My So Called Death

My So Called Death

Stacey Jay / Jul 18, 2019

My So Called Death All in all it was a good day to die If there really is such a thing You hear characters in movies say that all the time but does anyone really believe the words good and die belong in the same senten

  • Title: My So Called Death
  • Author: Stacey Jay
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  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • All in all it was a good day to die If there really is such a thing You hear characters in movies say that all the time, but does anyone really believe the words good and die belong in the same sentence Still, it could have been worse It could have been dark and spooky night instead of a beautiful Georgia morning in late October, with a light wind whipping across thAll in all it was a good day to die If there really is such a thing You hear characters in movies say that all the time, but does anyone really believe the words good and die belong in the same sentence Still, it could have been worse It could have been dark and spooky night instead of a beautiful Georgia morning in late October, with a light wind whipping across the Peachtree High School football field, making zombies seem like the last thing anyone needed to worry about Fifteen year old freshman, Karen Vera, is well on her way to ruling her school when a freak cheer leading accident turns her into, well, a freak Much to her Horror and Dismay, Karen learns she is a genetic mutation, one of the Death Challenged a politically correct term for a zombie Now she has to go to a top secret zombie school, eat brains for lunch, and take courses with names like Secrets of Successful Morticians and their Uses for the Undead Foundation and Beyond And to make matters worse, her roommate is the most reviled girl at DEAD High, a complete head case, and maybea murderer.Can Karen find out who s offing the nearly un off able Undead before she becomes the next victim Can she convince the super cute captain of the swim team that a girl can have a pathological love for pink and still carry on an intelligent conversation Will she ever pass remedial Algebra for the Death Challenged

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    1. Remember years back when hot Zombies were the rage, and you didn't call them Zombies but Death Challenged or Death Impaired. This is one of the series that was popular back then, and yes, I bought it and only just got around to finally reading Book #1. I had previously read Book #0.5. In My So-Called Death, Karen is getting used to her life as a Zombie after an accident in cheerleading caused her to fall to her death and come back as a Zombie. She is now attending a Zombie high school. The thing [...]

    2. Karen Vera is a popular 14 year old girl whose life is cut short when she falls off the top of her cheerleader pyramid. She soon learns that she is death challenged. Her only way to have a normal life is to go to DEAD school. Stacey Jay's book takes a tragedy and turns it into a very funny story. The book seems like a mashup of John Huges films, (Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles) George Romero films (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead), and JK Ro [...]

    3. This was a fun read for me. It reminded me a bit of (probably due to the boarding school setting and the humor) mixed with (due to the mystery aspect and the younger target audience). I'm sad there aren't any more books in the series (at least not yet), so I guess I need to try Ms. Jay's other zombie series (Megan Berry):.

    4. Carrie AckersonHumorKaren Vera is the smallest, most pink-wearing cheerleader at Peachtree High. Naturally she’s the one on the top of a human pyramid when the stunt goes wrong and she…DOESN’T die. Karen is “death challenged!” She becomes a zombie, and must go to DEAD High instead, a zombie boarding school. It isn’t so bad, once she gets used to eating (animal) brains. But suddenly somebody is harvesting zombie brains. Karen and gorgeous zombie-hunk Gavin need to save their classmate [...]

    5. Ok, this book wonderful. It is light, hilarious, fun, ridiculous, far-fetched (but well thought out at the same time), and awesome. I read the synopsis of this book by Stacy Jay when I was going on a "new book spree" and decided to give it a whirl. I read it in a day and it was exactly what I wanted, fun! I highly recommend this book to anyone with a dry and sick sense of humor like myself, the rest of the fans of Karen Vera, and Stacy Jay.

    6. This is so oddly lighthearted and fun for a zombie book. Eating brains, black magic, and a zombie killer on the loose somehow seem as fluffy as cotton candy with Karen Vera in the POV seat. In fact, I wouldn't have minded a little more weight, but I still very much enjoyed this and will be reading more Stacey Jay. :) 3.5 stars

    7. After dying in a cheerleading accident, high school freshman Karen turns into a zombie and enrolls at a boarding school for the undead where she uncovers a murder mystery. (Im a spoiler(and 'spoiler' is just an understatement)!!Beware)Characters:Karen Vera: lives in georgia,died by cheerleader accdient,freshman, waked up as a zombie,5'1,golden blond hair,brown eyes,14 yr old,not a normal persona genetic anomaly,doesnt have a pulse anymore,skin will rot if doesnt take proper precautions,lower bod [...]

    8. Karen didn't know she had a genetic mutation that would keep her alive when she fell off the top of the cheerleading pyramid in front of the whole school. Now she's headed to a boarding school for the Un-Dead. As soon as she arrives bad things start happening. Some students at DEAD aren't mutants like her - they were raised from the dead by a magician and rescued. Those students are now in jeopardy, including Karen's new friend Trish. Girls are found with their brains removed. Karen and Trish de [...]

    9. I really enjoyed Stacey Jay's "You're So Undead to Me," which was funny and had a great teen voice. The same elements in this novel grate on the nerves, especially in the first part of the book. The only character who is fleshed out (ha ha) to full-person status is the narrator/protagonist, and in lieu of actual character development we get caricatures and an occasional stereotype instead. (For example, if you were hoping the ex-cheerleader protagonist would ultimately find out that her mini-Sna [...]

    10. Plot Sketch: Karen Vera is a cheerleader. She rocks at the top of the pyramid, and everyone wants to be her. Well, at least they did until she fell from the top of said pyramid and cracked her head open and her brains fell out. She died. They had a funeral, but Karen was still around. She's a zombie. Not the kind of zombie that got themselves dead and then got reanimated via black magic, those are the lower class Deprogrammed. Nope, she's Death Challenged, which is pretty much the bourgeoisie of [...]

    11. Karen Vera is a perky, blonde, pink adoring cheerleader. She couldn't be higher on the social totem pole at school and she's only a sophomore. The rest of high school should be a breeze until during a football game, she falls from the top of a human pyramid and lands on her head. Normally, this would be the end, but she is genetically undead zombie thanks to an ancestor or two. After scooping her brains back into her skull and feeding her animal brains, Dr. Samedi, the principal of DEAD (Death C [...]

    12. Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadTooU-G-L-Y, Karen totally has an alibi SHE'S UNDEAD, WHAT WHAT? SHE'S UNDEAD!Just a freshman, Karen Vera was on top of the world. Karen was part of the fearless JV squad at Peachtree High and the girl that everyone envied. Unfortunately, her life went splat as she was knocked off her high pyramid and fell into a world that forces her to trade in her pom-poms for some animal brains.Turns out Karen is "Death Challenged." So, once her pr [...]

    13. When Karen Vera falls from the top of the pyramid she expected to die since anyone knows that having their skull cracked open and their brains spilled out can only mean death. But Karen’s family line has a history of well, not dying…completely. Apparently Karen has a special gene that when she “dies” she doesn’t die, but rather turns into a zombie—Death Challenged. After having her parents rush her home, the principal of DEAD High visits and invites Karen to their boarding school to [...]

    14. Karen tragically died from a major fall from the top of the cheer leading pyramid and even more tragically discovered that she is a genetic zombie and now has to live out the rest of her days slurping down animal brains and fearing maggot infestations. She's even transferred to DEAD high, where supposedly she'll learn how to cope with her new, long lasting, but secret, un-life. But high school, even undead high schools, are cruel and to make bad things worse a full day into Karen's new life a bo [...]

    15. Our main girl was a cheerleader, but during one of the games the pyramid on which she stood was shaken up and she fell down, cracked her head open and voila zombie!After that there is a whirl of action, but in short, she is a zombie and needs to come to Dead High, a special boarding school for zombies (be them because of natural causes or because they have been brought back against their will). She meets many people, including her lovely roommate who hates her because she is a cheerleader and we [...]

    16. When Karen Vera is dropped on her head from a cheerleading pyramid, she discovers a family secret:, she, like other members of her family, are "death-challenged" (aka zombies). Which means a little split skull and a splattered brain is not going to keep her from completing high school; it just means that it won't be public school, it'll be at eath challenged Education for Adolescents and the Deprogrammed (DEAD) High.Karen takes to DEAD High: she isn't as popular at this school, her roommate hate [...]

    17. When I heard that My So-Called Death by Stacey Jay was being re-released, it was a no-brainer (ha!) that I was going to have to read it. Stacey has written some of my favorite YA books, and, although this one is aimed at the younger end of the YA age group, it is still completely engaging.Karen Vera, the heroine of this story, is a pert and sassy cheerleader, who, to put it politely, is Death-challenged, which means that she has a genetic mutation that prevents her from dying. But, when your ent [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book. It's a fun, page-turning, mystery with romance, humor and of course, brain eating zombies. Totally the good kind. Well, mostly. In MY SO-CALLED DEATH, Stacey Jay makes you laugh, cringe and swoon all at the same time. Life was pretty sweet for Karen Vera. She was a popular cheerleader with so much going for her. At least until she literally fell from the top of the pyramid and had her brains splattered for all to see. That kind of sucked. Lucky for her, she was some s [...]

    19. Fans of You Are So Undead To Me will find this zombie book full of familiar perkiness yet definitely cut in a different cloth - more along the lines of Generation Dead and I Kissed A ZOMBIE, And I Liked It. If you prefer an intelligent zombie with a little perk, then My So-Called Death will suit your zombie needs!Stacey Jay really captured the voice of a perky, go-getter girl - so much that I could not help but laugh at how chipper Karen stayed despite being a zombie and enduring undeserved susp [...]

    20. My So-Called Death by Stacy Jay Follows perky cheerleader Karen. When Karen falls to her death after being dropped off the top of a cheerleading formation she doesn't stay dead, she wakes back up. Karen soon finds herself enrolled at the DEAD school for zombie kids. Unfortunately as soon as she arrives she finds that this school isn't as easy to navigate as the one she left. Her roommate is creepy, everyone seems to dislike her and her classmates are having their brains stolen.This is a cute zom [...]

    21. This was one of the most enjoyable YA/zombie books I think I have ever read. Meet Karen Vera, freshman cheerleader at PHS, suddenly now death-challenged after falling off the top of her cheer pyramid and newest student at DEAD high. Someone is harvesting zombie brains at her new school and she is determied to find the culprit. Between her newest shady BFF, her emotional new roomate with horribly bad breath, her crush on the cutest boy in achool and having to eat brains for lunch every day, Karen [...]

    22. Karen Vera has been transported from her fabulous position atop a cheerleader pyramid to DEAD High. She'd known there were risks to being a "flyer," but she didn't imagine that she'd die -- let alone become "genetically undead." Now Karen has to deal with things like her weirdo roommate who mostly cries and performs goth-y rituals under a blanket. And then there's the snacking on animal brains to prevent rot. And, oh yeah, someone in school has been harvesting her fellow student's brains and way [...]

    23. I like Stacey Jay's zombie books-- they are always a bit tongue in cheek, never talk down to teen readers, and are usually a wee bit gross. Super fun! I do prefer her other series (You are so undead to me, Undead much, etc.)a bit more, but this one, from the perspective of an undead teen, is pretty great. Karen dies after falling from the top of a cheerleading pyramid only she isn't dead. She ends up at a secret high school for the undead, with a creepy roommate, a hot guy interested in her, and [...]

    24. I was provided a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I don't know if the author meant to do it but I spent a good portion of the novel giggling. This book is light hearted and fun, there's not a lot of the normal teenage angst you find in some books. The main character is fun and self confessed vain. The book takes on a navy drew type feel with a definite zombie twist but so much fun to read.

    25. This book absolutely cracked me up. I started laughing at the cover before I even started the story - the font being the same as those old horror movie posters was a nice touch.This was just a very cute and fun story, and I laughed at Karen's inner monologue the entire time. There wasn't much substance to this at all but I loved it all the same.

    26. This was a very cute book. I enjoyed reading this because it was not to deep and light. Stacey's humor really came through in this book. The way she was able to channel her inner teen was perfect. I brought me back to high school when things were way more co fusing than they had to be. An excellent read for any teenager today.

    27. The Good: My So Called Death is a great blend of horror and comedy. Jay's humor shines in this novel, coupling well with an interesting mystery, a little romance and a fun high school after death angle. A quirky, funny read that's great for teens and adults.The Bad: Karen is just so damned perky. Like WAY over the top perky.

    28. I loved this take on zombies and a zombie school. Karen Vera is such a fun and witty character, I loved how easy it was just to love her. If you're looking for a book with death, zombies, brains, magic, friends, enemies, and a cute boy to boot then this is the book for you. Such a fun and cute read full of a little bit of love, mystery, and adventure :)

    29. as a 34 yo mother of a teen i was very much able to enjoy this book. It was true to the age of the students. They didn't act older then they were. The plot is funny. It takes a genre i hate (zombies) and made it worth reading. Waiting to see what was going to happen next. I had trouble putting it down. I'll definitely be having my teen read this, i think she will really enjoy it.

    30. So the story was enjoyable but that's it, no well rounded charactrs, no well written sassy scenes. But it might be that I'm to old for this book. I definitely won't recommend it to anyone over 14 years old.

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