Marvel Zombies 3

Marvel Zombies 3

Fred Van Lente Kev Walker / Jun 27, 2019

Marvel Zombies Board up Avengers Tower Lock down the Baxter Building The ravenous hordes of Marvel Zombies are invading the Marvel Universe That s right the next chapter of the MZ saga is a non stop in continuity

  • Title: Marvel Zombies 3
  • Author: Fred Van Lente Kev Walker
  • ISBN: 9780785136354
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Board up Avengers Tower Lock down the Baxter Building The ravenous hordes of Marvel Zombies are invading the Marvel Universe That s right, the next chapter of the MZ saga is a non stop, in continuity gorefest with major implications for at least one Marvel hero When the super undead stumble into the MU from the Man Thing s Nexus of All Realities, all of Florida isBoard up Avengers Tower Lock down the Baxter Building The ravenous hordes of Marvel Zombies are invading the Marvel Universe That s right, the next chapter of the MZ saga is a non stop, in continuity gorefest with major implications for at least one Marvel hero When the super undead stumble into the MU from the Man Thing s Nexus of All Realities, all of Florida is quarantined against the zombie plague Time is quickly running out for a cure, so the Initiative sends a most unlikely group of heroes into the Zombieverse on a desperate mission to find the one item they need before the whole MU is consumed The scream team of Fred Van Lente Incredible Hercules and Kev Walker Annihilation Nova unite for a Marvel Zombies story like you ve never seen before Collects Marvel Zombies 3 1 4.

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        Van Lente was raised by a mystery loving mother who preferred Dorothy Sayers to Agatha Christie, but we won t hold that against her and a wisecracking Woody Allen lookalike scientist father in what appears to be some kind of genetic experiment to write his first novel, TEN DEAD COMEDIANS, even though neither parent nor the son himself would know it for many years Van Lente spent his time between birth and authoring Ten Dead Comedians becoming the 1 New York Times best selling writer of graphic novels like Cowboys Aliens the basis of the feature film , Odd is on Our Side with Dean R Koontz, and the gorily funny Marvel Zombies series He did some other things too, but they hardly seem worth mentioning.


    1. I wondered how Fred Van Lente would do after taking over the reins from Kirkman, but I have to say I was surprised at how good this story was. Here Zombie Deadpool has entered earth through a Nexus into Man-Things Florida swamp and begun infecting tourists with the zombie virus. A secret government superhero team is sent in to contain the outbreak while Machine Man and the Avengers’ own robot supreme Jocasta travel to the zombie universe to collect a vial of human blood for a vaccination to be [...]

    2. This is a sequel to the original and excellent Robert Kirkman and Sean Philips Marvel Zombies miniseries set before the events of Marvel Zombies 2. The original creative team have move on to separate projects and Marvel, rather than set a cash cow to pasture follows it up with another set of books the superhero and zombie fusion to be handled by a different team.Fred Van Lente is a capable is capable replacement. His scripts have a dash of humor in an otherwise morbid story. It channels Sam Raim [...]

    3. I found the story difficult to follow. I was unfamiliar with the characters. And other than the fact that they were Marvel Zombies the story line didn't seem to have much to do with the other stories in the series. 2 stars.

    4. I held off on this, as I didn't care for some of the characters much. This was a great entry, with some of the best treatments of obscure Marvel characters around. Very well done.

    5. I was a little apprehensive once I saw that Kirkman wasn't at the helm, but it turns out Van Lente gives us a fascinating tie-in to the first two series, and I'd argue that the art here is the best yet in the whole line. I like how it approaches from another angle and shows us more of the Marvel characters and where they fall into the zombie apocalypse, and also how the 'alt universe' will collide with our own, ours being the 'real' Marvel universe. Not to mention, I don't think we've had this m [...]

    6. This is going to be a tough one to review I think, but I’ll try! I read Marvel Zombies a few months ago, but I don’t think I ever reviewed that. It enjoyed it; it’s gross and a fun novelty to see your favourite superheroes as zombies. I liked how Wolverine’s rotted arm fell off when he used his claws. Marvel Zombies 3 my boyfriend urged/forced me to read when I finally announced I’d read through the pile of comics he recommends this month. It was top of the pile! So I skipped out Marve [...]

    7. This book is kind of review-proof. It's just a big, ridiculous story about Machine Man (who you have probably never heard and neither had I) shooting a ton of Marvel Zombies a la Army of Darkness. He even uses a chainsaw arm at one point. There's a bit of a plot, but it's mostly in service of getting him from zombie deathmatch to zombie deathmatch, all featuring tons of Marvel D-listers that haven't been in a major Marvel publication since like 1934.I will say, having Van Lente take over from Ro [...]

    8. At first I was leery of another Marvel Zombies storyline. Not because I don’t like it. Rather, I’ve become such a devout fan of Robert Kirkman in recent months that I couldn’t imagine reading the further exploits of Marvel’s dark and human-devouring alternate universe without Kirkman at the helm. Luckily, I was proven wrong. Van Lente proves to be a writer of surprising originality as he pits two non-human Marvel heroes – Machine Man and the Avenger’s Jocasta – against the looming [...]

    9. Okay, so in my last review I said the zombie thing was done. Over. Then I woke up this morning and realized I had this edition of Marvel Zombies waiting for me. So to amend my earlier review, I love The Walking Dead and Marvel Zombies.Marvel moves away from Kirkman in this one. At first I was skeptical that Van Lente would be able to produce the same caliber story. Never fear though it's just as good as the first two editions. This volume also marks a departure from the Avenger character group a [...]

    10. Lord I adore Machine Man. I wish there was more of him in Marvel comics. Almost ever panel with him was pure awesome, with him dropping jokes that made me laugh. The panel where he is fixing Jocostu's leg and it looks like he's going down on her with the line that accompanied it was amazing. I feel like he almost out joked/talked zombie deadpool.Anyways, the art this time around was not as good. It still looked bad ass, just not quit as stylized and fitting in my opinion. The story felt pretty d [...]

    11. Fred Van Lente rescued the Marvel Zombies concept from Robert Kirkman, who delivered a fantastic first series and then an utterly atrocious second. This third installment takes us back to the roots of absurd, dark humor in a world of superheroes and villains all infected with a desire for flesh. Our heroes this time aren’t survivors, but robots who never saw much merit in our existence anyway. The main character, Machine Man, has a dower disdain for all life (and unlife) that is greatly amusin [...]

    12. I wanted to get into the Halloween spirit so I read Marvel Zombies 3 yesterday. Pretty decent read. I liked the "Drac Pack" made up of Morbius, Werewolf-by-night, Daimon Hellstrom, and a witch who I didn't know too much about.I am not a big Deadpool fan nor a big Zombie Deadpool fan, but some of his one liners and songs did make me grin I have to admit.Van Lente pulls some surprises out of his hat and it helps to know Marvel comics history in order to get the full extent of the surprises themsel [...]

    13. Funny thing. the whole idea of Marvel Zombies is thin as paper, but still, instalment after instalment it manages to entartain me.So did this one and Machine Man, a character I do not know shit about, the hero of this book, became something I must know more about. Very cool and interesting character.This book also ended with a cliffhanger. I'm really looking forward to Marvel Zombies 4.I would've have given to this book five stars, but the fifth was dropped off because the art was not gooey, blo [...]

    14. This volume was gross. I mean, it was so gory and bloody and violent that the previous two volumes don't compare. Folks get slashed in half and bitten into and smashed and blasted and endure every sort of injury a superhero can deliver. But it was also tightly written and had a lot of great suspenseful scenes. The opening itself is worth picking up the book for. I have to admit though, not a lot of A-list Marvel characters, but at this point, that's not a bad thing.Plus, it introduced me to Mach [...]

    15. Cool bloody art work and surprisingly funny, maybe it wouldn't be as funny to someone who doesn't have fond memories of getting nightmares from horror movies. I know it's vol 3, but it still feels really disjointed, the transition from what would have been issue to issue is the root of that. Lots of normally overshadowed characters in this one, which is always neat, how much Wolverine do you need? Machine Man is hands down a total bad ass in this, MACHINE MAN. It's like reese's cups, but instead [...]

    16. Ha. Here comes the multiverse explanation, clearing up everything with a 'this-is-ok-because-parallel-universes' magic wand, effectively wiping out all the horror of the Kirkman version - the one that terrifies because it's happening to you. Now you realize it could have been someone else that just looked like you. Aside from that, a fairly decent comic with a reasonably likable Machine Man character, lots of gore and average comic stuff happening. May spice up a bit later when story arcs meet u [...]

    17. Third in the cycle, but far from over. It's part depressing and part awesome. Seeing these heroes eating or infecting each other destroys everything comic book fanboys hold hear and dear.This is where I finally realized that this was a zombie dimension on a parallel world from our own. Helps me digest it a little better, knowing that there's hope in the end. What with the REAL good guys coming through to kick ass.

    18. 5 stars. I'm not a Marvel fan at all (apart from some Ultimates and a bit of DD) but Marvel Zombies is awesome fun. Sadly this volume isn't by Kirkman but is saved by the presence of Machine Man who is my new hero to fangirl. Getting my paws on Nextwave now!I definitely recommend this series to all fans of zombies and of fun comics.

    19. A fresh look at the Zombieverse, as they try to spill into the main Marvel universe. Lead by Deadpool (whose disembodied head will have its own antics), the zombie invasion hits home. As ARMOR attempts to hold back the invasion, a mole within the spy group reveals a devestating plot to infect the world. A great continuation of the zombie legacy.

    20. More zombie fun in this alternative universe.This book focuses more on the villain side of the issue.Machine Man…er… Aaron is highlighted with his unique brand of humor.This book has some creative surprises but the gore and tasteless humor may be too much for some readers.NotesWelcome to Robot Heaven!Learning CurveModerate: New readers will likely be confused.

    21. Vampire zombies?! Thats all I have to say. The craziness continues with the jumping between universes. Cant wait for the 4th where Werewolf, Jennifer Kale, Man-Thing and Daimon "Hellstorm" Hellstrom (aka; the Son of Satan) to contain the zombie virus outbreak from further spreading into the 616 universe

    22. (view spoiler)[Sinceramente me encanto x-51, es un personaje re groso y me gustaria saber mas de este personaje, por mas que hagan algunos resumenes de los personajes en marvel zombies 3 realmente me paresio genial, literalmente me alivie y me senti sorpendido cuando en tal parte se creia muerto pero era un holograma para engañar a los zombies *o*. (hide spoiler)]

    23. I skipped over MZ 2 & "Dead Days", but grabbed this one because Van Lente tends to write fun comics, and the Ellis-ified Machine Man is a blast. It's what you'd expect - 4 issues of black comedy, over-the-top violence, and other craziness, but done well and with some fun cover galleries in the back.

    24. I enjoyed this volume of marvel Zombies the best so far. The only thing I thought that could have been improved was the art. At times the art feel flat and at other times looked lazy. The story was great and even had some character development.

    25. Machine man and Jacosta is sent to zombieverse in order to find human blood in order to find a cure for the zombie threat. Kingpin and the Inhumans are in their way plus there is an secret agent from the zombies already in place to spread the zombie message.

    26. Probably the goriest of the series, the third installment of the Marvel Zombies was another fun read. To me, it's interesting to see some of the characters you know so well be transformed into the walking dead.

    27. This is the point where I gave up on Marvel Zombies. The novelty had worn off and the ending of this one made it perfectly clear that Marvel was going to milk this idea for every penny they could squeeze out of it.

    28. Apparently this takes place between the first two series, which is kind of disappointing. It's fun but definitely not essential reading.

    29. Another tome I _thought_ I had read a few years back. Absolutlely nothing familiar in this; I must have confused it with something else. Almost got the series nailed now, though!

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