Shotgun Bride

Shotgun Bride

Linda Lael Miller / Dec 14, 2019

Shotgun Bride One special lady will help this cowboy lawman win his father s ranch and steal his heart in the bargain Kade McKettrick s got five mail order brides to be camped out at the local hotel all than eager

  • Title: Shotgun Bride
  • Author: Linda Lael Miller
  • ISBN: 9780743422741
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • One special lady will help this cowboy lawman win his father s ranch and steal his heart in the bargain Kade McKettrick s got five mail order brides to be camped out at the local hotel, all than eager to provide him with the heir that will win him the Triple M ranch But Kade, the newly appointed marshal, has his hands full with a troublesome outlaw gang Why,One special lady will help this cowboy lawman win his father s ranch and steal his heart in the bargain Kade McKettrick s got five mail order brides to be camped out at the local hotel, all than eager to provide him with the heir that will win him the Triple M ranch But Kade, the newly appointed marshal, has his hands full with a troublesome outlaw gang Why, then, is he so easily distracted by pretty Sister Mandy who most assuredly is not the nun she claims to be On the run from her outlaw stepfather, Mandy Sperrin hides beneath her solemn disguise, and vows to keep her wild, passionate nature from the respectable citizens of Indian Rock Yet when the handsome marshal makes it clear that he wants her, Mandy gives in to her heated desires Despite the secrets that may lure them both perilously close to danger, Kade knows that proposing marriage may be the only way to keep this spirited woman by his side But are her ties to a shadowed past threatening and closer than Kade knows His strong, sensual embrace may charm Mandy s wild heart but will she surrender to a lifetime of his deep and powerful love

    Shotgun Bride McKettrick Cowboys Shotgun Bride EARLY MARCH, Kade McKettrick rode slowly into Indian Rock, that raw and ragged afternoon at the tail end of winter, hat pulled low over his eyes, the collar of his muddy black duster raised in a futile effort to warm his ears. shotgun English Spanish Dictionary WordReference shotgun Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions shotgun Dizionario inglese italiano WordReference shotgun Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum. Shotgun Bride McKettrick Series Book Kindle edition Shotgun Bride McKettrick Series Book Kindle edition by Linda Lael Miller Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Shotgun Bride McKettrick Series Book . Forced marriage Forced marriage is a marriage in which one or of the parties is married without his or her consent or against his or her will A forced marriage differs from an arranged marriage, in which both parties presumably consent to the assistance of their parents or a third party such as a matchmaker in choosing a spouse There is often a continuum of coercion used to compel a marriage, ranging Bride band Bride was an American Christian metal band formed in the s, by brothers Dale and Troy Thompson During the band s peak years it was known for covering a wide range of musical styles and remains popular in places like Brazil Their song Same Ol Sinner is on A Hot Girl s Shotgun Shuffle Webcomic Google HTML tags cheat sheet or something similar I looked for markup in wordpress comment and found some things that suggest there are some theme dependencies and site configuration bits that may change what is or isn t available for use.

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    1. While I do love this family, I did not care for this book all that much. It was necessary to read because of all the side stories going on, and to set up the next book (Jeb's book). But I was so disappointed in Kade's story. I felt like he deserved better than Mandy and their love toward one another felt forced. I never did start to like Mandy.On to Jeb's book I'm looking forward to finding out what he's been up to!

    2. I have to reiterate what I said about the first book of the McKettrick's series. Kade could have been one hell of a hero but the book fell short. Mandy was ok, very high strung and spunky once the habit came off. I guess maybe I just like more steam and romance in my stories. This is the second I have read by LLM and I was certainly hoping of more romance than I am getting. I would consider this book more historical fiction than romance. as there is little to none through out the book.

    3. 4 1/2 stars This second installment in the stories of the four McKettrick brothers and their brides delivered plenty of action and suspense along with the romance between temporary town Marshal Kade and Mandy, the woman on the run from outlaws who is posing as a nun. There is a lot going on with a variety of bad guys, stolen money that puts the McKettrick ranch at risk, numerous murders, loved ones who are dying, and someone trying to start a range war. Through all this, Kade and Mandy slowly bu [...]

    4. I would read this book again. It is fun and engaging. Kade is a man needing to get married and have a child before his brothers, to win the ranch. He is determined and has sent away for mail order brides. Yet when he gets home from finding his little brother he runs into Mandy. Mandy is hideing out from her step father by posing as a nun. Kade sees right through her diguise and is drawn to her. While trying to figure out what is going on after a settler's home is burned, the town sherrif has a h [...]

    5. Western romance is currently my favorite genre and Linda Lael Miller is hailed as one of the best, however I struggle to get into her books. I finished this one with a huge amount of skimming. The story is crammed with characters and plot and there really isn't much romance. Most of the time there is so much going on that I found it impossible to relate to each person and subplot. The hero and heroine never seem to connect emotionally. In the first third of the book they don't have much to do wi [...]

    6. This book made me laugh. Kade and his 5 mail-order brides plus his new feelings for "Sister" Mandy made this book fun. Loved it!

    7. It's hit or miss with Linda Lael Miller sometimes. While I liked the idea of the plot of this novel, unfortunately, it just wasn't carried out well nor were its characters compelling.Kade McKettrick, after returning with his lost brother to his home town and family ranch, finds a surprise waiting for him in the form of 6 mail order brides. They all have their qualities for sure, but his attention is drawn to Sister Mandy, a woman he's sure isn't a nun. But she has secrets of her own and seems to [...]

    8. In this second book of the series, we find Kade McKettrick attempting to follow in his brother's footsteps and has requested a "few" mail order brides. He has also become suspicious of the Sister Amanda Rose, the nun working at the Arizona Hotel. Something tells him that she may not be a member of the religious order.I finally get that the McKettrick men are all pretty stubborn and pigheaded but their hearts seem to be in the right place. Kade is the more learned of the family, which makes him a [...]

    9. This book has all I could wish for: cute yet strong and mysterious heroine, super cool Cowboy-Sheriff hero (who is in love with his sister-in-law, which might put me off a bit), Wild West setting; and I like the Cowboy slang Linda Lael Miller is using. Yet - I can not connect with the protagonists. Don't know why. I am bored to tears, sorry. I read 167 of 420 pages, not sure if I should be proud of myself for being so patient or whine about the wasted time.

    10. Shotgun Bride was a bit more interesting than the previous book in the series. The addition of a semi-suspense plot really added to the story as a whole and made it much more interesting to read.Kade is a fabulous character. He's got so many dimensions. On one hand, he's a rough and tumble rancher and bad boy, but on the other hand, he's a bit of an intellectual. Mandy is a good character as well. She's pretty much the antithesis of the typical proper miss. Together, they have a great chemistry. [...]

    11. This is the second book in the trilogy, the first being, "High Country Bride". I gave the latter 3-1/2 stars, though most reviewers ranked it higher. But I actually liked this one better -- overall. It is well written, with descriptions so vivid you can imagine being in that place and time. There was a lot happening in the story that kept me wanting to read to see how things unfolded. And I liked the storyline, though as one reviewer has suggested, due to the volume of detail, some editing could [...]

    12. Still enjoying this light series. I think the author did better with her character consistency and plot this go around. This book centers around Kade McKettrick, who returns home after finding and retrieving his younger brother Jeb (who may or may not have gotten married while he was gone). Kade returns to find about six women waiting for him awaiting his pick to make one of them his bride. (he put an ad for a mail order bride). Be he was inexplicably drawn to the strange young nun named Mandy S [...]

    13. Kade McKettrick and Amanda Rose/Sister MandyMandy comes into town disguised as a nun in order to hide her true identity. Kade eventually figures it out that they've met before and it wasn't under the best of circumstances. Things pick up right after the end of book 1. Sheriff John has a heart attack and Kade is now the new law in town. Trouble is all over the place in Indian Rock and the McKettrick's are being blamed. The money that they were expected was robbed and the patrol making the deliver [...]

    14. Kade McKettrick become sheriff of Indian Rock when the old sheriff has a heart attack. He has to deal with outlaws that killed 12 soldiers that were guarding a trunk of money for his family. Amanda Rose pretends to be a nun to hide from the man who tried to kill her, her mother and brother. Kade and Amanda Rose marry and she helps him find the outlaws. She also finds out where her mother is living at and gets to see her one last time. I am a huge fan of Linda Lael Miller and this is the second t [...]

    15. I loved this one! One of the best books I've read by this author. Shotgun Bride has all the right components for a great story: super lovable characters, romance, and even a plot twist. I will definitely be finishing the series!

    16. Kade McKettrick's got five mail-order brides-to-be camped out at the local hotel, all more than eager to provide him with the heir that will win him the Triple M ranch. But Kade, the newly appointed marshal, has his hands full with a troublesome outlaw gang. Why, then, is he so easily distracted by pretty "Sister Mandy" — who most assuredly is not the nun she claims to be?On the run from her outlaw stepfather, Mandy Sperrin hides beneath her solemn disguise, and vows to keep her wild, passiona [...]

    17. This is book 2 in the McKettricks series and it continues the story of our main couple from book one (Rafe & Emmeline), who are now supporting characters in this book. It also continues the stories of the supporting characters (some who are couples) from book one, and obviously this books main couple (Kade & Mandy) who were supporting characters in book one also. I have to say this book was a harder read. Some very sad life changing events take place and I was very tearful because of the [...]

    18. The second in the McKettrick Brothers seriesKade is the intellectual of the brothers. He finds himself as temporary marshal of Indian Rock when the current marshal falls ill. Trouble is brewing in the area with the trouble between the Triple M Ranch and the Circle C a dozen men are killed transporting money to the Triple M for the sale of cattle to the US Army. Outlaws are around somewhereMandy lived a troubled youth. Her mother took up with Gig Curry who treated her and her half-brother terribl [...]

    19. This is the second story in the MC Merrick cowboys series. This story picks up right after High Country Bride (Rafe's story). Kade McKettrick is feeling the pressure to find a wife now that his brother Rafe is married. The town is crawling with mail order brides, thanks to Rafe and Jeb. And now of all things Kade finds himself thinking impure thoughts about a Sister Mandy that just blew into town. What's a man to do? Kade has his hands full, what with his ornery dad, his older brother beating to [...]

    20. A solid 3.5 actually. My first by this author, I was in the mood for a western but didn't expect such a fun read from the classic western era so I was pleasantly surprised. This is book 2 of the series and I was fine reading out of order, tho the epilogue set the stage for the next book of the series it was also a good place to end this one. Patriarch Angus McKettrick has decided its past time for his sons to marry and reproduce! For this outing it is middle brother Kade's turn as his attention [...]

    21. 4.5 STARS Kade McKettrick in trying to find a bride to claim his inheritance now has women camped out in a hotel waiting for him to make his decision. Before he can choose the lucky lady he has been appointed Marshal and there is an outlaw gang he must stopat is if he can stop being distracted by "Sister" Mandy, the stranger in town working at his sister-law's hotel. Mandy has secrets - more than her pretending to be a nun - that have her on the run. Both are trying to stay out of the other's wa [...]

    22. This was a good book that I would recommend. It is the 2nd book in the Mckettricks series by Linda Lael Miller. It is a western romance. This book involves middle brother Kade & Amanda Rose aka Sister Mandy. Of course they don't get along at first but eventually settle their differences & end up married. The sex scenes are good. The chemistry with Mandy & Kade was great. The supporting characters help seal the deal on this book. The author writes very good boooks & you can imagin [...]

    23. I don't remember this book. But I know I didn't like it or hate it, so I'll just stick with "it was okay". Even though I don't remember this book, I have some lasting impressions about what the characters and the plot made me feel.This was one of those books my friend lent to me so that I could have a dip at her literary tastes. She likes romance and thought I should read some as well. Grave mistake. At first, I remember not understanding anything of the book, then I realized that this was the s [...]

    24. As usual, this book is full of humor and a very interesting plot line. I will admit that I did not see the end coming the way it did. Obviously I can't say anymore without spoiling the book. But I sure did enjoy getting caught up with Rafe and Emmaline as well as Conception and Angus. I rather wondered what was with the nuns habit and what exactly Mandy was running from but it became clear as the novel progressed. I found it very surprising that she had such hidden talents like shooting and ridi [...]

    25. I really did enjoy this book and it would have been a five star book. It had everything that I love about a book it made me laugh and it made me cry(maybe a bit to much!). It also had all the characters from the first book Rafe and Emmeline were in this book a lot and I loved seeing them married. We got to know Jeb so that made me excited to get to his book. I loved all the side romances like Becky and John and Angus and Concepcion. This family is such a fun family to get to know! I really like [...]

    26. Well this is the quite and smart brother as u would thought thought to be 2 in line but is found out he's not but third son of angus but is as much as wild rowdy as the next cowboy and his gorgeous and he fall for Mandy who poses as something she not and he know her but can't figure out but he heart know she the one he has the battle the odds of her past and his own stubbornance but he got a shot at the ranch now but it great he found love along the way also and he never letting go he has to hav [...]

    27. Kade McKetterick wants the family ranch, but so do his brothers. His father's dictate that the first to marry and provide him with a grandchild will get the ranch, sets in to motion the events that lead the brothers to find their brides. While Rafe has already settled down with the first mail-order bride, Kade now has six vying for him. His problem is he wants Sister Mandy.Amanda Rose Sperrin should have realized her disguise would fall flat, but hiding from her mother's ex while trying to locat [...]

    28. First line: "Kade McKettrick rode slowly into Indian Rock, that raw and ragged afternoon at the tail end of winter, hat pulled low over his eyes, the collar of his muddy black duster raised in a futile effort to warm his ears."I did enjoy this book more than the first in the series. Kade appealed to me quite a bit, with his strong, silent demeanor. He did get on my nerves near the end with Miller pulled the trick that always annoys me (the two are madly in love but the hero still completely dist [...]

    29. At least the heroine in this book could take care of herself. There were 4 books in this series, and I got tired of the women who were supposedly standing up for themselves but made stupid decisions in the process. Yes, demand respect, but if you don't have any idea what you're doing, get out of the freaking way. The only one who could handle herself almost as well as a man (physically) was Mandy. It made sense for her to insert herself in dangerous situations because she could ride and shoot be [...]

    30. What can a guy do but make himself scarce when five women show in town, for him, intent on marriage? One would think he would make a decision when they all vie for his attentions, yet he is hesitant. there's a women pretending and hiding from something. Intrigued as he, is he can't help wonder. As danger an trouble start all around them, it leaves everyone out of town scattering to find out the crux of the problems after initial blames still linger. Can he help the Sheriff, solve the mystery beh [...]

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