Double Eagle

Double Eagle

Sneed B. Collard III / Sep 22, 2019

Double Eagle The year is The Skink a Confederate ship is attacked by Union forces and sinks off the Alabama coast in the Gulf of Mexico Although the ship was rud to be carrying newly minted gold coins no t

  • Title: Double Eagle
  • Author: Sneed B. Collard III
  • ISBN: 9781561454808
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The year is 1862 The Skink, a Confederate ship, is attacked by Union forces and sinks off the Alabama coast in the Gulf of Mexico Although the ship was rud to be carrying newly minted gold coins, no trace of the wreck and not even a single piece of Confederate gold is ever found Fast forward to 1973 Mike is prepared for another routine summer in Pensacola with hisThe year is 1862 The Skink, a Confederate ship, is attacked by Union forces and sinks off the Alabama coast in the Gulf of Mexico Although the ship was rud to be carrying newly minted gold coins, no trace of the wreck and not even a single piece of Confederate gold is ever found Fast forward to 1973 Mike is prepared for another routine summer in Pensacola with his marine biologist father But plans suddenly change and Mike finds himself on Shipwreck Island near the site where the Skink went down and right in the middle of a century old mystery Mike and his new friend Kyle are intrigued by a salvage ship anchored just offshore Some say it was brought in by fortune hunters searching for the long lost Confederate ship and its treasure But when the boys scale a fence at the fort on the island and explore a section closed off to the public, they realize that the fortune hunters may be looking in the wrong place There in the sand covered floor of an abandoned chamber they spot something shiny an old double eagle gold coin Mike and Kyle agree to keep their discovery a secret and start their own investigation into the shipwreck and the missing gold.

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        Sneed B Collard III see also Sneed B Collard is a biologist, world traveler, speaker, and author of than eighty books for young people, include the novels Dog Sense, Double Eagle, The Governor s Dog is Missing, and Hangman s Gold His two recent science titles, Fire Birds and Hopping Ahead of Climate Change, both were featured on the NSTA CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books list and named Silver Honorees for the Eureka Nonfiction Award by the California Reading Association Hopping is also a finalist for the prestigious AAAS Subaru SBF Prize for Middle Grade Science Collard holds degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and U.C Santa Barbara He lives in Montana.


    1. Double Eagle is a delightful, fun and educational (without knowing it is educational, lol) historical fiction book, geared toward young adults. Based loosely on historical facts taken from the Civil War time period, in the location of the Alabama Coast, readers are taken back in time, to April 24th, 1862 when a Confederate ship, called the Skink is attacked by Union forces and sinks. It is believed that gold coins were being carried upon the Skink and have been much sought after, since it's demi [...]

    2. Historical Fiction. Set in Alabama. 1970s boy and best friend Kyle living on SHipwreck Island hunt down gold minted by the confederacy in the 1860s. There is "Sex Goddess", Hell and smoking in the book. Great for 7/8 grade.

    3. Book Review of Double EagleDouble eagle, by Sneed B Collard III is a historical fiction book that brings a story of treasure to history. Mike and his friend Kyle meet each other off the coast of Alabama and become the best of friends. After spending some time hanging out with each other they discover a ship off the coast that may contain precious confederate gold coins. They also learn of divers that are looking for the same gold and this starts a race against time as the summer is coming to an [...]

    4. It's June of 1973, and 13-year-old Mike is going to be spending the summer with his dad once again. Usually, that means heading from his California home with his mother and stepfather to Florida, where his father is a college biology professor. Instead he is going to be heading to tiny Shipwreck Island on the Gulf Coast in Alabama.Since his father always seems to be overly busy with his students, Mike makes sure to bring along his own entertainment in the form of a good portion of his coin colle [...]

    5. Mike shuttles between his divorced parents during the summer. His father's latest teaching assignment takes them to Shipwreck Island off the coast of Alabama. Mike isn't too happy with the change of plans. He prefers routine and order although those are not his father's strong suits. Mike is a little shy and uncomfortable in his new surroundings although there are plenty of things to recommend the island, including cute co-eds and tamales. Kyle, the maintenance man's stepson is just a year older [...]

    6. The atory begins in 1862 when the Skink, a Confederate ship, is attacked by Union forces and sinks off the Alabama coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Although the ship was rumored to be carrying newly minted gold coins, no trace of the wreck and not even a single piece of Confederate gold is ever found. Fast forward to 1973. Mike is prepared for another routine summer in Pensacola with his marine biologist father. But plans suddenly change and Mike finds himself on Shipwreck Island near the site where [...]

    7. Mike is dreading the summer with his marine biologist dad in Florida. But plans change when Mike’s dad decides to teach a summer course on an island off Alabama’s coast. Soon after his arrival, Mike makes friends with Kyle, a charismatic southern boy who is familiar with the island. While hanging out at an old Civil War fort, Mike happens upon a gold Confederate coin. When the boys look for more coins, they can’t. They find help in a local man whose ancestry goes back to the time the coins [...]

    8. Double Eagleby Sneed B. Collard IIIWhat's more fun than searching for a buried treasure? That's what Mike and Kyle end up spending their summer on the Alabama coast looking for. Rumor has it that Confederate gold coins minted towards the end of the Civil War were on board a ship that ran a blockade over a hundred years ago. Now, Mike and Kyle actually have evidence that this did not happen and the gold does not rest under the ocean. In fact, they are racing to uncover the gold's real hiding plac [...]

    9. It’s the summer of 1973, and Mike is going to spend the summer with his father on a small research island in the Gulf of Mexico. He’s expecting it to be pretty boring with field trips and grading papers, but instead, Mike finds out about a mysterious treasure from the Civil War that could be on the island. With the help of a new friend, Mike pursues Confederate gold coins in a crumbling-down fort and has to outwit some scavengers who are also looking for the treasure. This is a great mystery [...]

    10. Mike travels to Alabama to spend the summer with his father along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. He meets Kyle, and they notice a ship that is searching for sunken treasure. Their summer changes dramatically when the boys discover a gold coin that may have been created by the Confederate government. There have been rumors about these coins, but no one in the world has ever seen one. Mike and Kyle search for more of the rare coins, but they're in a race against the treasure hunters and a catego [...]

    11. What is there not to like about this book? A teenage boy,Mike,shifted between divorced parents, finds that living with each is very different. On this particular summer with his father, he finds himself on an island with professors and biology students. There is also another teenage boy named Kyle. Prepared to dislike Kyle, he soon finds that they are best friends and on a quest to find gold double eagles minted by the Confederacy, even though history says that it never happened. They take on an [...]

    12. Truman nominee 2011-2012. Ick. Two and a half stars. The similies in this book are SO bad, understand them is LIKE TRYING TO READ TWILIGHT in TWILIGHT. I mean, they are THAT bad. Her cheeks were "as pink as a conch"--we get that this is set at an ocean lab. No need for (and I'm not exaggerating) at least 20 bad comparisons. The plot limps, the ending is unsatisfying and I don't connect with the characters at all. Ugh. The idea is good, but the followthrough is lacking. Collard needs to stick to [...]

    13. This book just never grabbed me. Gold coins, shipwrecks, intrique should have had me whipping through the pages to find out what would happen next instead of willing myself to come to the end of the thing--and, trust me, the strong point of the conclusion of this book was that the book ended. I also didn't like the fact that the characters smoked and it didn't seem like a big deal. This is not the message I want to send to middle school kids. Yeah, I know some of them smoke. I just don't want to [...]

    14. The way the characters were written, specifically Mike, was superb. It was truly like entering a 14 year old mind. Reminded me of my own thoughts in that age and how free and careless we are when an adventure arises.I think kids will love this book, not only because they can relate to the main character, but because there is action, jealousy, love, and fear.I couldn't find anything wrong with this book. Because of this, this will become one of those rare books I will place on the high shelf, to [...]

    15. Double eagle is a fictional book written to entertain the reader, but it doesn't do that until a while into the book. The book does a decent job with description of setting and characters, but it takes until the end for the book to finally pick up. This was a easy but almost annoying read because I felt like the book serves no purpose to anything. The whole gold coin search never entertained me, possibly due to the book doing a lot of repeating processes. I would only recommend this book to peop [...]

    16. Overall, I thought this book was a good read; it was a nice mix of adventure story, Civil War history, and friendship. Though a few parts dragged, and some of the events/conclusions seemed forced, the ending really picked up and made up for some of the book’s earlier faults. The last fifty pages had me on the edge of my seat. I think kids (especially boys) could really get into this book, especially those interested in the Civil War.

    17. This book did pick up steam toward the end with the introduction of a Category 2 hurricane as the countdown clock. The mystery was well-constructed, but the value of this book is what it represents to boys of a certain age who are trying to figure what it means to be a man. In this case, this book is recommended for those boys who say they don't read. They too need some guidance about growing into adulthood.

    18. I just started this book today. Mr. Collard was the featured author for our school district's young author program. He has written 60 books and many of them looked intriguing. I also purchased Flash Point to read at a later date. This book actually comes from his life experience spending the summer in Florida with his father. The fort is real as is the imagination behind the story.I urge everyone to check out some of his books if you haven't already.

    19. This book is very interesting except for the rednecks. If the author could just take them out and added more mystery, action, and comedy then this book would be perfect. Also, maybe instead of finding a coin, the main character could find a chest full of them and he could sneak onto the treasure hunter boat and see what they have. And it made me annoyed that the main character kept stammering and being afraid at anything that's about the coin.

    20. I really liked this book! It didn't seem mysterious at first, but the ending definitely was at the end I don't know if I liked the flashing-forward end, because I do tend to like imagining it for myself, also, near the climax/end, you can tell that the author was rushing to the finish-like I could tell the different times he was writing. But don't you love the name Sneed B. collard?

    21. Double Eagle was a really good book. Set on an island just off the coast of Alabama near an old Civil War fort, it tells about two teenage boys and their quest to discover hidden gold that was rumored to have been made by the Confederacy but never discovered. Bullying, family relationships and even a hurricane keep the storyline moving. Kids will enjoy this one!

    22. WAW nomination 6-8. I was hooked right from the beginning. WOW!! I think this will be the winner of the Kansas WAW Book Award. Fabulous story. Lots of action, really believable, drama, mystery, and friendship all rolled into one. A very enthusiastic thumbs up!

    23. very good book. If u like action and mystery this book is for you. Theres a surprise ending that I think the surprise ending is very good. Anybody could enjoy this book if they really wanted to. I would recommond Double Eagle by Sneed b. Collard the 3rd.

    24. A DCF nominee for 2010-2011, Double Eagle is a fun adventure story that reminded me of Black Duck (Janet Taylor Lisle)

    25. On the 2011-2012 William Allen White List. Definitely a front runner. Kept me interested through the entire book! A great mystery to solve!

    26. Take two boys, a possibility of a hidden treasure, adults determined to find the treasure first and a hurricane and you have a fast paced adventure that is sure to please.

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