The Warrior's Princess

The Warrior's Princess

Barbara Erskine / Jul 18, 2019

The Warrior s Princess Her fateful life would echo through time When Jess is attacked by someone she once trusted she flees to her sister s house in the Welsh borders to recuperate But she is disturbed by the cries of a my

  • Title: The Warrior's Princess
  • Author: Barbara Erskine
  • ISBN: 9780007174294
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Her fateful life would echo through time.When Jess is attacked by someone she once trusted, she flees to her sister s house in the Welsh borders to recuperate But she is disturbed by the cries of a mysterious child.Two thousand years before, the same valley is the site of a great battle between Caratacus, king of the British tribes, and the invanding Romans The proud kinHer fateful life would echo through time.When Jess is attacked by someone she once trusted, she flees to her sister s house in the Welsh borders to recuperate But she is disturbed by the cries of a mysterious child.Two thousand years before, the same valley is the site of a great battle between Caratacus, king of the British tribes, and the invanding Romans The proud king is captured and taken as a prisioner to Rome with his wife and daughter, the princess Eigon.Jess is powerfully drawn to investigate Eigon s story, and is compelled to go to Rome herself There lie the elements that will reveal Eigon s astonishing life and which threaten to reawaken Jess s own tormentor

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        An historian by training, Barbara Erskine is the author of six bestselling novels that demonstrate her interest in both history and the supernatural, plus two collections of short stories Her books have appeared in at least twenty different languages She lives with her family in an ancient manor house near Colchester, and in a cottage near Hay on Wye.


    1. I've approached writing my first Barbara Erskine review with caution. The fact is, no matter what the other reviews will have you believe, this book is not Lady of Hay. However, it is one bloody awesome novel and because of that, does not deserve the comparison. It is true that since House of Echoes, Erskine's work has developed into a historical ghost story of sorts. However, this was a historical paranormal with substance. Sink your teeth into Rome during the time of the Emporer Nero, when Ch [...]

    2. 4.5 starsIn Barbara Erskine's latest novel the lives of a modern woman and the daughter of King Caractacus, dead for more than 2000 years, become entwined, connecting the past with the present. Erskine's descriptions of everyday Roman life during the final years of the emperor Claudius's reign and the early years of the reign of Nero are well researched and contain details of homes, domestic duties, city life, friendships, brutality & political intrigue. I have loved all Erskine’s previous [...]

    3. This book was so disappointing. As I felt with daughters of fire, Erskine is much more effective writing in the medieval period. Whilst I have no doubt she researched this just as thoroughly she doesn't quite invoke the same sense of atmosphere that she manages in child of the Phoenix, lady of hay and kingdom of shadows. As with those other efforts the 'modern' sections were lack lustre and uninteresting. None of the characters were endearing in any way; most of them were downright irritating. T [...]

    4. Much better than her last offering Daughters of Fire. However, I did at times want to throttle the heroine for being a drip and constantly ignoring the advice of her friends.Also this book was about 100 pages too long, and I ended up speed-reading the last third of the book.I would give this 2 1/2 stars if it was an option!

    5. RATING: 1.5 stars.Ora bem, por onde começar. Talvez pelas expectativas que tinha para este livro. Pela sinopse pareceu-me um livro bem ao estilo da Susanna Kearsley uma autora da qual li dois livros no ano passado e dos quais gostei. Estava à espera de uma narrativa que interligasse passado e presente de forma fluída, com personagens interessantes e uma descrição da época romana que me parecesse viva.Em vez disso levei com uma história mal amanhada com personagens apenas superficialmente [...]

    6. When Jess is attacked by an unknown assailant, her whole life changes forever…Looking to put her life back together after the attack, Jess moves to her sisters little secluded house in the Welsh Borders. But she does not get the rest she is hoping for.Late at night she is disturbed by the cries of a mysterious child and soon, she is having vivid dreams that seem so real she feels as if she is there.What Jess doesn’t know is that, two thousand years before, a great battle took place in the We [...]

    7. My review will follow when hubby's finished reading. Suffice to say it's going to be a hard book to return to the library because I want it on my KEEPER shelf! For the time being I'll re-read it over hubby's shoulder Review begins here:I’ve enjoyed Barbara Erskine’s books for years and when I pick one up I know I’m in for a great read. The Warrior’s Princess went far beyond my expectations and carried on going long after I turned the last page.Where to start without giving away spoilers? [...]

    8. I really wanted to like this book and get into the Roman part of it but the start of the book put me off so entirely. I didn't understand why she would get rid of any evidence which would lead to knowing who had raped her. Surely she realised that it would lead to her living in fear? I want a book to entertain and enlighten me. Usually Erskine manages to do this but on this occassion I wish I hadn't bought the book.

    9. Overall, a decent book, but my goodness, does Erskine need a good editor or what? Out of 540 pages, 140 could have been completely nixed and the story wouldn't have suffered one bit. I'm beginning to suspect Erskine gets paid by the wordd she still can't write convincing male characters that I like. They all resemble petulant boysd she still can't do love story plot linesbut she does write good spookies. I'll give her that.

    10. This book had me captured after just a few pages despite the fact that I had really been feeling like I was in a reading slump. I just wasn't really feeling like reading much but I read a few pages here and there and then I got hooked. This book was fast paced and had plenty of suspense. I would say however that it did seem to drag a bit towards the end, don't get me wrong it was still engaging but I was reading and wondering if it would ever end.One of the most fascinating aspects of this story [...]

    11. This is a good summer read. It combines my favourite genre of historical fiction with a touch of the supernatural and kept me turning the pages well into the wee small hours.Set in England, Wales & Italy, the story links the lives of Jess, a modern day teacher and Eigon, daughter of King Caratacus of Britannia. (I admit I hadn't realised that Caratacus was actually a real person until reading this). The book begins with Jess awakening in her flat and realising that she has been raped, but sh [...]

    12. Yazarın "Yurtsuz Kralın Aşkı" kitabını okuyup hayran kalmıştım, bu kitabını da yine beğendim ama eksik bulduğum yerler de oldu. Dialoglarda hafiften bir kopukluk vardı bu da beni hikayeden uzaklaştırıyor. Karakterlerin duygularını iyi yansıtamadığını düşündürüyor. Orjinal dil olmadığı için de bu iki kat fazla oluyor. Onun haricinde kadın karakteri pek sevmedim. Konu yine zamanlar arası bağlantılarla ilgiliydi. Neron dönemindeki Roma'ya sürgüne götürülen [...]

    13. Um livro apaixonante, que manteve-me agarrada á sua leitura do principio ao fim.A história leva-nos entre séculos, entre a vida de Jess uma jovem professora que é atacada e foge para para uma terra no País de Gales e lá é assombrada por uma criança que a vai conduzir até á jovem Eigon ,uma princesa que foi aprisionada pelo romanos.E assim Jess vai visitar o tempo em que a jovem princesa viveu na época do Imperador Nero, e de todas as situações macabras que o império romano obrigava [...]

    14. É demasiado violento para o meu gosto. Violento no sentido em que agressões a mulheres e crianças podem ser violentas, em que o silêncio é violento, em que a perseguição é violenta. É desta forma uma violência permanente e sem sentido, apenas para encontrar um elo de ligação entre 2 mil anos de história? Não tenho paciência. Sei que a violência contra as mulheres e crianças, e a violação em concreto, foi (e é ainda) utilizada como arma ao longo dos séculos, mas o paralelo qu [...]

    15. The end. I'm completely in love with this book. It's something between legend and history, or maybe it's both of them, but that's what makes a real book right?! You know that maybe it's not all true but you believe so much that you will keep this version of the writer with you either way. Completly different of my type of book and still a fell in love with each chapter and I couldn't be more grateful for reading this history. I loved this writer, never heard about her, but certainly I will searc [...]

    16. Actual title" The Warrior's Princess. You can find it on 's site far, so good - I haven't read Lady of Hay or any other Erskine titles, but three chapters in, I've been thinking of the characters which is always a good sign!Edited 09/07/2008: Finally finished it - the twelve days away from my desk didn't help! But I had to read the last 20-odd pages this morning to see what happenned to Eigon, Julius and Glads. Fantastic read, and I shall be booking some of the others from the library now!

    17. A self-indulgent choice! As with other Barbara Erskine books, this is pure fantasy but an ideal book for a very light, relaxing read - one where you can escape from workaday thoughts and yet still feel it is not all complete nonsense, as it is (very loosely) based on fact with the character.

    18. It's really a time-slip book, switching between the present day and the past, a mix of suspense,fantasy and romance. I liked the historical references.

    19. I did enjoy this book , despite the fact that nearly all the characters were unlikable. The main character being so annoying that I didn't really care what happened to her. I have read two other books by this author which I thought were really good, but this, although pretty action-packed, seemed to go on forever.

    20. Just finished The Warrior's Princess. It is filled with rape, murder, stalking, love, religion, history, possession, and contains supernatural themes. It is written very graphically. Not for children or young teens. This book will make you laugh, cry, and tremble with fear. If you choose to read it, please be careful.

    21. Barbara Erskine is my favourite author, I have all her books and would highly recommend each and every one. You won't be able to put them down! There are characters from the past and present intertwined in a single story, grounded in historical fiction and they're always full of ghosts. Gripping.

    22. Tal como li na opinião de alguém recentemente, ao longo do livro comecei a gostar mais da história do Passado do que da do Presente. Esta dualidade entre dois espaços temporais já não é uma novidade no mundo literário e por isso a originalidade acabou por não estar presente e por isso não contribuir positivamente para o livro.Penso que Barbara Erskine prejudica a obra com aspectos tão básicos como os diálogos e as relações e ligações entre certas personagens. Tanto os diálogos [...]

    23. Este livro é o que chamo de um verdadeiro desapontamento.Tal como o título indica, eu esperava a história de uma heroína ao estilo joana d'arc, e continuei a lêr (pacientemente) à espera do momento em que Eigon pegaria em uma espada. Chego ao final e nada! Guerreira onde? Na personalidade? Nem a personalidade dela era suficientemente forte.Dou crédito à escritora pela sua busca e adaptação das personagens históricas para o romance, no entanto, não compensa o tédio das 680 páginas [...]

    24. After being attacked by someone close to her, Jess packs up and escapes to her sister's cottage in Wales to recuperate and work through the trauma. She knew it was going to be a difficult summer working through the trauma she left behind in London. What she wasn't expecting, however, was a visit from a ghostly child throwing her world further into chaos. Connected by their traumatic experiences, Jess finds a her dreams filled with the life of the young Celtic Princess Eigon. When Jess follows he [...]

    25. I really enjoyed the concept of this book, and the first 100 or so pages were excellent. I love ghostly links across the ages, and I know the Roman period that Erskine writes about in intimate detail (and I thought she did a good job with it). However, I have MANY issues with this book which lost it at least 2 (maybe 2.5) stars - Spoilers ahead!1) It needed a good editor to cut at least a third of the book. For literally half the book all we heard was "Jess is in danger!!" but it just kept going [...]

    26. This book is phenomenal - definitely the best book I've read all year. It's my third Barbara Erskine after HIDING FROM THE LIGHT and ON THE EDGE OF DARKNESS and definitely the best yet.Erskine writes to her usual formula in this one but she's upped her game a notch. Her writing style is absolutely perfect, full of warmth, atmosphere and emotion. I love the way the different aspects of the story are combined, with undercurrents of frightening and disturbing violence, romance, all the thrills and [...]

    27. Jess é uma professora dedicada, inteligente, muito trabalhadora e principalmente respeitada. O problema surge quando após a festa de fim do ano lectivo, quando algo acontece e ela não se lembra. Sabendo no entanto que as marcas e as nódoas negras que fez no corpo não apareceram sozinhas. Estando completamente desorientada e cheia de medo de quem a pode ter deixado naquele estado, Jess decide afastar-se e ir para casa da irmã no país de Gales. Uma casa completamente calma e solada de toda [...]

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