Wolf Captured

Wolf Captured

Jane Lindskold / Aug 21, 2019

Wolf Captured Raised by sentient language using wolves then later plunged back into human society young Firekeeper has found that her training as a pack animal stands her in good stead amidst deadly political in

  • Title: Wolf Captured
  • Author: Jane Lindskold
  • ISBN: 9780765348234
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • Raised by sentient, language using wolves, then later plunged back into human society, young Firekeeper has found that her training as a pack animal stands her in good stead amidst deadly political intrigues.When Firekeeper and her Royal Wolf companion Blind Seer are kidnapped and dragged overseas, they must maneuver for their lives in an unfamiliar new society Unlike othRaised by sentient, language using wolves, then later plunged back into human society, young Firekeeper has found that her training as a pack animal stands her in good stead amidst deadly political intrigues.When Firekeeper and her Royal Wolf companion Blind Seer are kidnapped and dragged overseas, they must maneuver for their lives in an unfamiliar new society Unlike other humans, their captors are quite aware that Royal animals like Blind Seer exist, are intelligent, and can speak to each other They ve kidnapped Firekeeper and Blind Seer because they want to learn to speak to their own Royal animals.Increasingly, though, it appears that those Royal animals are being held in polite and unobtrusive bondage Firekeeper wants to find out the truth and, if necessary, free them

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        Jane Lindskold is the author of than twenty published novels, including the six volume Firekeeper Saga beginning with Through Wolf s Eyes , Child of a Rainless Year a contemporary fantasy set in Las Vegas, New Mexico , and The Buried Pyramid an archeological adventure fantasy set in 1880 s Egypt.Lindskold is also the author of the Breaking the Wall series, which begins with Thirteen Orphans, then continues in Nine Gates and Five Odd Honors Her most recent series begins with Artemis Awakening, released in May of 2014 Lindskold has also had published over sixty short stories and numerous works of non fiction, including a critical biography of Roger Zelazny, and articles on Yeats and Synge She has collaborated with several other SF F writers, including Roger Zelazny, for whom, at his request, she posthumously finished his novels Donnerjack and Lord Demon She has also collaborated with David Weber, writing several novellas and two YA novels set in his popular Honorverse She wrote the short story Servant of Death with Fred Saberhagen.Charles de Lint, reviewing Changer, praised Lindskold s ability to tell a fast paced, contemporary story that still carries the weight and style of old mythological story cycles 1 Terri Windling called Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls a complex, utterly original work of speculative fiction DeLint has also stated that Jane Lindskold is one of those hidden treasures of American letters a true gem of a writer who simply gets better with each book Lindskold was born in 1962 at the Columbia Hospital for Women, the first of four siblings and grew up in Washington, D.C and Chesapeake Bay Lindskold s father was head of the Land and Natural Resources Division, Western Division of the United States Justice Department and her mother was also an attorney She studied at Fordham, where she received a Ph D in English, concentrating on Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern British Literature she successfully defended her Ph.D on her 26th birthday.Lindskold lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband, archaeologist Jim Moore.


    1. 3.5 stars actually. Not 4 and I just exactly don't know why I would rate this one lower than the 3 first books of the series. Let's just say that I feel like it.This book was different as it focussed only on Firekeeper, Blind Seer and Derian. No Doc nor Elise nor anyone of Hawk Haven or Bright Bay. Actually, this story takes place in an unknown country called Liglim and situated South and across the ocean where our 3 main protagonists were unwillingly brought.Well, I won't summarize the book. Le [...]

    2. If you've read my reviews for the previous books in the series, you probably know that I've been really struggling with these books. While the ideas have been interesting, the execution has been too long and lacking in enough action or drama to keep the pages turning swiftly. The books are slow, rather unsatisfying reads. In some ways, this one was better and in others worse.First, the better. I really liked the change in setting, although I found the kidnapping scenario a bit far-fetched, given [...]

    3. Fourth in the series about Firekeeper, the young girl raised by intelligent wolves, this book immediately captured and kept my attention as Firekeeper, Blindseer and Derian Carter are abducted and taken to a previously unknown land. Derian is one of my favorite characters from this series and having it be just these three main characters focused on in this book made me happy. Here they meet a people who all know about the Royal/ Intelligent animals and they want Firekeeper to teach them how to b [...]

    4. I think this book is my favorite so far. The Maimalodalum are very interesting, and we finally find out who spoke to Firekeeper when she was a child, the voices from the memories she has during her dreams. This one was action-packed the whole way through. And poor Derian. Just as we think he finds a wife, it doesn't work out.I think what I like most about this book is the differences in culture and language. There's more of it in this book than there was in Dragon of Despair. This culture is mor [...]

    5. Book 4: Lindskold takes Firekeeper, Blind Seer and Derian Carter to a completely different environment but manages to loop the story neatly back to Eagle's Nest. You really have to have read the previous books. The new Liglimom characters introduced, the strange beast souls, are a stretch. But I loved the Wise Horse character even though like other Wise Beasts, it(he?) cannot talk. I will continue to stick with this series

    6. This brings more focus back to the heroine and her wolf companion. It also introduces a precognitive, sardonic jaguar. Great fun!

    7. I was wondering what Lindskold had in store for Firekeeper and her friends next. This book was a good way for her to open up more routes to write instead of falling into the usual expected plots

    8. Great book, but can be a little long winded in places. The storyline and characters was very original. All in all a good read.

    9. I enjoy watching characters grow. I enjoy meeting new characters in an on-going series. I enjoy unexpected twists. I enjoy figure something out before the author tells you. I got to have all of these in this story. A win all around!

    10. A little much and a whole new background that makes your head spin. A solid story though and one I enjoyed! I only have one complaint: Rashnieesta or what's her name. She's an ungrateful rat. Three pages before the ending and she ruins a perfectly happy ending. I hope a seagull pisses on her hair!

    11. While I enjoyed it, I skimmed enormous sections of the book with Waln and the acolyte he was with. He's a hateful mind. I don't think they added much to the story. It also ended rather abruptly, without much for resolution between Darien and Rahniseeta.

    12. Personally I'm not a fan of the location shift, and couldn't invest in the new characters. For me, the series went downhill from here on.

    13. My 18-year-old son and I are still enjoying reading about Firekeeper together. There is something magic in being able to share in the joy of a well-written novel that cannot be had in reading by myself.Jane Lindskold was at it again with the difficult-to-pronounce words. The worst one was the name of the temple at u-Seeheera: Heeranenahalm and the other two were Fayonejunjal (name of vessel) and jujundisdu (type of leader). We (or rather I) had to pause before pronouncing the words one syllable [...]

    14. This book took me longer than usual to get through. I don't know why, but I just couldn't get into it that much. I think it's because almost every book in this series introduces yet another set of characters and a new religion/folklore/tale of history. This installment begins with Derian, Firekeeper and Blind Seer being captured by strange darker skinned people. Derian was used as bait to lure Firekeeper onto the boat, and then they are taken to sea. They are being kidnapped to the southern nati [...]

    15. This book is the fourth in a series of fantasy novels. The books are connected, but the plots are self-contained (i.e this is not one continuous story spread out over several books). Firekeeper, one of the principal protagonists, is a feral child raised by wolves and recently reintroduced into human society. She is accompanied by Blind Seer, a member of the wolf pack who raised her. The third main character, Derian Carter, is Firekeeper's first and best friend in the human world. In the world of [...]

    16. The only thing preventing this novel from getting 4 stars from me is the crappy way Lindskold decided to treat Derian at the end. Call me a romantic if you like, but I was very excited about his engagement and felt that it would provide a great new outlook for future installments in the series, preventing them from becoming the same story in a different setting. However, Lindskold has apparently decided that none of her characters are allowed to be happy at any point in the story, at east not fo [...]

    17. She's gotten better at writing politics that don't leave me rereading passages and struggling to remember names. Firekeeper remains as likable as ever. This time she's gotten kidnapped and taken to a place where animals seem to be worshiped, which evolves into a whole mess about the local wildlife, the local rulers, and a little less than a dozen of her own people that are there along with her. My favorite scenes were when Firekeeper was living among the wolves. I hadn't read the previous books [...]

    18. This is a re-read of Firekeeper's saga. I first read this circa 2006-2007 and really enjoyed these books. "Girl raised by wolves" proves to be a great launching point for a rich fantasy series and this book added a whole new dimension to it. We meet people who are aware of and celebrate "royal" kind animals and also learn more of Firekeeper's origin story. Sometimes series tend to get draggy after several books. They may still be satisfying reads but not as wonderful as the early books. For me, [...]

    19. Firekeeper is one of my favorite female protagonists. She's an incredibly strong character. Her relationships and interactions with the other characters are dynamic and engaging. I will say, this installment hasn't been my favorite of the series. Since I found Firekeeper/Blind Seer more interesting, I ended up skimming a good portion of the chapters told from other viewpoints. Still, I'm confident I got the basic gist. Also, a number of the character- and place-names were a mouthful. I didn't li [...]

    20. I am totally in love with this series! I could read it forever.Some nit-picky points though.1) At the end of Dragon of Despair, Firekeeper says she will head home, to talk to her wolf family about >plot point<. I was expecting there to be some mention of this discussion and what she learned somewhere in this book. There wasn't, and I'm not twitchy because I was looking forward to finding out just wtf.2) I dislike the new setting and the new names. I had enough trouble with some of the 'nor [...]

    21. Getting better as the series goes on.Firekeeper, Blind Seer, and Derian are kidnapped and taken to yet another foreign colony. Here, the residents have entered a symbiotic relationship with the intelligent beasts and worship them as conduits to the gods. The newcomers uncover a plot to restart the blood sacrifices of the intelligent animals and save the day. Derian is about to get married to a local, but she ditches him at the last minute when she is chosen as a high priestess and doesn’t wan [...]

    22. I've finished reading the entire Firekeeper series for the eigth time this week and though Through Wolf's Eyes will always be my favorite, Wolf Captured will always be special to me.I think Firekeeper's character is expanded by being able to spend time with wolves other than her home-pack. Blind Seer and Firekeeper's relationship is also put on the spot light and I feel that they became even closer towards the end of the book. There isn't much more I can say with out giving too many spoilers, bu [...]

    23. As usual for the books in this series, this one starts slow but ends strong. The author uses the crude device of kidnapping the main characters and shipping them to a new land to showcase her excellent world building skills, developing a (much needed IMO) new society that integrates well with the existing ones.

    24. This was a horrible book in this series! The plot was slow and just was ridiculous. It took me six weeks to get half way through the book because I just didn't want to pick it up. As much as I've enjoyed the series I really don't know if I'll finish it now. It's too bad this one was so awful. It surprised me.

    25. This is the book where the Firekeeper series started to lose me. I liked the first one, was ok with the second, and was pretty much indifferent towards the third. After this one, I don't really plan on continuing.

    26. This was one of my favorites in this series. Firekeeper, Derian, and Blindseer are kidnaped to a foreign country. I liked seeing them together, even if we see no other returning heros. I also liked seeing the new culture.

    27. I can't help but find myself completely absorbed by this series. I love how sublte the magic is, the different cutlures and places, and of course the overall arc of Firekeeper's character. Blind Seer and Derian are by far my faves though.

    28. The fourth book in the series takes the main characters to the unknown lands across the sea, where they hear of the fever that kills magic, and the possibility of finding the Old World. Also, a strange and powerful old entity is unearthed. The Meddler.

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