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Superstition Sparks fly when a brutal killer comes out of hidingFifteen years ago idyllic Pawley s Island South Carolina was rocked by the unsolved grisly murder of teenager Tara Mitchell and the subsequent dis

  • Title: Superstition
  • Author: Karen Robards
  • ISBN: 9780340895757
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sparks fly when a brutal killer comes out of hidingFifteen years ago idyllic Pawley s Island, South Carolina, was rocked by the unsolved, grisly murder of teenager Tara Mitchell and the subsequent disappearance of her two friends.Since then, all who have lived in the mansion where it happened have fled, claiming that the dead girls haunt the house.Sensing her big break,Sparks fly when a brutal killer comes out of hidingFifteen years ago idyllic Pawley s Island, South Carolina, was rocked by the unsolved, grisly murder of teenager Tara Mitchell and the subsequent disappearance of her two friends.Since then, all who have lived in the mansion where it happened have fled, claiming that the dead girls haunt the house.Sensing her big break, reporter Nicky Sullivan attempts a live television seance to contact the girls But during the broadcast a woman is murdered in exactly the same way as Tara was all those years ago.As an attraction grows between Nicky and enigmatic police chief, Joe Franconi, another identical murder occurs Only, this time there s a noteIs the original killer back to claim three lives If so, could Nicky be the next victim

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        Karen Robards is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of than fifty books and one novella She has won multiple awards including six Affaire de Coeur Silver Pen Awards for favorite author.Karen has been writing since she was very young, and was first published nationally in the December 1973 Reader s Digest She sold her first romance novel, ISLAND FLAME, when she was 24 It was published by Leisure Books in 1981 and is still in print After that, she dropped out of law school to pursue her writing career.Karen was recently described by The Daily Mail as one of the most reliable thriller.writers in the world.


    1. Another great suspense read by Robards. Loved all the characters.Nicky (the reporter), Joe (hunky police chief), Leonora (Nicky's psychic mother)who spent much of the story in a psychic block mode, Olivia (Nicky's crazy pregnant older sister), Brian (the ghost),and don't want to forget "Cleo" the pot belly pig, who turns out to be a hero of sorts. I totally floored by who the killer turned out to be at the end. Even though it's fun to guess who the bad guy is, it's the sign of a great writer who [...]

    2. This started out great but lost steam in the middle. I had a hard time plugging on after the heroine did something really TSTL that drove the second half of the book. I thought the end was a bit muddle since too many crimes were all mixed up together and solved a bit too neatly. The writing as always from Ms. Robards was good. The characterizations were very well done. Loved the psychic mother. The bad guy was a little too all knowing though .

    3. (This review may contain spoilers).I have to say, this book wasn't exactly a miss, but it wasn't a hit, either. Nicky's family seemed more like caricatures than real people, at least at first. They got better as the book went on, but I came close to giving up on the book almost straight away when they came across as being so one-dimensional and almost irritating, in many ways.I'd probably say that the character of Joe was what saved the book for me. He had more of a depth to him, but I really co [...]

    4. I really liked Joe Franconi but the heroine, Nicky Sullivan got on my nerves with her TSTL moments. Yes I get she's a reporter but even so, purposely putting yourself and your family in danger and advertising every single piece of evidence on air was just plain stupid. How do you expect to catch the bad guy if you give him every single clue you have. And putting the emails on air word for word was beyond stupid. This book seemed like it followed a formula including "put TSTL moment here" followe [...]

    5. I see that people's ratings of this book are all over the place and I can understand that. I did enjoy it; the mystery had me guessing almost until the answers were revealed, and then there was an additional revelation, but I found that almost too pat, too contrived. The leading man and woman were interesting, but some of the peripheral characters were played up in one portion of the story, only to be virtually ignored for the remainder of the book. Some descriptions were repeated in part or in [...]

    6. I liked this book a lot. I kept thinking Nora Roberts wrote it, with the red-haired feisty protagonist. It was pretty much formula mystery/crime, but well done. The story was exciting and a nice balance of tension and fast pace with occasional deliciously slow moments. I had predicted the killer fairly early on, but loved seeing how she/they got there. Nice job tying up ALL the loose ends in the final climax. Didn't like the narrator saying things like "Media-types," "Official-types,"Publicity t [...]

    7. I slogged through about 8% of this, and all that had happened was DESCRIPTION. SO MUCH DESCRIPTION. Authors, going in to detail about the hair and clothes of background characters, naming all the streets, telling us that might be a possum or maybe a raccoon over there, whatever, is not generally necessary. That level of detail in a book rarely of ever adds anything of value to the story. It just gets the hell in the way.

    8. "Leonora protested, even as Uncle Ham and Karen and Mario fell back out of their way. The hall was long and narrow, white-painted beadboard with a hardwood floor. Nicky, with Leonora in tow and John following, charged up it like the little engine that could. The others had to practically run to stay ahead of them, and as a result, they all popped out in to the kitchen like spray shooting out of a shaken-up soda bottle." I love this image.

    9. Ugh. That about sums up this book for me. I read about 2/3 of the book and then said, "Forget it!" Jumped to the last chapter or so to confirm who I thought did it. Guess what, I was right, on both counts. If you're looking for a good mystery, unfortunately this isn't it. The premise was good, but the execution was NOT.

    10. I stopped reading this book because I just couldn't get into it. I was very disappointed because I've really loved the couple of Karen Robards books I've read previously, but this was a dud. I'm surprised her publisher was willing to put this out.

    11. I had high hopes for this book but I never really felt a connection with the main characters; Joe or Nicky. I've read a couple other books by Robards and liked them; "Obsession" and "Guilty". Maybe it's the mood I was in, but I didn't enjoy this one.

    12. Over the top, and dated despite being only 9 years old but a decent story. I correctly guessed one of the villains but not why and I didn't figure out the others. I liked the psychic aspect, the length of time in which events happened (more believable than most books), and the romance was decent.

    13. This book would have been about half as long if all the excessively long descriptions had been cut. And since Liv was constantly described as hugely pregnant, why the hell couldn't Joe tell the difference between her and her sister who was always described as being so thin??

    14. I love to read books that grab you and this one does that; however, I had trouble hanging in there until the end. Very interesting. Well written but I probably won't pick up another by Robards for a while.

    15. I agree with Eden. A bit too pat. Not Robards' usual quality. It was okay, but I've read a lot better. It's all been done before.The setting was the best part.

    16. Just finished this book and I'm torn between giving it 3 or 4 stars, since I want to give it 3.5. The story was really intriguing, and even though I tend to dislike paranormal stuff, like ghosts and psychics, it was still a really good read. (view spoiler)[ I never would have guessed that Sid was the killer. I kept thinking that something had to be up with Vince, he just seemed suspicious for some reason. Turns out that it was both of them. Sid was the new killer, and Vince was the old killer, w [...]

    17. I tried oh so hard to get into this book. I really, really did, but I just couldn’t.The beginning was fantastic and I couldn’t put it down….but…it just fell apart for me. It fell apart right after the discovery of the new body and Nicole got really, really dumb. At first I really liked her, but as the story went along she turned into a TSTL character. Her thought-process left me dumbfounded and I wanted to kick her.Even though the story was falling apart I kept pushing through because I [...]

    18. I am not a fan of Karen Robards. I have read some of her books but several years ago one in particular written with a diabetic girl as a primary character had the facts so skewed I (having raised an insulin dependent diabetic son) became so angered that I refuse to read another of her books. I also wrote a complaint about the incorrect facts in the book to Ms. Robards and her publisher. Ms. Robards is an accomplished author and to make such a mistake--as in giving an insulin diabetic child a sho [...]

    19. A complicated twisting plot, a killer on the loose, a hunky cop with a dark past, and a beautiful beach town the perfect elements for a gripping tale of murder, love, and a bit of psychic mystery. Nicole Sullivan is a big town reporter who visits sunny idyllic Pawley's island for a gripping story about a 15-year old unsolved murder. Hoping for a little spark for her news show, Nikki gets much more than she bargained for when more people start dying. Even in a small town where no gossip goes uns [...]

    20. Perhaps it was just my state of mind at the time, as this didn't turn out as bad as it started off for me. Sure it's Robards, so it's not groundbreaking by any means (I like to think of her books as slightly more intelligent Mills and Boon) but I came to enjoy it quite a bit. Nicky did have a fair amount of spunk that I liked, and I appreciated this story taking place over a much longer time period than some of Robards' other books; it made the romance feel a tad more natural. I will admit, the [...]

    21. My review for this book is pretty much summed up by one word "Eh." This book had SO MUCH potential! The first quarter of the book actually scared me to death and normally I don't like scary books in any way shape or form but it was so intriguing I couldn't put it down, even though I knew I should since I get the heebeejeebees!Then the book took a giant nosedive and crashed. LAME. The main character was a fool, who was determined to do everything dumb she could possibly do. The police chief was m [...]

    22. 3.5 STARS"The beautiful vistas of Pawleys Island hide a dark side—the murder of a local girl fifteen years ago and the strange disappearance of her two friends. The story of the unsolved crime could be journalist Nicole Sullivan’s big break. But while Nicole works intimately with the Police Chief Joe Franconi,her investigation takes a haunting turn when another young woman is murdered. As the body count rises, so does Nicole’s fear that a killer has come home to Pawleys Island to bury a te [...]

    23. 15 years ago a teenager, Tara Mitchell is killed and her 2 friends disappear. people claims they seen her ghost and the house is haunted. Beautiful red head reporter Nicole Sullivan decides that if she could solve the case to advance her career. With the help of local renowned psychic who is also her mother will try to contact the 3 teen victims during a live show. During the segment another is killed the same way pressured by her producer to do a live investigation, during which other women is [...]

    24. Really enjoyed the book. It was a real captivator - as in once I started reading it, I didn't want to put it down. Really draws you in.I totally was caught by surprise over who the current killer was. I was so sure it was one person, but then the guy was "unmasked" and I was like huh, didn't see that one. I liked how different parts of the past were twisted around and fit into the present.Also liked the typical comedic touches that Robards slipped in. The pet-pig was great. I loved that aspect.M [...]

    25. The book was goods and no. I was disappointed in some areas. First, the title didn't go with the plot of the book. I can't stand it when that happens ~ It takes away from the book! And in this case, it sure did! Karen went overboard with descriptions and details, and it made the book over-long for nothing. The action and suspense does pick up, and there's a twist at the end that made it perfect. In the Epilogue, I think I would have liked to see a different ending for Nicky and Joe. Sure, Nicky [...]

    26. I really don't know why it took me so long to read this book. It was really good. The only thing was it took me forever to get through it. Part of that I think was the font, really small! The other thing was I think some of the descriptions were a little much. I don't really need a full description of every character's outfit down to the color scheme of the tie. But the story itself, when you look past the wordiness of the descriptions, was fantastic. A great love story and a really suspensful m [...]

    27. I kept reading the book because, even with some of the awkwardness of the writing, it was still suspeseful. The ending was just completely out there. It seemed so contrived and things fit into place all to well. Things that really didn't have a lot to do with one another. I think Robards tried WAY to hard to connect everything when there was no reason to do so. It just made the ending bad. She is coming to our library next week and I had thought about asking her why she felt the need to try and [...]

    28. Love the eccentric family, Joe, the pig, etc but Nicky seriously has some TSTL issues in the middle. I was a crime reporter, and oet me just say, that is NOT how we do our job. But hey, this is fiction, so I should throw out common sense as well. /sarcasmLuckily, Nicky gets less irritating and does something that put me in her camp. And the crafting of the plot is excellent, even brilliant at times. So final grade is A-/B+. It would have been a full A except for the obvious journalism no-no mid- [...]

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