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Graceling Hay gente en estas tierras que tiene poderes extraordinarios a los que llamamos gracias Una gracia puede tener un valor infinito o puede ser totalmente in til Una gracia puede hacer que alguien sea ve

  • Title: Graceling
  • Author: Kristin Cashore Mila López
  • ISBN: 9788492429813
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hay gente en estas tierras que tiene poderes extraordinarios a los que llamamos gracias Una gracia puede tener un valor infinito o puede ser totalmente in til Una gracia puede hacer que alguien sea veloz como el viento, o que sea capaz de predecir el tiempo, mientras que otras s lo har n que hables al rev s sin pensar o te subas a los rboles Mi nombre es Katsa Soy unHay gente en estas tierras que tiene poderes extraordinarios a los que llamamos gracias Una gracia puede tener un valor infinito o puede ser totalmente in til Una gracia puede hacer que alguien sea veloz como el viento, o que sea capaz de predecir el tiempo, mientras que otras s lo har n que hables al rev s sin pensar o te subas a los rboles Mi nombre es Katsa Soy un instrumento que mi Rey utiliza para castigar a sus enemigos Mi gracia es matar.

    Graceling by Kristin Cashore Graceling has a beautiful cover, great premise, and lots of hype, and would be a terrific novel if it weren t for the writing and atrocious main character. Graceling Graceling is a young adult fantasy novel written by American author Kristin Cashore, her literary debut. The book earned a place on the Publishers Weekly Best Books of the Year for and received generally favorable reviews It was followed by a companion book entitled Fire.A sequel, Bitterblue, which takes place eight years after the events in Graceling, was published on May , , by Graceling Kristin Cashore Books Discover the Graceling Realm in this unforgettable, award winning novel from bestselling author Kristin Cashore A New York Times bestseller ALA Best Book for Young Adults Graceling Realm Series by Kristin Cashore Books Eight years after Graceling, Bitterblue is queen of a kingdom that was under the spell of a madman for thirty five years At eighteen, Bitterblue is still learning how to rule the kingdom The influence of Leck a violent psychopath with mind altering abilities lives on. Graceling Graceling Realm Series by Kristin Cashore Kristin Cashore s best selling, award winning fantasy Graceling tells the story of the vulnerable yet strong Katsa, a smart, beautiful teenager who lives in a world where selected people are given a Grace, a special talent that can be anything from dancing to swimming Katsa s is killing As the Graceling Graceling centers around a young woman who lives in a world where select people born with an extreme skill called a Grace are feared and exploited. Graceling by Kristin Cashore Main Harcourt Kristin Cashore has written for The Horn Book Guide, The Looking Glass An Online Children s Literature Journal, and Children s Literature in Education.She received a master s degree in children s literature from Simmons College Graceling is Ms.Cashore s first novel She lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Graceling Book Review Common Sense Media Satisfying but violent fantasy debut for teens Read Common Sense Media s Graceling review, age rating, and parents guide. Katsa Graceling Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Katsa is the main protagonist of Graceling. Her uncle is King Randa of the Middluns, and her cousin and good friend is Prince Raffin. She has one blue eye and one green eye and dark hair She is initially believed to be Graced with killing Her real grace is survival as Graceling Realm Series by Kristin Cashore also known as The Seven Kingdoms erroneous German Die sieben Knigreiche Spanish Los Siete Reinos Portuguese A Saga dos Sete Reinos Frenc

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        So, here s the short tale of me I grew up in the countryside of northeastern Pennsylvania in a village with cows and barns and beautiful views from the top of the hill and all that good stuff I lived in a rickety old house with my parents, three sisters, and a scattering of cats, and I READ READ READ READ READ I read while brushing my teeth, I read while chopping parsley, the first thing I reached for when I woke up in the morning was my book the only two places I didn t read were in the car and in bed What did I do then The one thing I liked even than reading I daydreamed.And so, without knowing it, I was planting the seeds Reading and daydreaming perfect preparation for writing.At 18 I went off to college thank you, Williams College, for the financial aid that made this possible and it almost killed me College is hard, man, and the Berkshires are cloudy A phenomenal year studying abroad in sunny Sydney revived me After college I developed a compulsive moving problem New York City, Boston, Cambridge, Austin, Pennsylvania, Italy, and even a short stint in London, where my showerhead hung from the cutest little stand that was exactly like the cradle of an old fashioned telephone The best phone calls are the pretend phone calls made from your telephone tub.During my stint in Boston, I got an M.A at the Center for the Study of Children s Literature at Simmons College Thank you, Simmons, for the scholarship that made this possible Grad school almost killed me, but I felt a lot alive than when I was almost being killed in college The Simmons program is stupendous It got me thinking and breathing YA books It got me writing.Am I getting boring Since Simmons, I haven t stopped writing, not once I ve developed a compulsive writing problem that makes my moving problem look like a charming personality quirk I can t stop But it s okay, because I don t want to stop I ve been writing full time well, than full time, really for about 4 years now, first doing educational writing for the K 6 market and now working on my novels It s a dream job, which is another way of saying that when I shop for work clothes, I go straight to the pajamas section.Should I say a little bit about what I m like I m fiercely independent I am sometimes a hermit, but never for very long I am in search of the perfect cat I m a recovering Catholic I meditate, and when I do, Prince Harry appears in my subconscious and meditates with me It s a little strange but I don t think there s anything I can do about it Sometimes he s not the only one the other day it was me, Prince Harry, the Dalai Lama, Mr Rogers, Coco the gorilla, and George Clooney We were all floating above the earth looking down at the continents as they passed George Clooney suggested I visit Providence, Rhode Island The Dalai Lama sighed deeply and said he d really like to visit Tibet.Poor Dalai Lama.I recently moved from Jacksonville, Florida, to Cambridge, Massachusetts, trading the St Johns River for the Charles River and pelicans for geese As a native northerner, it s nice to be back in the land of four seasons I feel as if I ve come home o And that s my story.


    1. I wanted so badly to like this book. It has so much going for it. It is original and inventive. I never once caught myself thinking, "Now, where did I read that before? Oh, right, in the last three books!" The idea of the graced, their skills and their mismatched eyes; of the seven kingdoms; of the characters themselves. All of them were uniquely Cashore's own. Her prose was clear and lucid, though there were passages that dragged and made me want to skip ahead. So, pacing was occasionally a pro [...]

    2. Graceling by Kristin Cashore follows in a burgeoning market for strong female characters.Katsa is much like Katniss from The Hunger Games in her naive perception of the world, her coldness and tendency towards pragmatic practicality. She is similar to Xhex from the Black Dagger Brotherhood in her disgust of all things "feminine". The story is well written, with engaging, fun characters. Katsa is fun to read about. The plot may be a little predictable at times but it did throw me a curve ball tow [...]

    3. Graceling has a beautiful cover, great premise, and lots of hype, and would be a terrific novel if it weren’t for the terrible writing and atrocious main character. What is with the awkward sentence structures and prose in this book? "In these dungeons the darkess was complete, but Katsa had a map in her mind." It should be "In these dungeons, the darkness was complete, but Katsa had a map in her mind." And look at the next sentence: "One that had so far proven to be correct, as Oll's maps ten [...]

    4. First thing I need to point out is that I consider myself a feminist, even as far as to take an active role is such matters. Previously, I have written articles on Feministing and I honestly think so many of these issues are still very important in today's world. However you look at it, the battle for equality has not been won and has, in fact, become rather dormant.On that note, I love reading fiction by feminist writers, Atwood never fails to deliver and The Handmaid's Tale is one of my favour [...]

    5. it is so hard to write reviews for books i actually like. no, love.talking about this book is like trying to describe to someone a relationship from long ago that was bittersweet and is now over, but i have never had a relationship that involved so many horses and swordplay, not even metaphorically. and fewer people care about my love life than about this book. (i see you ariel - you are glowering at me with tiny slitted eyes)but this book is like a wonderfully sweet relationship. at the beginni [...]

    6. Updated 04/01/14: I happen to like books which feature kick-ass feminist heroines and are light on the romance so I should like this book, right? Yeah, but I don't. First of all, Katsa acts like a petulant little girl throughout the entire book, not some strong feminist poster woman. Katsa shows very little, if any, personal growth over the course of this novel. Also, I felt like the author spent too much time trying to sell us on the following ideas: femininity is an idea forced upon women by t [...]

    7. What I think about when I hear the namePo:- Po the Panda - Po from Telletubbies- A crazy guy (like Edgar Allen Poe)- PooKatsa:- Ketchup- Mutant KatnissRor:- Roar! I'm a T-Rex!Tealiff:- Tea LeafSkye:- Skype- A modern name, which you will NOT find in a medieval place.King Randa:- Ranting + Panda. King Ranting Panda!Drowden:- Drowsy- DrowningThigpen- Pig pen- Thinking penLeck- Lick- Peck- Neck- Smack- Some other variationLienid:- An insult. ("Hey, you Lienid!")By the way, Po's real name is Greening [...]

    8. Okay, so this was a re-read on audio and I thought it was really cool with the multiple narrators and music and stuff. But sometimes one of the voices rubbed me the wrong way and the music went from fantasy to what sounded like western music. Lol. Maybe it was just me! I still loved the book though =) I am in love with Katsa! She is an awesome inspiration for women warriors in a book. She kicks arse and takes names. I love the fact that she doesn't care anything about marriage or having kids. Sh [...]

    9. Update 1/24/2012. I probably should already stop being surprised by the fact that every time I reread a book, I come up with something new to say (or feel) about it. Looks like my previous reading of Graceling caused a lengthy rant. Yeah, no such strong feelings this time. This time, I was able to appreciate the writing more. It's lovely. I really love how it flows, how the sentences connect. This book stands the test of time. And it's great that it stirs so much discussion and, often, outrage. [...]

    10. 4 StarsOverview: “When a monster stopped behaving like a monster, did it stop being a monster? Did it become something else?” I honestly didn’t know anything about this, but I'd seen it around and finally it was recommended enough. I was really surprised by the depth of this story and the characters. The story revolves around Katsa, who lives in a world where people can be born with a ‘Grace.’ Meaning, aside from two-different eye colors, they have an exceptional skill. Katsa’s grace [...]

    11. Loved it. Except for the raging feminist agendaTE: Since these two brief, flippant sentences have gotten so many trolls over the years, I'll just add that I support the book's feminist ideals 100%. What I do not like is the way we're hammered over the head with the message. (The "raging" part, if you will.) It's inelegant, tiresome soapboxing that managed to annoy someone who actually agrees with the principles, so I don't know how it's going to persuade anyone who does not. Katsa's views also e [...]

    12. 2.5 stars. Soooo I thought this was some kind of Hunger Games-type dystopian story about a girl who could kill with her touch for some reason and put off reading it because I wasn't huge on Shatter Me. BUT then this turned out to be full of castles and princes and everything I love so that was a fun surprise!I'm extremely neutral about this book, though. There were a few elements I liked (mostly the castles and princes), but the worldbuilding was weak and the writing itself was really dull. I di [...]

    13. [This is a review of an advance copy.:]While Cashore shows herself to be a promising writer in many respects, this book could have used a better editing job, especially with the pacing, the climax and the dénouement. Other points:1. The dialogue she put in the ten-year-old princess's mouth was not believable in the slightest; maybe Cashore should spend some time around pre-adolescent girls to get an idea of what they really talk like.2. The psychology of several of the characters (including Kat [...]

    14. Gah sooo good!Okay, I read some of the other reviews and now I feel the need to defend this book. Basically, I think it's completely hilarious how many people are shocked and appalled that 1) there is sex in this book, and 2) the heroine does not desire to get married or have children. Guess what? Young adults *do* have sex. And the idea that it's not love if you don't want to marry them, or that you shouldn't have sex until you're married is why all the poor children in your congregation are ma [...]

    15. 2.5 stars. This started off really well and I was actually enjoying it, but around page 230 I started to drift away from the plot and (view spoiler)[Po's sudden love confession for Katsa (hide spoiler)] really annoyed me because I did not like their romantic relationship. The plot started to bore me and I suddenly disliked Katsa's character after page 230 or somewhere around that. ◆I love love LOVED Katsa's character in the beginning. She's graced with the power to fight and kill unlike any hu [...]

    16. This was pretty much one of the most irritating books of all time - and consistent with my idea of YA fantasy. But I fought my way through it because, goshdarnit, I picked it up at the library, dragged it home with a load of other books and groceries, and renewed it the max number of times - I was gonna finish it.You know the kickbutt heroine who is just totally kickbutt and doesn't need no one, no way, no how, and yet loves and feels and hurts deeply and yet keeps everyone away because she is b [...]

    17. WrensReads Review:If you know anything about me, you’ll know that Shannon Hale and Gail Carson Levine are two authors that have dreamed up books that made a handprint on my childhood. They are lively and they are uplifting and they shine girls in a light that the media and history turn a blind eye to.Well, now I am going to add Kristin Cashmore to that list.She writes exactly like those two ladies mentioned about, but for a slightly older age group. She grasps the fairytale feel by the hand an [...]

    18. Wow. I loved this. The world is interesting and well-built, the writing is excellent, the story is good, and the characters are strong. I loved Katsa and Po, Raffin and Bitterblue. I loved how Katsa and Po's relationship developed slowly and in a realistic way. No insta-love! A great, layered heroine! A new kind of fantasy world that I want to learn more about! The first 1/4 I wasn't so sure, but then I got totally into it, and I totally loved it. This is how you do YA fantasy romance. It's not [...]

    19. Let's get this done. My dinner is getting cold, and I have dreams to crush. Ready? Andiamo!BOOM #1: KatsaWhile I love the author's intent for empowerment with Katsa, she was a bit too much of a special snowflake for me. I will forever fist-pump to her unstoppable strength as a warrior, a woman and a person, but at the end of the day she was highly unrealistic and too much of a caricature for me. She's kind of a double edged-sword in terms of her feminist appeal, too. Instead of helping the women [...]

    20. My teenage daughter brought this home from the library and didn't get to it soon enough, so I swiped it from her and read it in one day. It was a fun read for the most part and certainly kept my attention; I found myself making excuses to my visiting relatives in the evening so I could hole up in my bedroom and finish this novel in peace (in my defense, it was 11:30 pm and they'd been talking my ears off for two hours). That said, I have some qualms about recommending this book.A lot has been sa [...]

    21. Review Update: 9/9/11I am going to do something I don't do when it comes to reviewing/rating books. I have thought about this book a lot, and the fact that I really disagreed with the message about women, what empowers women, how they show that they are 'strong' and 'independent' women. I am going to downgrade my rating because I felt like the message in this book was too blatant and leading. It feels manipulative to me, and that's an issue I can't get past. Ultimately an author has a choice of [...]

    22. I really enjoyed the history and mainly the amazing kingdom that the writer has created .I know that many will believe it is something unfair my punctuation and I respect that because this series has a lot of fans, but I have not felt comfortable with the idea of putting more because I liked but I haven't loved as I thought it would“I'm not going to wear a red dress," she said."It would look stunning, My Lady," she called.She spoke to the bubbles gathered on the surface of the water. "If there [...]

    23. Hm. The hardest thing about this book is that it COULD HAVE BEEN SO GOOD. I started out loving everything about it and ready to recommend it to everyone. But then it started reading like a feminist/anti-marriage/anti-kids campaign platform (okay - that might be a little much, but you started to feel that the author had an agenda). It was just really disappointing, because I loved the characters so much. Oh well. Also - even though it's considered a YA novel, there is sex in it. Pretty disappoint [...]

    24. Excerpt: “And now I’m wondering,” he said, “how it is you don’t realize your eyes ensnare me, just as mine do you. I can’t explain it, Katsa, but you shouldn’t let it embarrass you. For we’re both overtaken by the same—--foolishness.”[image error]That’s Katsa’s eyes. Kidding. But that quite explain the eyes of a Graceling, just imagine it 10 times fantabuluos.A Graceling is a person with Graced. Being Graced is like having an exceptional talent. But it does not only refer [...]

    25. DNF.This book was not for me. It has a very pretty cover and an interesting premise, but sadly, that is where my admiration for it ends. I really hated this author's writing style. The sentence structure and dialogue felt very juvenile to me -- at one point I checked to see if it was actually a children's book instead of YA. The writing style bothered me the most when it came to scenes involving fighting. The descriptions of the characters' actions were very clumsily written, and I had a hard ti [...]

    26. Yay!!! This was just what I wanted. This was like a cone of shaved ice on a hot day by the pool listening to a mix of one hit wonders. Yay!! I feel like I didn’t realize it, but one of my goals for vacation was to stay up till three in the morning with a fun adventure, and this was just the thing. 3 a.m. read: check!There is such a deluge of young, energetic girl writers, writing women who struggle with their stoicism and strength and have supportive, emotional male counterparts, and I absolut [...]

    27. Onvan : Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1) - Nevisande : Kristin Cashore - ISBN : 015206396X - ISBN13 : 9780152063962 - Dar 471 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2008

    28. This was a very pleasant read. I love when a book has a strong female protagonist. The characters had depth and all left an unforgettable impressions in both my mind and heart. I've already move unto book two Fire which I there say is reading even better.Actual Ratings: 4.5

    29. I LOVED this book; fast-paced, strong heroine, engaging love interest, character delivered through action. Loved Katsa's voice. Can't wait for the sequel.

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