The Sexual Life of Catherine M.

The Sexual Life of Catherine M.

Catherine Millet / Oct 21, 2019

The Sexual Life of Catherine M Hailed as the most explicit book about sex ever written by a woman Edmund White The Sexual Life of Catherine M has become the most controversial book on sexuality since The Story of O Millet the ed

  • Title: The Sexual Life of Catherine M.
  • Author: Catherine Millet
  • ISBN: 9781852428112
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hailed as the most explicit book about sex ever written by a woman Edmund White , The Sexual Life of Catherine M has become the most controversial book on sexuality since The Story of O Millet, the editor of Art Press, has led an extraordinarily active sexual life from alfresco encounters in Italy to a gang bang on the edge of the Bois du Boulogne, to a high classHailed as the most explicit book about sex ever written by a woman Edmund White , The Sexual Life of Catherine M has become the most controversial book on sexuality since The Story of O Millet, the editor of Art Press, has led an extraordinarily active sexual life from alfresco encounters in Italy to a gang bang on the edge of the Bois du Boulogne, to a high class orgy at a Parisian restaurant Her highly graphic account is a relentlessly honest look at the consequences of sex stripped of sentiment and a fearless unmasking of the fallacies and disturbing truths of female sexuality.

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    1. 1.5/5Catherine Millet lives and works comfortably in the land of intellectuals, but she went down in my estimations when declaring on French radio only last year "I really regret not having been raped, because I could show that you can recover from it", really?, what a completely idiotic thing to say!. An insult to all victims suffering with the trauma of this heinous crime. Why not go and work in a rape crisis centre for a while, before retracting those words. It's a good job these sexual escap [...]

    2. I nearly want to reread this to see how she pulls off the remarkable feat of writing about having limitless unbridled ravenous multiorgasmic sex and making it duller than the weekly shop in Sainsburys and less erotic than funny shaped vegetables. "Oh look, dear - there's a two for one offer on lesbians this week." "Hmmm we just don't have enough room in the fridge. And they look a bit wrinkly to me."

    3. Please note due to issues with space the start of this, the first 23 days are here: /story/show/5Day 24 I’ve been trying to work out how to describe my latest knitwear creation. Just imagine you were getting too much. Honestly, way too much. You can’t wake up in the morning or walk down the street for lunch without somebody wanting it. So you put on this jumper and I’m buggered if I understand what happens next. Something to do with quantum physics, at any rate. You are size 6 or so, you p [...]

    4. I was really looking forward to reading this, albeit in a "trashy-Nora Roberts" kind of way. If anything, I was hoping it might be some triumph for women's lib, that Catherine Millet was able to own her sexuality and not be afraid of "having sex like a man". However, she somehow takes a subject that should be interesting and juicy and makes it dull and lifeless. This was easily the most boring thing I have read. a coveted spot formerly reserved for Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Those promoting ab [...]

    5. There have been lots of great reviews for this book so go read some of the 4 and 5 star ones of the reviews for 3 stars and below really miss the point of this book, they're either looking for a porn style tittilation, an erotic 'story', or literature (with no knowledge of either erotica or porn) this provides neither. I wouldn't even call it a memoir, more an exploration into why and how Ms Millet explores her sexuality through her numerous erotic encounters, and how her mind and body are affec [...]

    6. “Millet’s sexual memoirtually succeeded in taking the sexy out of sex, surely her greatest obscenity,” writes one reviewer of The Sex Life of Catherine M. Mario Vargas Llosa described the book as a “carnal gymnasium, devoid of any sentiment or emotion.” Even Jean Baudrillard chaffed at Millet’s exposure: “If one lifts one’s skirt, it is to show one’s self, not to show oneself naked like truth.” Written with the precise eye of an art critic, the book is a fantastically detaile [...]

    7. Catherine M is sexless (at least towards men), as cold and clinical as a mortician. Fuck that! She has no passion, no fire, no desire even. She just does--in every imaginable way, which isn't shocking, just curiously boring and unexciting. The only scene that showed a peep of desire was, no surprise, when she was with a woman, which makes it clear she can fuck men (and many at one time) to her heart's content with no strings attached because she doesn't give a damn for guys. If she'd only explor [...]

    8. I loooved this book, it's sexually explicit, but ultimately more of a philosophy-of-sex book than straight erotica. The sex acts described are daring but dryly written in most cases, not necessarily meant to titillate, but to provoke thought, written by this highly intelligent French art historian woman.

    9. À la lecture de ce qui s'apparente vraiment à une "tentative d'épuisement de la sexualité", je me suis sentie tour à tour : impressionnée, envieuse, curieuse, voyeuse, amoindrie, puritaine, déprimée, incrédule, impatiente, insensible, excitée, étrangère, vieille Catherine Millet a ce don méticuleux d'observer et de décrire froidement. On assiste à la sexualité d'une femme qui s'en empare comme un homme. Ce récit va me hanter quelque temps.

    10. Frank, dirty, forthright. I celebrated every disgusting detail she shared. There were so many things she's "into" that I'm not (ex. gang bangs) but I *recognized* her as a sexual being and woman and could relate to her motivations and casual attitude towards immersing herself in sex while successfully maintaining a career. While I'm not personally a big fan of dirty assholes, I totally GET how they turn HER on. Fantastic stuff. I don't know if the translation adds to the matter-of-fact tone or i [...]

    11. Contrary to many others, I really enjoyed this. Did not find it dull at all. A satisfying challenge to the idea that women only want sex with love. Also a great exercise in fantasy without prudishness or restraint. A freedom of thought and expression I envy. And I did find it filthy. Shows sex can be enjoyed from many different perspectives. She does not expect us to do what she does but says she does what she does and wants us to accept it. Huge complexity of character when reading between the [...]

    12. There's no doubt that this is a bold treatise on sex beyond piffling morality and should be applauded as such. But by the time the writer tells us (on page 202), 'But fucking can be boring too,' it is too late. This reader had already come to the same opinion long, long before.

    13. I'm not being a moralist here, the book was (for me) simply a terribly boring one. Narrated without any emotion, if feels like one is reading about a sexual life of a robot, and not like one of those complex robots described by Asimov, more like an autobiography of a machine without emotions. I don't think that extreme promiscuity (who does?) is a great thing, but that is not what put me away from this book. Honestly, I wasn't shocked, I was bored. The writing isn't any good, I think that's all [...]

    14. I suppose this was supposed to be propaganda for a lifestyle of casual sex with whoever comes your way. God knows I'm open-minded, but I don't think I've ever been so turned off by a naughty book. She seems completely checked out of all the fucking she's doing, often narrating from a distance as she's getting stuffed full of cock. If she think it's this wonderful, liberating thing she's discovered, she certainly isn't selling it very well. I winced and made my 'yuck' face through the whole thing [...]

    15. I can think of no other book so smartly written and probing of the human sexual condition than The Sexual Life of Catherine M. The author of this personal memoir, Catherine Millet, sought throughout her adult life to become indifferent to her every orifice in ways most of us would find entirely unacceptable behavior for a woman of her standing and intelligence. The fact that she is a respected art critic who publishes a high brow art publication lends credence for me to everything she has to say [...]

    16. WARNING! IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW TOO MUCH ABOUT ME AND A MEAN TOO TOO MUCH, DON'T READ. IF YOU GET OFFENDED, WELL, I WARNED YOU SO TOO BAD.As always with a book that can be controversial with those I surround myself with, this is book stands alone in its "No one but me should read" Status. Catherine Millet is a beautiful author, gifted with the ability to be frank about the most excruciating of topics: sex. And not just sex, but lots of sex and lots of sexual activities (things that if my moth [...]

    17. Modern art critic Catherine M. here details her sexual life, both in acts and in thought, from childhood to marriage in a way which provokes more thought than titillation. I can understand the frustrations of people who have read this book and found it tedious in the extreme, however coming from a background of studying sociology and focusing especially on the sexual, I found it fascinating. Catherine's level of detachment allows for a more nuanced appraisal of her own sexual experiences, bringi [...]

    18. Acheté chez un bouquiniste à Bruxelles, édition France Loisirs laide. Je n'ai pas compris. L'écriture est telle que j'ai eu l'impression d'une passivité totale de la part de l'auteure. Il arrive des choses à cette Catherine, beaucoup de pénis se mettent dans son vagin/sa bouche mais on ne comprend pas pourquoi.

    19. I really liked this book, though I understand why people who picked it up expecting erotica of the Anais Nin sort, or people who expected the kind of self-involved confessional that often takes place in memoirs published in the US, would not have liked it. Millet writes about her very outsized sex life with a detachment that makes it sound like she is writing about someone else, reporting some kind of clinical research. I also found this detachment off-putting at first, but the more I read, the [...]

    20. "(dirty words) need less reciprocation than caresses do (and are) always more stereotyped, and perhaps some of their power derives from the very fact that they belong to the most immutable inheritance. So, in the end, even words--which should help to distinguish us from each other--serve to fuse us all together and to accelerate the annihilation of the senses that we are all trying to achieve in these moments." -page 33A thoughtful insight in a book that, so far, has been a stunningly fulsome li [...]

    21. In the beginning, I found it highly amusing that Catherine Millet spoke so candidly about very detailed, raunchy sexual escapades while still maintaining a very proper voice. In fact, when I began the story, I read it next next to a man who had his own book to read. Heavily into war and politics, his reading material was something about the situation of world affairs, but every time I looked over, I noticed that his eyes were on the pages of my book! It was unfortunate that Millet's voice so qui [...]

    22. I needed to read something interesting and fluffy enough to read that could hold my interest while I'm back stage in the dressing room waiting for my cue to enter and throw up fake vomit on stage. So far, so good. This book can definitely underscore the screaming of obscenities and feigned sexual acts on stage. I like talking about sex. I like thinking about sex. I thought I was fairly free and adventurous when it came to sex. This book proved me wrong. I'm small potatoes. Little bitty potatoes. [...]

    23. I was hoping this book would provide psychological insight into Catherine's extreme and masochistic sexual urges. I am usually fascinated by anything completely opposite my own experiences. What I got instead was a repetitive, dry, somewhat vulgar account of her endless sexual escapades, with little to no reason or thought behind them. She writes about herself and her partners in a detached voice. This book was not groundbreaking, as the back cover states, or informative. This book was a misguid [...]

    24. original review, based on reading it in french: It was only readable because it was in french. It was boring; about a woman who has no ownership over her body, lots of sex, rather depressing.

    25. Uh, yeah I wouldn't read this one on the train. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Never has so much sex been so un-sexy.

    26. I'm on the fence with this one. It's not erotica, more like "Confessions of a Sex Addict." It's odd, I just read a (bit trashy) novel about sex addicts. It's seems to be more of an affliction than a pursuit of pleasure. Other readers either loved or hated this book. I played it safe with 3 stars

    27. Oh this is remarkably boring. It's not erotica (like reading Anais Nin) and it's not educational so what's left. Apparently an autobiographical account of a person's (hyper) active sexual life. Fair enough, that sound interesting because what better way than to have a first hand account of what that's like.Millet is frank and blunt about her exploits. There's a freshness to that because we don't need a moral compass tarnishing our interpretation of her accounts. But, and a big but, is the overal [...]

    28. The five stars are for the title. I wish I'd thought of that. One also has to admire her honesty. I liked the bits where she recounted her fantasies - how I laughed.The title specifically describes the content as her "sex life". One should not therefore expect anything else from this.Forget not that she is elderly now, and the events she describes wouldn't be crammed that close together in time. One suspects that her detachment reflects the fact that she is now someone else - maybe the fire is o [...]

    29. Huh. I don't know that I have much to compare this book toI don't usually read memoirs of a life spent having group sex combined with contemporary art criticism. On the one hand, Millet failed to convince me that she has a healthy amount of self-esteem. On the other hand, who does, and who am I to judge? So, despite being skeeved out by some of the more graphic images (what a t-shirt that would makeis is your snatch after twenty guys who didn't use condomsYUCK), she held my attention with some o [...]

    30. Fascinating insight into female sexuality, explored through the remembrances of a somewhat atypical intellectual's own experiences.The book lurches from one chronology to another, harking backwards and forwards to other parts of it's brisk 200 odd pages, but despite the lack of form, and the detachment with which the author details her sexual history - though erotic, this is not erotica - this is one of the most frank, open exposures of a personality you may ever read. Highly recommended - thoug [...]

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