Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack

Leighann Phoenix / Sep 16, 2019

Leader of the Pack Running for her life hiding as a waitress in a sleazy bar Aislinn never dreamed she would meet her soul mate Compelled to save her Cullen finds himself inexorably drawn to this mysterious woman Ais

  • Title: Leader of the Pack
  • Author: Leighann Phoenix
  • ISBN: 9781440435102
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Running for her life, hiding as a waitress in a sleazy bar, Aislinn never dreamed she would meet her soul mate Compelled to save her, Cullen finds himself inexorably drawn to this mysterious woman Aislinn believed her life couldn t get any stranger than it already was, until she happened across Cullen As Aislinn discovers her lost past and Cullen works to protect his paRunning for her life, hiding as a waitress in a sleazy bar, Aislinn never dreamed she would meet her soul mate Compelled to save her, Cullen finds himself inexorably drawn to this mysterious woman Aislinn believed her life couldn t get any stranger than it already was, until she happened across Cullen As Aislinn discovers her lost past and Cullen works to protect his pack, they find themselves stronger together then they ever were apart Now they just have to convince the pack elders that the alpha werewolf in the pack should be mated to a supposedly human girl.

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        It s always the quiet girl She sits in the back of the class or stands at the bar, while her friends all mingle She s the one mom always said was a good girl, and all her friends believe is a prude Leighann Phoenix has been writing since she was a child The passion and pain reflected in her writing are little glimpses of what s lurking just beneath the surface Her publications to date will be left in the dark where they belong The new incarnation of her writing burns with a fire of it s own.


    1. This book was like the Energizer bunny in that it kept going and going and going. It was over twice the length it should have been for one book. About half way through the leads defeated the Big Bad but then another mystery had to pop up and go for a few hundred pages. Then at the end we were still left with unanswered questions so maybe there will be a sequel?The writing in this book was good and really pulled me into the story and had me rooting for the leads. The biggest problem was the one s [...]

    2. Ok I remember reading this way-back-when it was on Literotica. Loved it to bits as it was one of the first paranormal werewolf/shifter romances I ever when.When being said it is a long twisted tale. And last time I checked L. Phoenix was still updating chapters. Guess it is finally finished. :D

    3. Aislinn has been on the run since she escaped from her deranged ex-boyfriend who had plans for her that would have brought a life of misery as well as losing all her control. At another dive bar as a waitress, she is used to sticking up or herself and defending unwanted advances, especially to sleazy bosses. When a man comes in looking down on his luck, Aislinn treats him the same as she would everyone else, but this is no ordinary man and he has never received the unabashed directness from anot [...]

    4. Aislynn the heroine is on the run and is working in a sleazy run down bar and foisting off the advances of her equally sleazy boss. When an gorgeous stranger comes in and proceeds to drink the night away, Aislynn does what any good bartender does. She calls his friends and asks that they come and get him because the bar is closing. The man's friends arrive and when they do she slips quietly away in order to escape the unwanted advances of her disgusting boss. Unknown to her she has caught the ey [...]

    5. 5 Howling Stars !!!!I love Werewolves and this was HOT ! First and foremost this was a great love story between Aislinn, a human (or is she?) waitress working at a dive bar and Cullen, one of the biggest pack Alpha's on the Continent. With enough mystery, love, sex, magic, suspense and more sex, my fancy was tickled.I love werewolves, I love pack alphas, I love the dynamics of packs and I love a little magic. This book has it all. Tick every box please. One of my favourite Werewolf reads.

    6. This is an odd book for me. I felt like it was too books in one, the first half the stuff with Rafe, the second more with Jenna. I did like the dichotomy of the wolves and druids, liked how things were more in the second half with them. I liked how the pack was more family, but at times the drama within the pack and their fight for rank was too much. What really turned me off was the way the sex was portrayed in the book. I usually have a hard line where if there are human/animal couplings it tu [...]

    7. Really good story, not erotica, but hot nevertheless. It could easily have been 2 books, but it certainly didn't feel like a chore to read this book.Well written, and a great story line. Would like to read more books written in this world.

    8. I actually read this years ago and, much to my surprise, really loved it. Yes its long and could probably do with a bit of polishing but it totally sucked me in. A bit of a different take on the standard were wolf tale with some decent world building as far as pack structure and function goes. Definetly worth reading

    9. I like the overall story. HOWEVER, with all the typos and the fact that you actually cannot tell who is talking at first, is extremely frustrating and takes away from the enjoyment of the book. The reviews state the book is: "really good book", "bad typos" and "Horrible ending"c. I normally take "reviews" with a grain of salt and still make my own decision. I have to say that I am really glad I went against the negative reviews. Yes, there was some really bad grammatical errors, but if you can g [...]

    10. This is one long long bookke a novel and two novellas or maybe two novels. Not saying that I am complaining I kept thinking oh the story is concluding and nope I was like half way done.The story opens with Aislynn is working as a bartender in a very sleazy bar with a VERY sleazy boss. Then one night a weird man comes in he sits in a corner and basically watches Aislynn all night and is to drunk to drive home. That man is Cullen and his is drinking to numb the pain of getting himself involved int [...]

    11. I have mixed feelings about this, so I settled on three stars. The overall characters and tone of the book was done rather well. However, I do have a few complaints. I found that the book in many places gave me information overload. It could be very wordy and very extensive and I had to read over a couple of times to process the information. Also, I felt that the book was entirely too long. It would have been better to break up the book in parts one and two, as there was a definitive end in the [...]

    12. I really liked this book. Was suprised when I got it and saw how long it was. Not many PNR books I've run acroos are this long. Cullen is a sexy Alpha male. As soon as he catches a whiff of Aislinn, he can't get her out of his head and can 't seem to stay away from her.Aislinn has had more than her fair share of trouble bad relationships, crappy jobs, worse bosses just to name a few. She's drawn to Cullen but having been hurt in the past is very wary. That doesn't seem to bother Cullen, as Alpha [...]

    13. I'm reading this book again which has prompted me a write a review, it must be three years since I first read it and I'm still waiting patiently for the sequel. Cullen is the very powerful alpha of his pack and he's being pressured into mating with Jenna the only child of Brennus a neighbouring alpha,who worries what will happen to his pack without strong leadership should anything happen to him. Having just agreed to this Cullen goes to a bar to drown his sorrows there he meets Aislinn who's ba [...]

    14. I liked the book but the reasons I did not give it a higher rating is 1. the editing was very annoying. There was so many grammar errors, missing words and typos it was very distracting. There were times I would have to go back to see who was speaking. 2. There was so many foriegn words that needed interpretation . Although there was a translation at the end of the book but by that time I did not remember where I came across the words or in what context. I am use to some sought of interpretation [...]

    15. I was skeptical of a long book by a new author, but I'm not too proud to say I was proven wrong!!! This book grabs you from the beginning and keeps you hooked throughout the whole story!! The number of characters involved in the main plot is a bit large but there was never any confusion as to their roles and impact. Keith provides a refreshing bit of comedy to the story and keeps it from getting to intense. Aislinn really comes into her own through her challenges and even goes a little "wild" fo [...]

    16. If it hadn't been for the fact that my mom bought this book for me I wouldnt have finished reading it and deleted it from my kindle immediately I don't believe in giving horrible reviews on books I don't care for because I would Never have to courage to write my own story down and have read and reviewed by others. So with that said this book wasn't for me but if like long paranormal romances with lots of very graphic sex scenes on every other page (600 pages worth) this is the book for you Warni [...]

    17. This story is a super-novel length tale that really takes the time to tell the story fully. When the reader arrives at the end, there is no doubt that all that can be known has been made known and I, for one, appreciate reading a book that is long enough to tell it all. Aislann and Cullen are both fascinating characters and reading their full story was a most satisfying reading experience. It put me in mind of the epic novels of the past, when publishers weren't afraid to put out a really big bo [...]

    18. Pretty good, fast paced story with Aislinn and Cullen. Cullen is the leader (Alpha) of his wolf pack. Aislinn is working as a waitress when Cullen mets her. He has just gotten engaged to someone else under pressure from his pack. He knows that she is not his true mate so when he catches Aislinn's scent he is not sure how to handle the situation. He has waited so long to met his mate that he had given up. This was a good story and had some erotic scenes (M/F, F/F, implied rape, and others watchin [...]

    19. I really liked this book. I read the original story elsewhere and was extremely into it. The plot and story kept me laughing and crying through the whole thing. I like that it has people being accepted as who they are and not what they are. Its great to see people also try to be open and able to acknowledge new people brought into their lives. I think it was an excellent story and loved it all. Cant wait to read more.Definitely has some steamy parts to it.

    20. 3.5 stars. Despite how long this book seemed, I actually kind of liked it. It seemed to be more of a casual read than a "omg what's going to happen next??" Kind of read, but I enjoyed it enough to finish it. I wasn't 100% keen on the mating rituals, but that's more of a personal preference than anything else, and I was a little surprised at how well this book did that kind of situation.All in all, not bad if you get bored.

    21. + 4 Stars +I love sexy hot alpha wolves, seriously its my favourite. I really did enjoy this, Yes it was super long, I didn't mind that. I was just gonna read it a little and come back to it but I read it in one sitting hahaha. It took me the whole damn day but It was sexy hot! It ended with a few things unresolved and a possibility of another book so I hope that happens.

    22. VERY LONG read. It seems to go on and on forever. If you can overlook some editing mishaps, it is a decent read. The characters are well developed, and the plot was good. This could have definitely been broken down into multiple books through.

    23. Needs the help of an editor, but a decent story. It's a really long story that doesn't end when you think it's going to end. Warning: sex with partially shifted and fully shifted shifters occur, a rape scene, and 2 F/F scenes. Looks like it was originally published on Literotica (author=secretme).

    24. This was a great book why because I remember reading it about two years ago and I still remember the story and will read it again. That's what makes it great to me. I read about three books a month.

    25. Leighann Phoenix had written under the name secretme on literotica where I first discovered he work around late 2008. She's an amazing author. Wish she wrote more.

    26. Ok This was the best shifter book I have read all year. I would love to read more from this writer. The Best.

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