Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life

Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life

Winifred Gallagher / Jul 20, 2019

Rapt Attention and the Focused Life Winifred Gallagher revolutionizes our understanding of attention and the creation of the interested life In Rapt acclaimed behavioral science writer Winifred Gallagher makes the radical argument that

  • Title: Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life
  • Author: Winifred Gallagher
  • ISBN: 9781594202100
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Winifred Gallagher revolutionizes our understanding of attention and the creation of the interested life In Rapt, acclaimed behavioral science writer Winifred Gallagher makes the radical argument that the quality of your life largely depends on what you choose to pay attention to and how you choose to do it Gallagher grapples with provocative questions Can we train our foWinifred Gallagher revolutionizes our understanding of attention and the creation of the interested life In Rapt, acclaimed behavioral science writer Winifred Gallagher makes the radical argument that the quality of your life largely depends on what you choose to pay attention to and how you choose to do it Gallagher grapples with provocative questions Can we train our focus What s different about the way creative people pay attention Why do we often zero in on the wrong factors when making big decisions, like where to move driving us to reconsider what we think we know about attention Gallagher looks beyond sound bites on our proliferating BlackBerries and the increased incidence of ADD in children to the discoveries of neuroscience and psychology and the wisdom of home truths, profoundly altering and expanding the contemporary conversation on attention and its power Science s major contribution to the study of attention has been the discovery that its basic mechanism is an either or process of selection That we focus may be a biological necessity research now proves we can process only a little information at a time, or about 173 billion bits over an average life but the good news is that we have much control over our focus than we think, which gives us a remarkable yet underappreciated capacity to influence our experience As suggested by the expression pay attention, this cognitive currency is a finite resource that we must learn to spend wisely In Rapt, Gallagher introduces us to a diverse cast of characters artists and ranchers, birders and scientists who have learned to do just that and whose stories are profound lessons in the art of living the interested life No matter what your quotient of wealth, looks, brains, or fame, increasing your satisfaction means focusing on what really interests you and less on what doesn t In asserting its groundbreaking thesis the wise investment of your attention is the single most important thing you can do to improve your well being Rapt yields fresh insights into the nature of reality and what it means to be fully alive.

    Rapt Attention and the Focused Life Winifred Gallagher A revolutionary look at how what we pay attention to determines how we experience life Acclaimed behavioral science writer Winifred Gallagher s Rapt makes the radical argument that much of the quality of your life depends not on fame or fortune, beauty or brains, fate or coincidence, but on what you choose to pay attention to.Rapt introduces a diverse cast of characters, from researchers to rapt English Spanish Dictionary WordReference rapt Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions Rapt Synonyms, Rapt Antonyms Thesaurus Every woman will read the story of my life with rapt attention because of the Secret That night, she lay awake for one rapt hour, and then she slept the sleep of conquerors. Rapt Definition of Rapt by Merriam Webster The students listened with rapt attention The children sat rapt as the puppets danced. Customer reviews Rapt Attention and the Aug , Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rapt Attention and the Focused Life at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Wonder Definition of Wonder by Merriam Webster Noun The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world This new computer is a technological wonder The child s eyes were filled with wonder during the trip to the circus We watched the fireworks show with wonder and amazement She gazed up at the tall buildings in wonder Is it any wonder why this movie is so popular Verb Affirmations D ecades before the mainstream discovered the power of affirmation in healing the mind and the body, Paramahansa Yogananda was teaching rapt audiences around the country how to directly access and apply the remarkable healing powers hidden within every human being He introduced this powerful healing practice to American audiences during his first cross country speaking tour in . Daft Punk Technologic Lyrics AZLyrics Lyrics to Technologic song by Daft Punk Buy it, use it, break it, fix it Trash it, change it, mail upgrade it Charge it, point it, zoom it At attention Crossword clue Crossword Nexus At attention Find potential answers to this crossword clue at crosswordnexus attention Dizionario inglese italiano WordReference attention Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.

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    1. I'm disappointed that this book about attention was not, itself, more sharply focused. Instead of building towards a thesis or providing an organized survey of her theme, author Winifred Gallagher begins and ends "Rapt" with scattered essays that don't seem to be much about focus and attention at all. The meat of the book is sandwiched in the middle, where the author guides the reader through the leading research on focus and attention. We learn that attention can be diffuse or focused, and ther [...]

    2. This book has changed the way I work. Author Winifred Gallagher has marshaled quite a bit of research into fourteen chapters and has made it approachable with a good takeaway at the end of each chapter that can be integrated into several areas of life where attention is important. If you have read Malcolm Gladwell and John Medina, much of what you read here will not be new. Gallagher learned about the power of attention for ill or for good when she was diagnosed with cancer and decided not to le [...]

    3. "All day long, you are selectively paying attention to something, and much more often than you may suspect, you can take charge of this process to good effect. Indeed, your ability to focus on this and suppress that is the key to controlling your experience and, ultimately, your well-being."Gallagher explains that our life consists of what we focus on, and by noticing where we are placing our attentions, we can enhance or even change our experience of life. I especially enjoyed her illustration [...]

    4. Rapt caught my attention after reading an excerpt in the Utne Reader. The thesis was pretty straightforward – what you focus on determines your experience of life. I was intrigued because I had always struggled with paying quality attention to my children, ostensibly the focus of my work as a stay-at-home mother. I wanted to experience my life with them better, and I wanted something more than a simplistic parenting book that suggested setting aside 20 minutes of play without distraction each [...]

    5. Winifred Gallagher’s Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life readily merits its readers’ sustained attention. Gallagher persuasively shows how whatever we focus on is—quite literally—how we spend our lives. Our attention, in other words, is like currency. So the ways we choose to spend it determine the caliber and character of our experience.Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi introduced us to Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience in 1991. New developments in neuroscience have since revealed even [...]

    6. Rapt provides a survey of a wide breadth of research on attention, yet manages to obfuscate more than it reveals. In one chapter, attention and conscious experience are synonymous; in another, implicit learning is the apogee of well-directed attention. The author broaches claims with no substantive evidence, such as the idea that perpetual interactions in a multimedia context breed superficial brains. Such claims are bereft of the surveyed research because there is no research to back them up! G [...]

    7. I really liked this book, and thank you to my sister Amy for recommending it. It made me think about how our lives are defined by what we pay attention to. Also, I appreciated the chapter on ADHD, since I see that a lot at work. A lot of the science in this book is also mentioned in Malcom Gladwell's Blink and Jonah Lehrer's How We Decide, but each of the books offers a different perspective. I think decision making and focusing our attention are the challenges of our age. We have so much to cho [...]

    8. Like most people who read Rapt, I came to the book prehooked. I've never been much of an ace at focus – I was a poor student all the way through college, when I not so much snapped suddenly to attention as graduated to a curriculum based more on a few large tests than endless worksheets to be turned in on the hour – and I was suspected of ADHD more than once as a child and teen. Like many, I never really got a conclusive answer. I certainly didn't feel like I had an attention problem, just t [...]

    9. Strongly influenced by the classic Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, this book, published two decades later, broadens the scope from skilled activities to attention in general. It was motivated by Gallagher's experience of becoming more mindful during a serious illness. Numerous studies and examples back up her arguments that attention contributes to happiness. It is a good companion to Flow.I have always admired her introductory comment that “you might encounter an intuition lurking [...]

    10. “Whenever you squander attention on something that doesn’t put your brain through its paces and stimulate change, your mind stagnates a little and life feels dull.” I couldn’t agree more, book! How often do we spend an afternoon mindlessly watching reruns and feel this way?I heard about this book on the radio a while back. I’m guessing it was NPR, but I could be wrong. It’s been on my TBR list for a while, and after seeing it on the shelf at the library the other day, I thought I’d [...]

    11. *Paying attention to your attention*Completely rapt while reading this book at the gym, I was startled when the gym staff member alerted me that the gym was about to close. Apparently, I missed the announcement. Now, if that's not a convincing testimony for the captivating factor of this book, I'm not sure what is.The basic premise of _Rapt_ is: "Your life--who you are, what you think, feel and do, what you love--is the sum of what you focus on." It not what happens to happens to you that matter [...]

    12. What Daniel said.I wanted specific strategies and suggestions for increasing the amount of time I spend in deep work (getting off would probably be a good start). Instead I got a book of fluff and padding.1.5 stars.

    13. It's kind of ironic that I enjoyed this book tremendously, thought it was highly interesting, but yet I kept putting it down and it took me so many months to finally finish this book. I guess I was interested while I was reading it, but was slow to pick it back up each time I put it down. Too bad it wasn't available as an audiobook at my library.I liked how even though the book was all about attention and focus, it still covered a lot of ground and was successful at bringing everything back to t [...]

    14. A surprisingly good book. A bit too Malcolm Gladwell for my liking. A bit too much pseudo-neuroscience. But parking those two issues, this is a fine book. There are some emotional and interesting points made in this book.I read it to - perhaps - offer a vlog to my PhD students on focus and motivation. It does offer some powerful ideas for that goal. But it is an inspirational book about how to - with consciousness - live a life rather than going through the motions of life. All of us - too often [...]

    15. A lot of insight on how we experience life on what we focus on. This book calmed me somehow. I guess because it shows that you can get out of that over-whelmed state and use your mind to have a much more productive and satisfied day.

    16. overall this book was worth reading. many details review what is already known; some details are on recent research results on the brain and its ways and means of attention; many anecdotal elements were included and added to the chapters theses; a few thoughts were new and which i would not have otherwise known. overall a good book if you've got the spare time; otherwise, common sense can inform us almost as much as this book does. but one thing it does do is to remind us how much our tech life [...]

    17. A good reminder to pay attention to the things that make you happy. I particularly liked the descriptions of bottom-up and top-down attention. It has quite a bit of relatively new research in it, although having recently read the brain that changes itself and blink, there wasn't a great deal new for me. However I found it valuable to make me aware of my habitual mode of focussing and practical ways to control my attention. I might even try meditating. I'm not sure I agree that the state of rapt [...]

    18. For a book all about attention, I was hoping this one would at least keep mine. The content was far too straight-forward, if not obvious – and unfortunately had very few concrete takeaways for me. The only way this assisted my attention was that I could listen to the audiobook, look at updates on Flipboard, and do the dishes. Hooray for hyperthreading… If you want more than this book offers, Yahoo the benefits of savoring, meditation, focus, looking at the same situation in a different light [...]

    19. This book helps make the case for wholly attending to the present moment and refocusing our flighty minds to the matters that truly enrich, improve, and provide meaning to our existence. It was punishingly hard to get into - not what you'd call a "page-turner," and there were three or four chapters that could probably just have been cut. I'm glad I slogged through; I found much of the material insightful and relevant. This was pretty inspiring to step up efforts to lead a mindful and attentive l [...]

    20. I will read this book at least one more time because it is rich with thoughtful evidence for why mindful attention makes a difference in every situation we apply it to. The author frames her dialogue with research based evidence that is accessible and practical for any average reader. The content caused me to reflect on the ways I learn, work, and just "be."

    21. Accessible manifesto on living with intention and optimism. Draws on history, literature, science, tech, modern culture. Ironically, multiplicity of sources creates a disjointed effect. But the main message is clear and inspiring.

    22. This book is much more academic than practical. I lost count of the number of ivy league professors and monks she interviewed in order to understand focus and attention. Yet in 14 chapters she gives very little in the way of "In order to improve your focus, do the following"

    23. This book did not prove to be as interesting it sounded in the flap copy. It has some interesting information and useful advice.

    24. I hate not finishing a book but honestly if a book about attention and focus is unable to hold mine while reading it's not meant to be.

    25. Great book if you've got a wondering mind. Shows you convincingly that happiness is directly connected to your ability to pay focused attention to something

    26. When will these upstarts start valuing peoples' time? Just another of those books, like Duhigg's Power of Habit, that could be condensed into a couple of pages.Couple of tidbits, else a big waste of time. Intro could have been much better - give people a taste of what's to come - "find out what a 34 year old single mom did to complete xyz project that had been dragging on for 4 years and achieved her dream lifestyle " , etc. People who read such books don't have a lot of time Understand that Win [...]

    27. I was underwhelmed. In the first chapter, Rapt sets out to talk about the importance of attention, specifically how directing your attention can improve your quality of life, in the manner of a self-help book. What it actually delivers is over-simplified and inexpert summaries of the psychology and neuroscience of attention. Gallagher is not a neuroscientist, and her summaries include quotes from famous researchers followed by trite comentary on their findings. There was a particularly excruciat [...]

    28. RAPT probes psychology, philosophy, religion, and history to educate us on how savoring, or paying rapt attention, can make us happier and healthier. It takes the superficial pop-psychology of law of attraction workshops (vision boards, anyone?) and traces this trend back to its spiritual and deeply human roots. RAPT is The Secret for thinking people because unlike The Secret, RAPT doesn't victim blame for an inability to "manifest" through "positive thinking," but instead, it peels the layers o [...]

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