Rebecca and Ana

Rebecca and Ana

Jacqueline Dembar Greene / Sep 22, 2019

Rebecca and Ana At last cousin Ana has arrived at Ellis Island and Rebecca can t wait to meet her She s sure they ll be just like sisters doing everything together It s crowded with two families in one small apart

  • Title: Rebecca and Ana
  • Author: Jacqueline Dembar Greene
  • ISBN: 9781593695224
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • At last, cousin Ana has arrived at Ellis Island, and Rebecca can t wait to meet her She s sure they ll be just like sisters, doing everything together It s crowded with two families in one small apartment, but Rebecca is happy to share everything with Ana, even her clothes At school, Rebecca is determined to help her cousin learn English and keep up in class, in spite oAt last, cousin Ana has arrived at Ellis Island, and Rebecca can t wait to meet her She s sure they ll be just like sisters, doing everything together It s crowded with two families in one small apartment, but Rebecca is happy to share everything with Ana, even her clothes At school, Rebecca is determined to help her cousin learn English and keep up in class, in spite of the other kids teasing But when the teacher tells her to include Ana in a special performance, Rebecca panics Ana s broken English will ruin the show Rebecca realizes this is one thing she does not want to do with her cousin But how can she explain this to Ana

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    1. I like that Rebecca is a flawed character (I don't however think she is a "sniveling, selfish, thoughtless, heartless brat" as one reader suggests) who grows during the course of the story as she learns to consider her cousin Ana's feelings and not just her own. Yes the treatment is a little heavy handed, but none of the American Girl series are great literature, but a resource for teaching aspects of American history as seen through the eyes of girls who might have lived at that time, in order [...]

    2. This review is from the point of view of a mother. I'm reading the Rebecca series to decide when they will be appropriate for my daughter.Like the first book, this book suffers a bit from having too many plot points racing along, but since this seems to be a theme of the series, in order to have a more cohesive whole, I'll stop harping about it and focus on each one individually.The reader is introduced to a lot of historical and emotional concepts in this book. The thread about the difficulties [...]

    3. I love that Rebecca is a Jewish American Girl and I love that her books deal with immigration, but I just don't think the Rebecca books are as well-written as the Samantha or Addy books, etc. There seem to be a number of missed opportunities in the writing--for example, in the first book Rebecca shows an interest in acting. In the second book, the conflict revolves around Rebecca's desire to sing in the school assembly, but never once does it mention that performing in the assembly is important [...]

    4. Another story in the Rebecca series about immigrants in America during the early 1900's. I read this out loud with my 9 year old daughter. This one was all about school in those days and we had fun comparing how schools are today.

    5. rebecca & her family go down to where the ferry docks to greet their family that has just made the trip from russia. rebecca's father goes to ellis island to meet everyone & assure officials that family is available to help the new immigrants get settled in the united states. when the ferry docks, rebecca is relieved to find that her cousin ana made the trip safely. she hopes that she & ana will become the best of friends--almost like twins! but everyone is shocked to discover that a [...]

    6. Rebecca's cousin Ana has just arrived from Russia. Rebecca is excited to have a friend living in her house. It's like having a twin! But when their school is going to have a assembly and Rebecca and Ana were chosen for a big part, people start making fun of Ana's English. Telling Rebecca to tell Ana to Quit. Rebecca had originally wanted to do a solo, she started wondering would it be so bad for her to ask Ana to not preform with her? I liked this book better than the first one. I like Rebecca a [...]

    7. This is the second book in the series. In it, Ana goes with Rebecca to school. There are few incidents - Leo teasing Ana, Miss Malony making Rebecca stand in the corner with the dunce cap (and what leads up to it) - that basically put a fine point on the fact that people of this era were very focused on Americanizing the immigrants. We also learn that Rebecca's friend, Rose, is actually named Rifka - the school changed her name, because Rifka wasn't "American enough". That gets Rebecca thinking [...]

    8. The problem for Jewish boys in Russia in 1914 was not simply that they would be thrown into the army forever and get food that wasn't kosher. The Кантонистские школы system of drafting little boys and keeping them for 25 years was abolished shortly after the Crimean War, during the reign of Alexander II. The Tsar's army was no picnic for a Jew, but lack of kosher food or the loss of one's Jewish traditions was the least of one's problems by the end of 1914. The problem was that [...]

    9. Uncle Jacob, Aunt Fannie and cousins Ana, Josef and Michael are in America, but Josef is being held on Ellis Island because his leg is injured and they don't know whether he will be allowed to stay in America. Rebecca is so excited for Ana to be here, they are the same age and can be just like twins like her sisters, so Rebecca is determined to help Ana learn English and keep up in her class, but things are difficult. The girls are given an assignment to sing a patriotic song at a special school [...]

    10. Rebecca and AnaCara W Spring 2015Series #2In the sequel to "Meet Rebecca," the family emergency has been solved! Now Rebecca's family is in the U.S and this includes cousin Ana! Rebecca is trying everything to help Ana, until Ana's broken English is about ruin everythingAgain, I adore these books. They are not literature to be literature, but to teach a lesson in history (or at least help). This story is resemblant of a situation that could happen. This would be a lovely story for a child to rea [...]

    11. Rebecca meets Ana, an immigrant who had been living in Russia but who had to leave due to the oppression of Jews that was going on. She and Rebecca quickly become friends.Ana has some difficulty at school since her English is not as good as Rebecca's, but the main problem comes while practicing for a school assembly where both Rebecca and Ana are to sing a song. Rebecca is worried that he song will be a flop and she and her class will be made fun of since Ana's English is not good enough to sing [...]

    12. Kudos to the book for addressing the trauma of immigration, but boo and hiss for comparing being a Jew and getting sent back to Russia during the times of the pogroms to being told by your cousin that your English isn't good enough to sing with her in the school assembly. Seriously? I get that children have a different world view, but it's pretty obvious that Ana is more than aware of her situation. I know Rebecca is Americanized but I wouldn't think her so lacking in empathy as to make such a s [...]

    13. Hoping that this sniveling, selfish, thoughtless, heartless brat phase that Rebecca went through in this book is just that, a phase. I loved these American Girl Books when I first started reading them because I felt they showed great character. One common thread that linked these young girls through out decades or place in society has always been a strong mind and positive attitude. However, some of these American Girl main characters are lacking this thread and is causing this reader to be extr [...]

    14. As the patriotic season of singing in an assembly, Rebecca`s class comes first. She has her cousin Ana with her, and Ana still speaks broken English, and still mostly Yiddish. But when she sings with Rebecca, she has a big surprise, Ana doesn`t want to sing, she just waves her flag patriotically. At the end Rebecca asks, 'Why did you just wave your flag?' 'I was feeling patriotic, that`s all!' Ana answered.

    15. Makes you realize how immigration has changed in the last century.In this book we see that Anna's family wants to come to America but they need money for the boat and money in their pocket when they arrive as well as good health so that they will not be a burden on society.They also must learn American ways. They keep their traditions and culture at home but must learn their new country's ways.

    16. I like this book becouse Rebecca is dordrmen to help Ana with the new waes of a Americe. I like it how Rebecca's frind gives her a really good peace of a veish wen Rebecca is treing to desied wethere or not to let Ana seng with her.

    17. Second in the American Girl series about Lower East Side resident Rebecca Rubin in 1914. The lesson in this book is how to be considerate of other people's feeling when you are trying to get what you want.

    18. I am enjoying the Rebecca books from the library. I have only recently read the 2nd book and I will have to try to get the others later. I love all of the American Girl books and own many (thanks to my mother and grandmother)!

    19. rebecca's cousin ana is coming to stay with her for a few days. rebecca chooses a grand ole flag during chapel. ana has to sing with her and doesn't get it right. they finally get the song right at the end.

    20. I enjoyed the second Rebecca book very much. American Girl books had a strong affect on me as a kid and I'm glad to see there's finally a Jewish girl. While some of the characters are stock, I think it's quite a sweet story.

    21. This book was an excellent platform for teaching my students about the struggles immigrant families faced once they made it to the United States. Now that Rebecca's family has escaped Russia, the turmoil they face paints a vivid picture of what life was like for immigrants.

    22. Totally just realized I'm reading Rebecca before Samantha, whoops. This was a nice book for Rebecca, seeing multiple sides of her character, and her large family. Understandable that Rebecca is a great pull for little girls.

    23. Isobel and I binge-read most of this today. I really like Rebecca! Her dilemma with Ana in this book is very similar to things that I remember dealing with at their age. I totally got choked up on the last page like a sucker.

    24. age rating 9-11. Rebecca cousin Ana is coming from Russia where the war between Russia and Germany. so Ana goes to school with Rebecca and the have to sing a song. but with Ana's broken English it might not work out the way Rebecca hoped .

    25. I liked this book a lot, as it was interesting to read about what school was like in 1914 and to think of the NYC public schools as brand new! School sounds a lot different than I remember it

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