Cast in Silence

Cast in Silence

Michelle Sagara / Dec 16, 2019

Cast in Silence Don t ask Don t tell Stay alive A member of the elite Hawk force that protects the City of Elantra Kaylin Neya has sacrificed much to earn the respect of the winged Aerians and immortal Barrani she w

  • Title: Cast in Silence
  • Author: Michelle Sagara
  • ISBN: 9780373803002
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Don t ask Don t tell Stay alive.A member of the elite Hawk force that protects the City of Elantra, Kaylin Neya has sacrificed much to earn the respect of the winged Aerians and immortal Barrani she works alongside But the mean streets she escaped as a child aren t the ones she s vowed to give her life guarding Those were much darker Kaylin s moved on with her life andDon t ask Don t tell Stay alive.A member of the elite Hawk force that protects the City of Elantra, Kaylin Neya has sacrificed much to earn the respect of the winged Aerians and immortal Barrani she works alongside But the mean streets she escaped as a child aren t the ones she s vowed to give her life guarding Those were much darker Kaylin s moved on with her life and is keeping silent about the shameful things she s done to stay alive But when the city s oracles warn of brewing unrest in the outer fiefdoms, a mysterious visitor from Kaylin s past casts her under a cloud of suspicion Thankfully, if she s anything, she s a survivor

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    1. This book annoyed me often due to my usual complaints about Kaylin, pacing, info dumping overloads, and lack of growth. The other annoying part were the flashbacks. I really wasn't interested in Kaylin's past, I rather liked it staying mysterious. This book is all about going into the fief of Barren and trying to find out why the shadows have increased there. The tower parts were interesting and confusing, so the usual. This book is one big Severn, Tiamaris, and Kaylin party. Yay for the first t [...]

    2. Oh, KaylinThis series always manages to make me laugh so hard, I just love Kaylin! She can piss off a dragon like no one's business and always in such a perfect way.I'm slowly beginning to understand that not a lot of people could write this as good as Michelle Sagara can, I honestly can't think of anyone better suited to write this story. I just love it all!

    3. I liked the story in this installment, but I didn't love the writing. I think this particular book would have benefited from a bit more careful editing. There were some overly used phrases (so many things were "said quietly", that it started to bother me), and the middle dragged a bit with all the introspective philosophising. That said, I have to absolutely give credit to Sagara for always delivering a stand out finish. Every book in the series has finished strong, and Cast in Silence is no exc [...]

    4. *** 4 *** “Manners,[] are severly underappreciated in my opinion"."Oh?"Where practiced well, they remove the probability that someone in my position will be forced to go through the effort of killing someone in yours. Belive that on occasion that much death can become tedious.”

    5. Finally a book worthy of the first one! And Kaylin is finally starting to show some character development! At first I was disappointed when it became apparent that CiS won't be about the Aerians. But I was soon swept in with the happenings in the fiefs. And learning what happened during the "missing" six months between Kaylin leaving Nightshade and arriving at the Halls of Law was quite interesting. Kaylin's really grown a lot since that time and had I met her back then I would probably dislike [...]

    6. This book is really a 4.5. first of all, I'm biased a bit because I love the characters of Kaylin and Severn.This book was more of an exploration of desires, regrets, decisions, and the famous motto of the Stones 'you can't always get what you want, but if you try 'sometimes, you just might find - you get what you need'.The character of Morse was interesting and created a good mentor/foil for Kaylin and as she was also the exact opposite of Severn - it was good to see how both influences molded [...]

    7. This series has taken a lot of left turns. I feel like my very favorite books were 2 and 3. I absolutely did not like the last one, so I was eagerly awaiting this installment because I love the characters and the world and was willing to hang in there. It doesn't disappoint, although I didn't get what I wanted which was: SPOILERS FOLLOW:MORE NIGHTSHADE!There was SOME of him in it, but not enough (I can't get enough really, he's a yummy character, very Jean-Claude before book 5 of Anita Blake). I [...]

    8. 4/5; 4 stars; A-This was an excellent addition to the series. Five books is a long time to wait to start to really connect to the characters in a series but this is the book for me. I was impressed with the Tower, the 'travel', the emerging role of the new leader in Barren. It was all good. (view spoiler)[ I thought it was very well done how Kaylin helped to 'wake' one of the Ancient 'devices' and find a semblance of personhood. Tiamaris has been a stalwart companion, co-worker, and advisor to K [...]

    9. First read 2 March 2013.Fifth in the Chronicles of Elantra fantasy series revolving around Kaylin Neya, a private in the Hawks law enforcement agency. My TakeWhoalotsa action in this one, but not a current day investigation of any particular peoples, although we do learn what happened to Kaylin in the six months she was missing and why she ended up with the Hawks. Oh, boy. Didn't see that one coming. Instead, Kaylin, Severn, and Tiamaris fall back in time in this particular adventure and explore [...]

    10. Review first published at fansofmsw/Summary:After leaving the fief of Nightshade and before showing up among the Hawks, Kaylin went missing for six months. She was in fact in the fief of Barren, serving the fieflord. In Cast in Silence, Kaylin's past comes back haunting her in the form of an old friend transmitting a message from Barren. Since this message has been delivered in front of Severn, Kaylin had not choice but to tell him the truth about her past. Then she is send with Tiamaris to meet [...]

    11. A very convoluted book, but at least we saw some of Kaylin's traumatic past, and we finally! found out why Nightshade singled her out in the first place. It's all clear now, ladies and gents. And of course, I found myself ridiculously excited by his role in this book. Obviously, I am team Nightshade, because we need more antiheroes in books.* * *Запутанная книга, в которой мы видим проблески травматичного прошлого Кейлин и нак [...]

    12. This is the fifth book in the Chronicles of Elantra series by Sagara. Originally Sagara was contracted for five books, but it looks like that's been extended to eight books total. This was definitely not the best book in the series. It was still a good read, but at times I was really bored.In this book Kaylin is sent to investigate some strange goings on in the fiefs. For once her journey doesn't take her to the fief of Nightshade, but to the fief of Barren where Kaylin lived out 6 months of her [...]

    13. Instead of writing a review for each of the first five books in the Chronicles of Elantra, I will just write one here.Kaylin is a young girl who flees the fiefs after a tragic childhood and crosses the bridge into the city of Elantra. There, she serves the Hawk Lord as one of his Hawks (the eyes and ears of the city). Kaylin's world is filled with Dragon Lords, immortal Barrani, bird-like Aerians, and cat-like Leontines. But Kaylin is also more than merely human. The story was interesting and th [...]

    14. First off let me say that I have never been disappointed in any book published under the Luna books label yet. I highly recommend reading any of these books if you are looking for that gritty sci-fi/fantasy magic filled struggling broken souls kind of story. Michelle Sagara West has an amazing storytelling voice. I can read her books in a sitting because they are so amazingly raw and real. She blows away the usual male-driven fantasies. You know the story. Boy lives on farm. Boy discovers magic. [...]

    15. I liked this book and this series. But it has been months since I read the first 4, almost a year, and it is hard for me to remember the details. I keep wanting and waiting for Kaylin to develop a romantic relationship with one of the characters or a new one, but it never would fit into the plots. As for the plot of this one, it seems more lost than the last. The everydayness of police work is not in this one but for the very beginning, for the rest of the book it seems to be flashbacks( which w [...]

    16. So i was surprised that this wasn't a case of being a child prostitute, but a general thug and murderer. Well, that is kind of heavy. Of course, it was obvious that Barren had coerced her into sexual activity. It was good to see Kaylin reaching for something and trying to change rather than digging in her heels. Of course, the whole Tara/Tower thing was so harrowing- geez. talk about tough love. The ending was great since we'd completely forgotten about the second person to enter the tower, give [...]

    17. Kaylin has a past. A past which is dang hard to drag out of her.But when the elements spin, and the dragons start bossing her around, and an assassin from the fifes comes bearing a message, she has no choice but to go back.Back to the place where she was hurt.And where she hurt others.And where the tower now waits. To test her with all the terrors of her past.Awesome! I have been waiting FOREVER for Kaylin to start digging into her past again. And the climax just came out of nowhere and hit me o [...]

    18. This time around Michelle Sagara is exploring Kaylin’s past and the things that brought her out of the fiefs. She’s also delving into the relationship between a fief and its lord, and how these things are necessary to protect the city from a deeper shadow. There’s more than enough going on in these two topics to keep things lively and interesting.Sagara’s characters are my favorite part of the Chronicles of Elantra. Kaylin is a pain in the ass, but an enjoyable pain in the ass. Sagara ni [...]

    19. The book starts off with a Kaylin in a sour mood and a foreboding feeling that something is going to happen. It only gets worse with her visit to the Keeper Evanton where she is informed that something is awry in the Elemental Garden. Then Kaylin gets a visit from an old friend from the time she spent in Barren. A time she would rather forget and on top of that is presented with an ultimatum. Either come to Barren or have your secrets exposed. The book is mainly about the fief of Barren and Kayl [...]

    20. Part of my yearly reread of this series - it has become one of my main comfort reads when the real life going gets tough (much like Andrea Höst's Touchstone Trilogy, but I already reread that every three months, so I have to pace myself ^^).This is the book where Kaylin's time in between her fleeing Nightshade and Severn and showing up to assassinate the Hawklord (which you can read about in the novella Cast in Moonlight) is explored.I was never quite sure if her life in Barren fief/with Barren [...]

    21. I give this book 5 stars. Another brilliant story in this series. I can't tell you how much I love the world building! Michelle came up with a very creative, compelling world. Or say anything about the incredible cast of characters! The world is populated by all sorts of fascinating species: the immortal Barrani, Dragons and Tha'lani, the mortal humans and Leontine and Aerians. Very much in my head during this book and after. Totally feeling like a fan girl at the end when dragons-oh-yeah-dragon [...]

    22. In this latest Cast book by Michelle Sagara (A/k/a Michelle Lee) Kaylin Neya explores her past in the fief of Barren, which is both the name of its Lord and the territory itself, another fief where she lived after leaving Severn Handred in Nightshade. There she learned the knife trade from Morse, an assassin for Barren, who ran the fief. She is accompanied by Tiamaris, a dragon as they are dispatched to help out the fief, which is battling the shadow. After confronting the Shadow headon in the f [...]

    23. Simply brilliant. Michelle Sagara West is a truly amazing author. This series is utterly mind blowing and I can't possibly begin to disect how she makes such a rich and vibrant fantasy world. Her characters are so vivid that they could jump off the page but I'd much prefer to dive into their world with them. I don't think Tolkien and C.S Lewis held me this captive. I feel like I truly go on a journey with these books.Kaylin journeys into her past before the Hawks but after the fief of Nightshade [...]

    24. This is my second favorite Elantra novel by Michelle Sagara (my most favorite is Cast in Fury). The heroine, Kaylin, is tough in a street fight (she is basically a police detective in the capital city of a fantasy empire), but is also loving (devotes time to orphans) and caring (volunteers as a midwife). She makes friends everywhere she goes. This is refreshing after so many paranormal heroines who are tough but unlikeable. Cast in Silence invokes two kinds of time travel: magic takes her many c [...]

    25. I have to admit before this review that I am completely biased about this series. I love love love it. It just pushes all my happy reading buttons.This book is no exception. Given that my favorite character is Lord Nightshade, I was a happy squeeing fangirl to glean more information about Kaylin's relationship with him.And to top it off, we learned more about the past, more about the six months between when Kaylin left Nightshade's fief before she became a Hawk how she became a hawk and got to s [...]

    26. My rereading of Cast in series continues.Again a wonderful ride through the myths of the naming in this world and how the past and the present collides. This book gives a glimps into dragon's idea of hoards, an appearance of young Nightshade and a good background story about Kaylin during the time between she left Nightshade and when she joined the Hawks. I think this is a series that needs to be reread in order to appreciate the whole series. When I first read it, it was still really interestin [...]

    27. Fav quotesKaylin’s understanding of the Dragon term hoard wasn’t exact, but time had made clear that it meant “touch any of my stuff and die horribly.” “Stop judging your life only by the failures,” he whispered. “What should I do?” she whispered. “I’m always going to fail.” “We all do,” he said softly, his voice closer now. “We all fail. But none of us fail all of the time.” Dragons, in Kaylin’s experience, had as much sense of humor as wet eggs. But if there was [...]

    28. I read all this series currently has out before I wrote reviews for any of the books. I think this was the clunker of the series. It was still good, just not as good. The next book in series is really good, and there are so really good bits in this one, but plenty of deep and heady stuff u can just browse over and not miss much.

    29. 3.5 that I'm rounding up. While I liked learning more about Kaylin's lost years, this one was just a fraction too long. Nonetheless, very interested to see how the ending events of this affect the stories to come!

    30. In this book, we learn more about Kaylin's past and the nature of the fiefs (finally, the fiefs were really mysterious and confusing in other books). Good plot, fantastic secondary character in Morse, but way too much internal dialog going on. I skimmed a lot of that!

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