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Bloodhype The second book to be published in the Pip Flinx Adventures Bloodhype should be read as book Repler was a humanx controlled planet and although the AAnn had a sector there they were certainly sk

  • Title: Bloodhype
  • Author: Alan Dean Foster
  • ISBN: 9780345031631
  • Page: 370
  • Format: None
  • The second book to be published in the Pip Flinx Adventures, Bloodhype should be read as book 10.Repler was a humanx controlled planet, and although the AAnn had a sector there, they were certainly skirting the edge of illegality in lodging their strange captive, if indeed it was a captive, in their hideout.Still, it seemed a rather dull and harmless life form, if iThe second book to be published in the Pip Flinx Adventures, Bloodhype should be read as book 10.Repler was a humanx controlled planet, and although the AAnn had a sector there, they were certainly skirting the edge of illegality in lodging their strange captive, if indeed it was a captive, in their hideout.Still, it seemed a rather dull and harmless life form, if indeed it was a life form And the AAnn had all the curiosity of an intelligent reptilian species.The Vom grew.

    BLOODHYPE SUBSCRIBE Subscribe to our newsletter and get Wolves EP and for free Bloodhype Bloodhype is a science fiction novel by American writer Alan Dean Foster The book is eleventh chronologically in the Pip and Flinx series, though it was written second the main characters since they only appear in the last third of the book. Bloodhype Pip Flinx by Alan Dean Foster Jan , Bloodhype is an outlier int he Pip Flinx series Although it takes place eleventh chronologically, it was written second Although it takes place Bloodhype Alan Dean Foster Books Bloodhype is a rousing, fast paced space thriller It is not a Pip Flinx episode though Flinx plays an important role possibly inestimable role I have always loved Alan Dean Foster s stories, not Bloodhype Home Facebook BLOODHYPE bloodhype Instagram photos and videos BLOODHYPE WOLVES Official Video YouTube Apr , Mix BLOODHYPE WOLVES Official Video YouTube Rodney Dangerfield Funniest Jokes Ever On The Johnny Carson Show online video cutter com Duration TheLazyCowOnUTube ,, views bloodhype Free Listening on SoundCloud Listen to bloodhype SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create. Tracks Followers Stream Tracks and Playlists from bloodhype on your desktop or mobile device.

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        Bestselling science fiction writer Alan Dean Foster was born in New York City in 1946, but raised mainly in California He received a B.A in Political Science from UCLA in 1968, and a M.F.A in 1969 Foster lives in Arizona with his wife, but he enjoys traveling because it gives him opportunities to meet new people and explore new places and cultures This interest is carried over to his writing, but with a twist the new places encountered in his books are likely to be on another planet, and the people may belong to an alien race.Foster began his career as an author when a letter he sent to Arkham Collection was purchased by the editor and published in the magazine in 1968 His first novel, The Tar Aiym Krang, introduced the Humanx Commonwealth, a galactic alliance between humans and an insectlike race called Thranx Several other novels, including the Icerigger trilogy, are also set in the world of the Commonwealth The Tar Aiym Krang also marked the first appearance of Flinx, a young man with paranormal abilities, who reappears in other books, including Orphan Star, For Love of Mother Not, and Flinx in Flux.Foster has also written The Damned series and the Spellsinger series, which includes The Hour of the Gate, The Moment of the Magician, The Paths of the Perambulator, and Son of Spellsinger, among others Other books include novelizations of science fiction movies and television shows such as Star Trek, The Black Hole, Starman, Star Wars, and the Alien movies Splinter of the Mind s Eye, a bestselling novel based on the Star Wars movies, received the Galaxy Award in 1979 The book Cyber Way won the Southwest Book Award for Fiction in 1990 His novel Our Lady of the Machine won him the UPC Award Spain in 1993 He also won the Ignotus Award Spain in 1994 and the Stannik Award Russia in 2000.


    1. This is my first real hiccup when reading the series in chronological order, but fortunately, it's not too bad. We still get huge action and stakes and uneasy alien alliances and a close up of the really big bad we've been teased with for the first eleven books.But here's the funny bit: Pip and Flinx are minor characters! It's not bad in absolute terms, just bad if you're wanting a real Flinx adventure where he's center stage.Enter a really nasty and lethal drug, piece-of-work dealers, super-spi [...]

    2. The confusing part of this book is where it fits within the other Flinx Pip universe. It is a poser. But Foster wrote it second. This novel stands on its own two legs, and is a very good story. Read it even if you are not a Flinx and Pip fan.The Vom, an evil entity of immense power and ability traveled into a galaxy controlled by the Tar Aiym thousands of years before the events of the novel. The Vom is a carnivore on an immense scale. Its sustenance, however is not meat, but the actual force of [...]

    3. This this this was a weird one.This was the second book in the series the author wrote but, within the chronology of the series, it's actually quite near the end. When you read the series in chronological order, rather than publishing order, like I am, this causes some strange side-effects.A lot of the character development our hero has undergone in previous/future books suddenly disappears, which is quite jarring. The revelation about Pip's gender that occurs about halfway through the series is [...]

    4. This one always seemed to break characterization for me, but I did enjoy significant portions of it.My biggest frustration - series wide, not just this book - is that things don't remain consistent: Antidotes that do or do not exist, for example.

    5. When I first read this book thirty years ago I enjoyed it hugely, and it was with some excitement I planned to re-read it. There are elements which it builds into his commonwealth series that I still really enjoy, but I find the treatment of his principal female character a little more troubling than I used to, hence a reduction in the star rating from 4 to 3 compared to what I would have given thirty years ago.

    6. Flinx from afar.Very different Flinx book, primarily written in numerous POVs, non of which were Flinx's. In fact Flinx doesn't appear until several chapters into the book. Was a excellent plot, but the numerous changes of view point were sometimes annoying. Was a interesting idea but didn't completely make it. Also missed Flinx although he was there, you were seeing him through the eyes of the other people which gave him a remoteness. Still enjoyed it a lot.

    7. La alettura di questo romanzo breve è stato come un bagno fresco nel mare in estate: un piacere per la mente e per il corpo, affaticati da mesi e mesi di distopie e tetraggini (anche se molte di ottimo livello). Alieni, colpi di scena, mondi alieni, scontri spaziali, il minidrago Pip, insomma la space opera ad un livello molto elevato. Una lettura meravigliosa, come altre di quest'autore!

    8. I really like fosters writing style it is a comfortable read that is the best way I can term it, I first read this story ( books 1-2 and 3 ) when I was 8 to 9 years old and I noticed that now he has published many stories from pip & flinx which I will want to read this is a great series to read for its science and fantasy elements

    9. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading the entire series from the beginning. This is another imaginative, fast paced, fun tale.

    10. I've read all of the Flinx books chronologically up to this one, #10 in the series. Although it was the second novel that he wrote, there is little to no Flinx & Pip in this story. Books 7-10 have basically been complete jokes when it comes to this series. I honestly can't believe how empty and pointless they are. It's like someone just gave him money and said "My only qualification is that Flinx makes an appearance at least once." This is the last Foster book I will ever read.So the plot is [...]

    11. Very much a ripping yarn. Foster pretty much slams his foot on the accelerator on the opening page and doesn't let off until the denouement. The breakneck speed comes at the cost of characterisation. The characters are pretty two dimensional. Flinx and Pip have only background roles, with a pair of Church agents and a feisty freighter captain who seems the model for Firefly's Mal Reynolds in the lead. However, they're all pretty shallow. Foster still hasn't got the hang of interesting female cha [...]

    12. This was one of the very first Pip & Flinx books to be written, but Chronologically it fall as #10 in the series. This does cause a few storyline inconsistencies, such a Pip changing gender.The overall story is that an ancient monster, the Vom, capable of consuming all life on a planet, is woken by some scientists and transported to the world of Repler. One of the Tar-Aiym, an ancient warrior race who was supposed to be guarding the vom enlists Flinx's aid in dealing with it. The whole blood [...]

    13. Avoid this book.If you like the Pip and Flinx books, there is no reason to read this installment. The main characters of this title are new and unimportant. You will only see them in this book.Pip and Flinx hardly make an appearance in this book. Everything that happens in this book is barely even mentioned in any other books.In this book Flinx contends with a mob boss. A stupid one. You are better off reading Trouble Magnet. In which Flinx contends with a mob boss, but that book is more interes [...]

    14. Like many other people, I read this book tenth as opposed to second. I did notice the little inconsistencies, but I'd say that they were quite acceptable given the fact that Foster wrote eight books to fill in the gap. It was easier to pretend this was a slightly alternate universe where basically the exact same things happened.I enjoyed seeing Flinx from other people's points of view for the majority of the story as just a side character. Overall, the book had the feel that Foster had a story h [...]

    15. The Vom is found and brought to Repler by Aann scientists in secrecy. Meanwhile the Commonwealth Church is trying to uncover who's dealing Bloodhype, a drug to which you were instantly addicted to, and you'd die from if you didn't get helped in a very short time after taking it. Agents Kitten Kai-Sung and Porsupah-al along with their saviors Malcolm, Pip, and Flinx are also about to meet the Guardian, Peot.

    16. This was the third book by Foster that I read, after Nor Crystal Tears and Tar-Aiym Krang. It's the second Flinx & Pip book, and the second Flinx & Pip book that I read. Again, I really enjoyed the book and was quite entertained. I love Foster's writing style. He keeps you interested and in suspense. I love his creativity and his ideas. I have to admit, this book was a bit of a "shaggy-dog story". I could see what was going to happen at the end from a long way off.

    17. I've given this author trhee strikes, and he's out! When the title characters of the series don't even show up until 50 pages into the second book about them, absolutely NO exposition is given, subtly or overtly about how they got from their old situation into the new one, and the synopsis on the back bears only a vague resemblane to the plot of the story, I've just got to give up on an author. The premis could have been cool, too bad.

    18. I'd call myself a Casual fan of Alan Dean Foster I loved the 'Spoils of War' series, and have read a couple other Pip and Flinx books. This one fits right in, although if you really like the characters, they really make only a cameo.The main character, Kitten, is a fun, tongue in cheek Bond-Girl tribute, and the book offers alot of insight into usual Commonwealth foes the Aan. A must read if you like the series, and a fun, quick beach book even if you don't.

    19. With each Foster book I read, I become a bigger fan. This is the 2nd written book in the Pip and Flinx series, although the 11th chronologically. A little dated what with the casual 70's approach to sex, but overall I enjoyed it despite Flinx being a supporting character. I'd actually like to see more of the lead characters. Not great literature, but a fun read with a good plot.

    20. I first read this - and many other AD Foster books - about 20 years ago, and this book doesn't seem as good second time around - perhaps I am reading it through rose tinted glasses?Whatever, I will not be put off! I will read AD Fosters other offerings in the hope that they are as good as I remember!

    21. I read this wondering why it turned up in my Flinx hunt, I enjoyed the book then realised this other character they met was flinx and he was right through the whole thing, so much fun! and well worth a read.

    22. An amusing sci-fi tale and my first introduction to the world of Pip and Flinx even if those characters only appeared for a tiny section of the novel. The VOM was an interesting being, and I enjoyed the universe.3.5 stars

    23. Alan Dean Foster is one of my top 5 favorite writers, and the commonwealth books are my favorite works. These are great quick reads, you are almost done before you realize you started. Flinx & his pet dragon Pip are great heroes. Very recommended

    24. Fun mix of mystery, intrigue and monsters!A great story, stating Pip and Flinx, though almost in an offstage way. It's read this long ago, and enjoyed it all over again. Foster's humanx commonwealth is a great invention that deserves to be better known!

    25. I enjoyed this novel, but didn't realize that I read the series out of sequence until after I finished this novel. Once I finish all the Pip and Flinx between The End of the Matter and Bloodhype, I'll re-evaluate this novel.

    26. I have always felt that none of the later books were quite as good as the first although this is probably my next favourite

    27. Was a different perspective than normally written about Flinx and Pip. I think this sort of ties in with Tar-Aiym Krang. Love the whole humanx common wealth world Mr. Foster has created.

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