment can bring to mankind.At the heart of the controversy is a research laboratory tasked to create the holy grail of the twenty-first century; a supercomputer that harnesses the power of the human mind. Dr. Peter Tennan [...]

    17. Nhìn cái tên thì thấy nó có vẻ là về tôn giáo, nhưng mà thật ra đây là một cuốn trinh thám cơ ạ.Đây là một cuốn sách có phần mở đầu khá tốt, từng lời kể của David, đem theo bao bí mật cứ cuốn mình theo câu chuyện. Một dự án tưởng chừng không thể: máy tính có khả năng suy nghĩ như con người và có thể không chế toàn bộ hệ thống an ninh mạng trên thế giới, có lẽ đang ngày càng tr [...]

    18. Somewhere out there, right now, the NSA, the CIA and a top secret group of quantum physicists are trying to build a computer that can hold a human soul and talk to God. At least, that's the premise of Greg Iles' The Footprints of God. It's not as kooky as it sounds. Pursued by the NSA and the military, with only his psychiatrist to help, a professor must prove his sanity and unravel the mystery of his complicated nightmares, a side-effect of his work, all while trying to stop a supercomputer wit [...]

    19. I read this book at some point in junior high school, and decided to try to track it down here. Unfortunately, what I'd remembered from the plot seems to have been mixed with another apocalyptic semi-religious thriller paperback I read around the same time, Deep Fathom. If you're going to read this book, I recommend reading Deep Fathom at the same time, so 15 years from now you may look back fondly on this perplexing thriller lovechild.

    20. I loved this book! Interesting theories/ideas. I don't agree with the ending theory/hypothesis. But it is a novel after all. However, just reading the book makes you think about things, and dig deeper into science and theology. Plus the book remains with you after you have finished reading it. These are all things a really good book should do!

    21. A decent thriller about a secret project to create a technological "weapon" that visits a few idealogical issues along the way. It's generally an entertaining read, although I did find that it sagged in places. There were sections that seemed to drag on longer than necessary and I didn't feel that compulsion to keep reading until the climax approached. Worth a read if this genre is your thing.

    22. Aprendí tres cosas con este libro:1.- Un libro no llega al lector por error. Aunque al principio así lo parezca.2.- No se nada sobre la narcolepsia.3.- La chica que me vendió este libro por equivocación se merece un premio.

    23. The Footprints of God. By Greg Iles has a different premise. It has an interesting point of view. I liked this book is very long a.d tedious. It should be shortened. It portrays themilitary as evil puppets. They are. Super computer manifests itself as the personna of an anti democratic genius .

    24. This was purchased to read on a plane ride as I had forgotten reading material. It was suspenseful (as far as thriller fiction goes) but a bit too violent for me. The ending leaves much to be desired as well Not a recommended book.

    25. One of my favorite books of all time. Similar to the DaVinci Code, but more computer nerdy. All the questioning of sexism but puts it into the masculine & feminine perspectiveswhen beach read meets social-emotional inquiry.

    26. I've read this author before and found his books to be appropriately suspenseful. This book uses way too many words, but the underlying story was intriquing. Although I was lulled to sleep by all the unnecessary text, I had to finish the book to unravel the mystery

    27. Excellent book combining all my favorite elements: murder, science, religion and medicine! Very well-written and a good ride throughout with constant twists and turns that make any fiction book into a great fiction book!

    28. Iles can move from WWII to the New South to mysteries to near-future science fiction, which is what you have here. It was provocative with its theological aspect.

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