Drowned Hopes

Drowned Hopes

Donald E. Westlake / Dec 06, 2019

Drowned Hopes Bumbling comic criminal John Dortmunder is in hot water as he tries to keep a nasty old man from blowing up a dam to unearth Dortmunder must devise a safer scheme to get the loot before the ol

  • Title: Drowned Hopes
  • Author: Donald E. Westlake
  • ISBN: 9780446400060
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Bumbling comic criminal John Dortmunder is in hot water as he tries to keep a nasty old man from blowing up a dam to unearth 750,000 Dortmunder must devise a safer scheme to get the loot before the old coot s trigger finger gets too itchy Entertainment of the highest order San Diego Tribune.

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        Donald E Westlake 1933 2008 was one of the most prolific and talented authors of American crime fiction He began his career in the late 1950 s, churning out novels for pulp houses often writing as many as four novels a year under various pseudonyms such as Richard Stark but soon began publishing under his own name His most well known characters were John Dortmunder, an unlucky thief, and a ruthless criminal named Parker His writing earned him three Edgar Awards the 1968 Best Novel award for God Save the Mark the 1990 Best Short Story award for Too Many Crooks and the 1991 Best Motion Picture Screenplay award for The Grifters In addition, Westlake also earned a Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America in 1993 Westlake s cinematic prose and brisk dialogue made his novels attractive to Hollywood, and several motion pictures were made from his books, with stars such as Lee Marvin and Mel Gibson Westlake wrote several screenplays himself, receiving an Academy Award nomination for his adaptation of The Grifters, Jim Thompson s noir classic.


    1. For a series of criminal capers, Westlake’s Dortmunder novels unspool at their own comfortable pace. Readers just sit back and let the whole thing unravel in front of them. The same amusing characters – Andy Kelp, Stan Murch, et al – appear again and again, and it’s like being with friends (shady, criminal and sometimes incompetent friends, but friends nevertheless). That’s not to say that these books lack dramatic tension or suspense, as Westlake will happily take his readers to a poi [...]

    2. Apparently there is a whole series of "Dortmunder" books and this isn't the first. It's a mildly amusing crime caper novel, in which Dortmunder is the brains (allegedly) for the underwater salvage of a recently released psycho's spoils from an armed robbery. It would have been a lot better, though, if not for the computer geek and his computer. The book was published in 1990 and the PC was still pretty new-fangled (the first time I used one was only the year before). The computer geek as comedic [...]

    3. I read this book many years ago at the recommendation of a friend. It was my first Dortmunder novel- and the funniest one yet. I just remember that the characters were all well-drawn, each with their own quirks. It was my introduction to 'Murch's mom', an ace driver, as well as the rest of the unlucky gang. I highly recommend it!

    4. For some reason, it is becoming incredibly hard to find Dortmunder novels in this City. To satisfy my Dortmunder jones, I was forced to borrow this volume, which I had read many years ago, from work. No matter: with Westlake's intricate plotting, and the gang's brilliant malaproprisms and general maladroitness, it was as fresh to me as if I had never read it before. I had even forgotten that herein it is revealed that Murch's Mom, um, rejoices (?) in the name of Gladys.While reading this book, I [...]

    5. Très bonne découverte ! Les personnages sont attachants et drôles malgré eux ! J'ai suivi leurs aventures avec beaucoup d'intérêt.

    6. Cette histoire rocambolesque avec ses personnages hauts en couleur est pleine d'humour et de rebondissements. Pourtant je n'ai pas été super emballée, je n'ai pas été entraînée dans cette folle histoire mais j'ai quand même passé un bon moment, j'ai surtout eu un coup de cœur pour la façon dont tous les personnages entrent dans l'histoire et leur personnalité bien particulière.

    7. This is probably my all-time favorite Donald E. Westlake book. So cleverly done, such great humor. How sad that he's no longer with us!

    8. This was my introduction to Donald Westlake and there are things I really like. He is funny and plays with language. John Archibald Dortmunder is an anti-hero, a small time criminal who literally struggles to keep his head above water in this tale. His old cellmate, Tom Jimson, shows up unannounced at Dortmunder's home with a proposal for a caper that John just can't stomach. Many years ago, Tom heisted $700,000 that he stashed behind the library in a small town in upstate New York. He did some [...]

    9. Truly great Dortmunder caper where he is invited to help an old cellmate who happens to be a terrifying sociopath recover stolen money from the bottom of a reservoir. It's not really Dortmunder's thing, but seeing as if he doesn't the old cell-mate intends to resort to dynamite and flood a valley full of unsuspecting citizens, he feels obliged to make the effort. There follows a series of attempts to get down to the money and to get the money up. None of them go smoothly. Complications accrue an [...]

    10. This may be my favorite of the Dortmunder novels (that I've read). Which is funny because while they all share the pessimistic worldview of Dortmunder himself, this was the first one where Westlake's side narratives painted a truly dark and misanthropic, if humorously done, picture of the world. Maybe because the antagonist of this book is so much darker then the ones in the other D. novels I've read? So, anyway, that tonal switch interested me. I also favor this book because it had a three para [...]

    11. A guy gets out of prison, and he goes to get the loot where he buried it. Unfortunately, he's been gone quite awhile. A dam has been built and the water for a whole town is on top of it now. In order to get to it, he just may have to drown the whole town.The protagonist is the guy he goes to see about it. Our protagonist, of course, is not a big-time hoodlum with a heart of flint. Westlake doesn't write that way. No, our guy is callous, certainly; selfish, no doubt. But he does not have anywhere [...]

    12. In which Dortmunder must figure out how to retrieve money buried at the bottom of a lake. My pet peeve about the Dortmunder series has been that the lighter tone of these books (compared to, say, oh, I don't know, the Parker novels?) tempts Westlake sometimes to take the easy, sophomoric route (e.g fart jokes). This time out, plot and execution are strong (the first major underwater scene, in particular, is brilliantly claustrophobic), and the proceedings stay mature . . . but Westlake cannot re [...]

    13. L'histoire est folle mais rigolote, le ton est parfait mais il y a quelques (pas mal) de longueurs tout au long du livre qui m'ont déplues. Je reste donc mitigée mais c'est plutôt positive car la fin est marrante !

    14. This is only the second book I have read featuring Dortmunder and it certainly made me want to read more. At 550 pages it's a long story with more than a few twists and turns but with a satisfying ending. It's over the top but makes you smile even though there is some violence and people do die.

    15. All the books in the Dortmunder series are wonderful, but this is probably the funniest. With his stuff, I read it, get to the last line and so know the story, and then I go right back to page l and read through again to enjoy all the subtle bits.

    16. If you've read enough of the Dortmunder novels and have a feel for the characters, it makes this book extra funny. It is one of my most laughed out loud during reading books ever!

    17. Now this is good Dortmunder! It's been years since I read this one, but I remember it as delightfully funny. It has one of the best comic crime caper set-ups that I've read.

    18. This is the first Dortmunder I ever read, and it has grown on me with a second reading. One of my favorite Westlake novels.

    19. This is the longest Dortmunder novel coming in at 422 pages in the 1990 Mysterious Press edition. In The Hot Rock length is achieved by having the team perform multiple jobs to cope with a cascading series of problems. Each new caper is tightly defined and once the initial disbelief is overcome, just as tightly planned and executed. In Drowned Hopes the book also gains its length from multiple capers, but this time it is the same one over and over again. Sounds boring, right? But it’s not.The [...]

    20. (This was a "shared read" with Donald-- my first time reading a Westlake novel. Donald had listened to a couple audiobook versions of other "Dortmunder" novels, so we chose this based on those experiences. As always, a shared read means no nit-picking witty, insightful, and detailed reactions.)We laughed a lot during the reading. That's a good sign in a comedic "crime caper" novel. I could easily imaging this book being turned into a film. (And that's a compliment, in this case.)I think we both [...]

    21. You roll aside the two giant boulders and the tree trunk. You find the entrance to a cave, covered by a furry hide curtain. You thrust this aside and see before you the lair of the Thousand-Toothed Ogre.Wally Knurr wiped sweat from his brow. Careful, now; this could be a trap. Fat fingers tense over the keyboard, he spat out:Describe this lair.A forty-foot cube with a domed ceiling. The rock walls have been fused into black ice by the molten breath of the Nether Dragon. On fur-covered couches lo [...]

    22. I'm a big fan of Donald E. Westlake but this is my first Dortmunder novel, if I read more in the series it will be in spite of this novel not because of it. I had a very difficult time getting into this novel. During the first third of it I struggled to stay interested, nearly putting it down unfinished several times, which is extremely unusual for me. The plot just seemed to come to a standstill off and on throughout the book. I don't mean the action stopped, I mean the story itself got sidetra [...]

    23. While I enjoyed reading this Dortmunder outing, it was not the best one I've read. Yes, it was full of many fun scenes, and lots of quick, funny dialogue, but it just wasn't as great as some of the other episodes. I think Tom Jimson is the culprit here. He's the catalyst for the story, an old cellmate of Dortmunder's, and to frank about it, he's terrible. He's violent, crude, self-serving, in the most despicable way. There is nothing sympathetic about him at all, and so from the get-go, all you [...]

    24. Dortmunder retrouve son ancien compagnon de cellule, Tom, venu jusqu'à lui pour lui proposer de l'aider à déterrer un magot caché avant son incarcération, des années auparavant. Problème ? Un barrage a été construit depuis, et le magot est maintenant en dessous de 20m d'eau. Tom a une idée bien trop radicale au goût de Dortmunder, pour récupérer l'argent. Ce dernier se donne pour mission de trouver LA solution qui permettra de s'enrichir sans laisser Tom tuer des centaines de person [...]

    25. This is a strange one. I usually find Westlake readable and amusing - his capers are well set-up and the story ticks along nicely. This is weirdly out of time - I cannot find a publication date earlier than 2007 & it is apparently supposed to be present day yet the villain is a 70 year old man who was a teenager in the early 1930s; computers are a novelty and a source of distrust or fear - but the computer used by 1 of the main characters is rather more advanced than is likely in the early 1 [...]

    26. I was put on to Westlake by a Bill Kristol eulogy in the Weekly Standard magazine in early 2009. He wrote admiringly of Westlake's comic caper hero the "ingenious-but-cursed-by-the-gods master thief" John Dortmunder. I suppose I enjoyed the read enough. The tone was definitely light hearted and the characters were funny and likeable and believable. The story moved a little too slowly for me I think (it took me over two weeks as my only read to spend enough time to finish it up). It's a style I a [...]

    27. This is one of the Dortmunder series of crime capers-- lots of wit and hilarious situations with your friendly neighborhood crooks. My favorite scene is Dortmunder at Mt Rushmore trying to recover a stash of stolen money inside Lincoln's nose-- it's very dusty, he can't stop sneezing. Another favorite scene: Tiny: "Dortmunder, this whole thing is a mess".Dortmunder: "I didn't expect anything less."Westlake also writes under the name of Richard Stark. Those books are also crime novels, but very h [...]

    28. This entry into the Dortmunder series features an even more involved and convoluted plot than usual. It tends to sputter and lag for brief moments but on the whole it's an enjoyable caper. A particularly nasty fellow from Dortmunder's past robbed an armored car and buried the money in upstate New York. In the interval that he spent in prison, a dam and reservoir put the money under forty feet of water. He needs Dortmunder's help to recover it. None of his increasingly wild schemes succeed, but t [...]

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