Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue

Edward Bunker / Jan 20, 2020

Little Boy Blue Raised within the confines of a system that has done nothing but provide him with pain Alex Hamilton s frustration and anger are completely natural and inherently dangerous Since his parents split up

  • Title: Little Boy Blue
  • Author: Edward Bunker
  • ISBN: 9780312195045
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • Raised within the confines of a system that has done nothing but provide him with pain, Alex Hamilton s frustration and anger are completely natural and inherently dangerous.Since his parents split up, Alex has been constantly running from foster homes and institutions, yearning to be with his father, a broken man who cannot give his son the home he desperately needs TheRaised within the confines of a system that has done nothing but provide him with pain, Alex Hamilton s frustration and anger are completely natural and inherently dangerous.Since his parents split up, Alex has been constantly running from foster homes and institutions, yearning to be with his father, a broken man who cannot give his son the home he desperately needs The only constant in Alex s life is no good, criminally minded peers, who are all too ready to plant illegal ideas in an intelligent mind Bunker writes, His unique potential would develop into unique destructiveness.

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        Edward Heward Bunker was an American author of crime fiction, a screenwriter, and an actor He wrote numerous books, some of which have been adapted into films.Bunker was a bright but troublesome child, who spent much of his childhood in different foster homes and institutions He started on a criminal career at a very early age, and continued on this path throughout the years, returning to prison again and again He was convicted of bank robbery, drug dealing, extortion, armed robbery, and forgery A repeating pattern of convictions, paroles, releases and escapes, further crimes and new convictions continued until he was released yet again from prison in 1975, at which point he finally left his criminal days permanently behind and became a writer Bunker stayed out of jail thereafter, and instead focused on his career as a writer and actor.


    1. Il paradiso della libertà era nebuloso, per lui, come il paradiso di Dio.Un libro che s'è salvato dalle due stelline non so neanche io come. Sono sempre molto riluttante a dire "duecento pagine in meno avrebbero sicuramente giovato", ma questa volta è davvero così. Dopo un certo punto non c'è nient'altro di interessante da leggere. Succedono sempre le stesse cose, ma con una monotonia e noia tali da rendere indigestibile la lettura, non fosse per lo stile fluido e passabile.Di cosa stiamo p [...]

    2. Publicado en lecturaylocura/la-violenciMucha gente no suele entender la razón por la cual hay mucha gente que disfruta viendo películas de terror, violentas o, desde luego que no tienen un final feliz. Hay un fenómeno, inherente al ser humano llamado catarsis (del griego κάθαρσις kátharsis, purificación), palabra descrita en la definición de tragedia en la Poética de Aristóteles como purificación emocional, corporal, mental y espiritual. Mediante la experiencia de la compasión [...]

    3. La novela más conocida de Edward Bunker, y probablemente la más autobiográfica, Narra la conversión del protagonista, de chico problemático a delincuente profesional. Es absolutamente trágica, de principio a fin, con apenas unos pocos resquicios para la esperanza y la redención, que son sistemáticamente aplastados. A lo largo de 400 páginas absolutamente demoledoras se nos narra la violencia carcelaria, el mundo de las drogas, los bajos fondos, los atracos, las prostitutas, todo, desde [...]

    4. A great premise, just not great execution.I get that Alex was a 12 year old in the 40s. What I don't get is how enlightened he was towards certain folks (blacks), yet so unenlightened as to others (mentally handicapped). Also, stealing was OK but vandalism wasn't?Not the fault of the author, but the blurb on the back said "The best first-person crime novel I've ever read," which is why I picked it up. Presumably, that was referring to another of his books because this was not a first-person and [...]

    5. One of Bunker's best, maybe the best. This chronicles (in slightly fictionalized form) the author's childhood and as such it provides a fascinating glimpse at a vanished world: Los Angeles in the 1930-late 50'. Zoot suits and everything in-between!

    6. Un niño de trece años, un expediente de violencia y orfandad, y los bajos fondos de la ciudad de Los Ángeles. No sé si es un libro imprescindible, pero, desde luego, después de leer la primera página resulta extremamente difícil soltarlo.

    7. Alex Hammond: sin infancia, sin moral, sin posibilidades.Un gran punto de partida con el autor. Me gusta como escribe.

    8. I remember Edward Bunker as Mr. Blue from Reservoir Dogs. "You don't care they're counting on your tips to live?" Turns out he's also an amazing writer. If you've ever wanted to get inside the head of a juvenile delinquent in World War 2-era Los Angeles, I doubt there is a more authentic, better-written opportunity than this. Somehow, Bunker creates a character who is guilty, yet sympathetic. Bunker subtly places the blame at the feet of the criminal justice system itself. Very subtly. Bunker le [...]

    9. I believe this one might have had a few parts I didn't like but he was writing it how he wanted, and I can't take away from his talent and experiences that qualify him to write the books he wrote. Get all of his books,. there s a few I have not read, now I am a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN and have no interest in taking my mind back to the old life I once lived. I do that enough when I share testimony nor write my own experiences. Good powerful reads though.

    10. Edward Bunkerin omaelämäkerrallisessa väkivaltaromaanissa seurataan päähenkilön Alex Hammondin väkivaltaista varhaisnuoruutta ja laitoskierrettä 11-vuotiaasta 15-vuotiaaksi. Alkuperäisteos Little Boy Blue julkaistiin vuonna 1981, ja sen on onnistuneesti kääntänyt Juha Ahokas.Tapahtumat lähtevät liikkeelle, kun Clem-isä vie (ties monettako kertaa) poikansa uuteen koulukotiin, sillä hänellä ei ole varaa pitää poikaa kotonaan. Rikkinäisen perheen lapsi elää vaikeuksien keskel [...]

    11. Alexin tarina on suorastaan surullinen, mutta kieltämättä kiinnostava osoitus siitä mihin varhaiskypsän ja äkkipikaisen nuoren miehen tie voi johtaa, kun hänen intonsa suuntautuu ennemminkin rikolliseen maailmaan kuin mihinkään yleishyödylliseen. Olen pitkään ihmetellyt Liken ”rikos kannattaa”-sarjan kirjojen ideaa, mutta ”Kovan onnen poika”-kirjassa ajatus ainakin hetkellisesti toteutuu ajatuksena, johon Alex itsekin viittaa: kiinnijäämisestä huolimatta hetken aikaa rikos [...]

    12. Little Boy Blue By Edward Bunker Damn this is one hell of a sad page turner of hard Boiled crime fiction.The book reminds me a lot of the Walker home for Boys in the film Sleepers, as it deals in the childhood of Alex Hammond whose parents split up when he was young and then he's sent to various foster homes and military schools and along the way he just rebels and gets into rages and trouble and well life goes from worse to evil and beyond into a well worn path to a life in crime and all by the [...]

    13. Non so quanto ci sia di autobiografico in Little Boy Blue; di sicuro Bunker sa come raccontare il crimine (o, come in questo caso, l'evoluzione dello stesso nell'individuo) come nessun altro. La discesa di Alex nella malavita in una spirale inesorabile è raccontata con realismo e senza falsa pietà: si parteggia per il protagonista ma restando consapevoli di quanto le sue scelte abbiano portato a un finale che, pur non privo di speranza, resta comunque tragico.

    14. When you combine the "qualities" of a young criminal mind, hard time, trying to play it cool and learning to love the written word, you get Edward Bunker. You might know him as the head boss in Reservoir Dogs. I know him as my favorite true-crime author. This book is a fictionized tale of his life as a young riff-raffer/n'er-do-well. Try and put this book down--I dare you--engrossing to put it lightly.

    15. This was tough for me. One one hand, I really like the way Bunker writes. He writes with a nice pacet too fast, not too slow. And there were some wonderfully constructed sentences in there. Memorable stuff. But altogether, I started getting a little bored. Things just seemed so gut-wrenchingly chronological for some reason. I ended up not getting excited to finish it. But I can see why people would like Bunker. Maybe this one just seemed like a dud to me. Who knows?

    16. Much better than his autobiography, and quite similar, as much of Alex's character is derived from Bunker's own life. I'd like to know what made Bunker stay out of prison after years of the same cycle of crime, time, parole/escape, repeat. I'm guessing it was his burgeoning literary career, but he never really mentioned it in the autiobio, which focused more on his first thirty-some years.

    17. Brutal, sad, coming of age story. Super powerful account of a growing outlaw identity, and how the system of punishment led this guy to become what he did, or at least get on the path. You can see how hard it is to get empathy when people can understand why being an orphan or prison would be hard when they can't empathise with extreme violence.

    18. it's interesting to know this book was written by a prisioner. you get enveloped into the world of a child and crime and it's like a trainwrecka pretty ok one, at that. the author is very discriptive

    19. Bunker will show u the way to become a criminal, and what it takes to get thereHe begun writing while convicted in San Quentin, which means his is no fiction work!P.S. He played Mr Blue in Reservoir dogs.

    20. Um retrato desafiador sobre a delinquência juvenil e a destruição da infância. Um livro que desperta boas reflexões sobre o processo educacional na fase mais essencial do nosso aprendizado. É, naturalmente, uma inteligente abordagem sobre valores e exemplos. Recomendo!

    21. Ricordo ancora di aver passato le notti a leggere questo libro; mi immedesimavo nel giovane Alex e mi addormentavo arrabbiato con il mondo. Davvero bravo E. Bunker a trasmettere le emozioni di chi vive soprusi e ingiustizie.

    22. few words can describe the amazing situation Edward found himself intobut lots are spent to describe the awful consequences

    23. A little slow to start, but once the boy falls from grace he becomes a criminal quickly. I wonder how close this was to Edward's life.

    24. I liked the text and description parts about the jail. Nothing to complain, but it didn't really have a big impact on me either.

    25. so far this it a good book you know and then you don't know where the book is going to go next i am looking forward to how it will end for him finished it and it was rely good

    26. This read transported me into the mind of a kid growing up in the criminal system in California in the 50's.

    27. This is my favorite of Bunker's fiction. it was the first book I read of his and it definitely stayed my favorite.

    28. Bunker is, to me, near enough to the king of dirty realism. Having lived the life, he now writes it with unequaled believability.If you haven't read him, try and change that.You won't regret it.

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