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Kafka Part illustrated biography part comics adaptation R Crumb s Kafka is a vibrant biography that examines this Czech writer and his works in a way that a bland texbook never could R Crumb s Kafka goes

  • Title: Kafka
  • Author: David Zane Mairowitz Robert Crumb
  • ISBN: 9781596878129
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Part illustrated biography, part comics adaptation, R Crumb s Kafka is a vibrant biography that examines this Czech writer and his works in a way that a bland texbook never could R Crumb s Kafka goes far beyond being explication or popularization or survey It s a work of art in its own right, a very rare example of what happens when one very idiosyncratic artist absorbPart illustrated biography, part comics adaptation, R Crumb s Kafka is a vibrant biography that examines this Czech writer and his works in a way that a bland texbook never could R Crumb s Kafka goes far beyond being explication or popularization or survey It s a work of art in its own right, a very rare example of what happens when one very idiosyncratic artist absorbs another into his worldview without obliterating the individuality of the absorbed one Crumb s art is filled with Kafka s insurmountable neuroses They are all there Gregor Samsa s sister, the luscious Milena Jesenska, the Advacate s nurse Leni, Olda and Frieda, and the ravishing Dora Diamant drawn in that mixture of self commandtantalizing knowingness, and sly sexuality, that ian randines and thick limbed physicality that is Crumb.Crumb s idiosyncratic illustrations add a new dimension to the already idiosyncratic world of Kafka Includes adaptations of The Judgment, The Trial, The Castle, A Hunger Artist, and The Metamorphosis.

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        Mairowitz is a writer who studied English Literature and Philosophy at Hunter College, New York, and Drama at the University of California, Berkeley.He is the author of the plays The Law Circus 1969 and Flash Gordon and the Angels 1971 Other works include BAMN Outlaw Manifestos and Ephemera 1965 70, The Radical Soap Opera Roots of Failure in the American Left, Kafka for Beginners and Introducing Camus.


    1. كافكا أقل إبهارًا من بروستوأقل ابتكارًا للأفكار من جويسلكن رؤيته أشدّ قسوة، أشدّ ألمًا، وأكثر كونيّة من غيرهاهذه النزعة الكونية لدى كافكا سببها أنه يبدأ من المطلق دائمًا. من أماكن غير مسمّاة أغلب شخوصه تسير دون وصف، وأماكنه كذلك، تبدو ذابلة ومهدّدة، وتظهر وكأنها في كابوس ج [...]

    2. Kafkaesque What does it mean anyway?Does it really only describe the soul-crushing bureaucracy and authority? I'm convinced there's more to it. It's an adjective that's so hard to delineate. You first have to read a book written by Kafka to really grasp the essence of this word. The gloom, the doom, the abuse, the injustice, the powerlessness, the inescapability, the claustrophobic feeling, the labyrinthine feeling, the absurdity, the self-abasement The word Kafkaesque conjures up all these feel [...]

    3. “Every word first looks around in every direction before letting itself be written down by me.”Kafka was an impressively informative graphic novel. It examined the life and works of writer Franz Kafka, confidant of the Absurd and Stranger in Everyland. The biographical material was periodically interspersed with summaries of his novels and short stories; this approach was masterfully, seamlessly executed, and it was quite an effective way to bring Kafka to life. In fact, for a mere primer, t [...]

    4. 9/26/17 I re-read this because of Greta, with whom I (slightly) disagreed about Kafka's letter to his father. I wanted to see again what Mairowitz thought of this relationship, and he confirms for me what Greta believes that his relationship with his father was entirely abusive, and was the key (hateful) relationship informing everything he wrote. He never got over it. What I didn't talk about below is how incredibly neurotic he was, and depressive, suicide-obsessed, and so driven to self-loathi [...]

    5. Robert Crumb's depictions of Kafka's life and work seem almost autobiographical I hope he draws an album about Bashevis Singer, his shtetl, his New York, his translators

    6. ألسنا نحن، الكائنات البشرية، مثيرون للشفقة إلى درجة السخرية الهزلية ؟!الكتاب جيّد في المجمل بالرغم من انحدار مستوي الترجمة لكن حمدًا لله قرأت الكثير عن كافكا الكاتب هنا يستعرض جانبًا كبيرًا من حياة كافكا بدءًا من طفولته المؤلمةو يحكي عن قصة المسخ " يستيقظ جريجور سامسا ذات ص [...]

    7. I have a confession to makeI've never read a Kafka book. I know, it's shocking. So why am I even reading this graphic biography of the man? The main reason I picked this up is because of how beautiful it was. Robert Crumb and David Zane Mairowitz have done a fantastic job putting together a history of Kafka by giving us pages of beautifully illustrated material. Of course I know who Franz Kafka is, and I've heard a lot about him. I know his books, I know what he's written, and I even know some o [...]

    8. I am always pleased and happy to know more about you my dear Kafka.Although Kafka could be my favorite writer of all time, I never gave a book or a novel of his A full five stars. I still can't figure out why?Why always there is something between him and I that makes me feel so close to him but yet so angry and disturbed at him, What kind of magic he has that makes me lose control of my emotions and flounder as A raging sea ? Reading a book for Kafka is like going on a ride to discover more thin [...]

    9. Part biography, part book synopsises, this is an easy way to understand (?) a little bit more about Kafka, his life, works and legacy. The cartoon/illustrations add interest and provide vivid pictures to support and supplement the author's succinct but knowledgeable information. I never thought that Kafka actually wrote comedies; now I know.

    10. I received this book for Christmas and started reading it immediately. It is pretty interesting weaving Jewish Czech history with a semi-biography of Kafka and his Jewish upbringing. I don't know how relevant Judaism is to Kafka considering he thought "What do I have in common with the Jews? I don't even have anything in common with myself." Ironically, the book points to the aforementioned quote by Kafka; accusing him of being a "self hating Jew". I don't know if Kafka was trying to distance hi [...]

    11. When i got married (in my mid-30s), instead of table numbers, we named our tables according to our personal and joint favorite authors. Kafka came from my side. He was a holdover from college and immediate post-college days when i bought several Schocken publications even though i couldn't really afford to put another $20 on my credit card. But i couldn't read Amerika or The Castle and i've never re-read The Trial or even seriously considered it. I did read a most of the collection of letters an [...]

    12. The mythos (and thousands of volumes of accompanying thought) surrounding Franz Kafka’s oeuvre can make him an intimidating and overwhelming author for the uninitiated. As a testament to the formative nature of his works (within the realm of modern literature), his surname has entered the contemporary lexicon – Kafkaesque - to denote byzantine bureaucracy. And yet -- despite the attention and consideration heaped upon The Trial, The Metamorphosis, etc. -- Kafka is ultimately an accessible wr [...]

    13. ترجمة رديئة جدا ودون المستوي ولكن فى وسط كل هذا أجد أكثر ما أكرهه عند الحديث عن كاتب وهوا تلخيص أعماله أكره تلخيص رواية كاملة فى سطرين أحب أن يكون الكتاب عن الكاتب وحياته الشخصية وكيف نشأ دون أن تتدخل كالأحمق فى كل سطر محاولا أن تحكي أحدي رواياته أسعدني قراءة بعض السطور والآر [...]

    14. Who would have thought the creator of Mr. Natural and Fritz the Cat would turn into such an excellent literary historian? Although I believe Crumb was doing his profiles of Blues artists from the beginning, no? Done with the collaboration of David Zane Mairowitz's readable and comprehensive text (the editors might have picked a better font to match up to Crumb's lettering and drawing), this work made me think about even more than connecting back to Kafka's oeuvre. Of course, that would be the pl [...]

    15. من الممتع أن تقرأ عن الأدب وليس الأدب نفسه ، اي عن تقرأ عن الأديب لا ان تقرأ رواياته، هكذا تراه أكثر وضوحا وقربا . ذلك انطباعي عن هذا الكتاب الذي تميز بأسلوب سلس جذبني لقراءته وانهاءه في مدة يسيرة ؛ مع تحفظي الشدييييد على مستوى الترجمة للكتاب. تستطيع القول أن غرابة أفكار كافكا [...]

    16. This is one of few books that I found extremely difficult to be reviewed. I am dumbfounded, speechless even mesmerised as if I found a bucket of gold at the end of a rainbow. A treasure indeed, something that worth enough as the dishes you eat the air you breath and the soil you step on. I embrace it as a lifeline rope being hurled by Crumb and Mairowitz in the middle of confusion how to understand the complicity of the disturbed artist. I could not recalled him other than an artist. K maybe an [...]

    17. I especially appreciate all the digs at literary critics who are quick to declare things "Kafkaesque" and at the general tendency of lit crits to narrowly classify works. This tendency is partly responsible for reducing Kafka to a commodity and a tourist destination rather than an author for people to read, interpret, and enjoy on their own. While Kafka is certainly not the only author to suffer this fate, his is probably one of the most extreme forms of authorial commercialization. Faulkner als [...]

    18. I can't think of a better artist than Crumb to illustrate a biography of Kafka. Son of a nasty bully of a father, Kafka is an odd, neurotic duck, the text mixes his real life with his stories to help illustrate this. He was an 'assimilated' Jew, he passed as a Czech and witnessed the strong anti-Semite movements of the period. He also was very conflicted when it came to women, he apparently wrote long letters of self-loathing to his girlfriends. There's a fair amount of text in this novel, Mairo [...]

    19. I bought this book primarily because of Robert Crumb, whom I revere as one of the greatest counter-culture illustrators ever. The commentary in the book is interesting, but ultimately forgettable and pedestrian. It's clear that Mairowitz is trying to be a little edgy in his synopsis of Kafka's work, but the discussion of his work, most of which with I am not well-acquainted, was not particularly insightful.Still, I am glad I have this in my collection now. The Crumb illustrations are great. They [...]

    20. I read this because my book club is going to read The Trial. I found this interesting, though the pictures are somewhat creepy. It was very informative, but not very in-depth. A good overview of Kafka's life.

    21. Excellent in every respect. Never read a graphic biography before. This has me hooked and wanting more, more, more.

    22. Je ne garde pas un très bon souvenir de La Métamorphose et du Procès, le symbolisme de Kafka m'était impénétrable à 13 ans Mais à l'orée de mes trente ans, l'atmosphère cauchemardesque de ces deux classiques m'interroge assez pour que j'aie envie de m'y replonger, en espérant qu'un peu plus de maturité m'aidera à apprécier le propos.Voici une biographie inclassable, qui mêle textes d'analyse sur l'homme Kafka, résumés en bandes dessinées des oeuvres et illustrations-comme-des-g [...]

    23. "Un giorno del 1923, Franz Kafka incontrò una bambina che piangeva disperata in un parco. Le domandò cosa fosse successo e quella rispose che aveva perso la sua bambola. Kafka rispose:"Ma non l'hai persa! È partita per un viaggio!" E per convincere la bambina, le disse che lo sapeva perché la bambola gli aveva scritto una lettera. Ce l'aveva a casa e il giorno dopo gliel'avrebbe portata. Un giorno più tardi, Kafka si presentò al parco con la lettera (che aveva scritto con molta cura durant [...]

    24. Ogni parola si guarda attornoin tutte le direzioni prima dilasciarsi scrivere da me.(pagina 85)Avvertenza per i passeggeri: SALTARE a piè pari l'introduzione di Goffredo Fofi.Avvertenza per Fofi: leggere i libri di Kafka prima di parlarne.Infine, forse, se Crumb avesse lasciato perdere le varie letture / interpretazioni psicoanalitiche sul senso dei libri di Kafka ne avrebbe ricavato un ottimo lavoro (tanto, quelle interpretazioni, sono sempre identiche: la mamma, il papà ed il p. (per i masch [...]

    25. In his diaries, Kafka imagined his demise in many creative ways. For example, razor thin slices of him cut off with a butcher knife. Or being dragged with a noose around his neck. I believe Max Brod may have had it right when he claimed Kafka's works were part of an elaborate search for an unreachable god. Especially with the inaccessibility of higher authority in The Trial and The Castle. He was born and lived in Prague all but the last 8 months of his life. He called the city "a little mother" [...]

    26. Uma biografia ilustrada de Kafka. As ilustrações (que frequentemente evoluem para o género da banda desenhada) são boas. A biografia, em si, não é boa nem má. É só uma biografia.

    27. بعد ثلاثة أيام، قالت ميلينا جسنسكا عن كافكا في نعيه أنه: إنسان محكوم عليه أن يرى العالم" بوضوح ساطع لدرجة أنه وجده لا يطاق فذهب إلى الموت."

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