Newton and the Counterfeiter: The Unknown Detective Career of the World's Greatest Scientist

Newton and the Counterfeiter: The Unknown Detective Career of the World's Greatest Scientist

Thomas Levenson / Jun 24, 2019

Newton and the Counterfeiter The Unknown Detective Career of the World s Greatest Scientist In Isaac Newton already renowned as the greatest mind of his age made a surprising career change He left quiet Cambridge where he had lived for thirty years and made his earth shattering discov

  • Title: Newton and the Counterfeiter: The Unknown Detective Career of the World's Greatest Scientist
  • Author: Thomas Levenson
  • ISBN: 9780151012787
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1695, Isaac Newton already renowned as the greatest mind of his age made a surprising career change He left quiet Cambridge, where he had lived for thirty years and made his earth shattering discoveries, and moved to London to take up the post of Warden of His Majesty s Mint Newton was preceded to the city by a genius of another kind, the budding criminal William ChalIn 1695, Isaac Newton already renowned as the greatest mind of his age made a surprising career change He left quiet Cambridge, where he had lived for thirty years and made his earth shattering discoveries, and moved to London to take up the post of Warden of His Majesty s Mint Newton was preceded to the city by a genius of another kind, the budding criminal William Chaloner Thanks to his preternatural skills as a counterfeiter, Chaloner was rapidly rising in London s highly competitive underworld, at a time when organized law enforcement was all but unknown and money in the modern sense was just coming into being Then he crossed paths with the formidable new warden In the courts and streets of London and amid the tremors of a world being transformed by the ideas Newton himself had set in motion the two played out an epic game of cat and mouse.

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    1. This book starts with an extended thumbnail sketch of Newton and his Natural Philosophy. This is done quite well – though, if that is what you are after perhaps a better book is Isaac Newton. This one runs through his three laws (things will keep moving unless you stop them, the force you use to stop them equals their mass multiplied by their acceleration and whatever shove you give something it shoves back at you with the same force). He briefly explains the calculus. He spends lots of time t [...]

    2. Not only was Newton a great scientist and mathematician, but in his 50’s, he left Cambridge and scientific explorations for a second career as Warden of the Mint in London. In Newton and the Counterfeiter, Levenson initially brings us up to speed on Newton and his work as a scientist. He paints a vivid picture of Newton the person, recounting how this rural child and compulsive tinkerer and scholarship student at Cambridge, who initially paid his way by waiting on other students’ tables, cam [...]

    3. On June 4, 1661, Issac Newton made a virtually unnoticed arrival as a first year student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Poor and so preoccupied with his studies that he forgot to eat, he left only to escape the plague of 1665. He quietly and diligently studied mathematics, physics and philosophy. When he returned in 1667 to complete his degree he had become the greatest mathematician in the world, but was completely unknown. After being appointed professor he invented the three laws of motion.Th [...]

    4. Isaac Newton stopped my attempt to get through Physics I-II in college dead in its tracks, so I've kind of stayed out of his way ever since. However, who could resist an account of Newton matching wits with one of the cleverest counterfeiters of his time? And once I was drawn into the tale, I learned more about Newton's scientific accomplishments (and exceedingly strange life) than I ever thought anyone could get me to absorb. To distill the story to its essence: Newton, although famous, was poo [...]

    5. This is a good complement to what you already knew about Newton. I was waiting for further developments in the story, and was surprised when the main body of the book ended at page 247 of 318. The rest of the book has acknowledgements, notes, bibliography and an index. The author wants us to know that he did a lot of work on this! Levenson is deft about leading us to the conclusion that Chaloner was good, but not nearly as good as he thought he was. Unfortunately the packaging of this led me to [...]

    6. I wanted to love this book, but I just liked it a lot. It's the kind of book that I'd have to sit down with and say, "well, let's just be friends." I learned so much about Newton that I didn't know before, but I found Newton vs. Chaloner (the counterfeiter) less interesting than the beginning of bank notes, and paper money. Newton himself always stays a bit out of reach to us, but Levenson more than adequately tracks the path from logical, theoretical thinker to practical and pragmatic manager a [...]

    7. Just came in through interlibrary loan I know what I'll be doing this afternoon on a wonderful chilly winter day.After a while, this got boringo much detail about the bad guy and not enough interesting stuff.

    8. Newton and the Counterfeiter by Thomas Levenson recounts Isaac Newton's tenure as Warden of the King's Mint, a sinecure in which, as one might expect, he over-performed. Firs,t he conducted a spectacularly effective recoinage of England's currency, making it more difficult to counterfeit; then he pursued and ultimately brought William Chaloner, England's most notorious counterfeiter to the gallows.This story is told effectively, folding a sketch of Newton's extraordinary scientific career into t [...]

    9. This is one of those books that only underscores how little I know. I knew about Newton, sure, I'd even heard that great line of Pope's ('God said Let Newton be! and there was light.') but I certainly didn't know that after thirty years at Cambridge Newton got a patronage job at the Royal Mint and pretty much personally hauled the British nation back from the brink of bankruptcy, and further, acted in the capacity of criminal investigator (squee!) in chasing down counterfeiters.Reading this book [...]

    10. Isaac Newton is most famous as a scientist, a key figure in the scientific revolution who developed laws of motion and gravitation as well as calculus (whether Leibniz developed it first is a controversy for another book). He is less well known for his interest in alchemy (transmuting base metals into gold) and esoteric biblical studies. Perhaps least known is his tenure at the Royal Mint, where he oversaw a major recoining project and prosecuted counterfeiters.While focused on Newton's years wi [...]

    11. An interesting account of the clash between two diametrically opposed people. In plan, the book creates a medium grade account of Newton's life, his genius for mathematics, his extraordinary grasp of almost any subject his mind brought to focus. The account covers the unprecendented intellectual output and driven work ethic of Newton. It explores his friendships with Locke, Hooke, Pepys and a possible continental love interest. It provides an introduction to the revolution that was differential [...]

    12. The title of the book had me expecting a Sherlock Holmes vs Moriarty type of story featuring two brilliant antagonists. However, I was dissapointed to find that the story was more Javert vs Valjean than Holmes vs Moriarty.First, a good third of the book provides a review of Newton's personal life and very brief mention of his scientific accomplishments. If you are unfamiliar with the life of Newton, you will find this aspect of the book very interesting. However, if you are familiar with Newton, [...]

    13. It is essential when reading non-fiction that something new is learned. It is also essential when enjoying non-fiction that what is learned is fun to talk about. This book was both informative and discussion worthy.I learned a lot about Isaac Newton, for instance, that his major work "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy" was printed only when a colleague asked him his thoughts on a vexing problem of the day. He immediately answered the question to his colleagues surprise who asked him [...]

    14. It's an ideal airplane book. Read it basically in one sitting, enroute home from Washington.Newton was seriously badass. I had heard, wrongly, that he invented milled edges for coins while Warden of the Mint. He didn't -- they were invented well before him.What Newton did do as Warden of the Mint is less easy to summarize, but more impressive. He supervised and successfully pushed through the Great Recoinage. No technical innovation, but an impressive display of management skill for somebody fam [...]

    15. Wow. Puffery of biographical/historical work quite frequently claims the work in question “reads like a novel”. This, to put it charitably, is often an optimistic overstatement. However, this book is easily as intriguing and engaging as many a good work of fiction and I am hugely impressed with the author’s ability to spin a fascinating tale within the confines of real research and the limits of contemporary documentation. I loved the presentation of Newton’s character and accomplishment [...]

    16. The cover describes this as a book about Isaac Newton as a detective, and in a way it is. Mostly though, it a history about Newton and his times. The background about Newton's scientific accomplishment and genius is interesting. The context of the times, the birth of modern science, is interesting, Newton's fascination with alchemy and religious mysticism is interesting, and the story about English money, wars, re-coining and counterfeiting, and jurisprudence is interesting. As you can tell I fo [...]

    17. This fine piece of writing, thoughoughly researched, reveals an Isaac Newton unknown to most casual students of English history, me included. Newton the scientist is revealed as Newton the indefatigable and relentless prosecutor, during his stint as Warden of the English Mint. In his zealous pursuit of counterfeiter William Chaloner, Sir Isaac crosses over justice's ethical line, but based upon standards of the era, perhaps he was only playing by the current rules.Mr. Levenson has a pretty good [...]

    18. While this story is an enjoyable read, I kept waiting for the Counterfeiter to be more clever and capable than he really was. After giving us the greatest discoveries of his time, I looked for Newton to employ revolutionary new coin minting schemes and amazing detective methods. Not so much. In the end, it was simple brute force; interview, jail and threaten everyone. Newton's case against the Counterfeiter was a crushing parade of witness testimony, no physical evidence, no smoking press. That [...]

    19. Interesting story detailing Newton's career the Warden of the Mint. The book manages to encompass the rest of his amazing contributions to physics and mathematics, but focuses on his second career working on Britain's monetary problems. In particular, Newton contends with a pesky career criminal and learns to become an effective enforcer of the law. Very well-researched. Brings together biography, history, law, and economics.

    20. I highly recommend this book. The author, Thomas Levenson, does a great job of weaving the story of Newton and his physics into the tale of his work at His Majesty's Mint. I give it a 4 and not a 5 as he does not come up to the standard of Simon Winchestere gold standard for this type of book. But, do not be put off, it is well done, a wonderful book, and read.

    21. It's amazing that we are not taught about such a fascinating period of Newton's life in school. Utterly fascinating potted history of Newton's early life followed by What Newton Did Next.One thing I did like was Levenson's ability to stay neutral, there is no agenda here, just the pursuit of the truth. I think Newton would have appreciated it.

    22. I learned a lot, and adored the descriptions of ye olde London Town, but I wished for more about the counterfeiter and Newton's career at the Mint. Also, something about using quotes out of primary sources rally grated on me. Still, an interesting read.

    23. Fascinating story of how Sir Issac Newton saved England’s currency and economy and ran to ground the nation’s most accomplished counterfeiter.

    24. The fact that we are introduced to a part of Newton's life to which few have paid attention, is probably the biggest pull to this book. I would not say this is a gripping story, though. There is not much tension or drama in it. The author has tried to pull more out of the battle between Newton and Chaloner than there really was. Newton's "deadly struggle" with Chaloner was really only deadly for Chaloner, who risked being caught and executed for counterfeiting. As for Newton, it was all part of [...]

    25. Natural Philosopher: today the phrase seems quaint; a relic of an older time when humankind’s understanding of the world was rudimentary. And it is true that when the scientific method and the major branches of science itself were being developed the distinctions between what we moderns think of as “science” and now-debunked studies (e.g. astrology, alchemy, magic and so on) were blurry or almost non-existent.Philosophy of any kind was traditionally considered the act of learned or inquisi [...]

    26. This work is an interesting journey into the personal life of Isaac Newton and an investigation into the financial mess that the British government found itself in the 1690s. The solutions to the problem of keeping the armies of King William III in the field are still with us today. This was an interesting historical read and I appreciated the direct quotes from the records of the time, many written by Newton. I can appreciate Newton's search for the hand of God. What I missed from the section o [...]

    27. It is a very interesting tale about Newton especially for those to whom Newton life begins and ends with him sitting under an apple tree and an apple falling on his head which led to his quint essential eureka moment! He was more than a scientist and a philosopher, he helped unravel the greatest act of treason since Guy Fawkes, Mass Forgery! The story line focuses on Newton's rivalry with a forger named Chaloner and how Chaloner escaped Newton's clutches for years.

    28. This was more of a generalized history on Newton, than it was a story of the interplay between Newton and William Chaloner. It was an incredibly well researched and well written book; but, I believe I was expecting more of a true-crime story in the vein of Erik Larson. I will continue to read Thomas Levenson's works, as Vulcan was one of my favorite nonfiction reads.

    29. Really interesting revelation on quite a fascinating historical character. Find myself relating facts about Newton to friends and about the time (for instance about clipping of coins, debasement of the currency and so forth.)Story runs out of steam every now and again hence only 3 stars.

    30. Newton and the Counterfeiter is part of what has practically become a non-fiction genre by now. Take a notable figure or event, pair it up with a non-notable historical footnote, and write a book about how the two are related. Such books have occasionally caught my eye- I'm thinking here of Devil in the White City and Roosevelt and the River of Doubt. I like how these stories often shine light on lesser known parts of a famous event or people. Sometimes though, they aren't so much a main course [...]

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