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Bloodroot The brilliantly ambitious thriller frightening twisted and filled with secrets and heartbreak from the author of Fresh Kills Kevin Curran wants to unite his family but he s ready to give up on his

  • Title: Bloodroot
  • Author: Bill Loehfelm
  • ISBN: 9780399155925
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The brilliantly ambitious thriller frightening, twisted, and filled with secrets and heartbreak from the author of Fresh Kills.Kevin Curran wants to unite his family, but he s ready to give up on his younger brother, Danny three years lost to heroin addiction and hard, desperate living on the streets of New York When Danny shows up on Kevin s Staten Island doorstep, lookThe brilliantly ambitious thriller frightening, twisted, and filled with secrets and heartbreak from the author of Fresh Kills.Kevin Curran wants to unite his family, but he s ready to give up on his younger brother, Danny three years lost to heroin addiction and hard, desperate living on the streets of New York When Danny shows up on Kevin s Staten Island doorstep, looking clean, fit, and prosperous, Kevin can t help but be overjoyed that his brother has escaped his past life But at what price Not even Kevin s worst nightmares could have prepared him for the horrors he ll discover about his brother s dark history After a brief reunion, Danny offers Kevin a role in an underworld plot revolving around the Bloodroot Children s Hospital, an abandoned juvenile asylum with a nefarious past Hoping to rescue Danny from his criminal life after years ago failing to save him from his addiction, Kevin accepts While Danny s plan unfolds, Kevin is drawn into a world of murder, Mafia hit men and dangerous espionage The halls of Bloodroot reveal one horrifying secret after another about the building s history, about Danny s life of addiction and crime, and about the true roots of the Curran family At the end of the maze of monsters, the brothers make a discovery so horrific it may force them to destroy each other.

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        Praise for the Maureen Coughlin series Not only has Loehfelm created the most compelling, complex patrol cop in the genre part take no prisoners badass, part too sensitive for the street rookie he has also re energized New Orleans as a setting for the best in crime fiction, going well beyond the cliche s edgy, dangerous, but pulsing with life Maureen Coughlin is as good as it gets BOOKLIST After being warned about falling in love with the power of the job, Maureen Coughlin finds herself wrestling with ethical issues that fictional cops, especially fictional female ones, rarely talk about, leaving that stuff to real life cops and smart guys like Bill Loehfelm The New York Times Our heroine has both a strong will and a finely tuned moral compass Loehfelm has created a wonderfully flawed heroine in Coughlin Loehfelm s love for New Orleans is evident in his descriptions, from the greasy spoon the cops favor for gumbo to the rollicking frat bars of the French Quarter Dialogue doesn t get much snappier, and the complicated plot is deftly handled This series just keeps getting better KirkusBill is the author of seven novels, most recently, THE DEVIL S MUSE, the new Maureen Coughlin novel, from Sarah Crichton Books FSG Bill s other novels are the stand alone thrillers, FRESH KILLS 2008 , and BLOODROOT 2009 Loehfelm lives in New Orleans with his wife, the writer AC Lambeth, where in addition to writing he plays drums in a band and practices yoga, both with mixed results.


    1. Bloodroot caught my attention immediately, and held it to the end. I really liked the psychological aspects of the story, how decisions that might seem wrong on a typical day may not seem wrong at all in the context of what is most important.My only negative critique of this story is of the character of the protagonist, Kevin. Particulary in the first half of the book, it was hard to connect with him based on some of the decisions he made (or didn't make), like his decisions were forced on him b [...]

    2. There wasn't really anything wrong with this book, my rating may be misleading. I just can't get into thrillers. I tried, but I can't get into the characters, I don't like immersing myself in the dark gritty worlds these authors portray. This book had good writing and the plot moved along nicely, I just felt bad the entire time reading it. Kind of like the feeling you get one day after puking your guts out. You don't feel necessarily sick, but you definitely don't want to eat. Your body feels li [...]

    3. I had real problems with the narrator of this book whose devotion to his destructive younger brother strains all crediblity. The plot is melodramatic and also contains elements that complete shatter the willing suspension of disbelief necessary for this reader to enjoy a book.

    4. First thing I have to say is that the book really didn't come across to me as the thriller that the book's blurb promised. For that matter, I also expected the nightmarish institution of Bloodroot to come more into play than it did. Second thing is that there's spoilers in this review, but I'm listing them at the bottom.The book's main character is, for lack of a better description, a somewhat whiny and washed up professor (Kevin) who spends most of his nights barely existing. He's not happy in [...]

    5. Bill Loehfelm may have been best-known so far as a contributor to a book of reporting and one of fiction from post-Katrina New Orleans, and his debut novel Fresh Kills won the Breakthrough Novel Award for 2008. Bloodroot uses the same Staten Island location of Kills, Loehfelm's hometown.Kevin Curran is a history instructor at a Staten Island college more or less stuck in a rut in life. His mother's developing Alzheimer's and his own growing professional burnout don't make anything easier. One d [...]

    6. Couldn't Put it Down - a book reviewI just adopted a puppy, so my reading time has been significantly less (read: none). However, Bloodroot really got me back in the fold and I could not stop reading it. For those of you who know how time consuming a puppy is this should mean a lot.Bloodroot examines the idea of brotherhood and what people would go through in order to save those closest to us. Bloodroot follows Kevin who has recently come back in contact with his recovering heroin addicted broth [...]

    7. Okie so lately I’d been reading thrillers and mysteries but this one is by far my favorite, it has all of the elements a good thriller needs to have. A good storyline, unforgettable characters, and last but not least some romance. The storyline was very interesting, throughout the entire novel, I could see why certain things were written a specific way. I also enjoyed a quote Danny said while speaking to his brother Kevin on page 66, “He murders because he’s afraid of the future, of worlds [...]

    8. Between 3 and 4 stars, worthy of rounding up to 4 stars. This is less thriller-ish and more emotionally gripping than the cover might indicate. Bloodroot is the story of two Staten Island brothers and their troubled relationship. Yes, there is a heavy crime and suspense angle but it was the relationship between Kevin and Danny that drew me in and sustained the story. Kevin’s constant rescuing of Danny does get a bit tiresome after awhile. I found myself wanting the guy to cut his losses and be [...]

    9. "I taste like the dreams of mad children," the quote an eerie preface to Leohfelm's Bloodroot. And as one reads the thriller, Leohfelm is able to evoke exactly what the dreams might taste like. Kevin Curran, the novel's protagonist, seems only to have one occupation, that of saving his junkie younger brother Danny from himself. It is made apparent that Kevin will do anything to accomplish this, including burning bodies in the New York City dump, compromising his job as a professor at a local col [...]

    10. Kevin Curran, the protagonist, is a community college professor living and working in Staten Island in the Tri-state area. He leads a pretty inconsequential life until his long lost brother, Danny, shows up at his doorsteps one day after three years of complete absence. Danny convinces Kevin that he finally kicked his heroin habit and that he is here to stay this time. Being the forever forgiving big brother that he's always been, Kevin agrees to give Danny another chance. What follows is a seri [...]

    11. Captivating tale from beginning to end.Once again I find myself wishing for ½ stars in rating options because I would love to give this book a 4 ½ stars.How far would you go for family? Would actions that today seem outside your capabilities become possible to save a loved one? These are some of the questions that Kevin faces head on in this very gripping psychological thriller. Kevin struggles with survivors guilt over “losing” his brother to drug-addiction. When Danny resurfaces years l [...]

    12. Bloodroot is the story of two brothers - one Kevin, a teacher and the other, Danny, an on and off heroin addict. The basic storyline centers around just how far you would go to protect and hold your family together. Kevin finds himself doing things he never would've htought himself capable of to try and protect his brother.I thought the opening of the book was written beautifully - where Kevin is talking about how wehn he and his brother were younger and Danny told him he could stop his own hear [...]

    13. I will preface this with the fact that my one boss is the author's brother but, that being said, this was a very good book. Much, much better, in my humble opinion, then his first book: Fresh Kills (i.e. I didn't feel the need to kill the main character with my bare hands in this one). This book keeps you interested with interesting characters and plot. It's told from one brother's perspective but I think that if told from the other brother's, it would have been even better. While I have no doub [...]

    14. I picked this novel up because it was recommended by another author I enjoy-John Sandford.This book is mainly about two brothers and their complicated relationship. One is a bored college teacher who feels guilty that he did not protect his brother from drugs. As the story develops, you realize that their are many "dirty" secrets in the town this takes place in. How far would you go for a "blood" relative who needs you? Lies and deception? Vigilante justice? There are some very poignant parts to [...]

    15. A First Read winner for me me me!!! I am so excited . . . keep checking for my review. Anxiously awaiting the book. :)Just started reading. I like the author's style and description so far, but I'm having a trouble connecting to the characters. What seems cliched so far will hopefully become more engaging. . .I honestly couldn't finish it. I tried. Got almost halfway through, but just didn't feel connected to the characters at all. I felt like trying to tell the story through the brother's point [...]

    16. 2.5 starsThere are too many sketchy and unbelievable elements in this book, starting with the brother Danny. How did he get so educated while he was a junkie on the streets? So we're not to believe that he gets back on heroin at the end? The ending is cute and clever but also not believable. I did read it to the end. As many have said, Kevin is a lackluster character. I pushed through and can't wait to start another book.

    17. This book is based on two brothers, one a former heroin addict and the other a teacher. The main theme of the novel is how far would you go to protect a member in your family, even if it is illegal. To me the story was kind of slow at the start then gradually picked up momentum. I did not like some of the curse words in the novel though it was needed in showing a particular character's personality. I would recommend anyone to read this book,it is a good story.

    18. The story was actually pretty good. However, the editing team really screwed up this one. I believe that phrases like "I could care less" should read-"I couldn't care less". This is a mistake that is repeated many times throughout the novel. The flow of the story was disrupted by this for me. It drove me nuts and weighed heavily toward swaying my opinion of with the book. This author is notable for delving into the lives of this family and their deep, dark secrets.

    19. The very twisted tale of Kevin and Danny, two brothers living on Staten Island. Kevin is a teacher at a community college, Danny a recovering drug addict with some very dark secrets and questionable employment. The first chapter, which is a flashback to Danny's drug days, is one of the most harrowing openings to a novel I've read in years. If you're a fan of Dennis Lehane, then check this out.

    20. I'm always excited when I win a book. Can't wait to receive it.I was disappointed in this book. The writing just didn't have depth. I felt as if I was skimming the surface of the plot. Because of this, I just couldn't get emotionally connected to the characters. The main character was depressing. The plot was depressing. Unfortunately this wasn't a "GoodRead".

    21. I'm a sucker for books where I know the neighborhoods, but I never figured someone could write a book that takes place in Staten Island where I'm riveted. Bloodroot mixes poigancy of sibling love w/brutality of a seedy life and delivers a thrilling page turner w/just enough romance, family bonding and mystery to touch soften your heart for the end-of-the chapter blows.

    22. Ever have one of those days when you're completely out of worthwhile reading materials? Barnes & Noble has nothing of interest? The local library? Ditto. So I picked up this book, never having heard of it or its author.Guess what? In a word, it sucked. Cardboard characters, implausible situations. Put this one on your "don't read" list.

    23. Started out slowly, characters kind of grow on you, plot was interesting, but the writing style was so so. Took awhile to get into the story and characters. If you see it in the Library, it's worth a read on a rainy day.

    24. I liked this book but I wasn't overly impressed or excited about it. At first I found it hard to care about the main character, but once I started to like him, I started to like the book. I'm not disappointed I read it. I am interested in Bill Loehfelm's other book now.

    25. Liked it well enough and will read his later books, but he overdid the explanations of the lead character's relationship to his brother and the romantic relationship felt like it was stuck in there because some editor thought it would make the story more appealing.

    26. This is the first book from Loehfelm that I've read. It was pretty good, but I was disappointed by the unanswered questions, overdone foreshadowing of a particular thing, and the ending. I think he's written one other novel and I don't know if I'll read it or not.

    27. Great writing style that's captivating. Story wasn't my cuppa, though, but it won't rule out looking for the author's other books.

    28. Just ok. The characters were interesting enough to get me to finish the book but the junkie-brother, do anything for the brother was a bit much.

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