Choral Society

Choral Society

Prue Leith / Oct 21, 2019

Choral Society When Lucy and Rebecca agree to help the shy Joanna overcome stagefright during their choral class an unlikely friendship develops among the three And soon enough the lessons turn to matters of the h

  • Title: Choral Society
  • Author: Prue Leith
  • ISBN: 9781847248015
  • Page: 451
  • Format: None
  • When Lucy and Rebecca agree to help the shy Joanna overcome stagefright during their choral class, an unlikely friendship develops among the three And soon enough, the lessons turn to matters of the heart Lucy has been recently widowed and now faces the loss of her old fashioned food column Rebecca is a flighty single mother with a voracious sexual appetite, and JoannWhen Lucy and Rebecca agree to help the shy Joanna overcome stagefright during their choral class, an unlikely friendship develops among the three And soon enough, the lessons turn to matters of the heart Lucy has been recently widowed and now faces the loss of her old fashioned food column Rebecca is a flighty single mother with a voracious sexual appetite, and Joanna is a hard charging businesswoman, who comes home nightly to an empty house.

    The Choral Society The Choral Society is a voice ensemble of experienced professional and avocational singers who volunteer their time and talents in the service of the choral art form They are based out of Grace Church located in New York, New York. New York Choral Society Mission The New York Choral Society is a vibrant, ever renewing musical community which believes in the power of music to impact all lives, enriches the cultural life of New York and beyond through the world class quality and artistic creativity of our performances, and is committed to delivering excellence to our singers, our audiences, and our supporters. Connecticut Choral Society Innovative Excellence Book your slot for an audition at auditions ctchoralsociety or call us at Join Us Be a part of Innovative Excellence in singing. Choral Society of Northeast Pennsylvania Excellence As the region s largest and most comprehensive community choral organization, we bring performance and educational opportunities to singers of all ages. New York Choral Society NYCHORAL s programs are made possible in part with public funds from Creative Engagement Creative Learning, supported by New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Walla Walla Choral Society The Walla Walla Choral Society, a non profit volunteer organization, promotes and performs accessible quality choral music for the Walla Walla Valley and collaborates with other artistic groups, enriching the community s cultural life. Choral Society of Pensacola Singing for Pensacola since Choral Society of Pensacola is supported, in part, by the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture and the State of Florida Section Florida Statutes by Art, Culture, and Entertainment, Inc and Pensacola State College. Canterbury Choral Society Canterbury Choral Society has been rehearsing and performing at Church of the Heavenly Rest since its founding in It became an independent not for profit arts association in , and is a c choral group dedicated to performing great choral music with full orchestra accompaniment. Welcome to The New Choral Society WELCOME TO THE NEW CHORAL SOCIETY Welcome to The New Choral Society We re glad you have chosen to visit our website Here you can read about us and our history, see what concerts we are performing this season, order tickets online, add your name to our mailing list, review our repetoire and guest artist roster and listen to and order some of our CDs. GCS Greenwich Choral Society GCS is excited to be participating in Fairfield County Giving Day To show how much you appreciate fine choral music and community outreach click on the Giving Day button below on Thursday, February th

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        Prue Leith Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Choral Society book, this is one of the most wanted Prue Leith author readers around the world.


    1. Three very different women (over age 50 ) meet when they decide to join a community choir. Lucy is a recent widow and a food journalist, Joanna is a divorced high powered business executive , and Rebecca is the ever youth chasing, flirtatious one who collects husbands. Long story short , after they all come to forks in the road of their lives, they decide to restore a run down hotel on the Cornish Coast together and run it as a spa using their individual talents. A light easy read (chick lit for [...]

    2. The book is entitled "Choral Society". This book is formulaic. Three women meet in a choral group. At the beginning of the book each woman has a short-coming. By the end of the book they have resolved their problems in one way or another. As a musician who has conducted several choirs in my career I thought this book would be of interest to me. Admittedly the three main characters meet because they join a choral group, but the book deals with their separate lives and we hardly hear much about th [...]

    3. This novel was a true surprise to me. Written by an author previously noted for cook books, "Choral Society" introduces four women, all strangers, who resolve issues confronting them in midlife through their unexpected decision to join a singing group. The women are interesting, far from saintly, and their actions were often courageous, sometimes disappointing but true to their beliefs. The novel is well written and posed some interesting questions and reflections to me.

    4. I enjoyed this book because I liked the way the author developed all the characters. However, I really didn't identify with them and, although I liked one of them, the other two didn't appeal to me. The story was nice and did show that women can do things to change their lives, even if they are in their 50s. Part of the problem for me may have been

    5. It's an easy read but I have read far better 'chic lit' than this. I can't say it really held my interest and certainly wasn't a page turner. It was all just a bit too dull and frankly unbelievable, how many people can afford to buy a Cornish mansion on a whim and refurbish it?

    6. I've spent the year rediscovering my love of choral singing and enjoying life as a single 40-something, so this story resonated. It's light- almost beach reading- but does a nice job of intertwining the stories of three 50-something single women who join a choir for very different reasons. There's little character development, and a lot of things that seem important to the narrative happen off-stage, but the essentials are there. I feel like the heroines in a lot of chick lit end up riding off i [...]

    7. Thought this was a fairly harmless piece of fluff for middle aged women, even excusing the ridiculous behaviour of Rebecca as the author being too enamoured of Samantha from Sex and the City. But then came that truly disturbing chapter where (view spoiler)[Stewart, after technically dumping Joanna for six weeks (right after she saves his hideous, histrionic darling daughter from a fake overdose, no less), sneaks into her house and watches her having a bath. What a fucking creep. She is initially [...]

    8. An OK light summer read with some fun details about writing cookbooks, managing small businesses and singing in choral groups.

    9. An uplifting and easy to read novel about how three very different women become friends thanks to music.Since I am part of the "mature" set, I could relate to the concerns of these characters. I also love to sing and have been singing with choirs and groups for a very long time. Music touched these women and helped form bonds.

    10. Prue Leith is a name you probably associate with cookery rather than fiction although it is now many years since she gave up that career to become a novelist. I have read three of Prue Leiths earlier fiction offerings starting with Leaving Patrick , in 1999, Sisters in 2002, and The Gardener in 2008 by which time I was writing short reviews on Bookcrossing. Her novels are not great literature but they are enjoyable and realistic, as she draws on her own life experiences as a business woman and a [...]

    11. This is a polished tale from an experienced and thoughtful writer. Humourous in its own way, because readers can laugh gently at themselves as they laugh at the antics, thoughts and habits of the three main characters, it also asks the reader think as well as laugh. Rebecca, Lucy and Joanna join a choral society for three different reasons and are thrown together by their choral master to help Joanna relax enough to be able to sing out loud. Lucy is sinking into depression, she’s a newly bere [...]

    12. Feel good novel by best selling food writer, who can also write a pretty good novel. No bad dreams from this one and just the right side of Mills & Boon. A sweet tale of three women – Rebecca (hi maintenance glam); Lucy (WI, cook, writer); Joanna (successful business woman). All the stereotypes, but well done. Prue Leith is a good writer and intelligent, so while things progress in a very organised way, one never loses credibility. When finished (and I did and it was easy and enjoyable) on [...]

    13. This book was left by an Australian guest who recommended it as a light read and this is exactly what it was and what I needed at the time, having just read The Journeyer by Gary Jennings. The plot was fairly predictable and the central characters an unlikely trio. At times I felt that the story line was lacking credibility and the characters lacked depth. Time seemed to travel at lighting speed throughout the story with leaps and bounds which meant the author didn't give either the story or the [...]

    14. Chick lit for the over 50s. It was OK, funny in some parts, a bit silly in other parts. I didn't really felt drawn to any of the women although I didn't mind Lucy. Joanna was far to high flying for my taste and Rebecca was a stereotype for women who don't want to grow up.None of these single women gave me the idea they were independent. They all still seemed to need the company of men around them, especially Rebecca who sees men as a meal ticket. But it was a light read and as such quite enjoyab [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this story! It was refreshing to have characters who weren't "just out of their teens" or in the yummy brigade of their 30's!It took me a little while to get to know the characters and occasionally I had to remind myself who was who, but overall they were beleivable women, and one of them (Rebecca) did remind me of my mum in some places!As a book I downloaded on a bit of a whim, I'm glad I did and I would not hesitate to read again or reccomend it to a friend to read.

    16. 2.5 starsChoral Society is the story of three very different, fifty-something women who meet when they join a choir. As different as they are, they become friends, and buy a B&B together .A bit to much of a formulaic/predictable plot for my liking, but a nice change of pace to read a Chick lit for women over 50.

    17. I love this book. The characters are all women I can identify with. Their friendship makes sense. And I love the fact that the women are not defined only through their men, that they aren't all looking finally for the ring on their finger and the title of wife.A really good book, very English in many ways.

    18. The story of three fifty-something women who meet at a singing class, this book proved a light and entertaining read, just the thing to keep me preoccupied on the treadmill and rekindle my yearning to visit Cornwall. It is full of warmth and depicts friendship between women well. I recommend it for a feel-good read when winter has you feeling low.

    19. Story of 3 mid-50's women who join a chorus and then buy a B&B together. Widow, business woman and divorce/. The behavior of the divorced woman seemed a bit much for someone her age and I guarantee that a mid-50's woman who hasn't had plastic surgery is not going to excite a bunch of 20 year old guys when she takes her swimsuit top off! Laugh and swim away more likely.

    20. This was a holiday read for me, and I really enjoyed it. It's about three very different women who become firm friends after they meet at a choir class. Lucy, Rebecca and Joanna are all slightly reluctant to join this class but all have reasons for being there, in that it fills a gap in each of their lives but goes on to change all of them.

    21. A very light read. Formulaic and predictable. I read somewhere that Pru Leith was described as Sophie Kinsella for grown ups. I'm not sure about that. Although the three main characters are in their late 40's/50's at least one of them doesn't seem grown up at all. I found it a bit messy in construction. Not a bad read but not a great one.

    22. 195th Cove Pick: CHORAL SOCIETY by Prue LeithChosen By: SallyTrivia Winner - Roberta~COVE OPINION: C+, Above average storyWe discuss the book in the 75th episode of our Cove Podcast - listen in and share your thoughts!

    23. I really liked the book. It was an easy read with a gentle story line and one that actually had me reading when I would otherwise be surfing of an evening or downtime at weekends. Not read at night or at the weekend for ages normally happens just on the commute.

    24. I wouldn't have classed this as chic-lit, more romantic fiction. Easy read, fairly predictable. But I enjoyed it.

    25. Actually I haven't finished - it got lost during our chaotic house move. If it turns up I will definitely finish it!

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