Revolt in the Desert

Revolt in the Desert

T.E. Lawrence / Jul 18, 2019

Revolt in the Desert This book originally written in was printed for the author and his friends not for general publication Lawrence abridged the original work and the present volume is about one half the siz

  • Title: Revolt in the Desert
  • Author: T.E. Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9781579124380
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1927 This book, originally written in 1919, was printed for the author and his friends, not for general publication Lawrence abridged the original work and the present volume is about one half the size of the original Lawrence stated that if he was asked why he had abridged an unsatisfactory book instead of recasting it as a history, he would plead that to do so nice a1927 This book, originally written in 1919, was printed for the author and his friends, not for general publication Lawrence abridged the original work and the present volume is about one half the size of the original Lawrence stated that if he was asked why he had abridged an unsatisfactory book instead of recasting it as a history, he would plead that to do so nice a job in the barracks which were his home since 1922 would need a degree of concentration amounting in an airman to moroseness and an interest in the subject which was exhausted long ago in the actual experience of it.

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      334 T.E. Lawrence
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        Born Thomas Edward Lawrence, and known professionally as T E Lawrence, though the world came to know him as Lawrence of Arabia In 1922, Lawrence used the name John Hume Ross to enlist in the RAF after being discovered and forced out, he took the name T E Shaw to join the Royal Tank Corps 1923 He was eventually let back into the RAF 1925.


    1. T. E. Lawrences classic history/biography of his involvment in the middle east during the War To End All wars.The basis for the great movie, Lawrence of Arabia, it stands very well upon its own legs.Irreverent and honest, he speaks casually of his great impact on the area and the nature of the rich cultures he encounters, the terrible privations he and his compatriots underwent, the black cruelty as well as the acts of spontanious nobility encountered with a voice that lays each to stand for the [...]

    2. This version of events is more accessible than Seven Pillars and most of the more outre episodes ( which people who knew him say were total fantasy) are not included.I re-read the book because one of my colleagues asked how Islamic State had been so successful in Syria and North Iraq. Before I recommended this book to him I gave it a read just in case my old memory was playing tricks.But my memory was true. In this book Lawrence writes down the very basics of guerrilla warfare which all insurgen [...]

    3. Revolt in the Desert, is another account of Lawrence as a liaison Officer between Britain and Arab revolts, In fact what makes me write this review is that I got in touch with the poetic style that Lawrence used to express some psychological feelings. In reality this book should be picked in the best shelf of the British literature.

    4. One of my favorite adventure books that i have read since childhood. For anyone interested in the Arab world it is a MUST. No way around it. Incredible writing, unbelievable action, made all the more intense by the fact that it DID happen. Great introduction to Arab culture, habits, and viewpoints. All around a phenomenal book.

    5. كتاب يحكي تفاصيل الثوره العربيه على الأتراك وأحداث الحرب العالميه الأولى ومابعدها من تحريك وتحريض للعرب على الأتراك بإدارة المخابرات البريطانيه !ووصولا إلى إتمام الوعد وتسليم فلسطينبعيداً عن الضيافة والعادات العربيه , مع لورنس تحديداً أحسست أن العرب أغبى شعوب الأرض, فالمط [...]

    6. This text is an unnecessary abridgment of one of the most compelling and beautifully written non-fiction works of the 20th century, Seven Pillars of Wisdom. While fans and collectors of Lawrence's work may find the book of interest, new readers should disregard this text and direct their attention to Seven Pillars of Wisdom post-haste.

    7. A vivid, first hand, account of a key period in modern history. A must read for anyone trying to understand and appreciate some of the background to the complex problems of the Middle East today.

    8. Lawrence wrote his memoirs of the WW1 war against the Ottoman Empire as a 780 page long book "The seven pillars of wisdom" but heavily in debt was forced by his publishers to rush out an abridged version. He hated it and refused to allow even the most basic editing. Consequently it has many different variants on place names, often fails to clarify the vast array of characters in the Arab army or the overall development of the war. On the other hand it conveys brilliantly the characters, countrys [...]

    9. WM4: Salvate il soldato Lawrence. Dopo settant'anni di dibattito sulla sua figura, davvero non meritava di essere buttato sul mercato editoriale senza nemmeno due parole di accompagnamento. Spedito fuori dalla trincea senza nessuno a coprirlo. Fior di carriere critico-letterarie si sono costruite o infrante davanti al mito di Lawrence d'Arabia, e forse quando un editore sceglie di pubblicare un testo come Rivolta nel deserto, datato 1927, una prefazione sarebbe cosa buona e giusta. Non l'ha pens [...]

    10. "Revolt In The Desert", T.E. Lawrence, 1927. Distinctive, rare and expensive, the powerful, fire breathing 1933 Brough Superior motorcycle was a classic in it's own time. Lawrence of Arabia suffered a fatal brain injury while riding his Superior. Highly intellectual, literary, and courageous in battle, T.S. Lawrence was not only a talented military officer, but also an accomplished archeologist. Having survived a life magnetically drawn to adventure and risk, and well known for indulging in seve [...]

    11. This was the less detailed version of T E Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom , edited down from the original. Lawrence didn't want the general public to see any book by or about him, but he needed money after Arabia, to live on. He finally agreed to let this book appear but every time there was any publicity about him, even to promote one of his own books, he suffered desperately from the public exposure.

    12. This is a memoir written by T. E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") about his involvement with the Arab revolt during WW I.Well, I only made it about a third of the way through this book. It was well written, with colorful language. However, I lost interest. I guess there was just one too many long desert crossings without much happening.In the future, I may go back and try to finish it.

    13. One of the best books ever written.“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” Lawrence has the ability to project full HD into your brain.

    14. يبدو أنه كتاب رائع لم أستطع إكماله لعدم تمكني التام من اللغة الانجليزية :(

    15. I absolutely love the movie Lawrence of Arabia (not just cause there are no women in it), and I'm quite intruiged by his writings, so I have to get to them.

    16. Le témoignage d'un agent secret anglais pendant la première guerre mondiale, dont l'action va redessiner le visage de la région.

    17. In his telling of his efforts to help the Arabs rise up against the Ottomans, Lawrence vividly describes the dangers, but also the moral and intellectual challenges, he faced.

    18. This is the one I read, I've heard the full version is better. Worth it for Auda alone. Warning, much different than the film.

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