Once Upon a Town

Once Upon a Town

BobGreene / Jan 26, 2020

Once Upon a Town The author of the New York Times bestseller Duty shows how a small town in Nebraska gave meaning joy and hope to every train of World War Two soldiers passing through their town The town came to sym

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  • The author of the New York Times bestseller Duty shows how a small town in Nebraska gave meaning, joy, and hope to every train of World War Two soldiers passing through their town The town came to symbolise the patriotism of the American people during World War Two North Platte, Nebraska, is alone on the plains in the middle of the country But before the air age, theThe author of the New York Times bestseller Duty shows how a small town in Nebraska gave meaning, joy, and hope to every train of World War Two soldiers passing through their town The town came to symbolise the patriotism of the American people during World War Two North Platte, Nebraska, is alone on the plains in the middle of the country But before the air age, the Union Pacific Railroad s main line ran right through town When World War Two began, the trains transported young soldiers across the continent to both coasts on their way to battle Then a local resident had an idea why not meet the trains coming through, offer the servicemen and servicewomen some warmth and support On Christmas Day, 1941, the first train rolled in and the surprised soldiers on board were greeted with welcoming words and baskets of treats What happened in the years that followed was a miracle The railroad depot was transformed into the North Platte Canteen Every day of the year, every day of the war, the Canteen was open from 5 a.m until the last troop train pulled away after midnight, staffed and funded entirely by private volunteers, to serve thousands of military personnel daily.

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    1. I wanted to buy this book when it first came out, but didn't. Glad I didn't pay $22 for it. I found a copy at a book sale at the Cooperstown Library for 50 cents.The book is about a really fantastic community effort that took place in WWII - a small town in Nebraska that decided to meet troop trains that stopped in its town for only ten minutes each. So, they set up the North Platte, Nebraska, "Canteen." Along with a dozen other towns, some of them one hundred miles away, volunteers provided san [...]

    2. "Once Upon a Town" is the true story of the North Platte Canteen. What is that? Well, on December 25, 1941, just 18 days after Pearl Harbor, the women of North Platte realized that many troop trains were stopping through their Nebraska town crossing over to the Pacific side of the U.S. They decided to meet the servicemen on the trains for Christmas, because it was supposed to be Nebraska boys. It turned out to be Kansas servicemen, but it didn't matter, they gave them all of their Christmas gift [...]

    3. What a heart warming book this is! This is the story of North Platte, Nebraska during World War II. Troop trains enroute to their ultimate destinations in Europe and the Pacific pass through this small community daily. Every day of the year, every day of the war, the people who live there ban together to form the North Platte Canteen where homemade food, entertainment, and recognition is given to soldiers during their brief stop. Staffed and funded entirely by volunteers, by the end of the war, [...]

    4. The North Platte Canteen: who knew it ever existed? This is nice feel-good nonfiction about a remarkable group of ladies who brought their small community together for the servicemen in WWII. Somewhat repetitious but a true account that is uplifting and optimistic. Journalist Bob Greene tells an interesting story showing the extraordinary patriotism of the times. Favorite tongue-in-cheek quote: “The interstates were meant to be the national bypass-the way to avoid taking things slow, to avoid [...]

    5. Although I didn't find this book particularly well written, it is a book I would suggest to every friend. I think that it is a book that reminds the reader who we - many of the world's citizenry - once were. It is a story of sacrifice, of patriotism, of loving kindness. It is also a story of the tremendous difference individuals can make in the life/lives of others. I have already recommended the book and have begun the process of sharing my copy with as many friends as I am able.

    6. It was a monumental act of generosity that kept the North Platte Canteen in operation from 1941 to 1945, offering food, drink, and gratitude to the multitude of troop trains carrying young servicemen through Nebraska during WWII. Greene's book is a tribute to those who made it possible - a scrapbook of memories recalled by men and women who are now in their 70s, 80s and older.Through scores of interviews, he is able to capture again the excitement, the emotions, and the utter innocence of that p [...]

    7. A feel-good read that a friend in Belgium sent me after her bookclub read it. Why didn't we know about it here??? The book centers around the small town of North Platte, Iowa, that accomplished an extraordinary feat. The people of this area met every troop train with food and drinks for the entire 6+ years of the WWII. Families saved their sugar rations so they could bake cakes for the soldiers, farmers wives saved their eggs and then took 10-12 dozen boiled eggs to share, beef was donated, cook [...]

    8. I picked up this book because the place name North Platte seemed familiar to me. Finally, it dawned that we had stayed there overnight on our epic road trip from Crystal Lake, Illinois to San Francisco, California, and back in 2011. We traveled in a loop going through a total of twelve States. According to my blog, we had visited Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska earlier that day in a sweltering 96ºF! Anyway, I digress. I truly thought this would be an interesting and heartwarming read about [...]

    9. This is an amazing true-life account about one Mid Western town and its citizen's efforts to support military troops during the second world war. The account is largely based on memories recalled during personal interviews and by historical newspaper articles. I found this book to be heartbreaking and and the story was truly touching. The writing did seem to wander a bit, but the author does a good job of weaving together multiple eyewitness accounts with other elements of the story. While the m [...]

    10. Amazing! This was something I was completely clueless of. I had no idea what soldiers went through in the US before being shipped off to Europe, the Pacific or else where during WW2. I'm astounded by the sacrifice this community in Nebraska gave. It was a time when Americans were truely proud of their country and showed it through respect by giving their time resources and service to others. And in a time with rationing and all together a lot less. Some farm houses didn't even have electricity y [...]

    11. You have to admire a town in Nebraska whose townfolk met every troupe train that went through it during WWII. The people were planning to meet the train with their own boys on it, but when that wasn't the case, they went ahead and provided the troupes with treats, coffee, and companionship. That started the tradition of meeting every train because they were ALL their boys. Bob Greene is a newspaper reporter, and he has a very irritating style of writing. I wanted him to spend more time on the pe [...]

    12. This is my new favorite book. It makes me want to do more for those around me and make my community what this one was during the war years. It is a delightful read. I really needed a book like this as the world around me seems to abound in conflict. What would it be like if we all just cared about each other?

    13. Bob Greene is a newspaper columnist and each chapter of this book could have been written for a newspaper column. Someone gave me a copy of the book and I was trying to remember why I was reading it. Our town is reading this book for a "Reads" program and all the local book discussion groups are discussing it in the next month or two. It seems like an odd selection for this because it is non-fiction and he makes a few grammatical errors in the book--not enough to discourage the reader.World War [...]

    14. I readOnce Upon a Town while working on a musical adaptation of it, about which the less said the better. It was pretty impressive to read about so many towns around North Platte putting so much work into creating and maintaining the North Platte Canteen. It was also pretty impressive to hear about the long-lasting memories our servicemen kept of the kindness they found there. It was absolutely stunning to feel the matter-of-factness in the voices of the participants, years afterwards, as they d [...]

    15. Here's what I loved about this book: the story of the town of North Platte and all those fantastic people that dreamed up and worked the Canteen that brought joy and a moment of good cheer to millions of soldiers during WWII. Anyone writing about this story has a good chance at producing an interesting and captivating read, simply because the facts are so amazing. I have fallen in love with that Canteen and all those that supported it and made it a reality. A wonderful glimpse into the potential [...]

    16. If you ever find yourself losing faith in humanity, this story is a great reminder that there is truly a goodness in people. During a time when everyone was scrimping and saving and making do, the people of North Platte and the surrounding areas did whatever they could to provide the soldiers that were passing through their humble town with a homecooked meal, a few moments of entertainment, and a whole lot of kindness. Despite the rationing of supplies, and the shortage of money, these people al [...]

    17. Unbelievable True Story of a Truly Patriotic CityWow!. What an incredible story. I had never heard of the Canteen in North Platte, Nebraska, but now I want to tell everyone about it!. What the residents did during WWII is absolutely inspiring. The sacrifices the citizens of North Platte and surrounding communities made to show their love and appreciation for American service members is beyond comparison. I've never heard of anything like this. The Canteen had a lasting impact on the millions of [...]

    18. Bob Greene chronicles the story of the North Platt (Nebraska) Canteen, where from Christmas Day, 1941 until April, 1946, volunteers met trainloads of servicemen and women stopping for ten to twenty minutes at the Union Pacific station with food, coffee, encouragement, hugs and love. Greene went to great lengths to track down the people from the area who, in spite of meager resources, came together to feed and welcome literally millions of young men and women who were just "passing through." He a [...]

    19. I absolutely loved this book, maybe because my dad was in WWII. Greene tells the sweet story of the people in the small town of North Platte, Neb. and how they banded together to welcome and feed the boys on the troop trains that passed through their town. The boys only stayed at the North Platte Canteen for 10 minutes before moving on to war. This was a 10 minutes they never forgot. I could see this as required reading for young people who have little idea of the warmth and hospitality of peopl [...]

    20. This was a nice uplifting book. It kind of reminded me of a Mitch Albolm with it's romantic way of looking at life. In fact, it got a little too romanticized in places which led to drawn out dreamy depictions of what seemed like a run-of-the-mill midwestern town, and it kind of turned me off. Still, what the Americans of North Platte put together during WWII was really quite amazing. The stories are great. Unfortunately, it wasn't compelling enough for me to finish. I guess I'm not warm and fuzz [...]

    21. This was an easy read book all about North Platte Nebraska and what they did for the military men going off to World War 11. I remember my Uncle going off to war and seeing him off at the railroad station. I wonder now if he was one of those who were treated so kindly in North Platte. I do remember him saying that the Red Cross was at the front lines while they were being confronted by the enemy. They were selling the coffee and donuts. A far cry from North Platte who was giving it for free. A w [...]

    22. Tremendously interesting story about a Nebraska town that fed every soldier that came through on troop trains for five years. Thousands a day. Incredible dedication to "our boys" which did not go unappreciated. But Greene gets bogged down in what has become of North Platte since the war and the death of passenger trains. I would have liked more info on how the town and surrounding area were able to organize and pull off such a massive undertaking.

    23. Both my grandfather and grandmother on my mother's side came froma nearby community. While they had moved to Colodado by that time, their siblings and Aunts and Uncles were the people who were part of this miraclemple and humble people doing a great thing. It seems almost impossible that a place like this could exist,but it did.

    24. I didn't actually finish reading this book. The fundament story of the people of North Platte who met every train carrying soldiers through their town with homemade food, drinks and entertainment during WWII was really cool. The book contained some fun and inspiring stories, but it was a bit too long and got kind of boring.

    25. Heard the author on NPR. This is a touching story about a town who pulled out all the stops to make soldiers of WWII have something special when the train stopped.

    26. Three stars is not a bad review. In fact, I am recommending this to everybody, because it is an uplifting and inspiring story. I'll explain. Bob Greene did a fantastic job of researching for this book. He brought in stories from former soldiers of World War II, went looking for anyone that had ever stopped in the North Platte Canteen. He found the people that volunteered there. He went back to North Platte itself. The story? The North Platte Canteen existed during the war specifically to serve t [...]

    27. I am grateful to have read this book. In 1925, my father Roger Allen Dungan was born in North Plate. He moved to Denver w/ his single mother and older sister, joining the Navy upon graduating high school in 1943. Did he pass through North Platte as a sailor and experience the Canteen? Although in the later years of his life he spoke about growing up in North Plate-> he never mentioned knowing about the wartime Canteen. We buried dad this year (2017) in Fort Logan National Cemetary outside Den [...]

    28. Nebraskans are awesomeI had heard about the canteen years ago but never knew the whole story. The author spent time in North Platte and could have just reported what witnesses told him. But instead he made it feel like we readers were right there with him as he looked around the modern city and observed that the only thing that's changed are the sites where all the action occurred. Bob Greene found people were still affected by the love and care they either received or gave in ten minute segment [...]

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